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Society is Being Run by a Psychopathic Control Grid

There is an Irish author and lecturer by the name of Thomas Sheridan who has been important in my awakening about the dualism of evil and good in the world. Sheridan has written books on psychopathy, and I am particularly interested in this from an institutional framework. He states that psychopaths are in high positions of power in many if not most countries.

Read “Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics and Public Trauma”

Sheridan describes a psychopathic pyramid that runs society. Of particular interest is his descriptive of the brain function of psychopaths. Psychopathy can also infect normal people, who can then become fellow travelers, or proto-psychopaths. He discusses the disinformation and ridicule campaign to co-opt and discredit the alternative media. They also control through kompromat.

Thomas Sheridan on the Pete Santilli Show: Overcoming the Psychopathic Control Grid

If your eyes are open and you’re alert, you can identify psychopaths by their emptiness and patterns of lies. This is much more than just greed and narcissism. It is more about demonic behaviors that surface at times, called “the reveal.” You witness the cerebellum, or reptilian part of the brain, firing up and completely dominating the neo-cortex in these individuals.

An example is Hillary Clinton gleefully yucking it up about the death of Libyan Prime Minister Col. Muammar Gaddafi and others, which subsequently resulted in nothing but chaos and misery throughout that country. War is money. Crime is money. Chaos and mayhem is the business model for the psychopathic control grid. Therefore, one must ask: If this is her idea of a good laugh on mainstream broadcast television, what is she like in private?

Hillary Clinton “We Came, We Saw, He Died” (Gaddafi)

As I have explored some of the stunts and crimes these people carry off, of which I’ve written about on these pages, I’ve come to recognize their ongoing, tiresome, psychopathic methods. Arrogant, pseudo-skeptic debunking and gas-lighting are key tactics. I went into gas-lighting techniques (creating a false perception, or false reality) as a manipulation tool in my post “Gaslighting: From Pizzagate to Benghazi.”

Read “Trump and His Dark-Triad Mental State”

Watch Bill Gates reveal through malevolent snickering and chortling when the topic of economic collapse and healthy people suffering comes up.

In the following video, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff — instrumental in the 9/11 cover up, and who even appears rather demonic at times — employs gas-lighting tactics when answering questions about 9/11 on C-Span. Notice in the video the dismissive duping delight in the second question. [See “Lie Spotting and Duping Delight.”]

Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff Gets Pounded With 911 Questions By C-SPAN Callers.mp4

During my awakening about this psychopathic behavior, I came across this revealing video that shows John Gross — the head engineer of NIST, who was charged with examination of the World Trade Center’s total destruction — answering questions about molten steel. He smirks, fidgets around (reptilian brain firing) and just claims it didn’t exist. This was disturbing to me, and it indicated this strange psychopathic behavior is very deeply rooted in the system. Where did this guy come from anyway?

John Gross denies existance of molten metal

Another form of psychopathy is revealed by worked-up crocodile tears, unconvincing emotional responses and superficial laughter. You will sometimes see faked altruism cloaked in appeals for personal gain and money. In fact, charity fraud is a central feature of staged deceptions. Often the acting isn’t very good and would only fool the most trusting and naive people.

20 Comments on Society is Being Run by a Psychopathic Control Grid

  1. What is more disturbing…….the psychopathy of our rulers; or the sheep who blindly go about their lives in the face of obvious perfidy??? Not sure which pisses me off more. Simple “logic” doesn’t even awaken them. I can’t get my head around it.

    • The sheep are sheep because they have not been traumatically impacted by whatever the criminal psycho elites are dishing out. We had our “wake-up call” back in the 1990s. The other thing is most do not understand the blessings of non-conformity (most just want to be A-list or B-list at the least, so they conform as teenagers…another reason to home school like we did) and the curses of conformity. The ones who rat on their neighbors will get theirs at some point.

    • This is the one that did it for me, Robbie Parker.

      There is a band in Florida called Robbie Parker.

      Has anyone caught up with old Robbie Parker lately, love to see what kind of shenanigans he is up to these days. Someone that lies in a situation like this is a demon, not working for the home team if you know what I mean.

  2. “Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often criminal. Adult psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment.”
    This describes every politician I have ever known. I’m sure it is a prerequisite for any political candidate chosen to run for office by our true rulers(whomever they may be). Problem is we have three types of people on this planet;Shepard’s(psychopath’s, those who rule over us, few in number); Sheep dogs(order follower’s, police and military, many in number who soon learn the art of psychopathy): Sheep(the rest of the unwashed masses).
    Without the cooperation of the sheep, the other two would be out of a job. As long as “we the sheeple” continue to give our blessings, often through sheer laziness and inaction, we will continue to stand on our own two knee’s.

    • How about “lone wolves” or non-conformists, “gentle as doves but wise as serpents” (to quote the Bible)…I’d put both of us in that category, Johnny Walker Read….

  3. I don’t doubt these people are technically “psychopaths”, however, the label tends to make some people dismiss them as “crazy” instead of waking them up to the serious malevolence that they have already inflicted and further intend to inflict on humanity.

    They intend nothing less than a re-creation of the world in their own perverse, diabolical image. This should make any same human being extremely concerned, because to do this, they need to destroy the existing creation, natural and man-made. They started with the man-made, the social institutions including the family, religions, governments (rule of kings replaced with rule of the “people” ha ha!!), and now they are going after the natural – weather, biology…and they will not stop until we stop them…

    …if we can stop them??

    • “I don’t doubt these people are technically “psychopaths”, however, the label tends to make some people dismiss them as “crazy” instead of waking them up to the serious malevolence that they have already inflicted and further intend to inflict on humanity.”

      That’s a good point — otherwise they might be found, or thought to be, “not guilty by reason of insanity”.

  4. ROBBIE PARKER was my wake up moment, and is the name of my band.
    Anybody know about the whereabouts of this guy?
    There was once a local story here in Jacksonville fl where a guy said Robbie lived next to him for a while and seemed normal and then moved to Sandy Hook out of the blue.

    • Wasn’t it NIST that, through scientific analysis, proved that Robbie Parker’s laughing the day after his daughter was murdered, was completely normal. I believe their studies demonstrated that parent’s of murdered 8 year olds grieve in different ways.


  5. We need to go back to the original nomenclature for this evil behavior.
    Before the term “psychopath” existed, it was known as “morally insane”.
    I would take it one step further and call it “morally corrupt”.
    Evil always wants to hide behind something. For the children,good of everyone,bogus charities,psuedo science and other felonious causes and terms.
    They want us to believe that we have no power as individuals or as a society.
    Its time for evil to be exposed at every turn and continuously countered.
    Their free ride is over.

  6. Dayz of Noah has some excellent content and many of his mini-docs are worth going through in the 4 years he has been on youtube. Here is his latest from a few hours ago on this tyranny they are building for us.

  7. Dutch protest -police crime

    On TV, you see the farmers kicking the door of the police van, but not what led to that… Here in the video, you see what happened just before. The police gets out of the van IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES and starts kicking completely peaceful protesters sitting on the grass with the baton.
    It is near the parliament building in The Hague.
    Is that legal? What law allows the police to act like that?
    It was because of some strong men here that they were pushed back in the van.
    OK, you are not allowed to kick the police van afterwards, but that van was used in a CRIME by state paid hooligans. Let’s say that the provocation raised the adrenaline levels of the peaceful people here that their anger boiled over and they kicked that van.

    Grts from Belgium

    • I would be interested to hear impressions from European commenters regarding the racial/ethnic composition of security forces who are violently suppressing protestors. Are you seeing mostly personnel of European/Dutch descent? What is the proportion of recent, non-European arrivals? One video I saw showed clearly young Dutch personnel beating protestors with bare fists (sophisticated police tactics!). I have one anecdotal report from the German protests of 2020 of a notoriously violent German policeman of Turkish descent. On the other side, my impression is that the protestors are essentially 100% European descent.

  8. I’ve been following Sheridan for years. Sometimes he nails it, and other times he is completely off-base and trying too hard to think differently. I have his book on psychopaths. Additionally, my mother is a psychopath and after 3 decades of marriage – has turned my father into a proto- psychopath as well.
    If you’ve never dealt with one- consider yourself blessed. Psychopaths behave the same on an individual basis, as they do as a group. Dupers delight is very real, but not easy to spot unless you’ve dealt with these creatures before. There is something very non-human about them. Gaslighting is one of the signs you’re dealing with one. We are all being gaslight on an epic scale. Some examples:
    Video games are both violent and non-violent
    The dancing Israelis were there to “document the event” but “had no foreknowledge of the event”
    The USS Liberty was “accidentally” firebombed for over an hour
    Lee Harvey Oswald was both an anti-Communist and a Marxist-Leninist
    The Azov Battialion in Ukraine are Nazis, and their President is Jewish
    They are “mostly peaceful protests”- while your eyes lie to you
    Feminism is a “womens movement” while they destroy women’s psyche and replace natural women with males dressed as women
    Slow Joe leaves thousands of weapons in Afghanistan, and then lectures the US about gun control
    White males are the biggest threat to the Western world- even though they built the Western world
    Putin is based and will save Christianity, while he attacks and kills white Christians

    The point it to make us confused and ineffectual. We dismiss them as “idiots”. They are not. If we don’t learn fast we are finished.

  9. Freemasons/Jesuit’s manage the secret societies gestalt system. Social-cultural interception within the demiurge metaverse is the method of revelation they have been using & refining for centuries.
    It is not a simulation per se but a known force of predictable programming & how human psychology is interwoven into a meritocracy run by aristocrats, kakistocrats,

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