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Man likely spread monkeypox at Texas bathhouse through sex with multiple men

By MaryAnn Martinez | 8 July 2022

NEW YORK POST — An out-of-state man visiting Dallas likely spread monkeypox when he visited a gay bathhouse, health officials said.

The unidentified man visited Club Dallas, a private men’s sauna where according to the club’s website patrons can “socialize in one of our lounges or enjoy a video in your private dressing room” from June 22 through 25.

The man was infectious during that time and has a confirmed case of monkeypox, the Dallas Health Department said.

During his stay, the man had sex with multiple partners, the health department said.

Monkeypox is spread through contact with bodily fluids, monkeypox sores and shared clothing and bedding. It can also be spread through respiratory droplets in close settings.

Dallas health officials are warning anyone who visited Club Dallas that they may have been exposed to monkeypox and should be monitoring themselves for symptoms. Fever, swollen lymph nodes and body aches are common before a rash appears. […]

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  1. They don’t Identify the state…?
    Was it’s kapital Tel Aviv?
    Asking for a friend! 😁
    Israel is without a doubt the best country in the Middle East for gay and lesbian individuals to live. Gay people can serve openly in the Israeli military. Additionally, Israeli governments have been promoting social equality for LGBT people for more than a decade. So it should come as no surprise that Israel’s capital of cool, Tel Aviv, where 25% of the population is estimated to be LGBT, has gained an international reputation as one of the world’s top destinations for gay men. Transgender and lesbian visitors are also openly welcome.

    lotta jews in Tx. LBJ illegally “imported” them!

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