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Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd (Updates)

An alleged Memorial Day incident in Minneapolis, Minn., involving police and suspected counterfeit-money changer George Floyd is said to have resulted in Floyd’s death due to excessive restraint by police.

CCTV and bystander videos of the event released on social media immediately went viral. The images, along with race-baiting comments made by Minneapolis’ 39-year-old Democrat mayor and “community organizer” of Jewish-Ukrainian descent Jacob Frey, sparked protests nationally.

Read “Plutocrat George Soros Backs Alinskyite Prosecutors in America’s Race to the Bottom”

In the following presser he held at his office Wednesday morning, he said he hasn’t seen all the evidence but is calling for the arresting officer to be charged with murder — though it was not the arresting officer who applied knee maneuver to Floyd. Instead, he repeatedly emphasized the fact that the officer was white and Floyd was black.

“George Floyd deserves justice, his family deserves justice, the black community deserves justice, and our city deserves justice,” Frey said.

“We watched for five whole excruciating minutes as a white officer firmly pressed his knee into the neck of an unarmed, handcuffed black man,” Frey said. “I saw no threat, I saw nothing that would signal that this kind of force was necessary.”

By Wednesday afternoon in Minneapolis, protests turned into full-blown riots. By Wednesday night, the city was in flames.

With 40.8 million on forced unemployment following scamdemic lockdowns, adding a race riot to the mix will surely bring about the long hot summer that Winter Watch has been predicting and warning about.

Officer Derek Chauvin allegedly knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes, while he was handcuffed and lying face down on the road.

I asked an ex-police friend about this knee-on-neck method of restraint. In his years of training, he’s never been taught to use this as a method of restraint. I wonder when these officers were hired (if they were hired), and where were they trained?

Clues here? Young American Jew protester in Israel gets the knee-to-neck treatment.

Read “Be Very Afraid: Israeli Forces Are Training American Police”

Update: Coroner ruled heart failure under influence of drugs. “I can’t breath” because of mixing a lethal cocktail of meth and fentanyl.

The police cruiser that arrested him has a completely different number (830) than the one where he was “killed” (320). There is a time gap that doesn’t explain why the detainee was moved or how he ended up in the roadway.

How does he go from being sat against the wall to being choked with a knee on his neck on the other side of the street and in the roadway?

Floyd was cuffed at his car, on quiet street. Then he was held briefly on a sidewalk, before being perp walked to a cruiser. But instead of going into nearest cruiser, No. 830, he’s taken to an opposite corner on a busier street to a second cruiser, No. 320, and in view of an audience.

A video shows Floyd removed from his car by police. He looks unstable and intoxicated, or perhaps handicapped. Initially, he appears to be uncooperative, but then stops resisting and is compliant.

Adding insult to injury, the police released an entirely worthless and insulting (to thinking people) body cam video from the officer who was driving cruiser No. 830, showing the area where the arrest was made. The audio is mostly silenced and all persons are obscured by black boxes. The wrong date of May 26, 2020 is on the video, rather than the correct date of May 25.

At minute 00:00:47, you can see an officer speaking to someone behind a black box. Is it Floyd or one of the two passengers who got out of Floyd’s car?

At minute 00:02:36, you can briefly see a glimpse of an officer leading a black box (Floyd?) toward the cross walk. This crossing the street is verified in the second “clear video” below, which came from a store’s CCTV camera.

At minute 00:03:15, you can see an officer with a black box (assumed to be Floyd?) on the other street. The officer instructs the cruiser No. 830 officer to go guard the car. The rest of the cam video shows no audio and black boxes and is of no value. It offers no clues as to how and why the action shifted across the street to the other location or how Floyd ended up in the roadway.

What purpose is served from blocking out most of the video and audio? Other videos show the police and suspect activity was pretty routine during this time segment. Meanwhile rights activists are rightful howling about this joke of a released video. At the same time the Mayor is race agitating. So we have to assume the overall purpose is agitation propaganda..

Fortunately, the video from the store CCTV shows the incident up to when Floyd ends up at the other cruiser, No. 320. He appears to stumble getting into the cruiser and is picked up in the final seconds of the video. It has been established that he was high on drugs.

Yet, the video inexplicably stops, presumably moments before the suspect somehow ended up tackled by several officers in the street on the other side of the cruiser. Thus, everybody’s question is how he ended up there and why he was tackled by several officers. There’s no answer. We will update this post with that info, if it ever shows up. It’s long overdue.

Update: Another brief surreal looking video emerges of the second cruiser 320 loading an unseen phantom. We have to play where is Waldo once again. Why a 21 second clip without Floyd in the frame? What transpired before he was placed in the cruiser? Still unanswered, how did he end up in the roadway?

There are numerous cops with body cams to answer that- and it is six days later. Where is the body cam video of the officer with the front row view- Tou Thao?? Cruiser is illegally parked over three feet from the curb. Why is video shot from an overhead view?

New Footage Shows Moments Before George Floyd was Killed from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

Now, for background on the offending policeman who allegedly choked out Floyd. His psyop name is “Derek Chauvin.” Who has a trigger name like that?

Badge is on crooked. He has no name tag- see real Minneapolis cop. Has no radio backup on shirt. He’s unshaven. His demeanor is far less professional than that of a rookie in police academy, and certainly not a 20-year police veteran.

Sketchy crooked badge, no name tag, no radio, unshaven

Now comes an amazing coinkydink. KSTP 5 News Minneapolis reports that both suspect George Floyd and now-fired officer Derek Chauvin both worked security at a Lake Street night club called El Nuevo Rodeo, according to Maya Santamaria. Santamaria owned the building for nearly two decades but sold the venue within the last few months. Santamaria still operates La Raza 95.7 FM radio station in the same building that houses El Nuevo Rodeo.

So we are asked to believe that a La Raza Latino affiliated club employs a racist killer white cop for 17 years? Really?

“Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open,” Santamaria said. “They [Floyd and Chauvin] were working together at the same time, it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside.”

Update: Minneapolis Council member Andrea Jenkins verifies that Chauvin and Floyd were “co-workers for a very long time.” – video memory holed

Next, we have video of the Daily Mail talking with Chauvin’s neighbors. At 1:10 the neighbors states, “We had no idea he was a cop. We thought he was a realtor.”

The two other videos that emerged of the knee on neck are contradictory, no combinam.

It’s clear in the  video that police and witnesses on the sidewalk are quite visible and vocal. However video from a different angle from the street no witnesses can be seen on the sidewalk. Take 1 and Take 2?

If this is a staged event, it wouldn’t be the first time for police brutality in Minnesota.

The Bizarre Case of the Philandro Castile Police Shooting

Thursday evening around 10 p.m. local time, Minneapolis police abandoned their battered station house. Rioters soon took it over and set it ablaze. Live footage from the scene showed the initial arsonists who got the flames going were a young white couple, perhaps college age. It should be noted that — perhaps counter to what one might expect — the majority of those who were protesting and destroying the station house appeared to be 20- to 30-year-old anglos who were laughing it up.

Read “How Cointelpro Used Agents of Chaos to Delegitimize Activist Groups”

The governor has since called in the National Guard. You can watch a live feed from Antifa’s own streaming channel, Unicorn Riot.

Winter Watch Takeaway

To our eyes, many things aren’t adding up. Nothing to see here, move along?

Update: Medical Examiner Rules Floyd Did Not Die of Asphyxiation.

Media reports that former New York City Chief Medical Examiner Michael Baden will conduct an independent autopsy on George Floyd.

Baden is a sketchy character who previously conducted an independent autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein. He will do an examination of Floyd after the family takes his body back from the state, their lawyer said Friday.

Read our post covering the background of Dr. Baden as a operative: “Muddying the Water: Updates on Epstein, Rodney Reed and the Ever-Present Dr. Baden.”

65 Comments on Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd (Updates)

  1. I just can’t even, anymore. It’s all so tiresome. That said, keep up the good work Russ & Co. Always interesting to stop by and get some hot takes.

  2. What caught my attention was that Floyd, after having allegedly passed a counterfeit $20 bill, hung around. Wouldn’t you think he would have gotten out of there after having passed bad money?

  3. The Jew mayor fanned the flames instead of doing his job and telling the cops to do theirs.

    “I just can’t even, anymore. It’s all so tiresome.”

    100% agree.

    • But the jew mayor WAS doing his job- it’s his innate role to stir up conflict & have the mob holler for Barrabus instead of Christ.

      • The corona circus losing its grip (?), a great sorrow in the adrenochrome brain of Soros c.s.. So we have to start a race war, OK we do the white cop kiling black man scenario. False flag or not the white cop killing black man thing happens, zis iz Amerikkka. impossibkle to stay in denial, to sail the Nile. Much to my surprise the jew Israel Times did its job on ancient Egypt in 2019. A thorough correction on Las Vegas and the Hollywood movies:

      • So your hot take is that he’s doing the job of a Jew — but he’s also the mayor, and he should do that job too — that’s the one he’s paid to do.

    • Mayor Jacob Frey wearing a purple tie, the color of “revolution” as pointed out by Robert Phoenix:

      • Sorry to hear or read that, Russ. Unz Review does post some outstanding pieces every now and then (esp. by anti-Zionist Jews like Gilad and Shamir), but to know they rejected your story pisses me off…too “anti-semitc” for Jew Ron Unz, I guess… Keep up the great work!

        • I think for them, like many in alt media it is a poor understanding and in fact hostility toward staged deception conspiracy inquiry. They have a fatal blind spot.

          • Your recent article on Lavey was posted on the british truthseeker site, Russ. Just an FYI, I’m not sure if you put it there, or they just picked it up, or how any of that works. They’re a good site though, one of my staples from way back. I was happy to see your article there.


      • You should write one about COVID-19 as a bioweapon employed by the US against China — he’s published literally dozens of them, nearly all nothing but scurrilous speculation.

        The UR is an interesting site; when I comment here I give a link to my comment archive there as my website — but in comments he himself leaves on articles there (less so in the ones he writes himself), Unz often reveals himself to be a clown and a hypocrite, even a troll — at times he is positively anti-intellectual in his bias.

        • eah- LOL!! I noticed that too–endless articles on corona as a bioweapon and he completely rejected any of my information that exposed various levels of fakery and deception (I had tons of info on the deception around the deaths, bogus tests, and empty hospitals, and with the empty hospitals, I pointed out that this is contrary to the narrative we are getting from the MSM about hospitals overflowing with dead bodies, but he refused to post it)..

          • Yes, for a guy who runs an ‘alternative’ webzine, he seems to believe literally everything, and I do mean everything, published by the mainstream about corona — he shows zero skepticism, except I suppose about the starting narrative that it originated in a Wuhan market — at this point it must be said he appears to believe it was a bioweapon attack by the US on China, even though as I said no real evidence, let alone convincing proof, of that has been published in the UR, by him or anyone else.

            In a comment I pointed to a study published years ago by scientists in Wuhan, explaining how they had taken a corona virus that could not infect humans, then changed its genome to produce a key surface protein found on HIV so that it could infect humans — made no difference to Unz; he just dismisses things like that — like I said, he has strong biases, and due to them he is anti-intellectual about some things.

            Personally, I’m agnostic about it — I suppose it’s possible — but I want to see some evidence.

  4. The timing seems designed to distract from the demolition of the democratic party, with its internecine class warfare explosions and from Tara Reade’s highlighting of ‘illegitimate credentials.’ Domestic violence class favorites are the minority when it comes to Alternate Admissions programs that award credits and credentials to blacks and browns based on ‘lived experience.’

    Blacks seem to hate that whites all over America are revolting against the federal nanny that succors them, yet I’ve also sensed uncertainty and rage in them stemming from the fear of coming to the end of their blame-whitey trip. Once whitey is gone, who will carry them? How do they even repress whitey’s revolts through guilt when the coronavirus doesn’t truly care about color or slavery and oppression?

    Last, the Ahmaud Arbery fairy tale was also collapsing, and the narrative had to change before more white women realized they don’t want an angry, vulgar belligerent young black male with a record breaking into their house in the middle of the night.

    • “Domestic violence class favorites are the minority when it comes to Alternate Admissions programs that award credits and credentials to blacks and browns based on ‘lived experience.’”

      White parents won’t complain or sue like Asian parents will — the shit will really hit the fan in California when UC abandons the SAT as a primary admissions criterion, which at this point is likely — the Asian population is growing there, and their performance on achievement tests like the SAT is so superior, that without massive affirmative action there will never be anything like a proportionate number of Hispanics at UC, although they are the largest ethnic group in the state, and control most of the legislature (of course Whites also out-perform Hispanics) — such discrimination will be a lot easier without something as quantitative as the SAT.

  5. Where would black racist rioters be without the obedient love and support of young brain stuck White Liberals who sometimes outnumber their darling racist negroids?
    What’s happening to our young White kids is a travesty and a detriment to our nations future…by design.

  6. One correction if I may, the cop does not have his hand in his pocket, I thought so myself at first but upon watching further he’s wearing a black glove and his pants are black giving a false impression that his hand is in his pocket.

  7. As Andrew Anglin notes –

    The infamous video alleging to show the violence against Floyd, shows a petrol station across the street

    However, the prices are impossible in current year, but seem to date from 2016. Diesel is listed as 99 cents per gallon (about 3.8 litres). The sign lists a petrol price of $1.89 per gallon, whereas current prices in that area start at $2.79. Screenshot photo:

    Is the video of Floyd getting abused by the policeman, an old video?

  8. Let’s not forget the CGI ‘protest’ in Minneapolis almost exactly one year ago. ‘The Community’ was out protesting against dat ol’ debil, White Racism- except most of the protest was CGI, just as the Charlie Hebdo crowds were CGI, done by the Moving Picture Company (MPC).

    As for any neighbors of this actor not knowing that he was a cop- gimme a freakin’ break. EVERYBODY knows when one of their neighbors is a cop.

    • Wow training for police has really gone down hill. That would not have been allowed in years past.
      That move and the choke hold that was banned for use exposes the officers to liability issues.
      But then again, police officers used to trained as peace officers,not “law enforcement”.
      Im not too trusting of newspapers from that region anymore.

    • This is worth listening to, both the first hour + the second hour with callers — some of the things Russ covers here were also covered in the show — look for ‘The Raw Deal’ of 29 May — perhaps at some point on

  9. Ron Unz can kiss my ass! He is one of those who talk endlessly about freedom of speech and censorship, yet will delete countless comments on his website and deny articles such as this one because it doesn’t meet his ‘standards.’

    Here is Minnesota Council member Andrea Jenkins verifying the long lasting friendship between Chauvin and Floyd:

    • EdinSaltLake- Totally agree on Ron Unz–I’m done with him after he refused to post the 2 CA doctors (one was Dr. Erickson) going over their data from seeing patients and saying corona was “similar to the flu”–apparently NOT allowed at Unz’s site because he was too invested in the fear porn narrative, treating it like it was the plague and saying it was a bioweapon. I can’t waste my time with people like that.

  10. Keep in mind as well that George Floyd was friends for years with Stephan Jackson in Houston, who played in the NBA for 14 years. The media is focusing on how they look identical. Below is an interview with Jackson filled with the usual propaganda. Of course, Jackson is also very well-known for his involvement in the ‘Malice at the Palace’ in 2004 where he went into the stands to start bombing on some of the Detroit fans. Linked below:

  11. In the first video, one can see a white man, dressed in all black with a black umbrella and a gas-mask, beginning to break the windows of the Auto Zone in order to then throw some incendiaries into it until he is confronted by a young black kid asking him if he is a cop. He becomes a bit confrontational until he walks away.

    Well, well!…it looks like our masked crusader is one Jacob Peterson of the St. Paul PD which is shown at about the 2:00 mark of the video below:

  12. The tribe has turned America upside down and inside out in the last 50 years.
    No wonder God said don’t let them in your land. We’ve gone from Mayberry
    to depths of hell in one generation.

  13. Its a perfect diversion in our times, and people can vent a bit off after lockdown, controlled venting. And on top its again dividing, pushing the everything-white-is-evil (except jews).

    And all the BLM goons running around with their signs again, some sponsoring going on?
    Or do people really forget that fast?

  14. I have had numerous comments and several users blocked at UR. Every time it is not due to comments about Zionism or the Yid, but consistently it is comments about Freemasonry that gets Ron Unz screeching and banning.

    Unz the jew attended Harvard as an undergrad and stayed for some post graduate work IIRC. Likely he is Bnai Brith, and even if he isn’t he likely joined a frat and some other “club”, as that is an important part of the Harvard elite initiation. In other words, Unz is almost certainly a masonic brother, and his web site is almost certainly a Mossad honey pot or limited hangout.

    I think that Unz allows his articles and comments to be scraped by AI developed in MKUltra University (Stanford), and that is likely how he finances his operation. This is why I always used private windows, VPN’s and changed my handle when I still commented there.

    His Puerile antics like blocking random comments are sad, but the way he abuses and ridicules commentors is sadistic. It comes across just like a comedian insulting his audience.

    • “His Puerile antics like blocking random comments are sad, but the way he abuses and ridicules commentors is sadistic.”

      I agree — but rather than sadistic, I would say infantile (or puerile as you suggest) and trollish — not infrequently his comments are just plain idiotic, driven by pure bias — anti-intellectual — at this point I have seen it too often to be able to take him completely seriously.

      But I find the UR has interesting content generally.

      • “But I find the UR has interesting content generally.”

        This is a large part of the AI honey pot. Obviously Unz alone could not attract the breadth of opinion in the comments section that is necessary for this data mining operation. As long as comments stay within the “conspiracy theory” overton window all comments are allowed. Holocaust denial, Jewish privilege, 9/11, even Mossad war crimes are not taboo.

        But pull back the curtains on the secret masonic societies pulling the strings behind the curtain and Unz will shut you down faster than Facebook or Twitter shut down a holocaust denier. AI algorithms are not allowed to deconstruct the real agenda of the people creating them.

        Many great contributors like Atzmon or Barret are completely unaware of what the true Unz agenda is. In this sense they are as much “useful idiots” as any typical normy is.

        • Barrett can be a jerk — he called the murder of 6 white people in Wisconsin by a Hmong refugee (Chai Vang) a “hunting mishap” — the name of his regular program is ‘Truth Jihad’; I once told him more truth, less jihad — he has his own dumb biases.

          • Barrett the Moslem is well spoken when it comes to Zionism, but you are correct, he was a poor choice. How about Durocher, Guinot or Joyce?

            The real point is that this broad spectrum of opinions and the comments that they induce is a perfect well for data-mining.

  15. Just to put it all into perspective. This sham started with a man supposedly passing a fake 20 dollar bill, yet the FED can produce trillions of dollars out of thin air and no one will ever go to jail.
    “Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world”

  16. Looks like it will be a long, hot summer…

    Dr Nick Kollerstrom : Crisis Actors Spark Race War in US


    The 1967 Long Hot Summer of black riots as the Marxist / Frankfurt School / Chicago School / MK-ULTRA / CIA – drug fueled “Summer of Love” dissolved into violence …


    Encyclopedia Britannica : The Riots of the Long, Hot Summer

    What follows are brief sketches of the violent episodes that gripped each of these cities during the summer of 1967.

    On the evening of July 12, the largest of the year’s riots began in Newark. A black taxi driver, John Smith, was pulled over by police after he passed a double-parked police car. Officers beat him in front of incensed onlookers from a nearby housing project and took him to the local police station. According to their report, Smith was arrested on several charges, including tailgating, wrong-way driving, and assault. The city’s police force was well known for their harsh treatment of the city’s black population, and after a false rumor spread over taxi radios and through the crowd that the driver had been killed while in police custody, neighborhood residents gathered around the police station. Despite appeals for calm by community activists, some of whom attempted to organize a peaceful protest, some in the crowd began to hurl bricks and Molotov cocktails (bottles of inflammable liquid) at the police station, and others began to loot storefronts. In the five-day period of looting, arson, and rioting—the most destructive such episode in New Jersey’s history—the U.S. National Guard was called to assist police officers. Some 26 people were killed, more than 700 were injured, and more than 1,000 residents were arrested.


    Sound familiar ?


    • Thanks for the memories. I was 12 years old in 1967, but I do remember it was a short time later this kind of thing came to the fairly sleepy little town of Albuquerque.

      “On June 13, 1971, rioting broke out at Roosevelt Park after police attempted to arrest a young man standing in a crowd of several hundred rowdy youth. A small scuffle escalated into a brawl leading officers to fire upon the crowd, wounding at least nine people. Outraged, nearly 500 youth moved into the downtown area where they overturned cars, shattered windows, looted, and severely damaged and destroyed buildings. Police attacked rock- and bottle-throwing protesters with tear gas but were overwhelmed. The New Mexico National Guardsmen came into the city to assist officers. After two days of rioting, the city tallied over $3 million in damages. Shocked by the level of carnage, one journalist of the Albuquerque Journal wrote, “It was something you’d think couldn’t happen in Albuquerque, but it did.”

      Unlike the riots in Watts in 1965 or Detroit in 1967, Albuquerque lacks the evocative label of 1960s urban uprising. The actors were primarily Mexican American, and the riot occurred in the summer of 1971. Despite these anomalous characteristics, the rebellion was one of at least 14 Latino urban riots that occurred that year.”

  17. I can see where his badge and name tag could get pulled around and ripped off during a scuffle, but I agree the whole thing is super-hinky.

    • hmmwhat I’d like to know is why all new media outlets have made the 2-1/2 minute viedo taken from someone in business right next to police car that shows george clearly resisting arrest and it show chauvin being professional, patient respectful while goerge resisted getting into the cop car (because he was a convicted felon with drugs in his system and just committed federal crime of counterfieting not just passing but probably creating since store owneer said ink was running that’s how they suspected in the first place)..but where is the 2-1/2 minute video of events showing this??

      I eman lots of videos showing him being sat down at building then gotten up and walked away from building cuffed then poof no video fottage of next 2-1/2 minutes of cops respectfully gtrying to get him to comply and get into to copc ar..but no videos magically there must not be any..nope there is a very daming one but it doesn’t serve the cause which is paint a horrible picture of the cops being total aholes..the video footage jumps from him being stood up to him being puled if nothing happened in between but much happened in’s msising for one reason it would disprove that goergoe was a full on victim here..disprove people saying he didn’t resist and was a choir boy as the cops dealt with his criminal self..well guess what he did resist and he didn’t comply for a long time ..I eman when a cop has to walk around open the door while you’re in car it’s not to sit down and chat with you..about’s because you’re being a dumbass criminal wh is maing their jobs a helluva lotharder that it should have to be..where accountability for ones actions??? huh???

      Now I will say it’s unfortunate and sad he died for sure and the amount of time his knee was on him was too long..but to say a blanket racist evil cops association is just flat out immoral and wrong..because it is based on the facts..the media is paitning a biased picture here is this new these days was a time they reported facts but these days they are mahcines for agendas and not always right but simply agendas of thsoe in power of the media machines..this is cuh a case..

      george has lots of opportunities if this video was allowed to be circulated people would say dam chuavin and other cop were hella patient respectful and professional..and geroge acted da had it for a few hours online last week then that afternoon i went to show a friend and poof yanked off website can’t fiund it..but ask why is this video being purposely kept ofline for people to it perhaps because it shows daming evidence agaisnt george and shows cops arent the racist monsters but rather humans tasked with a helluva tough job dealing with a liar crinimal felon who did reist non comply etc and was scary big 290lbs and strong is very scary…

      do the research..I wis I had downloaded the video i never thought it would just dissappear..but why does video footage go from being stood up to him being puleld out..?? hmm?? use you head people and be fair don’t band wagon..

  18. Russ, good stuff. I would really like to connect with you. I spent time investigating both this murder/fake-murder/false flag, as well as the connection of GF and the entire neighborhood to the Dem political machine. I have information that will blow your mind, i.e. Ellison, Omar, the MSP mayor, the police dept that burned down, Maya Santa Maria, who owned both El Nuevo & La Raza Radio, as well as some funeral homes. Aside from the false-flag GF event, the entire neighborhood is a money laundering & drug front, run by the Dems, in district 5, which is Omar district. The coordination of this event by the dem party and the events of the 7 days that follow was incredible. It is both amazing & sad that not one shred of the info I was able to obtain, open-source, has been investigated to-date. Contact me, worth your time.

    • If you would like to submit a stand alone article through my e mail, I would consider posting. Or use this forum for any additional details. I would also suggest contacting James Fetzer.

  19. Does anyone know whether any of the funerals were open casket or not? Everything I saw on the news was closed casket.

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