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Dr. Tom Philpott and the Forgotten 1981 Truther Documentary ‘Boys for Sale’

White hat truther Dr. Tom Philpott - RIP

Former New Orleans Police Department detective Stanley Burkhardt — who led the NOPD’s pedophile investigations unit for years before he was unmasked as a child molester himself — admitted in federal court on Feb. 24, 2020, that he abused a boy who had turned to him for protection after the boy was preyed upon by his Boy Scout leader.

Burkhardt was with the NOPD building cases against pedophiles and pederasts in the 1970s and 1980s. But his police career ended in disgrace in 1987 when he was arrested for — and later convicted of — trafficking in child pornography. He also acknowledged sexually abusing an underage relative.

Burkhardt’s stunning admission came after years of denying the sex abuse claims leveled against him by former Boy Scout Richard Windmann. This lends even more evidence to our ongoing theory about bad cops running cover or being involved with Crime Syndicate activities.

Windmann’s 1977 testimony, at age 12, about being sexually assaulted by a Scout leader, helped prosecutors convict the leader on nearly 30 molestation charges and bust a pedophile ring within the organization.

But it wasn’t just the Boy Scouts and a NOPD detective involved in sexual abuse, according to Windmann. Remarkably, he claims he was a victim in three high-profile abuse scandals of the era.

The third involved a janitor and a priest at a Jesuit high school. The school bought Windmann’s silence for $450,000.

With Burkhardt’s confession to abuse, there’s strong evidence to back him up in each of the other cases.

While now acknowledging that he molested Windmann, Burkhardt vehemently disputed Windmann’s allegation that he once heard Burkhardt confess to killing a teenager named Edward Wells, whose body found in the Mississippi River in 1982.

The Philpott Investigations

The abuse of the young boys of New Orleans Boy Scout Troop 137 in the late ’70s ties directly into the investigation done by University of Texas- Austin history professor Dr, Tom Philpott at that same time in 1981 regarding pedophiles/pederasts operating in the Austin, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans areas, and their connection to a nationwide pederast ring.

During his 20 years as a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Philpott was often involved in controversies surrounding civil rights and anti-war protests. But his most censored work, was a documentary film about a child trafficking perpetrated by U.S. big shots titled “Boys for Sale.”

In 1981, Dr. Philpott would be interviewed for the documentary film in which he discusses the existence of an interstate child trafficking ring in the U.S. perpetrated by political elite. Philpott tells the story of child victims throughout the country.

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Dr. Philpott’s reporting on the Boy Scouts case was incredibly ahead of its time. Documents to this case were kept secret by the Boy Scouts of Texas and weren’t released until 2012, The Times-Picayune reports.

Troop 137, authorities learned, “was the nucleus of a nationwide sex and pornography ring, with boys recruited into the troop sent to other states for the pleasure of the men there.”

Philpott describes Houston, Texas, as “possibly the worst city in the United States” for homeless boys.

At minute 00:08:40 in the “Boys for Sale” documentary below, Dr. Philpott states that around 350 boys were deliberately killed each year in the Houston region. At minute 00:09:15, he says in early 1981 alone, 31 boys died suspiciously in cases not deemed homicide.

“Candy Man” Dean Corll brutally murdered somewhere between 25 and 30 teenage boys in Houston, Texas, during the early 1970s, according to Corll’s accomplices and law enforcement.

Winter Watch reported on the nature of Corll’s pedophile-ring activities, as well as John Wayne Gacy in Chicago.

For further reading:

At minute 00:07:08, we hear a 15-year-old boy describe being drugged and tied up. This youth was later found ritualistically murdered.

At 00:12:30, the nature of this criminality is described, often involving “pillars of society.” Philpott calls it an adjunct of clean business and pointed out that the Boy Scout case involved a U.S. senator and congressmen, as well as the hierarchy of Louisiana. It’s now even more apparent that they put a flying monkey Burkhardt in charge of investigations to cover their tracks.

Starting at 00:15:00, Dr. Philpott gives the particulars of the Boy Scouts of America cases.

Next, he gives the media’s accounts of various politicians in these states engaged and caught in pederast activities.

At 00:31:00, he indicates that boys homes are optimal for procurement by pedophile rings.

At 00:57:00, Dr. Philpott notes that most victims are poor whites, as that is the preference of the clients. About half die before the age of 20.

An Austin-area newspaper that broke the story received negative pajama-person “see no evil” push back for its reporting.

Academia has also been oblivious to issue.

The second half of the documentary has interviews with street boys.

Boys For Sale (1981 Forgotten Documentary)

Claims of atrocities in Houston are corroborated by other experts, such as Judianne Densen Gerber of the Odyssey Institute. She said that children are also brought in from Louisiana and other states.

Murder of Tom Philpott

It’s almost certain that Dr. Philpott was targeted and given the Gary Webb treatment (suicided). After a number of threats, he survived the first attempt made on his life shortly after his involvement in the documentary. Two intruders broke into his Austin apartment on October 27, 1982, and shot him twice with Philpott’s .38 caliber. He survived. The police and media smeared him as staging the event.

Afterward, Dr. Philpott stated that he had been expecting something of the sort for some time. He said he had made mortal enemies by investigating pederasty and organized child prostitution. He interpreted the attack as an attempt to discredit his work by creating the impression that he had committed suicide.

Ultimately, the suiciding of Dr. Philpott succeeded on Oct. 9, 1991. Almost no information exists as to the exact cause and circumstances of his death. Despite the suspicious connection between the circumstances of his death and the home invasion in which he was shot nearly 10 years earlier, at this time, and par for the course in such cases, it’s not part of Texas police practice to perform an autopsy when death is labeled as “suicide.”

For more Texas police skulduggery read: The False Confessions of Henry Lee Lucas, America’s Most Notorious Fake ‘Serial Killer’

15 Comments on Dr. Tom Philpott and the Forgotten 1981 Truther Documentary ‘Boys for Sale’

  1. Gonna leave some crumbs for you. Look at the other hosts with Dr. Philpott. Which one ended up a very high profile TX politician with close ties to Charlie Wilson. If you can figure this crucial link into the story then you’re just beating around a burning bush.

    • Mark McKinnon? I had thought I knew it all but never heard of him. But corrupto-pedia says he has rubbed shoulders with a lot of high profile people.

  2. Houston is also now the sex trafficking capital of the world. Might be time to get the hell out of this shit hole soon. Our mayor has been hand picked for the past 30 years or more.

  3. I feel like actually vomiting after reading the horrific circumstances these poor innocent young boys found themselves in with the most heinous, vile, evil Perpetrators Of all mankind.

  4. Interesting. Thank you for mentioning convicted pedophile scumbag & ex-police officer Stanley Burkhardt, and the boy-prostitution New Orleans Boy Scout troop (should be #137, I think).

    There are things about Tom Philpott and his alleged ‘work’ on boy prostitution & pornography that no one wants to hear, nor to discuss. But if our goal really is to bring the Hidden History of these subjects out in the open, shouldn’t everything be on the table?

    Many people credit Tom Philpott as the original researcher & public ‘whistleblower’ for info on these subjects discussed in the documentary Boys For Sale, perhaps because that vid was the first time they personally learned some of the facts. That isn’t true, however, and the fact that Philpott rarely credits any of his sources is a huge black eye – for an academic.
    “The story of Jimmy” that Philpott relates, for example, is ripped-off from Robin Lloyd’s “For Money or Love” (1976); [pg.6 – THE CASE Jimmy and the east coast]. Philpott relates this tale as though he had personal knowledge of “Jimmy”, as though he had interviewed the boy or spent hours on the phone ‘counseling’ him. That’s not true either, nor could it be, because “Jimmy” is a composite character Lloyd created to illustrate various life circumstances Lloyd perceived as typical of young boy hustlers of that era.

    The truth is, there isn’t any public record of original research on these subjects, by Tom Philpott. No academic journal articles, no books. He did teach a course on it, for a semester or two, and perhaps his lectures for that incorporated things he learned from the many juvenile boy prostitutes he claimed to have interviewed. I hope so, because the lack of documentation for all of that is highly suspicious. Philpott spent many weekends supposedly interviewing boy hustlers aged 10-16…but not in an academic setting, not in youth group homes nor in juvenile detention…in hotels and motels, in the middle of the night! Exactly the setting of where they ‘plied their trade’. How did he meet them? Was he picking them up off of hooker strips and taking them back to his room? He never brought other researchers, or police investigators with him as witnesses, never made video recordings of interviews, there’s only his word about what took place. NOT GOOD!

    • And how do you explain the attempts on philpott’s life then? It doesn’t really make sense if he was in on the pedophilia himself like you are insinuating. He definitely was a whisleblower.

    • Of course Philpott conveniently is no longer around to answer your remarks. That said your comments have that debunker hit job rancid smell to it that doesn’t especially work on this forum.

    • A follow-up to RDobbson1: quite surprised, nay stunned that there isn’t a comment or two concerning the general demeanor and mannerisms of the panel of pundits on paedophilia in said documentary; who, purportedly, are investigating the abuse and crimes vs adolescent boys by men residing in cities s/a Houston, New Orleans, etc.. From my perspective, these panelists show and exhibit signs of gaslighting – via said demeanor and mannerisms which are subtle yet discernible; more specifically, take note of the awkward silences and half-smirks (aka, ‘duper’s delight); the lack of deep empathy and compassion whilst describing the horrific and heinous crimes perpetrated by the vilest and most disgusting of humans imaginable; and, finally, as indicated by RDobbson1, very little if any concrete and verifiable hard evidence produced or disclosed within their presentation. Suffice it to say, I believe this documentary – and the concomitant panelists within it – is highly suspect; and, thereby, worthy of deeper research and analysis before making any conclusions on this issue. That is all! RGB-Y2 out!!

      • Seriously? I first watched a few years ago, and again just now. Have to say I have no idea what you are talking about. The interviews with the boys can been seen right there on the documentary.

        • Simply look at the history (via Wikipedia) of 1 of the panelists in said video, i.e., Mark Mckinnon; who, appears to be just another agent of chaos that the kakistocracy hires to play roles (aka, ‘lifetime actors’; crisis actors; dupes; useful idiots; etc.) in different spheres of society (i.e., corporate; government; entertainment; etc.); so that the narrative moves forward along with the agent’s ascendancy in the hierarchy of evil (see Jasun Horsley’s, ’16 Maps of Evil’). That is all! RGB-Y2 out!! [by the by: not a troll; just attempting to invoke a bigger picture here; as, even though the underlying narrative of paedolphia/pederasty is incontrovertible, what is up for debate are the mediums and mechanisms employed by the kakistocracy to co-opt and commandeer said narratives; and, thereby, coax and corral the hoi polloi onto the pathways deemed most apposite for furthering their agendas of power and control.] That is all! RGB-Y2 out!!

          • Rosspicodegallo,
            You’re so full of shit it’s flowing out of your egotistical less than educated head, which has gaslighted your stupid ass mouth into writing intellectual checks that your bitch made small mind can’t cash. Keep using big words like you know what they mean, we see your STUPID FUCKING ASS, LOUD AND CLEAR

            • Sparrow: And Happy 4th of July to you too, my fellow ‘civilized’ compadre! lol RGB-Y2 out!!

  5. A book needs to be written about Tom’s life and death. I’d be very curious to know what Louise Epstein, Tom’s ex-wife, knows and would be willing to say re: his supposed suicide and what happened to his research.

  6. just some FYI Stanley Burkhardt just testified in Court (Recently not sure exact date March 2022) against the CITY of New Orleans in the Donald Moore Lawsuit. throwing shade at Donald moore a dead man. and accusing the city of not Properly Training Police officers. and outing some other members of NOPD

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