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Goofus and Gallant Go Woke

June 9, 2022 Winter Watch 0

By Michelle Malkin | 7 June 2022 AMERICAN RENAISSANCE — Do you remember Highlights, the ubiquitous children’s magazine that you’d devour at the dentist’s office? If you were lucky, you’d wait for the mailman to deliver […]

Countdown Datapoints to an Apocalypse

June 5, 2022 Russ Winter 0

The latest disaster machine datapoints from the Sub-Zero kakistocrat countdown. Saudis now near peak output, SPR draining at 1mmb/d and lack of refining won’t counter distillate drawdown. “Palisades Power Plant was shut down on the […]

Israel Shamir – The Trouble with Judaism

June 1, 2022 Winter Watch 1

… is that Jewish leadership is supplanting God. July 1, 2014 HENRY MAKOW — Israel Shamir’s new collection of essays, “Pardes,” contains a prescient and shocking warning to Jews and to humanity as a whole: Judaism wants to make […]

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