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Dystopian Viral Videos Stream Out of Decaying New York City

PHOTO: PJ Media/AP/John Minchillo

By Athena Thorne | 31 May 2022

PJ MEDIA — As the Big Apple rots, dystopian videos stream out of New York City almost daily. They range from disturbing to surreal, and like a bloody car crash, they are almost impossible to look away from.

A video of a man being held by one man and as others beat him on a New York subway platform has been making the rounds. But this isn’t merely your average clip of an Asian being attacked in Gotham. In a twist, the man holding the victim from behind told the videographer that his captive had attempted to sexually assault a female passenger on a subway. The videographer then called the police.

This would have been fine if the story ended there, but it didn’t. Some of NYC’s fine, upstanding citizens happened to be passing by and decided this was a great opportunity to beat on an Asian guy for fun.

First, one man takes a comically long time to wind up before finally striking the captive in the face. The man holding him, who almost qualified as a good guy for a hot second, laughs along with everyone else before tightening his grip so a second random passerby can deliver a series of one-two punches to the accused pervert’s head. […]

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