’60 Minutes’ Misdirects Viewers in Deceptive Program on Epstein’s Death

Jeffrey Epstein with a toe tag. Note the misspelling of first name. PHOTO: Winter Watch/screen grab/60 Minutes

CBS News program “60 Minutes” got a hold of death and autopsy photos of Jeffrey Epstein for its program in 2020. As usual, there are aspects to the scene that are right out of cartoon world. For instance, a following photo shows the noose and the bed sheets used for the “suicide.”

“60 Minutes” reminds us that the prison CCTV cameras in Epstein’s wing “weren’t working” at the time of the suicide. Furthermore, federal prison protocols were not followed by guards who discovered the body or by EMT. Rather than preserve the scene, they took his “dead body” to the emergency room.

While we appreciate the images, the CBS’ “correspondent” spent much of the program making appeals to authority. She applied limited critical thinking and asked very few probing questions. For example:

Question 1 –  Why are there so many sheets and bedding items in a cell with one prisoner? They’re piled up everywhere. Is this like hotel room service where you keep asking for more. This is totally nonsensical, and especially for a prisoner who was recently on suicide watch.

Question 2 – “60 minutes” claims that an electrical cord (sleep apnea device) and prescription pills were found in Epstein’s jail cell, along with a pen and paper used to write a note. Again, what are such items doing inside the cell of someone who just weeks prior had a failed suicide attempt? And why not use the electrical cord to hang yourself instead of that sorry excuse of a bedsheet noose?

Question 3 – Are we really being asked to believe that such a thin piece of cloth was used for a noose and it inflicted the type of bruising and trauma seen in the next photos? The claim is he knelt forward to strangle himself. There was no hangman’s drop. Yet, there is extensive bruising that extends all the way around, across the back, and to the right side of his neck. That’s not where one strangles oneself, only at the larynx and to cut off the arteries along side the larynx.

Question 4 – That’s quite a professional knot given the material available, and notice that it’s a different color than the rest of the bedding. Whoops!  And not even so much as a stain.

In the next photo, notice the bulbous flap on the tinfoil-planet ear. What’s that about? Does that look like a real ear, let alone Epstein’s ear?

Does the face look like Epstein’s? I submit we are looking at doppelganger stiff with a molded mask. There was some hurried, sloppy, mold work around the ear.

David Ferrie

The whole head, nose, neck and crease below the ear jawline is not what the real Epstein looked like (see third photo below). He was much trimmer, less jowly and the eyebrows were darker black not reddish. Those brows look like a cartoon world penciled in version of David Ferrie.

Real Epstein has bags, or allergic shiners, under his eyes. The death photo does not. He has a noticeable crow-line between the eyes but death photo does not. The real Epstein’s eyes are closer set and the tip of the nose is more pointed down. He has a dimple on his chin below the lower lip, not present in death photo. This is more visible in photo 4 where he is shaved. He has a deep facial crease off his nose on the cheek, not there in the death photo.

This is not Jeffrey Epstein. This is stagecraft and not that well executed. The Dr. Baden dog-and-pony show is misdirection. Epstein flew the coop.

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Not even remotely resembling the real Jeffrey Epstein’s ear and jaw line.

Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy: A closer look

Now, compare this so-called investigative report on Epstein’s death by “60 Minutes” (produced by CBS in the United States) to this next “60 Minutes” investigative report on Epstein’s proclivities and compromat ops produced by 9 News in Australia. A world apart.

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  1. I agree with your mask assessment- there is a pretty clear shadow running from the ear down the neck and ending at the ligature mark, where is where the mask ends… the weird bulbous thing looks like a botched slip-over earlobe on the mask. I’m wondering why exactly that Epstein’s brother would continue this charade like his brother was actually killed and not let the story just die like it’s supposed to… I even saw his brother hired the ‘highly respected’ Dr. Baden to rant on TV about how Epstein was murdered, hilarious… Perhaps it’s just interference, keeping the pajama people from considering the possibility that Epstein is living on a beach in Israel right now, enjoying a hero’s welcome

  2. I spent some time in prison back in the early 2000’s for heroin addiction and I can tell you that there are many flaws with the story just as it relates to how the narrative goes on the prisons end of things and independent of whether he killed himself or not.

    Each state has differing rules under their Department of Corrections on what inmates are entitled to and how they are to be housed and treated, however, their are some basic ‘universals’ across state lines that apply at all times.

    1- When you go through what is called R and O (Receiving and Orientation), you are not immediately housed with the general population until ALL medical, dental, and safety assessments are complete- this can take weeks!

    2- When you are initially booked, you are given a classification which determines where you will be housed and if you are ‘eligible’ for a cellmate. Factors that determine whether you are to be given a cellmate or not are:

    A- The severity and violence of your crime
    B- Do you have enemies WITHIN the prison population that are related to prior incarcerations, fights/attacks, potential victims of your crime(s)
    C- Is your case a high-profile one which renders you a potential victim from someone within the population
    D- Any communicable diseases
    E- Gang affiliation(s)
    F- Are you a high-flight or security risk
    G- Previous disciplinary history

    Because Epstein qualified for A, C, and maybe B, he should have never had a cellmate- EVER! So the story of his cellmate being transferred just before his suicide is suspect. Also, an inmate never has that amount of linen either and I’ve never seen or experienced ORANGE sheets- they look like they were recently dyed. You basically go through a clothing/linen exchange twice a week and you can’t hoard linen because the guards search your cell each linen exchange.

    In addition, the physics of him being able to hang himself is virtually impossible! Epstein was 6 feet tall which is taller than the upper bunk in the cell, so his feet would have touched the floor of the cell and his hands would have had to have been ‘free’ in order for him to position himself for a hanging and if they were, you’re going to tell me that while struggling for his final breathe his hands just calmly laid by his side. Child please!

    Also, you are NEVER allowed to have your medications IN YOUR CELL! Especially after being on suicide watch! You are given your medications at the prescribed time by a staff nurse who comes to your section or cell in Epstein’s case.

    You hit it on the head as usual Russ! They have been ‘watching’ the criticism on the Internet and tried to manufacture a cover-your-ass piece with complicit 60 Minutes in tow in order to keep the dogs in the cellar from barking anymore. People are not moving on from this. Hell, even Ricky Gervais in his wonderful opening to the Golden Globes did a ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself!’

  3. They know the majority of the goyim are mindless idiots thus they can afford to be sloppy. Indeed, they are probably sloppy on purpose, just to amuse themselves with how much they can get away with in plain sight.

    • LeadPipeDreams- Yes, I think they are laughing at us and how easy it is to fool the stupid goyim. And the do it over and over again. I think this site is 100% accurate with what happened to Epstein, and I’ve posted his info everywhere, yet people don’t seem to get it, and are easily misdirected into “suicide or murder.” They are masters at manipulation, and most don’t bother to ever study this events in detail.

    • This is correct. It used to be, the sociopaths would try very hard to conceal their corruption and criminality. Because the overwhelming majority of the world’s general population has completely abandoned its ability to think for itself, they can do what they want right in front of our faces. The very small minority of us who clearly see what they are up to, have been placed in societal boxes without the resources to do anything about it, so they don’t really care anymore about hiding their filth. They are like a bunch of chimps throwing their poo in our faces while they stand back with their arms folded, pointing at us and saying, “Yeah…so what are you going to do about it?”

  4. Not saying anything after this pls do not try to dox me but last night after 0415 they took him [Epstein] [to] medical in a wheelchair front cuffed but not 1 triage nurse says they spoke to him. Next thing we know trip vans show up? We do not do releases on weekends unless a judge orders it. Next thing we know, heʼs put in a single man cell and hangs himself? Hereʼs the thing, the trip van did NOT sign in and we did not record the plate number and a guy with a green dress military outfit was in the back of the van according to the tower guy that let him through the gate. You guys I am shaking right now but I think they switched him out.

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