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The Border Crisis Is Bad, But in Mexico a Larger Crisis Looms

ILLUSTRATION: Stanford University

Most Americans don’t realize it but the Mexican state is in serious trouble, and we won’t be able to ignore it for much longer.

By John Daniel Davidson | 18 January 2022

THE FEDERALIST — Video footage recently surfaced on Twitter showing C4 explosives being dropped by a drone near a town in Michoacán, Mexico, reportedly by members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, following hours of clashes between armed groups.

In the video, a small explosion hits a woodland camp, a cluster of tents amid dense trees and dirt roads. Men scatter, running for cover. Another volley of explosives is released. When it hits, the camp erupts in flames. The drone lingers, its camera darting around, zooming in and out over the camp as it burns, like it’s looking for something. Seconds later, the drone is shot out of the sky.

It’s the kind of video clip that surfaces on social media now and then, offering a glimpse of outlandish happenings in Mexico. Most Americans have no way of making sense of these videos, or imagining what they portend.

The easy conclusion to draw is that Mexico has serious problems with organized crime, as it has for decades. But armed drones are something new, part of what some security experts have called an “arms races between the various belligerent criminal organizations” in Mexico’s multi-decade drug wars.

In this particular case, narco-drones are being deployed in a turf war in and around the city of Tepalcatepec, which sits on the border of the states of Michoacán and Jalisco, about 350 miles west of Mexico City. Local news reports indicate the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, commonly known by its Mexican acronym, CJNG, has launched multiple drone strikes in the area in recent weeks, escalating months of intermittent gunfights and ambushes.

CJNG is one of the most powerful and ambitious cartels in Mexico, and it appears determined to take control of the state of Michoacán. Since 2019, the cartel has been battling a loose confederation of other armed groups collectively known as the United Cartels, as well as the Mexican National Guard.

Many of these other groups began as autodefensas, or self-defense militias, whose purpose was to resist the encroachment of cartels like CJNG. But many of them, including those in Tepalcatepec, eventually got involved in drug trafficking. They became little cartels. […]

4 Comments on The Border Crisis Is Bad, But in Mexico a Larger Crisis Looms

  1. They always seem to hyperfocus on the the ‘action,’ or ‘theater’ in the military terminology in these articles, and less on ‘why’ or really ‘who’ or ‘how’ of the entire picture. People will see something like this, and most will not even ask questions about how these C4-armed drones are being procured (or submarines that they use), or why the US, right next door, is more concerned with someone saying ‘Jew’ online than they are the statistically most violent country on Earth waging warfare with this kind of weaponry just floating between disparate paramilitary groups, with strong roots in the US that transcend their ethnic roots. That is clearly a very strong National Security Threat, yet the border crisis, along with Israeli/CIA joint R&D pumping hacker/private security technology through them, for transnational narcotics laundering purposes- evades people. It only serves the one percent, and puts everyone elses well-being, health, and the economy in jeopardy, to continue these absurd boom/bust cycles- like with the 2008 crisis, using these narcotics/arms networks as a crutch for their speculation while simultaneously targeting poor and middle class communities.

    And what, people are supposed to pretend they don’t see genocide right in front of their faces? These people have done so much cocaine, they expect people to impose retardation on themselves, to pretend reality- the consistency of events that make up the world- isn’t in front of them. It’s every underclass, too. They tend to impose austerities (on all levels, extorting small businesses as well), use the media to invoke reactionary tribalism, then sweep the communities with the narcotics/proxy-outfits as protection, then force people into complicity, compromise. Maybe a few get on the yacht, and the rest are killed or sent off to prison for life or turned informant, to make money for corrupt cops/feds. But sure, continue into VR-Narco-terrorism society, operating drones from your oculus and worshiping hermaphrodites. Must make sense when you can’t feel your face.

    You see recurring names from this article, here, but as I’m sure you’re aware, this ‘interesting’ correlation between Carlos Slim, his stake in the NY Slimes, their entire PR of these groups, and his sudden ‘rise’ from a billionaire to tens-of-billions-aire ‘richest man in the world’- all in one decade. Sort of like ‘I built Amazon from an algorithm in my garage’ kind of story, except super-rich to super-super-rich

    ‘A Very Blackrock in Mexico’

    Of course, then you take into account that Mexico was the ‘testing ground for Israel’s Pegasus project,’ and you see more partnering around like this. They murder more of their own than anyone else, so those who want to act as if it’s only some ‘ethnic’ war, it’s worse. That stuff reaches everywhere- as proven in George Floyd’s toxicology report (Fentanyl/Meth cocktail), and recent arrests like this one- doesn’t look too ‘Mexican’ to me. It’d be interesting to see his delivery demographics.

  2. Outstanding article Davidson and an equally Great Comment AC. Iran-Contra’s Quiet Promise is now Reborn; “Keep em’ all so high they’ll vote for you every time, and they’ll come back for more.” JOETUS is now the Official US Drug-Human-Trafficking Kingpin, and he did the CCP a Solid – he opened the Border wide for CCP Fentanyl to lock US All down if the Covid didn’t work fast enough. JOETUS is exactly who the CCP-Sponsored Deep-State Clinton-Bush-Obama-Biden-Kerry wanted seeded in our White House. What a S…t-Show it all is.

  3. (Correction here) JOETUS is exactly who the CCP-Sponsored Deep-State Clinton-Bush-Obama-Biden-Kerry Trojan-Horse wanted seeded in our White House.

    Thank you WinterWatch for letting our voices be heard.

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