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Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Metaverse and Travis Scott’s Trauma Based Sadomasochism

Russ Winter rejoins Giuseppe Vafanculo, Dave Scorpio, and Daryl Wayne (aka “The Brain Trust”) to discuss the Travis Scott Astrofest trauma-based sadomasochism shitstorm. The 1994 Oakville, Washington, “goo from the air” incident was dissected. Hour three delves into Metaverse mind kontrol and defining the kakistocracy as a pathocracy. They dove into the work of Dr. Andrew Łobaczewski and the Winter Watch post “Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics and Public Trauma.”

Other Winter Watch posts referenced:

Podcast is here. Russ comes on at hour one and stays for two hours.

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29 Comments on Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Metaverse and Travis Scott’s Trauma Based Sadomasochism

  1. You know- what this reminds me most of, ironically, is the stuff going on during the last ‘Satanic Panic,’ which was ushered in by the Neocon Jewry that brought us Iran-Contra. If you look at it, a lot of what is happening now is almost like they are trying to repeat the late 70s on steroids, with Cointelpro, even bringing back the same styles- big beards, earth tones, ugly pants. Eric Mann and Susan Rosenberg, who ran BLM from the beginning, run their finances, were the informants that coordinated the bombings that sabotaged the civil rights movements in the 70s, the last ‘controlled opposition’ that finally gave Cointelpro/Chaos the win, before they all out murdered MLK and Fred Hampton, Huey Newton, replaced all of that with a new ‘apolitical’ criminal network. After they sabotaged all of the movements, many of which they’d even planted from the beginning, they brought in ‘The Neoconservatives,’ the Anti-Nationalist, Big Government, Philo-Semitic ‘Conservatives’- and along with them, coincidentally, you have the (mostly Jewish) crime syndicates in the music/entertainment industry ushering in techno, disco (cocaine), and punk- which is where Scotts behavior has similarity. Punk was where the first ‘New Anti-Semitism’ got its ‘Rise’- which of course, was created by those who benefit most from it, Zionists. It was where ‘Skinheads’ suddenly popped up out of nowhere. During the ‘Punk Movement’ – led by the Jewish ‘Ramones’ and now Global Elitist Johnny ‘Rotten’ (John Wyden), you also had the undercurrent led by Black Flag and others (Henry Rollins etc)- which also was out of Portland/Seattle, which had a lot of this people beating the shit out of each other, dying at shows. It got so bad they eventually got banned from too many venues to function. It peaked with G.G, Allin, someone who was so absurd and over the top, hard to know what to think- more of a provocateur to stir up people, but good at it- throwing poop and pee, and eating his own poop, while all being a sort of straw man for moral censorship.

    That’s the fucked up part about all of this. It’s a ‘Strategy of Tension,’ ‘Order out of Chaos,’ where they use this evil/sabotage, but they claim it is for ‘Good.’ So they make ‘anti-semitism’ to promote the ‘good Zionism,’ use ‘Satanism’ to promote ‘good Christianity’ (which both just happen to benefit Israel). Many are tempted to say it is either ‘fake’ ‘false flag’ ‘Satanic Panic’ or it’s all out demon-worship, that these weirdos are actually part of some goofy backwater cult. Its actually neither, and both. The best analogy is ‘Method Acting.’ An actor can play a part so well, they become the part, and the methods and reasoning behind it is to make the audience believe and react to them as if they are ‘real.’ But, they do not intend to stay that way, and the overall economic/social goals are not to remain that way- they ‘become’ that way in order to effect certain social goals, many of them the inverse of what they appear. It was no coincidence that Satanism, Nazi Skinheads, and Hip Hop all emerged and were popularized with plenty of drug funneling in the 80s with Iran Contra- but it was not only for those rackets alone, it’s also to ’cause the opposite’- and make often even larger profits out of that. And they act like huge hypocrites, pretending like they intend, by being Satanists, hiring serial killers, sabotaging movements- it’s just to make us all good Christians- meanwhile they wash their money between both rackets as everyone else deals with the cultural fallout.

    Some great stuff showing the parallels here-

    1.) One of the best docs about that period, and you can see how they amped up all that shit for the same purposes (also a great read is Tom O’neils book ‘Chaos’- maybe the best book on the subject in my opinion)

    2.) G.G. Allin, another straw man creation made to help along Neocon censorship

    3.) Then here you have a great example of how things have changed- but you see what was being argued at the time- how these events, like now, were being used so that these hypermoral people would get reactionary and beg the state to censor people. Ironic how the Neocons then, are basically the ‘Progressive Left’ now, although the Neocon Right isn’t far behind them supporting the ADL and their Anti-BDS laws, none of them supporting liberty OR the Sovereignty of the US as a Nation

    • Almost forgot- just as a real example, replete with spooks admitting it and all- here is an event, taking place with the IRA, IRD, MI6, where they ‘used Satanism to promote Christianity’- which got to the point of murder, molestation, and sacrifice being acted out. So they do this stuff, then claim it is to ‘make society behave.’ Not sure what else to say except ‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug.’

  2. Re: dinduism in blacks, my observation is it’s a combination of degenerate hip-hop culture (violent / murderous / misogynist), bad artificial foods (chemical, parasite infested), no father, and possibly generational psychological experimentation on US blacks, with the possible recent addition of 5G. Trauma, Tavistock 101. Detachment, apathy & ultimately nihilistic.

    I can’t help but think “the projects” have truly been a project–a preparation ground for techniques of control which they will roll out to the larger society, starting visibly with the left. This black youth subculture is quite unique to the US, and maybe some cities in Europe, South Africa & the Caribbean. I am observing from North-East Africa.

    Off topic. The meme of the day showing billionaires by race… what does the Y-axis represent? Is it change in racial representation in 2021? It doesn’t seem to be absolute representation….

  3. Communism in Cambodia

    Communism is generally defined as; a political theory derived from Karl Marx (a jew) or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state; A system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

    -Totalitarianism defined as – of or relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state

    In 1935 Rabbi Stephen Wise stated “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism. In all reality communism is, was, and has always been jewish. That is the key point and headline in and every travestiviety committed under the name of communism; judaism, christianity, Islam, the reign of Josef stalin, Mao Tse Tsung, etc….

    Communism is Jewish

    You have nothing, you are nothing. The point of life is to work and die. Communistic view towards you – “To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.” Communism’s ultimate goal is to create a slave state.

    Essentially using nihilism as one of their biggest tools, and also of course using torture, mass murder, depopulation, and genocide.

    • Agree 100%. When published, Marxism was hailed by Rabbis as the political expression of the Talmud. The Talmud is codified Jewish supremacy. Marxism is Jewish supremacy. ~QED

  4. Regarding Guiseppe’s claim about Q-PCR, DW is exactly right. 90+ FOI requests prove a virus has never been isolated. What they claim is the coronavirus is just a gene sequence of unpurified RNA material which they cross-referenced with a previous SARS virus which itself was “identified” from a sample of unpurified RNA slush ! Without purification, it means nothing. This cross-reference yielded an 8X% homology (similarity / identicality) which is pathetic. Humans & chimps have 95% + homology! Claiming an identifiable coronavirus based on this 8X% amounts to medical fraud.

    DW is on the money, and is thinking critically. Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan & Dr Stefan Lanka can elaborate more.

    In fact, at a more fundamental level, even what I just said is meaningless because a purified virus (or bacteria) has never in history been proven to be contagious or infectious. Ever. Even Louis Pasteur, who came up with germ theory–claiming contagious pathogenic microbes are the cause of disease–admitted on his death bed that “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything,” having failed to prove contagion & infection in his entire career using a purified culture of bacteria. Terrain here means the condition of health within a person, and the external toxicity like industrial, chemical, agricultural and EMF toxicity. THIS is the true cause of disease. This, and parasites & fungi. Not bacteria & viruses.

    Germ theory to this day has no medical / scientific evidence.

    The real story is: the body creates “viruses”, more accurately called exosomes to detoxify and cleanse the cell when it is poisoned. It is like a “soap”. The virus (exosome) is a good guy, not a bad guy.

    Wuhan was the first city in the world to be blanketed with 5G and officially launched in Nov, 2019. The same month COVID supposedly struck. Come, come folks. “COVID” is 5G sickness, a millimeter wave assault on the human body causing cell toxicity. Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow” is a detailed analysis of all the major pandemics of the last 150 years, including the 1918 “Spanish” flu, which were all perfectly coincident with major global rollouts of electrical, telegraph, radio, TV, radar, satellite, mobile, 5G & other electromagnetic field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) technologies.

    We are electrical beings and disruptions to the the EMF environment causes toxicity in our cells, thereby producing “viruses” WITHIN the body to clean out the poisons from the cell. Viruses do not live outside the body & are not contagious from person to person, and do not cause disease. Every attempt in history, from Pasteur to the studies mentioned in the 90+ FOI requests have proven this to be true. It is a gigantic scam. Virology and infectious medicine of the last century is a sham.

    • Seasonal flus & the common cold are periodic self-cleansing mechanisms of the human body to detoxify from annual buildup from various sources, whether EMF, environmental, food-related or whatever. There are no external, communicable flu viruses of course.

    • Last point, EMF sickness can simulate respiratory illnesses.

      5G operating at 60 GHz affects oxygen molecules, making the body unable to absorb them. This explains why so many doctors were saying “we are seeing symptoms of high-altitude sickness, not flu” in NYC and other emergency rooms. This may explain why some people in Wuhan were filmed passing out (although this may also be crisis acting to fan COVID panic.)

      The kids at Travis Scott’s concert were all saying “nobody could breathe.” This may have been a 5G beta test / attack to test its capabilities. NRG studium where the event was held is confirmed to have functional 5G.

      Regarding vaccines, I want to make clear that, based on the falsity of germ theory discussed above, the entire philosophy of vaccines is absolute bullshit. This is a long story but historical claims for the efficacy of vaxxes with regards to Polio, measles, whooping cough or whatever “viral” disease they mention are absolute, statistical frauds. Readers can feel free to research this on their own.

      The BS is absolutely pervasive and all-encompassing.

  5. Russ: You should read the book Dissolving Illusions by Humphries and Bystrianyk. Smallpox vaccination was not what stopped smallpox. It was improved diet, sanitation, and hygiene. Smallpox vaccination caused more cases of smallpox than it prevented.

    I recommend against worrying about the cabal releasing a deadly virus that will wipe out the unvaccinated. There is no indication that this is even possible.

    • Agreed. Whatever they have to “release” is already contained within the vaccine. It is not a gain of function virus as they are fear mongering. It is spike proteins & HIV proteins using the vaccine as a vector for delivery, to create immune deficiency & uncontrolled autoimmune responses cannibalizing the body. The vaccine is the bioweapon, not some yet-to-be-released “virus.” Cheers.

  6. The Greek ‘meta’ (beyond, after, transcending, etc) seems to perfectly fit the concept FB is selling. I think too much is made of the Hebrew connection.

    I speak 3 semitic languages, Arabic and two Ethiopian languages, Amharic & Harari. All very close to Hebrew in vocabulary & grammar. I don’t speak Hebrew, and Google translate does not provide transliteration for Hebrew unfortunately, but I can comment on the gramatically correct forms of “mt”, the semitic root for death in Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic & Harari.

    Root Death He/It Died Dead

    Arabic mt mawt mata mayit
    Amharic mt mowt mote yemote
    Harari mt mowt mota mut

    Based on this, I believe the correct grammatical translation of Hebrew ‘meta’ is ‘he/it died’, not really ‘death.’

    Considering Hebrew’s proximity to these languages, the Hebrew word for death is likely ‘mawt’ or ‘mowt’.

    I could be off, but my personal view is the Hebrew connection to death is overblown. For what it’s worth.

  7. I’m hogging the comments… my bad. I don’t know who Daryl Wayne is and would like to find more of his work. His name is too generic in Google search. Any pointers?

  8. There are some globalist bestsellers by Hariri out that project the future off a revisionist past as interpreted by an elite braintrust of Kurzweilians, turd templars, and NWO resetters. Juval Noah operates out of Hebrew University in occupied Palestine which is the beachhead of the new algorithmics with their incomplete intelligence they claim is better than yours the smart people’s braintrust. In “Homo Deus,” Hariri extolls Marx without a bit of irony or challenge to Marxian contradictions and collectivist failures of the worst tyrannies yet seen in total victims per nation.
    The whole point of the reset was always population reduction and digital control of the survivors many of whom will be the present day purebloods or vaccination refuseniks. The Homo group may want smarter survivors than the dead sheeple to serve them (smarter only up to a point of course). By that time they will have been able to maim and hamstring the sheeple without a peep out of MSM which they own. Every round of “Booster” lowers people’s chances of coming out of Russian Roulette alive. After the first round, five out of six claim it was fun and harmless. It goes south from there…

    It is a two edged sword they wield now with the clotshots and carbon regulations at the same time Elon puts up the sats needed to run the “solution” to revisionist history.

    Please whatever we all do individually to meet this challenge, share the kind of information that will prevent our loved ones from becoming sad burdens and cripples-—Provaccine-Nurses-Rude-Awakening:a

  9. 3D imagery is not all it’s cracked up to be. Look up the article “Three-dimensional display technologies” by Jason Geng. 3D imagery cannot capture the true experience of viewing something in three dimensions. It can show slightly different views to the two eyes in a way that is consistent with a three-dimensional scene, but it cannot cause the focal points of the eyes’ lenses to be consistent with that.

    I gave up on 3D games twenty years ago because they gave me nausea.

  10. A “discussion” rather than an “interview” with E. Michael Jones on various topics would be very useful for your mission ;

    E. Michael Jones has an invincible grammar to offer for free of how to “understand”, & “defeat” the enemy.

    He should be challenged though about his mistaken claims that Russia is again a Christian country ;
    Because,- abortion is massive in Russia Federation, & KGB control the Russian Orthodox Church [ e.g. Primate Kirill ( gangster ) ], & Putin is a “crypto > un-masked” Jew who only replaced certain Oligarchs with other Jew Oligarchs, & is false opposition to “The Great Re-set”.
    Still,- Putin is a very intelligent & civilized & philosophical interviewee ;
    This cannot be said of any current leader of the other Europhile countries.

    It seems that EMJ has been charmed by deception, & also that he places great trust in his abilities to sway the public-intellectuals, & leaders, of Russia & Iran ;
    I acknowledge that it was worth a gamble ;
    But,- it is clear that Russia is not Christian.
    And,- Russia, & Iran also, are in cahoots with elites of UK, & USA, & EU, & China.

    • ADDENDUM ;


      [ Ref. EMJ quote, & imploration ]

      Because best value from EMJ is he as an interviewEE.

      By the way,- EMJ is not a good interviewER ;
      Because he is a warrior on a mission, & he has no time to waste ;

      As an interviewEE he is surprisingly a very good listener, & mostly* very honest attender to what has been asked

      *”mostly” ==> some questions or sub-topics he apparently avoids
      there are some subjects he will not answer fully
      Holocaust [ trademark ]
      He has explained when pressed that this is lest he be arrested in Germany for his elaboration on what actually happened

      2 or 3 Interviewers [ incl. Russ Winter,- of course ]






      how to understand the Philosophy of History

      how to understand who the Non-Goyim are
      I, myself, think the Khazar Non-Goyim were Jews based in Khazar since time of Solomon

      how to understand who Jewish people are [ Non-Goyim & Goyim & Mixed-Ethnic Non-Goyim-cum-Goyim, who are dedicated to the “Jewish” continuing revolution ]


      how to respond to Jewish behavior from Non-Goyim

      how to respond to Jewish behavior from Goyim




      how to spot Hasbara Behavior infiltration in :

      print news
      print magazines
      virtual news [ features, & comments ]
      virtual magazines [ features, & comments ]


      how to respond to Hasbara behavior, & indeed the very infiltration in :

      print news
      print magazines
      virtual news [ features, & comments ]
      virtual magazines [ features, & comments ]
      podcasts [ features, & phone-in responses, & comments ( comments ) ]


      Eustace Mullins

      Anthony deMello [ Jesuit who has major impact worldwide into today even after his death ]

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