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Metaverse: Emerging Dystopian Zombification

The Metaverse is the modern iteration of Aldous Huxley’s philosophy of control. The intent of the Metaverse is essentially to instill magical thinking designed to influence and encourage individual isolation and prolonged childhood (infantilism).

Read “Aldous Huxley’s Philosophy and Schemes Involving Psychedelic Drugs”

After hooking many on this new tech, the kicker will be the release of artificial intelligence influencers and characters into the constructed Metaverse for propaganda, brainwashing and agitprop purposes.

This is exactly where we are headed. You utilize a virtual reality device to become absolutely zombified. The Underworld Order loots and become richer while the zombies’ grey matter diminishes. Meanwhile, the virtual community around them further devolves into an idiocracy. The zombies experience a new form of drugging and will get lost in a virtual reality daze.

The excellent British TV series “Years and Years,” Netflix’s “Black Mirror” episode called “San Junipero,” and the U.S. show “Upload” go further by proposing a one-way transfer of human consciousness onto a network. It is a disincarnated version of the future in which the very concept of ownership disappears. To our eyes, these earlier shows look like predictive programming.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has changed his company’s corporate name to Meta. The Jewish Forward points out that meta means death in Hebrew.

Also take note that Zuckerberg’s costume or skin in the promo video is a skeleton. Coinkydink? Inquiring minds would like to know: Is this yet another satanic Sabbeatean-Frankist spoof?

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Meta has a creepy, difficult-to-comprehend YouTube video presentation (below) about the Metaverse. A robotic CGI looking Zuckerburg makes the pitch for it. He explains that by some “sheer coinkydink” that the scamdemic is causing the timid and frightened to engage more online and at a distance. Whodathunk?

Indeed, instead of going out into your community to interact locally, the metaverse literally brags that you can sit on your couch and meet other avatars — not physical humans, but holograms — all across the globe.

At the video’s 00:00:55 mark, Zuck pitches that you are “instantly inserted into your home space.” Of course, such a home space is a fantasy located on a lake with a mountain setting – or whatever is your magical thinking liking. The home has a multi-million-dollar price tag in the real world.

Metaverse skins

Zuckerberg’s vision has a quite materialistic vibe. No doubt products will heavily peddled on the Metaverse. Hologram people, or so called “friends,” can be invited into your home for interactions and navel gazing. They typically come clad in faceless Clown World costume skins. Other skins look like aliens.

This insertion of these shadowy game figures strike us as omens. In the paranormal, occult sightings of shadow people appear to be portents of something bad happening, much like the legends of seeing a Barghest (Hell Hound) is a portent of death.

Besides materialism, magical thinking fantasy is at the core of the Metaverse. Thus, it serves as a reinforcement to what I have dubbed as the Cartoon World. This neo-mindset makes it all the more easy to brainwash and mind kontrol its users.

The back half of the Zuck video is tech talk and razzle dazzle (aka pilpuring). Don’t feel bad if it makes no sense. Apparently, one has to be part of the “chosen” to understand it. The lure is that you can strap on a VR device and join this new cult. Nevertheless, I believe that as the virtual reality tech advances — and Meta is ponying up $10 billion to develop it — this gamification will hook large numbers of players.

If you search the term “metaverse” on Google or YouTube, you will undoubtedly encounter an increasing amount of over-your-head, razzle-dazzle, fluff and hype. You will also note another characteristic of our bubble times: manias and money-out-of-nothing speculation.

Decentralized 3-D virtual reality platform cryptos are being bid up. Most of these are pirate-created scams. This shows page 1 of 42 pages of these scams.

More Metaverse predictive programming was manifested in the 2018 Steven Spielberg movie “Ready Player One.” Even the trailer is embedded with the escapism messaging. This is the core of metaverse.

Indeed, at 00:01:50 in this clip, you’re introduced to one Wade Watts who is living in our dystopian post-loot and takedown future. It is a miserable Great Reset New Underworld Order World where 99% have nothing.

Wade states, “I am sitting in my tiny corner of nowhere. There’s nowhere else to go. Nowhere except the Oasis, a whole virtual universe. It is the only place I feel that I mean anything.” Ultimately, Wade gets involved in the “resistance” to save and preserve his new escapist Oasis (aka Metaverse).

Typical bot comment that appeared below the trailer.

16 Comments on Metaverse: Emerging Dystopian Zombification

  1. Glad you are on this Russ! This is the essence of the transformative play on Human Nature.. Look into Internet of Bodies
    To see where this is headed, coupled with Graphene Oxide receivers in the body (vaxed)

    Time to move on from 1984 and on to Animal Farm…At some point, the epistemology will redefine Human Nature to Earth Nature and we shall all be cattle with no Human Rights

    As I outlined in my view of the Gold Window opening, I believe this “new normal” attempts to dematerialise money into the avatar space where there is no such thing as a “store of value” in the gamified world (MMT) the means of exchange is just a downloadable credit for additional soma .

    But this will all fail as it is unoriginal and boring.

    If you do a deeper dive into Internet of Bodies , you will discover that these acolytes worship science as their God or Piety along with a complete abandonment of Human Nature.

    But Gold wins in the end since a “virtual ” world still awakens with an empty soul in search of substance over and above the digital.

  2. Another demonic “Hebrew” word that will be spewing out of all the braindead obey-bot tards pie-holes..oh boy! Its like you can hear the train coming but refuse to get out of the way. So many worship at the alter of these kosher techno-turds so they will be 100% on board. When Elon ((Musk)) says he wants to chip your brain with his neuro-lace or whatever it is and the twats beg to be one with their devices ..

  3. Appreciating all your research and reports on this (and all) issues! One more item of interest is that it’s penetrating already into the ‘real world’ this avatar nonsense. If you look at the boards/foundations/bios pages of some of these larger corporate structures they are putting their real employees and members in a cartoon avatar format, so you can’t even really tell if they are actual people holding these positions. I suspect that’s where this is headed—cartoon people (bots) will be listed on the boards of the Committee of 300 run enterprises instead of actual people and the next generation will find it completely normal to be managed by cartoon characters.

  4. The logo Metaverse uses appears to be an infinity symbol… but which is “broken” or “weak”. An inversion if you will.

    • Interesting plot. Even discusses a DNA-altering virus (read vaccine,) NLP and Enki before he was popular. Many or most acclaimed sci-fi authors are initiates.

  5. They were trying to push this when I was in college about 7 years ago. It was some computer game, I can’t remember what it was called, but we were required to sign up and play it for a class. But I wrote about how retarded everyone who was playing it was and quit the class.

    I think the whole situation has a dark sense of humor to it. It’s almost like reverse game theory. People have become terrified of what society may think of them inverse to how much society actually exists. (Society of course being people bonded by commonality and proximity). Put another way the more society breaks down the more terrified people are of breaking (the new) social conventions.

  6. “Avatar,” eh? No wonder I hated that movie! And I will disconnect from the entire internet before I take part in this “dystopia”…. heck if I want to experience “dystopia” I’ll just write a novel about it….Bwahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  7. I don’t get much of this – I do not recognize any of the “shows” or “games” … is there some guidance there going forward? -“Strive to be clueless” – not sure.

    I was reading a “book” this morning. Emerson promotes a “wise passiveness” (on a tentative basis, at least) “until my hour comes … to refuse” … I’ll have to look into that some more.

  8. On that topic,
    Allison McDowells twitter got inspiring links

    and her blog
    she warning for some years whats to come around connectivity, blockchain, IoT etc
    and very good at connecting.

    Esp. read about the japanese moonshot project she also linked to (scrolls down for the medical moonshot project goals)
    Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.

    which exactly defines that first picture in Russ article.
    Lots to read!

  9. There was a movie that depicted this exactly…. but I can’t remember the name. Anyone know what movie I’m talking about? Where they were given a shot/drug/etc, and it caused them to see the world in a utopia format… but if they didn’t take the drug/shot – the world was ugly, bleak and dark (which in the movie was the real reality)?

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