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Retailers Lining Store Shelves with Props to ‘Hide Supply Shortage’

IMAGE: Zero Hedge

By Tyler Durden | 22 October 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Americans are waking up to the fact that shortages of everyday products such as ice cream, frozen food, soda, chicken, spices, coffee, fish sticks, snacks, and toilet paper are popping up all over the country as supply chains remain heavily congested 19 months after the virus pandemic first began. Instead of leaving some store shelves bare, which might insight fear and buying panic among consumers, some stores are lining their empty shelves with meaningless items to appear as full as possible.

A little more than a week ago, hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe was one of the hottest trends across Twitter but was quickly squashed by Twitter police. People from all over the country went to their local supermarkets and big-box outlets to point out how supply chain snarls have left some store shelves bare.

Retailers have since panicked, and social media users are now pointing out that some store shelves are lined with single items to “hide the supply shortage.” […]

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  1. When reading the list of yesterday’s articles’ titles as partially printed, I thought this one would be about retailers lining shelves with mouse traps to ‘discourage’ shop lifting ! No cut-outs yet in my store…

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