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Russ Returns to ‘The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show’ to Discuss Mandatory Vax Revolts, Afghanistan and 9/11

After a 10-week hiatus, Russ rejoined Dino Ryan on Tuesday, and the duo fire up a lively conversation. The focus was on the urgency for resistance to mandatory vaccines, what Afghanistan’s all about and skullduggery surrounding  9/11. The duo agreed on air to endeavor to repeat shows on a monthly basis in the future.

Show Link is Here

14 Comments on Russ Returns to ‘The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show’ to Discuss Mandatory Vax Revolts, Afghanistan and 9/11

  1. Good show overall. The description above does cover the broad strokes, and both gentlemen seemed in top form.

    Before anyone gets concerned, I did send each of them two messages regarding the FDA endorsement / approval of the EUA, and that in this instance it was not the “standard endorsement” of a new drug / vaccination by the administration. Since many of us already discussed it here (WW), on a thread from last week, I did reference the thread we had contributed to, and an article form the American Thinker to provide an external perspective (which basically said the exact same thing we had discussed).

    All my best,

  2. 45:00 “To fly military planes … into the World Trade Center …”

    Many of us believe that this did not happen, or if it did, they were small aircraft and/or missiles and not the aircraft seen in the videos purportedly showing large aircraft flying into the two towers. Those videos are not believable.

    Jim Fetzer is one of the most prominent proponents of the “no-plane” theory. I don’t think Jim Fetzer is right about everything, but he makes sense on this issue.

    • This documentary (5 hrs!!!) does an excellent job explaining why it was impossible for the planes to have crashed into the building (it was impossible for them to be traveling at such high speeds at a low altitude–researcher even called Boeing and questioned them on this:
      The New Pearl Harbor (full Documentary)(9/11)

      (highly recommend sharing this documentary with anyone who is still brainwashed–this is the most comprehensive 9/11 truth documentary I’ve seen, it totally destroys the official narrative)

  3. Thanks Russ – these short videos came to mind while listening to your conversation with Dino

    • Candid Camera Classic: Germ Masks Anyone?

    • Social Conformity – everybody’s doing it

    • Social Conformity – Brain Games (NOOOOOO!!! – I cringed for that poor girl)

    • You re just gonna git us in truble agin with that post! You know full well that once the gauntlet has been thrown down by Skoolafish it is Simple’s duty to respond! = )

      Looks a bit like this:

      But if you give me 2 weeks, YES JUST 2 WEEKS, to slow the spread with this:

      We can all return to normal:

      And life may even improve to this level:

      You see it is all about the “love” and the “children”.


    • Would have been great if the bus boy came out in a body condom.
      Facing the rear of the elevator was a technique pushed by Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy:

      She is conforming because Asia and Asians (even American ones) have forgotten who they ever since they permitted Ralph Macchio, a white enslaver, to land in Okinawa. Had they kept him out, never let him return and never provided “Red Lobster (you can already feel the commie vibe in the name)” with a base of operation, then I feel they would not conform in eye doctor lobby waiting rooms:

      Second invasion and verification that this white enslaver / commie double agent’s secret plan worked:


    • Kati,

      Not much time, but I did look at the data for the link posted here, and I am almost through the white paper on weather modification technology (since the paper’s topic is larger than weather weapons weapons, I did not wish to generalize its theme here).

      As for the post above, I find Gibraltar and Malta figures to be extremely ironic since that have had alleged resurgences thorough their populations, post shot, and can isolate extremely well any time the wish (it is a lot easier to lock those two locations down that a land locked section of Europe or the entire United States).

      Also, I was surprised that the figures were not higher than 40%, as American news (if anyone actually follows it – I catch it in passing on the automotive radio) attempts to guilt us all the tie with every other nation’s citizens willingness to “be in this together and stand up for the common good” (notice these are not specifically Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and of any other statement crafted in faith and belief in GOD; nope pure statist drivel). Yet, we are told that we should be more like such places as Germany (no I am not kidding this time) with its 60% compliance.

      What we are not informed about (unless we go looking) are the details of all the marches that are beginning to form in opposition to this pharma-junk all over the world. Like in so many instances in recent history, America sleeps right through anything that has a past date of more than two minutes (borrowing from author Gore Vidal here), or that isn’t bright and shiny (we do love our bright and shiny in the U.S.).

      An Apple, Inc. cellular phone release will get more press attention for their queer, actor, “leader” and for products made by literal human slaves, than the march, which occurred last weekend in the British. In a very rare instance, I was proud of the British for standing up, and I applaud their desire to simply say, “No more!”. Now if they could just jettison the City, get rid of Kahn, get rid of the Amerikan puppet PM, banish HRH to Jersey, get rid of that stupid system of QUANGOS, and remake the entire parliament life would be rather dreamy and I would be happy to immigrate their way to lend my talents to some good folks (like the U.S. I would opine that local level Britain is for the most part filled with good people, who are intelligent, and care about life — the ones who don’t constantly lie to my face and tell me that Manchester was home to the first computer = ).

      Oh well, I could go on for days, but I do need to run. Thanks as always for the thoughtful post and link.

      Gotta run.


  4. Russ Winter is such a shill.. I like how any relevant question Dino asks, he simply avoids, pretty much pretending he doesn’t even hear it.. took me a while to catch on, but listen to podcasts and see what I’m sayin’.. I’m sure this comment will be deleted, but use your common sense listeners

    • I guess that explains why Dino has invited me back 38 times? As for you why have you continued to listen to these podcasts as in the plural? If I don’t like someone I am done after half a show if that. Are you a glutton for punishment or a stalker? I think you are just blowing it out your dark anonymous troll ass.

      Object lesson: Trolls often pretend to be members of the regular audience and community. They show up to give friendly “ädvice”. In reality these are thinly disguised hit and run operations.

  5. People believe the b/s stories like 9/11 and the Covid nonsense because they have been conditioned to suspend disbelief. Cognitive dissonance is but a symptom of this problem. Through consuming outright fiction and fantasy, as well as deception disguised as truthful reporting, thousands of times in their lives, their brains are used to suspending disbelief to the point that it has become the default position. This is the result of known basic brain and body functions that prove, to put in layman’s terms, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. They’ve become the polar opposite of a skeptic. Ask any of these rubes why they don’t buy alternative explanations about 9/11 or Covid. Most common answer: They can’t bring themselves to believe that the authorities would deceive them about such an important thing. Literally the only thing that they can disbelieve is the notion that their government and the concomitant media apparatus would ever mislead them. Not difficult to divine cui bono from that arrangement…

  6. 100% CORRECT Russ, those who have been ostracized for their “conspiracy reality” knew from day 1 this was all bullshit and about control and the monetary system. GREAT SHOW!! I also never changed anything in my life and I am still here. Welcome back Dino.

    • Thats the thing, if you have any humanity and or a soul once you “know” you can’t go back to ((their)) world. You recognize their traps and creations, their lies, word magic and mind f@ckery..little alarm bells will continuously go off in your head to the bullshit. Maybe lifting the veil opens the third eye who knows

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