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The Disgracefulness of George W. Bush

We got nothing out of Bush’s eight years in office.

By Scott McKay | 13 September 2021

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR — Tim Young was exactly right on Saturday.

Young, the excellent conservative comedian and political commentator, took to Twitter after viewing the insulting Shanksville speech former President George W. Bush dropped onto the heads of the American people, and dropped some truth on Bush’s head.

“The more I hear from George W Bush,” Young tweeted, “the more I realize there was never really a choice in presidential elections in my lifetime until 2016.”

What was it that Bush said which prompted Young’s outburst? Most notably, this obnoxious statement during Bush’s speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 at the memorial in rural Pennsylvania:

There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them.

That has to be the dumbest, most contemptuous statement ever made by an American president about people who mostly voted for him. […]

15 Comments on The Disgracefulness of George W. Bush

  1. Meh!

    This mirror is fine and I can appreciate that WW has it up, but if a speech gets people all hot and bothered, then WTF would they think about this:

    So wait, wait, wait…the moronic, sick, F*CK commits U.S. troops to wars that were never needed and then paints portraits of crippled soldiers??????

    Clown world personified in the scion of a bass-ackward set of Nazi lover losers. Heck this f*cktard’s family could not even get American fascism correct; they gave us Nixon who did not know which end was up, or simply could not understand “cállate la puta boca”.

    Oh well, this is simply a mirror that has already taken up to much of my ROM.


    • Simple Citizen, I understand and agree with your frustration.

      Now looking back, I see the sinister reasons why Democrat Party Leadership recruited – so well – Liz Cheney after 1.6.2021, when they turned our US Troops into the very Military Industrial Complex, which both, President Donald Trump and Dwight D. Eisenhower warned US about.

      JOETUS Biden, aka JUDAS knew well in advance that his drastically unprecedented changes to our Country/US and to our Constitutional National Security were going to be so catastrophic that those changes would likely create war-fronts, both, on US and Foreign soils. It was all staged by JOETUS’ shot-callers, the CCP who paid him, Hunter, and Frank Biden well in advance for pathways to the CCP’s Global New Silk Road & Bridge Initiative. So JOETUS, his Deep State, and his CCP-Financial Sponsors not only hijacked our US Military and our Nation from US, they also knew they would need the Cheney Legacy as Government Contractors to serve as Command and Control for their well-planned Infrastructure Plans to welcome the CCP, resulting in potential domestic battle arenas ahead.

      It was all staged well in advance, the Bush’s all knew it was coming, and Schumer’s “6-Ways to Sunday” is now upon US All. I Pray in the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the Heavy Hands of God’s Gravity to reach down and correct this course of the Wolves who pursue US All.

      • Mr. Garner,

        Thank you for the response, it would seem that we were both typing to one another at the same time. Funny.

        Like yourself I have lived through and been witness to some rough history, including having lived in downtown Manhattan during September 11, 2001. Although since I have spoken of those days on other WW threads, I would ask you kindly if we do not get into that part here, otherwise I risk a whole lot of redundancy on this website.

        Now I will admit that I do not have anywhere near the experience levels that you have recounted to me on other threads in which we have spoken with one another; however, my basic point in that last paragraph is my own history colors my feelings about (let’s have some fun with the name) “Bush the lesser”. Plus when I think of all those mothers both from our nation and in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan who lost their children due to the actions of Bush the lesser, my heart breaks a bit. You cannot call yourself an Evangelical “Man of God” and follow the path that Bush the lesser did; it is just plain hypocritical.

        Then, as you can see by the link I placed up their, this doofus was given an opportunity to display his painting of disabled veterans (talk about a sick joke) at (of all places) the Kennedy Center for the Arts, right here in D.C. What in the world were the people running that place actually thinking?

        So it is just a level of frustration that I feel for this man that I had to get off my chest at the time. That first post was just me getting it of my chest.

        You really made my Sunday by popping into WW today. Always good to see you around here.


        P.S. Your point on Rep. Maxine Waters is not well known by most folks. You may wish to expand about her “dropping of the ball” with regard to investigating drug trafficking and the crack epidemic. I knew exactly what you were saying; however, that little aspect of history is not very well remembered or even known by many folks and I might include some of our friends on WW.

        • Thank you SC. I genuinely appreciate your reply. There’s a lot I don’t know, and never want to come across the wrong way. Just concerned for our Country.

          You have far more experience than I in writing, in your presentation, and with etiquette. Leaving my 31 years in working the streets and far more behind now has me in kind of Employment Detox, this thing called Retirement. Its hard letting go, like withdrawals I suppose, seeing our Country in a free-fall.

          As for my Faith, its a bit rough around the edges, and I have far more work to do in becoming a Man of God – its a lifelong task. As, old memories of the Middle-East dies hard, and sometimes get in the way. Thus, at age 10, a moderate-Muslim man, a friend of those 2 years between 1968-1970, gave his own life to save mine and the lives of 11 other Americans in August 1969. So, I agree with your heartfelt compassion for those mothers and their children. Thank you for helping me dial down a bit – to recognize these Truths. Please accept my apologies as well for going on and on.

          • No apology needed my friend. Like I said it is always good to see you hear and equally good to speak with you.

            “Thus, at age 10, a moderate-Muslim man, a friend of those 2 years between 1968-1970, gave his own life to save mine and the lives of 11 other Americans in August 1969.”

            That was very generous and brave of him. What an amazing soul! Not sure what else I could even say after that, because just reading an act of kindness and generosity at this level leaves one pretty speechless. Certainly, I am glad he did so or we would not be speaking today.

            As for the nation, I am equally speechless. Although it may seem pretty basic and maybe even a little vain, I am one for separation. I love the idea of the United States, I really enjoy its history (Mt. Vernon is one of my favorite places to spend a day and I try to do so often), but I am not enjoying where the nation is or where it is headed. So just like parents who divorce, I think the nation should file papers, go through the process and then break a part peacefully. Let like groups of citizens freely associate and form their own governments.

            We are so far more advanced than we were in the 1860s that there should be no concern about needs production. Pretty much one can grow food in four seasons if proper care and planning is utilized. Land is abundant, which is often overlooked by the coastal dwellers, and much of it is beautiful. Let people separate, associate and live in peaceful sovereignty.

            From my humble perspective, that is about the best we can do at this time, without a really nasty war. Technology has made killing a whole lot easier, with much higher body counts for smaller payloads, it would be nothing like the 1860s or even the 20th century. So, I think a peaceful separation would be a good option for the sake of humanity.

            See the issue with our current situation is that even if you move to a nice conservative section of the nation, I am talking the type of town you might see on the Hallmark channel, real clean / real happy. You will still have the perversion of los Federales and the use of such laws as the USA Patriot Act and even the UCC (which most folks overlook, but as you know it can be deployed for all sorts of un-Consitituonal fun) waiting in the wings to be held over your head if you do not feel like baking a certain type of cake due to your spiritual beliefs. Complete sovereign separation is about all we have left at this point.

            You and I both know well that the pouring of liberal Californians into Texas is neither a fluke or an accident. Heck, I would wager you that it is not even about dropping the states taxes. It is all a game of transitions and change, which is also occurring in Wyoming (just less people are following it). And we are no longer talking the type of balance that one state switches for another as the author and political pundit, Mr. Kevin Phillips, used to predict in his speeches or books. No, there is no balance this time around based on the economics of a nation that primarily is vested in the service and (to some degree) technology sector (although we barely make hardware that is not for the military anymore). So there will not be an agriculturally based, conservative, Vermont switching political ideals / positions with an agriculturally based, liberal, New Hampshire,

            (please recall he was speaking ahead of the 1980s, not now when both are basically liberal – also I am focusing on the farming as it is apples to apples [pun intended] in these two states – I am leaving out the mining sector of the Granite State in this case)

            since a great deal of the remaining economic channels we currently have remaining exist in larger cities and their suburbs, which then wind up “purple” block by block and in contention with one another.

            Sorry this went so long, but we were talking about the nation and concerns. My (humble and respectful) thought is that supra-nations are more hassle than they are worth. Heck, I even think Mr. Putin might actually agree with me on that one, because often his east flank can be a real headache for his nation.

            Well, I should leave it here. Good to see you today and please be well.


  2. Thank you Winter Watch for giving US a Voice.

    The Bush Legacy is on W’s (Junior’s) heart far more than the Truth we American People deserve to know. Junior’s Legacy is to cover the clandestine tracks of his Father’s Legacy, so to leave the appearance all is well. But I believe the real Truth the Bush Family are together hiding is simply to save face for one mistake they never revealed to US.

    Well before he died in early 2016, a member of my family revealed to me that he believed the Bush Family were genuinely good people – I agreed. That family member worked at Andrews AFB for H.W. during the Reagan Presidency and knew H.W. and Barbara Bush. I know for a fact that the Bush’s treated that family member well, and have proof they did so. And though, I could never bring myself to condemn the Bush Family in any way, I will explain why below.

    This all goes back to Iran Contra Ops in Mena Arkansas between 1979-1980s. That, then President Ronald Reagan, VP George H.W. Bush, and US Army LTC Oliver North did the right thing to get our hostages back home – they had no other choice.

    Just my Perception/My Analysis:

    That, in addition to getting our hostages home, our then Reagan-Bush Administration was doing their best to help the Nicaraguan Contras (Freedom-Fighters) fend off the wolves (CCP-Sponsored Sandinistas and Russian Military Advance Teams) from taking over their National sovereignty. To-date, I believe that was Reagan, Bush’s, North’s initial intent, and nothing else.

    At the time, Iran-Contra Ops were – in part – on Arkansas and Floridian soils, where high-level Democrat Party Public Corruption was heavy. Operations were half-way in play, and there was no turning back, or stopping them for fear of Iran killing all our US Hostages. Along with those powerful Democrat Party Politicians’ passion for illegal drugs, combined with Iran-Contra Ops on Arkansas soil (Ouachita National Forests) during Bill Clinton’s corrupt reign as Arkansas Governor, it seems – in historical Clinton-Pattern – likely Ole’ Billy-Boy Clinton had the motive and opportunity to send members of his Arkansas State Police Bodyguard Team to Mena, to do some surveillance on those Air-America Pilots like Barry Seal, corner them and maybe told them something like this; Here’s what’s going to happen! You’re going to add some extra payloads to those planes from our good Colombian friend Pablo Escobar, and we’ll keep a tight lid of silence on your Iran-Contra Ops. That, between 1979-1984, while still in Arkansas at the time, was witness to some circumstantial evidence that leads me to believe this is true.

    That, because Iran-Contra Ops were half way in motion, and there was no way to stop them, once Bush and North received word what was happening at the unclean hands of the Bill and and little Brother Roger Clinton, likely with Hillary also in the know, Bush likely did what he had to do and sent in DEA to mitigate the situation, as best they all could – genuinely intent in only getting our US Hostages home alive.

    That, with H.W.’s CIA experience, he had the tools and, as Schumer stated, “6-Ways to Sunday” to keep a tight Classified lid on it all from We, The American Public, and went to his grave with that secret. And, by doing so, it now appears to me that, in President George H.W. Bush’s mistaken silence about what happened, he not only violated our Public Trust, but served as the Clinton’s Political Launch-Pad to our Nation’s Capitol, The White House. It was the Clinton’s early 1980s Big Chip in the Game of High-Level Politics.

    As sad as it is, if this is what happened, I believe in his end, George H.W. Bush failed US All by going to his grave without telling US who loved him and his family – The Truth. It wouldn’t have hurt a thing to do so. Herein lay the foundational elements of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse.

    If only corrupt politicians like Maxine Waters and Eric Garcetti would have enough common sense to see that it was the Clintons who opened the doors of 1980s Interstate Drug Trafficking and saturated low-income black communities like New Jack City and South Los Angeles – it was CCP-Style Population Control (Build Addiction thru Saturation of Product – like Illegal Immigration – and They Will Come, and Vote for Democrats).

    Open your Eyes America, Democrat Party Leadership has been Replacing US All for Years. And though many of US fought hard, the Wolves fought back with the CCP Virus and Seeded Joe Biden in The White House to complete the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse – CCP Population Control.

    George “Junior” Bush’s recent 9/11 false statements against US Genuine US Patriots hurts the most. What some, like Junior, will do to save their name is just sick. Truth is all we have in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name.

  3. At you can read the digital version of an unauthorized biography of George HW Bush for free. Of interest is the first chapter describing Prescott Bushes ascent to financial success upon which the Bush political dynasty was built.
    Life is easier to understand when you realize that any group of people that take blood oaths become enemies of both God and humanity. Examples are skull and bones, jesuits, high degree masons, ms13, Kabbalist, etc. etc.
    I have always believed that on 9/11 when the towers were demolished on top of themselves we witnessed the powers of the devil and his minions on earth as it was beyond mere humans to perform such a feat. The 3000+ lives that were lost were a down payment compared to the countless dead in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    What Bush said recently mirrors Pelosi and Biden’s propaganda campaigns against ordinary Americans for believing in the constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    • Rodolfo,

      Many thanks. I am pretty fortunate to have that book, and although it has been a while; I have enjoyed reading it a few times (good scholarship).

      “I have always believed that on 9/11 when the towers were demolished on top of themselves we witnessed the powers of the devil and his minions on earth as it was beyond mere humans to perform such a feat. The 3000+ lives that were lost were a down payment compared to the countless dead in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

      Amen I say to you; Amen. You are right on point here with your thoughts, and although I never thought abut in quite such a framing, I can absolutely see and support your point here.

      Thanks for giving me a different framing for the event and something to think about a bit more.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

  4. Well I must say GWBush the village idiot helped wake me up,, it was weird cause I heard what he really meant not his contrived speech..thats the best way I can explain it. This story starts off good then goes into the minutia of swamp narrative..ugh…Its o.k to attack the actwhores of political theater but never ever reveal the hidden hand. Same deal with the covid, attack the flies who feed off the ((shit)) but never remove the ((shit))

  5. I really miss President Trump’s Leadership; He is one of US. And, in now hearing from others, their own experiences with regard to the Bush Clan, the “I don’t know everything” part of me is now coming into fruition. Ron D of Canada has been periodically telling me about the same for about 3 years now, as we worked a bit together on Boys On The Tracks Case Supposing my biggest error is in sometimes talking more than I listen to good men like Ron, and to those who Comment well on this Winter Watch Site.

    In June 2015, I took a really bad suspect blow to my body and head and nearly died. This, just 2 days after 2 major cases I was working on and Referred to FBI were shut down by FBI Leadership and the Obama-Biden Admin (1 case, with links to the Iran Nuclear Deal. The 2nd case had 3rd Party ties to a US Military Installation in Southern California, to the Clintons, and to Vladimir Putin). Since then, I have nearly died 2 more times, due to post June 2015 permanent injuries and the CCP-Virus Facemask Mandate.

    Thank you Winter Watch for helping me back up after getting knocked down hard, for helping me slow down a bit and listen more to the good folks Commenting on this/your Page. Bottom line is I do believe you’re right, as I have come to believe that the “Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse” has been hiding behind the large “Shadows of the Big Bush”, ever since H.W. signed off on the 1992 Central-American NAFTA Super Highway – soon to come.

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