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New York’s New Gov Threatens to Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers with ‘Foreigners’

By Tyler Durden | 23 September 2021

ZERO HEDGE — New York’s first female governor Kathy Hochul, who took the reins in the Empire State after her predecessor and former boss, Andrew Cuomo, finally resigned, is showing the state’s recalcitrant healthcare workers just how understanding and progressive she can be.

During a press briefing with reporters in Rochester Wednesday, Hochul told a group of reporters that she hoped all unvaccinated workers would meet Monday’s deadline to get the jab, or lose their jobs.

For those who continue to resist — including nearly 20% of the state’s hospital and nursing-home workers — they will be replaced. Possibly by foreign workers.

Faced with this, it makes sense to wonder how NY State, which has no immigration-related authority, could even credibly make such a threat? But Hochul says there have been conversations with the Department of State (albeit on a “limited basis”) about the possibility of doling out emergency visas to foreign workers. […]

2 Comments on New York’s New Gov Threatens to Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers with ‘Foreigners’

  1. I am calling this one fake, not because of ZH, they did a fine job on the report; however, I believe the whole story is cover to begin more automation in N.Y.’s healthcare system, in a way that no one could quite imagine. Think a mix between the film Idiocracy and the television show the Jetsons. Also, if I am correct, then this will begin a precedent for other states in the same manner that Texas basically set in motion this idea of utilizing a robot to kill a human in order to preserve police officer lives.

    They could care less about the immigrants, and actually just wish to bring in the robots. The immigrants will be used to support the prison industrial complex.


  2. This has been happening for a while now, I remember talking to a friend in Florida who was an emergency room nurse she told me she had to train all these foreigners from the 3rd world who could barely even speak English and if she refused she would be fired..this was 2003! So now between the people from 3rd world shit holes and “affirmative action” employees GOOD LUCK

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