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The Tehran Plasco Building Affair: 38 Years of Unfinished Business?

A major commercial high-rise building in Tehran, Iran, collapsed on 19 January, reportedly killing at least 30 firefighters and injuring at least 38 other people. Fars news agency said 30 firefighters were killed at the Plasco building, after a severe fire engulfed it. According to reports, the building was used by garment manufacturers and businesses. PHOTO: via IBTimes

On Jan. 19, 2017 a fire started on the ninth floor of Tehran’s Plasco building at around 7:50 a.m. local time. Ten fire brigades arrived to fight the blaze. After the combined brigades fought the fire for hours, the building’s north wall collapsed without warning, leading to the collapse of the rest of the building a few moments later.

Twenty firefighters were reported to have been killed. At least 70 others were injured by the collapse, with 23 taken to local hospitals having suffered severe injuries.

The Plasco building was built in 1962 by the prominent Iranian-Jewish businessman Habib Elghanian. He’s not just any businessman. Prior to 1979, he was Iran’s most famous and wealthiest businessman and had strong ties to the Shah. At the time of its construction, Plasco was the tallest building in Iran and was considered an iconic landmark of Tehran’s skyline.

Elghanian execution photo

After the 1979 Iranian revolution, Elghanian was taken before a 20-minute kangaroo court, denied a lawyer and summarily executed along with six associates for espionage by the new Islamic regime.

The government confiscated all of his enterprises and handed ownership of it to the state-controlled Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation, which is tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Mostazafan Foundation operated the building until its collapse. More background and context on this affair is covered in this excellent video.

Plasco building in fire , built by first executed Jew in Iran

Now, let’s look at the building’s collapse. Video footage taken at the southeast face shows clear evidence of demolition squibs well below the fall of debris.

Tehran Plasco Building collapse south/east faces: Explosives Must Be Investigated

Another angle at the north face also demonstrates clear precursor popping in the sound audio as well as squibs.

Tehran Plasco Building Collapse w/ audio: Explosives Must Be Investigated

In this footage, squibs are visible all up and down the building face. A flash and ball of fire can be seen at 0:38 well below and ahead of the fall line. In the next sequence, two balls of fire can be seen starting at 1:05. The eyewitnesses react to that even before the building comes down.

Tehran Plasco Building Collapse compilation: Explosives Must Be Investigated

There was molten metal visible in salvage operations, once again pointing to some type of explosive. Notice the substantial heat still being generated well after the building came down.

Tehran Plasco Building Collapse molten/orange-hot metal: Explosives Must Be Investigated

Tehran fire department spokesman describes how situation was under control when suddenly there were “two or three major explosions.” At 0:55, you can see the squibs coming from the lower floors.

Tehran Fire Department Spokesman Jalal Maleki: “Two or Three Major Explosions”

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are stating that investigators must consider explosives. All reports indicate the Plasco may have been poorly constructed and as such was a sitting duck for sabotage. For those drawing comparisons to fires and the three WTC buildings, Plasco wasn’t even remotely as strong and fortified, nor were the explosives nearly as powerful.

A SWAG On What This May Be About

Is this some kind of delayed Talmudic payback and intimidation for the execution of the famed Jewish businessman and confiscation by the Revolutionary Guards of his property back in 1979? A calling card terror attack like this one day before Trump took office would also embarrass the state in terms of its security vulnerability against sabotage. At this point and without more clear evidence pointing to a culprit, would it behoove Iran to remain tight lipped about the whole affair as well?

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  1. Well we don’t know about the heat, in spite of the glowing metal. Hydraulic machinery won’t work in close proximity to temperatures at which steel glows red. There sure was a lot of dust liberated.

    No animated planes this time.

      • Molten steel – if we are to believe the story – doesn’t accompany standard demolitions. The destructive force is explosive not incendiary.

          • Sure, but thermite doesn’t melt huge chunks of metal like that. The Twin Towers photo above is equally suspect. Hydrolic equipment is incompatible with the temperatures that orange-red steel imply. That’s what is incredible about the whole thing. Look @ 1:14 in this clip. Rubber tyres intact while the metal chassis and body has completely melted.

              • Well, it’s precisely the high temperature I don’t buy. Same with 9/11 where you had first responders – real, unscripted ones – state their steel-capped boots melted. I don’t doubt it either, it’s just that steel melts at a temperature where their feet would have been burned off. There were dogs wandering around and men in shirt sleeves apparently unharmed by rivulets of molten metal. Everyone here will have visited a foundry or steel-mill and seen the protective gear and felt the heat that molton steel emits.

                There is no explanation I can offer using public knowledge. Perhaps new techology is at work.

                • (Not to say, of course, that conventional tools like explosives or incendiaries probably are also part of the mix)

                  • In the case of 9/11, the amount of energy required to micronize – nanoparticulates, not the usual mixture of coarse and fine material that follows a conventional explosion – countless thousands of tons of steel, glass and other highly refractory material boggles the mind.

  2. It was funny seeing people in the MSM sighing a breath of relief that finally another building in the world collapsed after a fire…

  3. This is no surprise- Israel has been conducting terrorist operations in Iran for years. Murdering their scientists and leaders, placing bombs on trains, etc. The wily Persians are too smart to fight back, but all this must be extremely galling to them.

  4. A lot in play against Iran now, retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar writing on how Trump has cut a deal with the Saudis & Israel of course to get rough with Iran, to the point of war looming there, the question now is whether Russia will throw Iran to the wolves, Russia seems already passive as Trump arms Syrian ‘rebels’ too

    Arab media is running stories that Bashar Assad in Syria has had a stroke, & the TV-loving Assad has not appeared personally to buttress the official denials. Strokes are apparently easily induced now by CIA-Mossad tech … Assad possibly hit by someone in the Russian entourage … Is it a dirty deal by the Mossad-Chabad-Netanyahu-tied Vladimir Putin, going along with Trump & Israel here like he went along with taking down & killing Qaddafi in Libya?

    Both of the above are Oded Yinon Plan actions … Putin’s side of things would include keeping the Russian base in a rump coastal ‘Latakia’ Syria, whilst the rest is carved up to Kurds, Turks, & Sunni successors to Islamic State, keeping wars going as Putin always seems to let happen

    • Iran & India should be partly regarded for their great ancient cultures … ancient Persia was much more progressive than the slave-owning Greeks who conquered them, with the ‘Cylinder of Cyrus the Great’ of 2500 years ago giving a royal decree of religious freedom & tolerance, & a mandate to seek the end of slavery … Persia rivalled only by ancient India with its own Enlightenment that even began the abolition of the death penalty for the 1st time in human history, not to mention democracy before the Greeks

    • Mid-East wars may not in fact be about oil… there is good evidence that here is no ‘peak oil’ or shortage of oil, there is plenty of oil, with ‘depleted’ wells re-filling from the deeper earth, the cabal hideing the truth for profit & justifying wars … And that oil is ‘abiotic’ a natural geological creation of the earth, not ‘fossil fuel’ from dinosaur remains etc, with plenty of oil down there:

      << To this day there exists not a single serious scientific paper proving the fossil genesis of hydrocarbons … oil is being constantly generated from deep in the core of the Earth in the giant nuclear oven we call the core. Under enormous temperature & pressure, the primal methane gas is forced to the surface through what they term migration channels in the Earth’s mantle.


      • As someone in the industry, I can attest that this is somewhat known. There is plenty of oil and the big operators only reveal the cards that bring them money. Much of the corporate structure at the big operators is to keep people in the dark and dependent on other teams. If one person talented in computer science and geology got a hold of all the right data or saw enough to know on his own how to character a reservoir, knew the economics and well plan to hit the sweet spot, he would resign and walk out the door and drill it himself. Many employees understand and accept this and master in their specialized field. There is a push to have a lot more collaborative data between operators and service organizations as well promote machine learning to let Cloud Computing digitize and characterize fields on their own.

  5. Mr. Mueller,

    As always, thank you. Although this is one of your older threads, it is new (I mean never heard about it before this afternoon) news to me.

    I would like to review it some more and then maybe add a more substantive post; however, I appreciate your information here.

    Many thanks.

    Simple Citizen

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