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Vault 7 Revealed: The New Dystopian Spy and Orwellian Intrusion Network

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In March 2017, Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking and spying of smart phones, routers, computers — and even televisions and automobiles — between 2013 and 2016. This revelation, called Vault 7 (see here, still online), reveals unimaginable dystopian violations of privacy. These intrusions is are now fully flowering under the neo-Stasi, although somehow Vault 7 has become a vapor issue.

The revealed technology is another victory for the Crime Syndicate. It’s how Fakebook determines who has been pursuing information not rubber stamped by the Matrix and then sends the offender messages.

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It’s sure to give final domination of the internet space so as to completely monopolize and promote pet talk, sports, porn and banality over serious considerations. It also will give full reign to trolls, shills and bots toeing the company line to overwhelm discourse. This scheme will continue to be reinforced by a few fake events involving “cyber-terrorists” and the noose will be tightened.

What’s worse is that nobody seems to care. Where’s the protest? Biden fully endorses this and now flaunts it openly. Trump expressed some shock but was disinterested beyond dealing with his own personal World Wide Wrestling Federation drama queen battles. If truth be known, he had no power or authority to derail or reform this runaway train even if he had wanted to.

And even worse still and within a month of the Wikileak, corporate tracking of your online activity got even more invasive. Republicans in a party-line vote in both Congress and the Senate passed a resolution and Trojan Horse Trump signed that unwound a FCC regulation that required home and mobile Internet service providers obtain permission to collect and sell users’ sensitive data by asking users to opt-in.

In sum, the resolution disbanding the FCC regulation would allow home and mobile Internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon to:

  • Collect your browsing history
  • Alter your search results
  • Monitor your online activity
  • Sell your data to advertisers

Proponents of internet privacy describe the scrapping of the FCC regulation as “a gift to the cable and telephone industry,” because it “takes surveillance to a more intimate level.”

Essentially, a broadband service provider — without permission — can record every URL visited, see every time you get online, how much time you spend online, from where you got online and the emails you send and receive. It also allows providers to collect, store, share and sell your personal information, including health and financial info, as well as data entered in online forms, such as your phone number, social security number, credit card number and passwords.

Who could be in favor of such a thing? The majority of the Republican Party, which has shown it has no libertarian strains left. Instead, it’s become a nasty blend of corporatism and the Stasi. Only 15 GOP reps proved they weren’t in the pocket of telecoms by voting against it. The House roll call voting results can be viewed here.

Young people at one time were the most politically charged activists in the country, but where are the protests across university campuses demanding protection of privacy? In fact, the cry bullies must be salivating now that the modern day neo-Stasi can oppress anything and anybody that doesn’t conform to some gender studies professor’s social and pervert justice warrior fantasies.

The following list summarizes part of the Vault 7 release. Beyond the sheer audacity of it all, one item stands out: “Obama’s CIA built most powerful cyber attack arsenal, costing U.S. taxpayers $100 billion. Lost it ALL to the ‘enemy,’ for free.”

The backstory from the usual suspects in the Lugenpresse is that the CIA “failed to protect the technology.” The reality is they passed it on gratis.

According to various U.S. sistema mucky mucks interviewed by Deutsche Welle, the CIA doesn’t “develop” anything. It purchases from private firms its spycraft technology, as was illustrated by the Snowden leak. After Snowden, the CIA’s methods were revealed, and so new technology had to be developed by and purchased from private firms. The leaders in cyber tech are in Israel.

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Now, over the weekend, Daily Mail reported another revealing data spyware leak:

Activists, journalists and politicians around the world have been spied on using cellphone malware developed by a private Israeli firm, it emerged Sunday, igniting fears of widespread privacy and rights abuses.

The use of the software, called Pegasus and developed by Israel’s NSO group, was exposed in a data leak containing 50,000 phone numbers that belong to people targeted by NSO’s clients since 2016.

Researchers say the software has become much more sophisticated, exploiting vulnerabilities in common phone apps to launch so-called ‘zero-click’ attacks which can infect devices without the user doing anything.

Now, with the Vault 7 leak, the CIA must once again scrap its arsenal and contract said private firms to develop new methods yet again. This factoid made me pause and wonder: Could these said private firms be deliberately “leaking” to hackers the technology sold to CIA in order to generate fresh revenue through new contracts?

What’s not disclosed here is who the enemy is. I would submit this extends beyond China or Russia but to the usual Crime Syndicate nebula suspects, their various minion contractors and private deep state operatives. Personally, my theory is that the CIA serves as a high tech conduit and auxiliary to the Crime Syndicate. These criminals can now access all information and manipulate events. Now, private operatives can compromise, harass, silence and control any person on the planet and in any jurisdiction.

In 2014, I made the following YouTube video on the death of Michael Hastings. It didn’t get much reach, as we were never active on YouTube or in video making. But I don’t think anyone developed the Hastings story as comprehensively as we did. In hindsight, this is an important work.

Our speculation — which no doubt at the time was mostly greeted as “conspiracy theories from kooks” — looks not just plausible but shows prima facie evidence of just how this spy tracking was employed against someone who was on the scent.

Hastings was definitely looking into these Vault 7-related cyber issues, which is covered in the video. Ultimately, Vault 7 disclosed technologies (including car hacking) that was, ironically, used to assassinate and dispose of Hastings.

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  1. Wikileaks Assange and Snowden are all FAKES they say Official 91 story is correct.They are Gate Keepers lest anybody finf out the Real Truth.

    Assange & Snowden are CIA “Rat Traps”

    • I tend to agree. If they can’t even hedge on the issue, then they are not to be trusted. They’re bit players in a larger game. Assange may just be in a safe house somewhere. Not that they wouldn’t ice him to prevent the embarassment of a tourist in Ibiza snapping a shot of him and it showing up here, for instance. They don’t always tie off loose ends very effectively. But this one is like George Floyd. Too much to chance leaving them alive. Of course Floyd looks like the average brutish black gymn rat, so he might go without notice.

  2. Dear Russ, thank you for your yeoman’s work in pursuit of the truth. May God’s blessing be with you.

  3. I am having some trouble putting the time line and pieces in place. But just today, the cyber-security trade press is reporting on an Israeli firm/group – “Candiru” selling spy tech to governments that can infect just about all devices – phones – PCs Mac…

    A Canadian security firm detected the activity – worked with Microsoft – – Microsoft reportedly patched the flaws on July 13, 21 – presumably in vulnerable Windows devices –

    full – Exec Summary / tech discussion at link

    Related to above discussion?

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