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‘The Patrick Dino Ryan Show’: Dino, Russ Winter Expose Deliberate, Weaponized, Marxist Critical Theory

Russ goes through the 1979 CIA smoking gun document “The History of CIA-University Relations” that reveals the infestation of American academia and intelligence by German-Jewish Frankfurt School (New School) “intellectuals.” Much of this was conducted by neocon William Langer the head of Harvard’s history department, who was instrumental in “rewriting” and deep-sixing recorded history. Langer also injected crackpot Freudian psychoanalytic doctrine into the process of history.

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The central characters of the takeover of academia by critical theory Marxists are dissected. The methods taught by this brood included Kurt Lewin’s strategy of tension, Herbert Marcuse’s promotion of Eros (Me centered atomized hedonism), and Theodor Adorno’s bogus “Authoritarian Personality” aka fascists. The SNL routines referenced can be found in the Flower Power post. Others in the cultural promotion of drugs are skewered in the talk.

The Adorno’s Authoritarian Fascist Personality:

Posts referenced in this show:

The June 1, 2021, One-Hour Segment of “Winter Watch on the Radio” is Here

The Full “Patrick Ryan Show” with Dino is Available Here

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5 Comments on ‘The Patrick Dino Ryan Show’: Dino, Russ Winter Expose Deliberate, Weaponized, Marxist Critical Theory

  1. Interesting item of note on Pete Buttigieg’s Wiki page:

    His father is a translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks and influenced his [Buttigieg’s] pursuit of literature in college.[30]

    • Fascinating! Seriously, fascinating.

      I mainly ignore the diminutive little man as much as I can. Sure, I realize he went through that little “crash course” in intelligence that is now the “Executive Plan” for those who want to resume build, but not really get too dirty.

      Other than that, I viewed him as a side show to the circus. Now, I ignore him since I have known for a while the USDOT, with its mess known as AMTRAK, has been broken for decades. Lest we forget my friend that Grandpa Reagan promised us all a “bullet” train in the 1984 State of the Union, which would get us from NYC to LA in under 4 hrs — still has not materialized.

      Therefore, anything this little Commissar states is just noise to me, and I end up changing my internal channel to tune him out.

      Still, I really did like your post, and the new information; many thanks. As I stated in the beginning, fascinating.


  2. RW,

    Looking forward to listening to the program in a few minutes from now; however, I read through the text and understand what the core topic is. This being stated, I wanted to let you, Torchy and all of WW see a written piece that actually kept me up last night for a little while:

    As most folks at WW know, I enjoy LR and find many of their articles, as well as links, extremely helpful. Also, I (generally) like the work of Mr. Sardi, sometimes I have linked to his work or quoted him on this website. In this instance the situation is different. From my (humble) perspective, I find the information provided dubious and the whole notion of the “source” as well as the “source’s” alleged boss, preposterous. So much so that normally quiet me, may actually contact Mr. Rockwell about this piece and express concerns (undecided at the moment).

    The reason I bring this work up in this thread is due to the nature of the OSS connection mentioned in the piece and the CIA correlation to programs mentioned on this thread. Personally, I found the thread on “CIA trickery” from about 2-3 weeks ago to be very interesting and helpful. From the wider perspective, I think between the work on WW and the support provided by WW regarding Mr. Valentine’s work (The CIA as Organized Crime), there are many great resources on this website to really become better informed.

    Unfortunately, I believe Mr. Sardi’s work in this case to be about as helpful as relating the alleged meeting between President Eisenhower and the “Grays” in California. If I want someone to lie to me, urinate on my leg and tell its raining, I will just watch Mr. John Podesta on the television program Ancient Aliens (just my opinion here — nothing else).

    Now I still think LR is a good blog overall. I still believe Mr. Sardi does some fine work in nutrition research, and I applaud him for making his findings so open to the public. Also, I do not wish to end on a sour note, so I will link the work of Ms. Karen Kwiatkowski here (a woman I ADMIRE and RESPECT very much) so as to close with a more useful link (if anyone is interested):

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

  3. Gentlemen,

    Very interesting show, with a great deal of ground covered. Well worth anyone’s time. Although I took notes as usual (mainly for me to look at later), there was so much covered that I doubt I could add to it all here, without writing something that is nearly thread length, So I would (humbly) like to add some thoughts (not a complete list by a long shot):

    From the closure, I think that the term for the future would be NEO FEUDALISM and not fascism and / or socialism. Although this point could take a very long time to explain, I do think there are decent references in the world regarding this concept and the future. Contact me if you wish me to cite specific sources.
    As I have suggested to RW and WW before, the NEW PSYOP is CHANGE itself and the rapidity of change as a means to confuse, befuddle, demean, isolate and eventually destroy both the will of the individual, as well as any form of civilized society, We no longer look toward the future with hope, wide eyed amazement, appreciation for societal advancements, a desire not to replace our human race, but to enhance it, and joy in the context of (for example) a 1930s World’s Fair.

    Instead we are insulted and demeaned for what is viewed our weaknesses, while being told that in the authoritarian future superb technology will offer a cure. An Internet of Things (IoT) will run our society efficiently, with the trains all showing up on time and an unprecedented level of control. The reality of this IoT is a control grid that monitors one’s every move, utilizes logarithms to analyze the direction of human thought while making determinations regarding corrections (example: pre-crime), an ability to hold hostage any human or group who may dissent (example: shut your monetary units off, shut off your power or water, and / or restrict most / all forms of travel).

    It is a form of centralized control by a few over the many, through the use of systems and (eventually) robotic enforcement.

    “Fascism” as a word, in its current application is being misused. Fascism is the merger of the state or government with a nations industries or corporations. This plan to do so has dated back to the late 19th / early 20th century; however, the puppet Benito Mussolini was credited with the concept and the actual term.

    In our modern day, the corporate backers of such groups as ANTIFA and BLM are in fact the true fascists. The use of these organizations and misuse of the term is utilized to draw any attention away from their total takeover of national governments all over the world through the implementation of actual fascism. In my own case, I tend to side with Mr. Glen Greenwald in the utilization of the term Corporatocracy. This term is synonymous with Fascism.

    To my knowledge, WW has Mr. Greenwald’s film The Corporation on the website; I do, highly, recommend it.

    4, Although I do not wish to offend my friends on this website (thinking of somethingshappeninghere as I type), unfortunately Mr. Adorno and Tavistock produced much of the popular music (mainly Rock music) of the 1960s. The Beatles and Rolling Stones come to mind as the most influential, as does their alleged rivalry. Both of these “bands” were creations of the Tavistock “round table” group and national intelligence (in this case the SIS).

    Now I am not from that era, and for the most part the music of that time does not resonate with me (personally); however, I would state that with the exception of a few bands (e.g. The Who, The Kinks and possibly, but not definitely, The Animals [ I have my doubts about Eric]), most of the bands at the time were mere products of this round table group, the work of Mr. Adorno and national intelligence.

    Further, I think we followed suit in the United States of America and copied the program with the same success. The podcast mentions Mr. Jim Morrison, his father was part of the U.S. Navy both as a general commissioned officer and ONI. To a large extent, his father played a deep role in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The Morrison family was far from the only ones to have these type of music and intelligence connections.

    The music industry from that point of take over (1960s) has continued to produce mind numbing bands, many of which cannot actually sing or play instruments, with which to produce an emotional response from listeners that may result in all sorts of degenerative behaviors. Humbly, I would state that Black / Brown / African American music was the most difficult to take over due to the independence that was briefly launched by Mr. Berry Gordy and Messrs. Gamble / Huff as two examples (maybe Mr. Quincy Jones to some extent); however, I would say that the takeover and conversion was complete by the early 1990s.

    Since this is getting to be a long post, I will close with one last thought (although there could be so much to discuss, it is time to move on).


    The answer to the concept of “CHAOS EROS” thought might be found in the text:

    The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

    Which I would suggest is an introspective examination of GOD, love and the human condition. Certainly, it breeds a sobering and mature reflection that should insulate anyone from the depravity of modern concepts on offer in our current time.


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