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Russ Winter Joins ‘The Event’ with Giuseppe Vafanculo and James Fetzer

Russ rejoins the brain trust of Giuseppe Vafanculo and the legendary James Fetzer for another deep dive.

The audio quality is poor up until about minute 00:16:00, but evolved into a great podcast show. So stay with it, or skip ahead to that good audio mark.

We covered the ongoing harm now being documented with the Covidscam vaccines, as well as the health threat of masks. Ivermectin is discussed as a prophylactic.

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The backside of the show covered some new ground, namely the precarious geopolitical situation.

The show link is here.

2 Comments on Russ Winter Joins ‘The Event’ with Giuseppe Vafanculo and James Fetzer

  1. The msm propaganda complex is obviously telegraphing future lockdowns this fall, blaming this delta variant.
    According to the AMA encyclopedia of medicine, as early as 1989, if not earlier, coronavirus was understood as the cause of the common cold:

    Of course liars like Fauci will employ their universal caveat that “science has changed”. How convenient. It always does. Unfortunately Americans have been incrementally softened, mentally and physically, for at least 50 years, and most will go along to get along.

    Concerning the show- I wasn’t a fan of how Fetzer treated the first caller named Paul. Maybe they have a history because Fetzer talked later like he knew the guy, but back to my point. I know that this injection has caused more deaths than the previous 22 years worth of vaccine deaths reported to VAERS. So I agree it’s bad. No doubt the worst. But the caller had a point that we really don’t know how bad, and people are guessing. Is it bad enough to achieve the Deagel forecast? Not unless the shedding is as deadly as the shot. I say that because the Deagel forecast predicts a higher percentage of dead Americans by 2025 than will ever take this injection. There are also clues that the bad guys don’t think it’s deadly enough- hence their narrative for additional booster shots and yearly injections. Guiseppe is right that the human body is very resilient and possibly capable of mitigating the effects of the jab. This is my hope for those who have taken this injection. I understand Fetzer talking about preparing for the worst, but one can only prepare so much- I mean he’s not leaving his wife because she took the injection unbeknownst to him. If he was truly preparing for the worst he’d have to do that, because I’ve heard people going on and on about the shedding and the need to stay away from those who’ve taken the injection. The jury is still out on the subject of shedding being a danger, as far as I know, and I’ve been paying pretty close attention because me and mine won’t be getting the injection, but we live around people who have. Honestly I don’t think the Deagel forecast could come to fruition without the USA being invaded, or hit by an asteroid, my sentiments.

    • The disease that will hit those Deagle targets is called “lakaproteinitis” or the missing of over 20 meals in a row…. Symptoms include getting weak, laying down, and not getting up..And in that order…

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