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MindGeek, PornHub and the Incest Trend

A still from a PornHub commercial that the company had planned to air during the 2013 Super Bowl. CBS ultimately rejected PornHub for the multi-million-dollar ad spot, and stated, "CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission." PHOTO: Screen shot/YouTube

In 2013, Jon Milward produced “Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers,” and his analysis shed light on some interesting facts and figures. Out of the 20 “most common female roles that appear in film titles, ranked by frequency of use, the sixth-most-common role for actresses is daughter. The 10th is sister.” That was then – incest pornography has grown exponentially since.

In 2015, incest-themed search terms (step-mom, step-sister, mom) were third, sixth and seventh. In 2016, incest-themed search terms (step-mom, step-sister, mom) were second, fifth and sixth. In 2017, incest-themed search terms (step-mom, step-sister, mom) were fourth fifth and sixth. In 2018, incest-themed search terms (step-mom, mom) were fourth and sixth. In 2019 incest maintained number seven.

Curiously Japanese, Korean and Asian rank higher. But a new theme arrives in the top 10- femdom or female domination porn. This is the notion of women in control as they use and abuse their submissives and slaves in a variety of ways. Both men and women submit and are subjected to punishments, bondage, humiliation, trampling, and more.

Pornhub’s daily visits now exceed 115 million.  Millennials aged 18 to 34 remained as 61% of Pornhub’s traffic. There is 169 years of content to watch.

PornHub is owned by Mindgeek, and its the 40th most-popular website on the Internet, according to Alexa. The point has been repeatedly made that Mindgeek is a Jewish enterprise that’s pushing the Overton Window on incest. In a forum discussion, a PornHub spokesman derided the point and played the “antisemitism” card.

At Winter Watch, we employ the Trivium method to dig deeper on PornHub’s claim. Whether incest is more popular organically is an open question — but the facts speak for themselves. A newer wave of incest-style films on the scene is quite dark and is skirting well into BDSM. A separate category has emerged called “real incest” porn. All you have to do is google it- the search engine-unlike say Winter Watch articles- makes no attempt to suppress it.

Esquire: At the AVN Awards, which is often referred to as the Oscars of porn, the 2017 ceremony was a coronation of incest porn. Bree Mills (female) took home the top award, movie of the year, for Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy, a film about a student-teacher relationship and a pair of raunchy step-siblings. She also won “Best New Imprint” for her company Pure Taboo, which produces films that feature, among other topics, “family role play.” And she picked up another win for “Best Taboo Relations”—a category that didn’t even exist until 2015 – for Dysfucktional: Blood Is Thicker Than Cum.

Nearly every popular studio now features a family-style imprint too, from Team Skeet’s Sis Loves Me series to Brazzers’ Mommy Got Boobs.

“I think [porn websites] were able to spot trends in family role play, pump out a lot of content that met that demand, and then put that into all of their advertising, which influenced what people were watching,” Mills said. “It became a closed loop—go to Pornhub and all the ads are about family stuff. That helped propel it to the mass popular interest it is now.”

Tasha Reign, performer, director, and advocate for the adult film industry. “What we create has a lot to do with what is popular. It is a business. But all of us have a lot of power in creating content that paves the path for what is accepted and popular.”

“I think you legally have to say, ‘This is crazy, you’re my step-brother’ a certain number of times,” porn actress Whitney Wright added. “You also have to somehow fit in there that both are over the age of 18.

One can go to PornHub and search for “threesomes” and about a fourth of the results will be family incest clips involving multiple performers: stepmom, stepdad, step siblings, and mother coaching daughter’s performance. Search MILF, and you are sure to be presented with the same incest genre.

Is Mindgeek owned by Jews? The answer is not universally, as there are other players.

Fabian Thylmann (b: June 5, 1978) is a non-Jewish German businessman who founded and was managing partner of the adult website conglomerate Manwin. In October 2013, he sold his stake in the Manwin, which was at the time the largest adult entertainment operator in the world, and it became MindGeek.

Thylmann’s large-scale expansion into the porn market was financed with the help of Colbeck Capital Management, an investment company owned by two former Goldmann-Sachs Jewish bankers, Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne. Colbeck helped Thylmann secure a $362 million deal with various investors, such as the Fortress Investment Group. The majority of Fortress’ senior partners are Jewish. Goldman Sachs states they are not affiliated.

Following his extradition from Belgium to Germany in 2012 on charges of tax evasion, Thylmann, then owner of Manwin, sold the company to its two senior managers, Feras Antoon and COO David Marmorstein Tassillo, for a reported €73 million. The new owners assumed the Colbeck Capital financing.

Antoon is a Canadian businessman, and he’s now the co-owner and CEO of MindGeek, the world’s largest pornography company that runs multiple sites, including YouPorn and PornHub. Eight hundred of its more than 1,000 employees work from Montreal. Antoon is ethnically Syrian. His sidekick, Marmorstein Tassillo, is either Jewish or part Jewish.

An engineering graduate of Concordia University, Antoon created his first porn website in the early 2000s before co-founding Brazzers, which specialized in the MILF segment of porn distribution.

Unlike the gold-chain wearers of yesteryear — the “Boogie Nights”–style performers turned directors and photographers turned producers —the new pornographers were software engineers, masters of affiliate marketing, search-engine optimization and traffic-conversion ratios. Brazzers’ founders were hardly lady killers. According to Antoon, not one ever set foot on a porn set and are self-described geeks. Latest revenues reported by MindGeek are $13 billion.

Antoon was tied into insider trading schemes with the Baazov brothers, who are Israelis and run the largest online poker site in the world. The Canadian AMF says it has executed search warrants and obtained cease-trade orders for 13 individuals, who allegedly traded in different securities while in possession of privileged information. They include David’s older brother, Josh Baazov, Sun Life insurance dealer and mutual fund broker John Chatzidakis and Feras Antoon.

Winter Watch Takeaway: The ownership and direct management of Mind Geek cannot precisely be characterized as Jewish per se. But it doesn’t get a complete pass, as the financiers behind MindGeek that enabled this company to gobble up and consolidate the competition is largely Jewish. And the verdict on pushing and promoting incest pornography: Guilty.

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  1. Interesting. I would’ve assumed they were all Jewish, although I think that highlights an important point: it is possible to overstate the JQ. What I mean is that while there is no question that there’s a preponderance of Jews involved in these areas, the hyper-focus on that group at the expense of looking into the additional factors at play is a weakness that cripples a lot of analysis of these topics. So many people spend all their time playing “Find the Jew,” that they’ll even fudge the info and mislabel someone as one, and lose sight of how, as Solzhenitsyn said, there is a line separating good and evil down the center of every human heart. Someone’s actions are a much more important indicator of their character.

    Your site does an excellent job at presenting a broader and more fleshed-out perspective that gives people a fuller understanding these situations, without succumbing to the temptation of pounding out one-note diatribes against one group in particular. It’s unique in that regard.

    Another thing is that while of course Jews have been by and large the biggest presence in pornography, the people who harp on that fact alone would serve their readers better by also getting into topics such as the effect porn had had on people’s brains and bodies, the demoralization aspect and why having a firm basis in morality is the sheild against the effects of this poison. Learning to tame one’s passions and not give in to appetite every single time is just as important, and I would say arguably more important, than who is behind XXX etc, although knowing that adds more context to the situation and shows how high the spiritual stakes involved really are. The sin and the poison they sell will have no effect if people learn say no and in order to gain that type of resolve, they have to clean up their own acts and commit to a higher code. Codreanu’s quote about the swamps of our sins is one of the most important sentiments that is lacking today, even among many truth seekers.

  2. There are no coincidence, like Henry Ford in his TIJ wrote, they noticed early how good entertainment for propaganda works, conditioning and manipulating the people and so they got end of the 1800s into the american theater scene and dominated them quickly. Following up to that film/movie industry, look who founded and build up the movie studios at LA(later known as hollywood). Its no secret anyone can read, and its sure no coincidence either.

    You can see this in any entertainment branch, they had an easy game to dominate them.

  3. Interesting. This excerpt / quotation got me thinking a bit:

    “The ownership and direct management of Mind Geek cannot precisely be characterized as Jewish per se.”

    Now RW and Mr. Mueller (I do not recall Torchy speaking on this point) have discussed the awful and destructive work / “research” of Mr. Alfred Kinsey, Sc.D., which was notated or mentioned in such popular culture as a Cole Porter tune, national newspapers / magazines, and even some “Golden Age” films often for comedic purposes, as well as to seem very acceptable / innocent. This point had me thinking a bit more.

    Upon reflection, I began to question whether or not there had been a progressive softening of moral value through the 20th century, but not in the most obvious of ways. Sure we could speak about miniskirts and the 1920s, a rise in promiscuity and even sex for sale during the Great Depression, the fringe youth of the 1950s and the explosion of drug culture in the 1960s. These are all obvious and often cited with regard to societal changes; however, I began to simply think of the rise of television in human entertainment, which once accepted opened the door for computer entertainment. Please trust me when I say to you that the first “home” computers (without a screen) were not particularly interesting for anyone but the die hard programmer, hobbyist and / or tinker. The television, then video game players, then computers that could utilize the television’s screen as an output (think Commodore 64 or Atari 800) and finally the PC were in essence “gateway drugs (if you will)” to screen porn (and I am not simply speaking about pornography in a strict definition.

    So back to television, and I have to wonder were shows such as (Please note just 1950 – 1979):

    Leave it to Beaver
    Make Way for Daddy
    The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

    Family Affair
    Petticoat Junction
    F Troop
    I Dream of Jeannie
    Honey West
    Here Comes the Brides
    Danger Man

    Diff’rent Strokes
    View Show
    All in the Family
    Three’s Company
    The Love Boat
    Fantasy Island
    The Odd Couple
    The Facts Of Life

    were in fact subtle suggestions to the more lurid television shows and whole cable channels that would follow in the decades after this period. As many of us have noted, psyops are often layered and may begin quite innocent, then little by little changes occur that seem rather natural. Later we realize that the whole atmosphere changed and we hardly recognize what we thought we once comprehended.

    My guess is that if you were to take any one of these titles and compare it to a database of pornographic movie names, you would find a corresponding film of nearly or the exact same name (depending on the copyright). Now again, many of you might say:

    “But Simple, the networks that produced these programs were not Jewish owned, so it completely negates the Jewish question in this thread.”

    Respectfully, I would have to respond with a “yes, I do see your point, but (very humbly) I would like to suggest that we are not considering the program writers (many of whom were in fact Jewish either operating under their own name or in some cases non de plumes), and in many cases the shareholders, which would also have been made up of Jewish citizens, bankers and corporations as a part of the total share ownership.

    Fast forward to now and many of the television networks are in fact Jewish owned, Jewish managed and / or Jewish controlled (again, I do mean shareholders in this case). Now do I think there was a GRAND PLOT TO INTRODUCE THESE TITLES AND BRAIN WASH US ALL? NO. Yet, what I do believe is that there is an overt or covert desire to push the envelope (especially by the writers) and get people to “loosen up” about all the “sexual normatives”, mixed with perverse and juvenile humor that is provocative on purpose.

    Personally, I have never understood or revered Mr. Lenny Bruce, but I can see how he was utilized to change popular culture and was then followed with each new move pushing the limits of what was acceptable from comedians. You can draw a direct line from his work to someone such as Ms. Sarah Silverman and see how the comedic value becomes increasingly reckless and the humor is eventually lost with each utterance of a new line. Both of these comedians degraded themselves and in doing so degraded their audiences; however, the “pushing of the envelope”, or how ever you wish to term it, is a definite progression of foul language, degrading humor, wilder sexual themes, and true nihilism. Nothing funny about that.

    Have to run. Maybe if I get a minute we can compare this thread to the subliminal artwork in many of Disney’s animated works over the decades. Guess which faith many of the artists, colorists and illustrators would have associated themselves with?


  4. Although this analysis is good and shines light on the ownership of these operations. There is a problem with saying it’s a finished debate.

    Jews are very often actors in these videos and even possibly over-represented as they are in most lucrative ventures. When examined in this light one could easily assay that Jews do in fact control porn.

  5. A destructive alien religious cult, was imported into the west during the Roman conquest of Judea. The War between the hebrew and philistine rages on to this day. Of course, you’re not supposed to know there’s a war going on. You might effectively protect your family, neighborhood, culture, and country.
    Playing by a different set of unwritten rules… as the hebrew says, “That’s how I win!”

  6. Russ – All of your new articles and links are going to this article only. Can’t get into the new ones.

  7. Can confirm, Brave has that weird glitch with this site. It’s happened before but cleared up and back again.

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