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19 Comments on Dino Ryan and Russ Winter Discuss the Life and Times of Tex Winter

  1. Good show!

    Unfortunately, I will need to come back and finish it (a little over half way done), which I look forward to doing so.

    Yet what struck me was that Phil Jackson did not offer you the peyote along with the Grateful Dead music; it must have been during the season.

    Speaking of Mr. Jackson, I once got to meet his teammate Senator Bradley. Nice fella, but really, really tall; like freakish tall = ).

    Thanks for an excellent show.


  2. Okay, I now finished the show. Very well done and I am appreciative.

    Certainly while I was taking the occasional note, I was was going to inquire about Mr. Krause, which was an individual that was well covered from a very different perspective (it was a fresh perspective that provides more depth to that man than most reports).

    Some of the topics, I will probably keep off the thread and this post, as I think people should listen to the show as opposed to seeing Cliff Notes from anything I might put up here. I guess if there was one, basketball, question that still looms in my mind, it would be:

    How much of an impact did the 90-91 Pistons have upon your father’s strategy regarding the triangle offense?

    From my humble perspective, that Pistons team changed the game of basketball for better or worse forever. Mr. Jordan began to add weight and muscle up. The New York Knicks (especially Messrs. Ewing and Starks, but even the rest of the squad) became a much more physical team from 93 forward. Mr. Pippin also added weight and muscle to his play, and of course Mr. Rodman (who I did meet once in Soho; nice fella overall) rounded out that Bulls attack. Yet, I am sure your father had to take notice of those two Pistons seasons in which they literally wrestled their way to the championships. SO I just wondered about the impact that team may have had upon his approach (and honestly I was surprised Dino did not beat me to it on this line of thinking, as he has forgotten more than I know about sports).

    All my best,

    • The triangle offense when run properly dispensed with overload defenses like that used by the Pistons. If they wanted to play up on or double team Jordan, someone would be wide open. Once the Jackson-Winter regime took over the Piston approach was countered.

      Same with full presses such as used by UCLA. And forget it in the NBA. Those would be sliced and diced resulting in much closer games than the rosters would suggest, That happened with K-State teams playing UCLA in the Final Four and Pac 10 games between UW and UCLA. UCLA would some how prevail in those games but only with edge game BS and likely crooked ref calls.

      • REPLY 2

        In the video, you can see how number 31 and Mr. Rodman’s training were similar on the second attempt (tip) and the hook when Mr. Rodman joined the Bulls. Although I could be mistaken, I do not recall Mr. Rodman being as effective in this execution during his time on the Pistons.

        Any thoughts on how Mr. Winter changed the effectiveness of Mr. Kerr’s game?

        He grew a great deal through the final 3 championships and his confidence seemed to increase 100 fold as did his complete game.

        Even though I could spend all days analyzing these players, I promise that will be my last question for this thread (although as I type this, one is looming about Mr. Harper in LA — a personal favorite — yet I will hold that one back).



        • Correct on Rodman, plus attention to footwork as also shown with Boozer at 2:20 in the 1960 film.

          Kerr mastered the Triangle and it’s spacing. He also picked it up a notch on the three point shot, and thus started getting the ball from Jordan when opponents would close and try to double team him.

          • Although, like you, I am not really following the game anymore, I did look at some more recent Kerr interviews and highlight reels When he is not playing Pat Riley of Bobby Knight, you can draw parallels to his coaching style and that of Mr. Tex Winter; good stuff.

            Thanks again for the response.

            • Steve Kerr had a somewhat famous father as well. Kay Griggs talks about Malcolm Kerr and who killed him in her epic, seven-hour-interview.

              • Even though the Griggs interview is mentioned here often, I had forgotten about it (many, many years since I watched it). I will look it up again regarding Mr. Kerr.


            • I was drinking at a bar in Seattle one night, talking with the guy next to me. He told me a story about being at an Irish bar in Seattle and Riley was sitting there by himself. The guy noticed Riley and told the bartender that he would buy him a drink. The bartender served it up and Riley raised his glass to the dude. He had order a $40 shot of the rarest scotch in the place. That was 1980’s $40.

              • Yeah, I can believe it. Probably was worried about if he spilled it on his tie (he wouldn’t want the cheap stuff there staining the thing = ).


  3. I read your blog every morning and value your perception of the world immensely. I think you are making connections and an argument that very few cohesively understand and present. That to say, this radio show was wonderful to just hear your personal voice. It made me wonder if you have ever done a show on your transformation from being a pajama person to who you are now. I would love to hear that story! Thanks Russ.

  4. I am not interested in sports at all. This interview went beyond that. Thank you for an interesting view about people involved in the sports world and especially your own involvement.

  5. This was a great show. Now you’re dad is from Texas and so are Johnny and Edgar Winter. Any connection there? :-). I know Dino was being respectful and you’re dealing with your father’s legacy, which should also be respected as well. I’m wondering, did you agree upon certain topics that were off limits?

    The whole Jordan retiring from basketball thing to ride the AAA bus was a joke.

    He had a toxic gambling issue and it’s rumored that Stern made him sit out a year and because the Jerry’s owned the Sox, it was a way to keep Michael on the payroll while putting him into a type of witness protection program.

    And related to Jordan is the death of his father. This is the weird intersection of your world and your father’s at least now.

    I never bought the official story that some random Dylan Roof types singled out James Jordan and killed him, even when I first heard about it.

    The gambling stuff came to mind, at least back then, but over time, we’ve seen these prominent figures in music and sports, especially music and especially hip hop, have people close to them get killed. Damon Dash had Alliyah. Jennifer Hudson her family members. Kanye West, his mother and there’s plenty more.

    Jordan himself has evolved into a pretty dark figure.

    Any thoughts Russ on the darker side of Jordan’s story?

    • The only aspect I know about Jordan’s folks was that they were in Chicago a lot attending games before James murder. My mom got to know them as there was a room set up for players and coaches families. My mom had a good time with them. Am not privy to much else.

    • Messrs. Barkley and Jordan have been directly linked into the downfall of Mr. Tiger Woods by many people including the late Mr. Dick Gregory.

      All I can say is that Mr. Jordan (evidently) did lead an interesting life while in Washington DC and playing for the Wizards. Considering how hard he was on Mr. Rodman and his party lifestyle in Chicago, Mr. Jordan’s (alleged) behavior smacked of “people in glass houses”. Yet, none of us are perfect.

      I actually laughed very hard at his HOF acceptance speech (even though some took offense); not quite the humble fella in Space Jam.


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