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Who Murdered Elizabeth Barraza, and Why?


The murder of 29-year-old Elizabeth Barraza in the early morning hours of Jan. 25, 2019, in northwest Harris County, Texas, strikes us as similar in motive and typology to the 1978 discordian Sons of Sam killings in New York City — but with a current-day twist.

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The actual cold case murder and some forensics can be seen and evaluated in the video below. The main description starts at 9 minutes.

Elizabeth was curbside of her home preparing for a garage sale at 6:58 a.m. on a Friday morning when she was approached by a strange character with long hair (or possibly a wig) who was wearing boots and what has been described as a robe or trench coat. To me it looks like a young man in drag. After a brief unclear exchange, the killer shot her point blank four times and even administered a coup de grace Mafia-style head shot. Nothing was stolen.

There is a large forum discussing this case and some debate about the sex of the shooter. Whoever it was ran away at a fast, athletic sprint, thus was likely youthful.

Elizabeth was described as happily married. The investigation turned up no evidence of martial issues, and her husband, Sergio, has been described as fully cooperative.

Sergio had left for work shortly before the shooting. Some have speculated that the shooter would have to know beforehand that Elizabeth would come outside. However, if she was being stalked, it was evident that the garage door was wide open. Even absent that opportunity, the killer still could have attempted to attack her in the house.

The couple were also devout “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” fans, and they actively designed and participated in what is called cosplay or costume play, which is shown in the YouTube analysis starting at minute 3:55.

The other characteristic of Elizabeth was her good will and charity. She has universally been described for her goodness and likability almost to a saintly level. Thus, she would be an ideal target of a discordian role-playing evil.

The character of Anakin Skywalker is central to this case. He is a Jedi prophesied to bring balance to the Force. But he is lured to the dark side of the Force and becomes a Sith lord, assuming the title Darth Vader. Darth Vader has become one of the most iconic villains in popular culture and has been listed among the greatest villains and fictional characters ever.

“Stars Wars” and “Harry Potter” represent the cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil. “Harry Potter” is literally about black versus white magic. “Star Wars” posits a yin-yang balance of opposing powers, which it calls “the Force.”

When it comes to its epistemology, “Star Wars” could attract individuals wedded to righteousness and goodness, like Elizabeth. But it could also attract competitors who embrace the dark side. That’s what we theorize happened here. It may not be anybody that the Barrazas knew personally but instead some wingnut perp who may have known of Elizabeth and, in a delusion, created a fantasy antagonist. “Star Wars” is totally about antagonists and protagonists, often with twists and turns.

“Star Wars” root knowledge is firmly in the realm of subjective feelings, urging viewers with pithy moral relativism admonitions such as “feel, don’t think.” This is perfect fodder for twisted elements and products of Hollyweird pop culture.

There is an element of “Star War”” fandom that is fanatical and that sometimes takes the role playing literally. The Anakin character is shown below as robed and suited and booted.

Yes, it seems we have a delusional Anakin Skywalker wanna be. He either had long hair or was wearing a wig. He wore a robe and boots. Someone who thinks they’re an assassin from playing way too many video games and absorbing fantasy movies. Throw in a drug like meth, and there would be a perfect brew.

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We described something similar in the background of Israel Keyes and his binge drinking and insane clown posse obsession.

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Winter Watch Takeaway

To our sensibilities, this looks like a very personal murder but in a twisted and deluded way. The killer of Liz was a obsessive cosplayer fully committed to the evil dark side. Such a killer would not choose random victims. They would carefully select one to fit into their fantasy dark world role playing.

8 Comments on Who Murdered Elizabeth Barraza, and Why?

  1. It took me about five minutes, or probably less, to see that this “case” is baloney. It was heavily promoted by corporate media, used very grainy video to show the “crime” and very clear video of absolutely nothing, so the audience could hear her say “Good Morning”, yet hear nothing said by the supposed killer. Most importantly though, it was used to promote the Peter Mayhew Foundation, big time! What I’ve written isn’t proof of anything, but when one has spent years looking at these types of things, they begin to stand out like a sore thumb almost immediately.

    • Nonsensical declarative comment. I’ve spent years looking at deceptions as well. Peter Meyhew put up a reward for info leading to arrest only. Nothing sketchy about that.

      • Yeah, I’m skeptical of most of the major media events, especially when they come pre-packaged with the agenda-based solutions, but not seeing the motive for faking this one. The news might lie a lot, but something like this, I just don’t see it being staged. Shootings are not uncommon in Houston. Just take a look at how often the city os featured on that Active Self Protection channel.

  2. Interesting story. I know that area. It’s not too bad compared to other parts of Houston, so a crime like that sticks out. Although the city and the surrounding suburbs are getting worse unfortunately. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of these cosplay weirdos though. Just like with the Kurt McFall case back in the 80’s, these fantasy/sci-fi subcultures attract odd ducks which, along the occult undercurrents involved, can make for a deadly combination.

    Speaking of which, there’s this I guess you could say cult among lower-class Hispanics in the region that’s shockingly popular called Santa Muerte. It’s based around this demonic entity represented as a skeleton dressed up like the Virgin Mary that is supposed to be the patron saint of criminals and drug dealers in particular. You can see it all over town in the form of grim reaper decals on beat up pickup trucks and even at the grocery store in the devotional candle section among ones of actual Catholic saints. There’s been attempts by culture distorters to rehabilitate this thing’s image, but it’s some dark stuff. Reason I bring it up is that there seems to be a lot this dark occultism among gangs and criminal elements, especially among the Latin American ones. Remember Adolfo Constanzo and palo mayombe? These gangs will commit random murders as a form of initiation. Might be a reach in this case, but it’s a subject I think is right up your alley, Russ.

    As another side note, Houston definitely has satanic activity. There was even this local brewery called Brash that makes crappy hipster beer. They held an event (presented in a gimmicky fashion) where they hosted a satanic black mass. These people hide behind “irony” and feign incredulity (using the “Satanic panic” trope to deflect), but why would anyone take someone who claims to worship demons at their word?

    • The Santa Muerte obsession in Mexico is real. My son and I toured colonial Mexico by bus for three weeks in 2002. I liked the country and people, but the death cult story seemed all too real. There are gruesome corpse museums everywhere.

    The husband had her “hit”, because he was tired of the marriage and was having an affair!
    Either the “lover” did the shooting or they got someone to do the “hit”!
    Did the husband get the life insurance?

    • You should do some research before making such claims. Literally nobody believes this, especially not the authorities. What a white bread vanilla supposition. If it were remotely true they’d have solved it by now. The ridiculous assumptions of satanism above are more plausible than this- have some shame.

  4. the husband did it, he left the house, picked up the people that would do the change out to different vehicles.. after the wife is shot ,the two men in the nissan pull off , but they had to come back ,they were informed she was still alive .they turned around to make sure . thats why they had to take another route . they then pulled down the road met the husband, they hopped in his vehicle and the people he picked up got in the nissan and drove off . the static and noise you cant understand on the doorbell is actual a device that was activted out where she was at the table . it was never looked at because it was just a bluetooth device the shooter was carrying so everything could be heard

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