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Tulsi Gabbard Slams ‘Abhorrent’ Chicago Mayor’s ‘Blatant Anti-White Racism’ — Demands Resignation

By Tyler Durden | 21 May 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Tulsi Gabbard has called for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) to resign over “blatant anti-white racism” for announcing that she would only grant one-on-one interviews to “black and brown” reporters.

Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent,” said the former Hawaii Rep. and fellow Democrat in a Friday tweet, adding “I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and other leaders of our county—of all races—to join me in calling for Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation.

“Our leaders must condemn all racism, including anti-white.”

On Wednesday, Lightfoot announced the racist interview policy on the two-year anniversary of her inauguration. […]

2 Comments on Tulsi Gabbard Slams ‘Abhorrent’ Chicago Mayor’s ‘Blatant Anti-White Racism’ — Demands Resignation

  1. We will all just drop everything for to watch, listen, or read brown on brown interviews- especially the one featuring the female who looks like a Star Trek: Next Generation humanoid.

  2. Chicago will probably vote her “Mayor for Life” as D.C. did with Mayor Marion Barry. It is just so sad. Chicago was a relatively harmonious place for a while. Sure it had problems, but many neighborhoods were on the rise in the early 2000s. Now it is a war zone run by CIA type cutouts and former Mossad types.

    We should consider a good thought and / or prayer for many of the decent residents who still reside there.

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