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“The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show”: Dino, Russ Winter Discuss Netflix’s ‘Sons of Sam’ Series and Beyond

After a short foray into anarcho-tyranny and the Red Vanguard Bruce Caitlyn Jenner salami misdirection strategy (szalámitaktika), the duo slice and dice the Netflix “Sons of Sam” series and Maury Terry’s book “Ultimate Evil.”

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5 Comments on “The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show”: Dino, Russ Winter Discuss Netflix’s ‘Sons of Sam’ Series and Beyond

  1. Gentlemen,

    That podcast episode was excellent; thank you both!

    Considering that the plan changed and improvisation was needed, the both of you did a wonderful job of covering the events of NYC at the time, the Netflix documentary and how the story of Mr. Berkowitz has unfolded over the decades since that period of time.

    Also, I have to say that with Dino originally coming from Yonkers, there is a real resonance to the entire event. It is often hard for those of us from the area to relate how insane that period of the mid to late 1970s was in the NYC. The city was dangerous, dirty, falling a apart, bankrupt, terrorized by the Son of Sam murders, terrorized by the blackout, and dealing with extremely high temperatures during many of those summers in that decade.

    Dino’s mention of Mr. Jimmy Breslin (reporter/writer for the New York Daily News) was an excellent reminder of how bizarre the entire series of killings was and also a tip off that Mr. Berkowitz was not working alone. The letters sent to Mr. Breslin at the time may have seemed unified in their aesthetics, but varied in their tone enough to indicate at least 2 people. Just as I cannot write like so many of our friends here, many of these same friends might find it difficult or odd to write like me (tone, pacing, structure — the things that makes us each unique when we write something).

    Overall it was a really great podcast, and Dino is having an excellent week of shows; I would recommend checking out his website. Between linked articles and the guests, I think there is a lot of great content on his site.

    Simple Citizen

  2. As always, good stuff! Interesting parallels, to me, in how the authorities handled this case with the John Wayne Gacy case (he was probably not alone, either), and the Johnny Gosch kidnapping, both of which happened not long after, here in the Midwest. -All ties together…
    Re: satanic activities, I remember, as a late teen, late 1980’s, here in Iowa, my Dad hiking in the woods near our small town, stumbling across evidence of satanic ritual activity and him thinking it was the dabbling of teenage kids. I joked that it was probably the local city council & school board. Come to think of it, there were several cases, at that time, of evidence of satanic activities outside of other nearby towns.
    Btw, Son of Sam case is a big deal to me as that happened at the same time our family, from Iowa, was visiting relatives in New Jersey(Mom from there)in the Middletown/Sandy Hook area, for 2 weeks. I was 8 at the time.

    • Thanks for the post. Very interesting on both Iowa in the 1980s and your visit to Sandy Hook.


  3. You know I was not paying too close attention to the text. There are so many ways one might be able to comment on this idea:

    “,,,Bruce Catlyn Jenner salami misdirection…”

    Could be pure comedy gold with a more creative mind than my own.

  4. Good show and thanks for the heads up on this series, even though I hate patronizing Netflix, I didn’t pay to watch it and I was surprised that they could make something that wasn’t garbage. I did find it curious that berkowitz’s correspondences with Terry were written on a typewriter and signed by berkowitz. I reckon that this is indicative that the letters to Breslin were written by someone else and this was done to avoid handwriting analysis. Who knows- perhaps the typewritten letters were authored by a handler of berkowitz as well.

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