Melinda Gates tapped divorce lawyers in 2019 after Epstein links to husband: report

Jeffrey Esptein, wearing slippers and jeans, entertains the wealthy and powerful at his home after he's registered as a sex offender. PHOTO: New York Times

By Joseph Choi | 9 May 2021

THE HILL — Melinda Gates, the estranged wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, reportedly met with divorce lawyers in 2019 following reports of links between her husband and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison that year.

Citing sources close to the situation as well as documents it obtained, The Wall Street Journal reported that Melinda Gates began working with lawyers from multiple firms two years ago.

One source as well as a former employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told the Journal that one concern Melinda Gates had was Bill Gates’s association with Epstein.

The Journal reported that Melinda Gates and her advisers held several calls in October 2019, around the same time The New York Times released a report detailing the multiple meetings her husband had with Epstein, at one point reportedly staying at his Manhattan townhouse late into the night. […]

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