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SPECIAL EPISODE: Jim Smith, a Preeminent Researcher of So-Called ‘Smiley Face’ Murders, Joins Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter in Examining the Phenomenon

Researcher Jim Smith joined Winter Watch’s Russ Winter on the “Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show” on Tuesday to discuss what has been mischaracterized as the “Smiley Face Killer” cases, which involve hundreds of young men whose bodies have been found dumped in waterways and later labeled by officials as drownings.

Common characteristics for these cases: a young, healthy man goes missing; his body is later found in a waterway that has been previously searched by teams; and the condition of the body and/or timeline rules out natural accident/drowning.

There is a dearth of CCTV surveillance video in hundreds of cases that has yet to be release in full.

Russ has written about this topic at length on Winter Watch, and it was a topic of discussion on a previous “‘Dino’ Show.”

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We also highly recommend watching William Ramsey’s second Vimeo documentary on the phenomenon. For ongoing updates, check out Jim Smith’s Twitter account here. Update: Inexplicably within hours after I promoted Ramsey’s documentary it disappeared from Vimeo.

But no more spoiler alerts. Here’s Jim Smith bringing his own analysis and new details to the cases: May 18, 2021 Episode

For more insights and entertainment, be sure to check out Patrick “Dino” Ryan’s website.

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17 Comments on SPECIAL EPISODE: Jim Smith, a Preeminent Researcher of So-Called ‘Smiley Face’ Murders, Joins Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter in Examining the Phenomenon

  1. Gentlemen,

    Interesting show…very dark (not a criticism), but interesting.

    Unfortunately, I still do not understand what the motives would be for these events within the demographic described in Georgia. Certainly, I am not doubting the events or research; however, I am just missing something in the motives beyond pure evil. This could be the motive in and of itself; however, the level of risk required to kill in such numbers, as indicated by the podcast, seems awfully large / wide for the culprits not to be exposed and put down with extreme prejudice.

    (Respectfully) To be honest, this whole topic is probably too dark for me; however, I do appreciate the research and program. It is just me, not the work of these three men.

    Dino (on a lighter note), I am glad to see you mastering your technology. So often people acquire hardware and software, but never really take the time to explore its potential. Further, I would say that many folks never eliminate technology that poses risk, if left underutilized (bloatware can provide back doors if unused or not eliminated). Plus this situation was successful, and I am happy for you that it worked out.

    Mr. Smith, thanks for your research and participation in the podcast. It was fascinating to hear what you have worked to learn about and uncover. Please be well and best of luck as you move forward with your investigation / research (sincerely).

    As always, thanks for the program gentlemen.

    Simple Citizen

    P.S. As I recall, Mr. Dick Gregory used to speak on the mysterious disappearance of African American men (specifically) in his lecture and interviews (1990s and early 2000s); however, I do not think these men were ever located and I certainly do not recall them being left in shallow waters. My guess is that a search of YouTube might bring some of these interviews and speaking engagements up for viewing.

      • Sure, and I do understand and you are probably quite right. It just struck me as a lot of risk that could swing the pendulum in the opposite direction (one might imagine a Black Swan event in which one or two Judoka become targets and the assailants have a really bad day, even if the odds were 5 to 1 or 10 to 2 in their favor). As I stated, I am probably not the best person in the comprehension of these types of events.

        On the other hand, if we were speaking of it being in the realm of intelligence or possibly a part of some sick life settlement / D&O policy / life insurance plot, I would probably be able to wrap my head around the “WHY” a little better, as I have a better grasp of these concepts from general reading and also wider business studies.

        I mean how many folks (not WW necessarily, but fellow citizens on the street) are going to understand me if I gave them a list of transitioned business executives and the possibility of D&O foul play, even if the loved ones were taken care of with a separate policy by the company? My understanding may be myopic, but it is still knowledge of some sort (I guess).

        Either way, the three of you did a great job with the overall show (pacing and sound especially). Even if I (personally) was not very much into the topic, I would still encourage other folks to try it out.


        • It’s called dead peasant life insurance. I first heard of this on Abel Danger’s podcast back in 2009.

          You work for a large corporation. They take out a large life insurance policy on you, i.e. you’re important enough to be insured for a large amount of money. Possibly it would take a lot of money to retrain your replacement. Jobs such as water treatment, programmers, scientists, etc….

          They have a $500K life insurance on you. You die of mysterious means (yet they say it was natural causes as they have the coroner bought off). Your spouse gets your annual salary in one lump sum 75K which equals a cool 425K for the company. It’s tax free and the monthly payments are a write off.

          Ever wonder why so many people die short of their 70th birthday? Well for one thing if they’re on SSA benefits, they can earn as much as they can when they’re 70 and no reduction in benefits. If they can kill you off before you turn 70 no more SSA for you and the life insurance policy is still in force.

          Men can no longer go out alone, especially at night. If you live in a gun friendly state like I do, get your permit and carry 24/7. My weapon is in my purse at all times. If you do go out drinking, one man has to stay sober at all times.

          IMO these are a roving band of serials comprised of Jews and blacks who want to kill white men and love doing so. The hunters need to be hunted. IMO they are aided and abetted by black ops in the FBI, CIA, police and fire department. They gangstalk the victims for a long time to see their patterns. At the weakest moment they strike.

          • Although I really cannot comment on the rest of your post, I can say that D&O is not quite the same as “dead peasant life insurance”; however they are not too far apart (under common law) either. (Respectfully) The terms and conditions of these policies differ quite a bit.

            As for the SSA and turning 70, I would agree with you on that premise and might add that recent events from the death panels to the current situation are part of an entire package.


      • Wow!

        Torchy, I saw your reply before the update (addition of last word and image). Glad I had not eaten breakfast before checking back here.

        Point well taken. Now I might have simply mentioned judo and a resource for protective hardware laws; time to mention one other word:



        Imagine a place where spitting your gum out on the sidewalk can get you martially caned by the police authorities. Then look at the image Torchy has provided us with. Then think to yourself, am I inclined to study protective arts or the utilization of tools for my own personal protection. Then look at the image Torchy has provided us with. If the answer is “NO”, then:

        You might wish to look up the nation with the cleanest subway system in the world, and consider a residency or future citizenship. Check out their laws and how they enforce them.

        Ask yourself if their authorities are going to wait until trial for an attorney to plead out insanity, or if they will “nip in the bud” anyone who might resemble that image Torchy has provided us with and any associates, utilizing extreme prejudice when going “through the door” (not knocking and waiting for a greeting — right through it).

        If you are simply sick of the depravity that western nations have promoted amongst their own populace, then please consider (not a recommendation, up for you to review and decide) that there is always an EAST to go and explore. New rules, new ideas and a place where an informed citizen may cross off such worries as the groups mentioned in this podcast episode.

        Wishing Good health and prosperity to all of WW and Dino’s listeners.

        All my best,

  2. There’s a problem with the link to William Ramsey’s second Vimeo documentary


    Sorry, this page is no longer available.

    Do you have another link to this video Russ ?


  3. No one cared because there was no one to care about. And, obviously the police are involved – which is why they chose no further involvement,,,,they know it is fake news – which they benefit from. They may solve one later…or not. Adds to the fear and increased police budgets either way.
    And they succeed with the help of the worst terrorists of them all…Media.
    FBI does it on a big scale – Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc.
    The WHO does it with fake pandemics.
    Local police do it piecemeal.
    Congratulations. You’ve been duped by one small part of the biggest protection racket of all time.
    And, it is called, Government.
    Viruses, terrorists, serial killers. It’s all bullshit.

    • E Morgan Schuster,

      Well thanks for the post. It was interesting.

      May I ask if this is your first time to WW? If so, I might suggest that you take some time to explore the entire site. In many ways, you will find friends who agree with you; however, there is a great deal to explore and some of it may change your mind on aspects of your post.

      We may agree that any good deception, requires ground rules. In those ground rules, we unfortunately find real events (for instance the Phoenix Project is a realistic example). So I can, sincerely and honestly, respect your post; however, I would (respectfully) ask that you do not judge too hard or close your mind to the duality of events (both real and, quite possibly, exaggerated).

      (Respectfully) in this case, you may be quite quick to judge, but may also find information that expands your perspective. You have ZERO to lose by giving the site a look.

      As I am just a contributor, I can not speak on behalf of the WW proprietor (and due to a time difference he is not available right now) or staff, but certainly I have learned a great deal through spending time on this site.

      Please be well.

      Simple Citizen

      • Regular listener. Regular enough to know that further listening is in order. Experienced enough to know that every piece of information, no matter it’s source needs to be scrutinized.
        In 2011, someone showed me pictures from the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting and my life changed forever.
        There was no blood. Her aide that claimed to hold her up against his chest, had not a drop of blood on him.
        Then I found this…
        “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world.” ….. “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”
        – Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Norvell, June 14, 1807
        Now, I no longer allow a word or thought into my conscious awareness from media or a Politician, first or second hand, without the assumption that it is BS until proven otherwise.
        Same with History books…because yesterday’s Fake News ends up right there.
        And so, it comes down to this…We know THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have been lying and continue to do so. The question is, how much?
        Well, I have never been able to find any verifiable evidence, acceptable in a court of law that supports the official story regarding any mass shooting.
        By the time Sandy Hook hit the News, I was already done with mass shootings and I looked in awe at the media driven reaction – in roughly the same way this latest scam has rolled out.
        Now, I thought I was insulated from people who fall for the BS…until my parents wound up in the hospital. My father for an infection on his foot and my mother for a broken hip, a couple of weeks later.
        I never saw my father again. Months later, I saw my mother once, hours before they killed her off with morphine.
        The hysteria created by Fauci, Birx, Gates, The Media, and Politicians put my parents in isolation – isolated from family, from each other, and the Sun – Not even minute a day of vitamin D producing sunshine.
        Worst of all, the nurses were so traumatized with fear that my parents were tortured to death with poor care.
        All of this because media had convinced the family member in charge that my parents had to stay in isolation and attacked me when I suggested otherwise.
        My anger burns deep and I wish I could prevent this from happening to others – as it has happened to so many. Nothing I have done or said can stop it. Not even 60 years of blood relations can compete with the repetition of media.
        And, I am supposed to believe that family members of shooting victims who do not cry are real? And, that none of these Smiley Face Murder victims had family or friends that cared enough to make a stink? NFW

    • The SFK threat has few if any hallmarks of the deceptions that I regularly cover. First and foremost it is largely ignored by the MSM and there is no narrative about it in the public mind. It is shockingly an unknown.

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