After Decades of Free Rides, Empty Suit Bill Gates is Being Thrown Under the Bus

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To borrow a line from the movie “The Matrix” and take a little license with it: Morpheus says to Neo, “There’s something about the Bill Gates-Jeffrey Epstein association. You’ve known it all your life. You don’t know what it is. It’s like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

After years of being a made man, benefiting from endless positive PR while spreading philantro-capitalism around pharma-crime circles, the sands have inexplicably shifted under the feet of Bill Gates. He’s been an empty suit all along, favored by hidden hands. Is he now being sacrificed to provide a distraction from increasingly dicey global vaccine outcomes and the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis, and with perhaps more in store?

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One could say divorce lawyers could be behind the public shaming, but in the past Gates has always been fully protected from bad press. After all, those in the know have been aware for some time that Gates made multiple visits to the locations of Jeffrey Epstein’s teeny bobber brothels.

The press did offer some cover for Gates with a recent story. “Ex-staffers say” that Gates allegedly thought Epstein could influence the Nobel committee to award him their Peace Prize. According to Daily Mail, Gates attended a 2013 meeting in Strasbourg with Jeffrey Epstein at the home of the then chairman of Norway’s Nobel Committee.

Epstein had pitched an investment fund to The Gates Foundation. At the time, he’d already been in prison for soliciting a child prostitute.

Gates stated that “Epstein never donated any money to anything that I know about.”

Apparently, the go-between for Gates and Epstein was a former adviser to Gates, Harvard medical school graduate Boris Nikolic, who was “mysteriously named a backup executor in Epstein’s last will and testament.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Here is Boris Nikolic on the far right along with the rest of the posse in happier days. The source of photo is The New York Times. It is revealing that the Epstein-Maxwell kompromat crew usually photographed their meetings.

These motives are ludicrous and cartoon worldish on their face. It’s a very weak attempt to create a backstory. Gates and his spokespeople had vehemently denied that he and the financier, who supposedly died in a New York jail in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking of dozens of minors, were ever friends or had any kind of business relationship. Apparently, when he made these falsehoods, Gates thought he was still a indispensable cog in a Sistema that would protect him.

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But once word went out that Bill and Melinda Gates decided to divorce, it didn’t take long for dirt to begin to air. Sources reported in the mainstream media suggest Melinda was extremely uncomfortable with meetings that took place between her husband and then-convicted pederast and pimp Epstein.

Apparently, Bill met with Epstein several other times, starting in 2011, to get him to donate to a charitable fund. That was three years after Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting a young girl. Gates also allegedly flew to Palm Beach on the Lolita Express, the late pedophile’s private jet and infamous sex plane, on at least one occasion back in 2013.

Big Education Ape: Bill Gates REFUSES to reveal why he flew on Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein after prison release | Daily Mail Online

“Gates’ friendship with Epstein — who for years was accused of molesting scores of underage girls — still haunts Melinda, according to friends of the couple who spoke to The Daily Beast this week in light of the pair’s divorce announcement, which had been weeks in the making,” the rag reported.

Perhaps the fact that Gates liked to chase skirts extra-martially (and before his marriage) entered into the equation and indeed was a requirement for his full entry into the Crime Syndicate.

Gates also had a habit of incessantly barking like a trained seal about “conspiracy theorists.” Call me one if you insist, but one of our theories is that the Satanic controllers avoid straight arrows like the plague.

A 2019 Quartz article revealed stories from multiple women who had experienced sexual harassment at the Microsoft organization. His name will be added to a slew of others caught in the Epstein-Maxwell kompromat.

Now, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Friday confirms the “controversies” surrounding the behavior of the company’s billionaire cofounder Bill Gates for the first time.

Microsoft board members opened an investigation into Gates two years ago after an employee said she had a sexual relationship with the married billionaire in 2000 that spanned years, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Several unnamed Microsoft employees told The New York Times that Gates’ behavior made them feel uncomfortable at work.

One who dug deep into the controversial figure’s private life was his biographer, James Wallace, who collected enough information to write two books about him in the 1990s, uncovering “lurid details about Gates’ sexually debauched life when he was single.”

His follies were well known among his contacts, but newspapers avoided reporting on the wildness of his behavior in exchange for permission to write about his technological advances.

The mammoth parties he would “host at his Seattle home, for which Gates would visit one of Seattle’s all-nude nightclubs and hire dancers to come to his house and swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool,” Wallace wrote, as quoted in The New York Post.

It is also related that Gates continued his licentious life even after meeting Melinda, née French.

A motive and theory for revealing the hidden truth now about Bill Gates? In a nutshell, good cop/bad cop.

The Sistema is trying to separate the Bill and Melinda public images, with Bill being the “enemy of humanity,” as he is more burdened with his controversial actions as the producer of the controversial vaccines and the heavy relationship with the teeny bobber pool party pimp Epstein jet set.

This also reinforces the prevailing #MeToo neuro-linguistic programming generalized zeitgeist about men being predatory dogs (of alleged unwilling women) who can’t keep it in their pants.

Meanwhile, the maligned Melinda would “clean up” her image. She would now stand out as an exemplary wife and mother, drop the worst of the capitalist aspect from the greedy, evil philanthro-capitalismo. Who knows what cynical tax benefits will be buried in the divorce settlement. The two have made billions more directly from the scamdemic and financial bubble-blowing.

Melinda will have ample capital to go a separate “high road” and would emerge as one of the most powerful women in the world. She can continue the jab (p)harma programs without Bill’s baggage.

As long as he can dispense with any of the more serious under-aged girl allegations, Bill can then retire into the sunset to live whatever lifestyle of debauchery he chooses, and without — as his running buddy Epstein put it — the “toxic” scrutiny of a wife checking up on him.

In today’s hyper-tolerant culture, he can then make a full transition from nerd to a jet-set icon, appearing at swank clubs, wearing gold chains and a hot woman in each arm. What’s not to like about that?

If it turns out that Gates was in fact hanging out with and banging underaged girls, then perhaps he can join up with Epstein’s Harvard pal Alan Dershowitz and the pair can be leading spokesmen for changing the age of consent to 14 years old or younger. The pajama people won’t bat an eye.

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  1. Let’s see, when real disgusting unbelievable truth tries to rear its head enter the whiney bitch fest. It’s #metoo all over again featuring a bunch of skanks who traded ass for work delegitimizing real woman’s claims. Then reanimate the SO called corpse of a SO called dead… pedo pervert Mossad op Epstein who has been proclaimed dead so the road stops there! Just like on tv and in Hollywood these jupers need some new script writers. If you read SPARS (another manifesto to ((their)) evil) it states some will take the fall for the cabal so .. The Gates marriage was probably arranged, a merger and now trying to keep their ill gotten gains they split no biggie just ((business))


    Bill Gates biographer lifts the lid on Microsoft founder’s wild bachelor days

    Bill Gates held naked parties with strippers in his bachelor days, his biographer claims – and wonders whether the billionaire will go back to his risqué partying now that his marriage is over.

    Journalist James Wallace wrote two books on the Microsoft founder in the 1990s, and uncovered eyebrow-raising details of Gates’s frat-like life as a single man.

    In an interview with, Wallace, 74, said Gates was ‘no choir boy’ in his early days as a tech founder.

    ‘A lot of those Microsoft kids back then, they were young guys in pizza-stained t-shirts for two or three days working on software code,’ the former Seattle Post-Intelligencer investigative reporter said.

    ‘Then they would have some pretty wild parties, where they would go out and get strippers in Seattle and bring them over to Bill’s home.

    ‘He wasn’t a choir boy back then, he wasn’t just this little computer nerd. He did have a life back then.’

    Bill Gates biographer James Wallace revealed how the Microsoft founder (pictured in 1985) was an unlikely womanizer and party animal in his bachelor days in the 80s

    Wallace told Gates (pictured at a tech forum in 1988) had enjoyed a frat-like life as a single man, often inviting his friends over to his Seattle home where they would swim naked in his indoor pool

    The tech founder was known to throw crazy parties at his Laurelhurst house (pictured present day) however such events were kept out of the press since Gates and Microsoft would spoon-feed stories to industry writers

    In 1997, Wallace’s second book on the billionaire, Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace, described the alleged naked parties at Gates’ Laurelhurst, Washington home in even more lurid detail.

    The former Post-Intelligencer reporter wrote that national media wanted to keep their flow of technology and business stories from Gates and therefore ‘didn’t report on the wild bachelor parties that Microsoft’s boyish chairman would throw in his Seattle home, for which Gates would visit one of Seattle’s all-nude nightclubs and hire dancers to come to his home and swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool.’

    Wallace wrote that Gates’s ‘womanizing’ also put strain on his nascent relationship with his now-estranged wife Melinda.

    ‘Though Gates began dating French [Melinda’s maiden name] in 1988, he continued to play the field for a while, especially when he was out of town on business, when he would frequently hit on female journalists who covered Microsoft and the company industry,’ the author wrote.

    ‘His womanizing was well known, although not well reported, because Gates and Microsoft spoon-fed stories to industry writers for such papers as the New York Times, and none of them wanted the flow of information to stop.

    ‘French was well aware of Gates’s womanizing, and consequently their relationship ran hot and cold. At one point, they broke up for nearly a year, reportedly because Gates refused to make any kind of commitment. When they got back together again in 1992, however, the relationship grew closer and stronger.’

    Gates’s friends confirmed the tech entrepreneur did ‘like to party’ and even developed a reputation for being a womanizer before he married. He is pictured above at a tech forum in 1985

    While Gates (pictured right in his school photo in 1972) had all the makings of a tech geek, the biographer revealed he was ‘no choir boy’ and ‘did have a life back then’

    According to Gates’s friends and the 1997 biography, his ‘womanizing’ ways also put strain on his budding relationship with his now-estranged wife Melinda, who he began dating in 1988

    Gates’s longtime friend and former Microsoft executive Vern Raburn corroborated the book’s claims in an interview with and revealed how the tech billionaire’s alleged womanizing even extended to ‘infidelity’ during his early relationship with Melinda, which began in 1988.

    Raburn admitted that Gates ‘liked to party’ and was not faithful to Melinda when they first began dating, but was ‘very proud of the fact he hadn’t done any of that’ since the couple wed.

    ‘Being naked in a pool is no big deal,’ the aerospace entrepreneur said. ‘There’s a difference between being naked in a pool with a whole bunch of other people, and being naked in a pool with somebody else, or in a bed with somebody else.’

    But the Eclipse Aviation founder added that ‘to the best of my knowledge’ Gates was faithful to Melinda after their 1994 marriage.

    Wallace’s second book on the billionaire, Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace (1997) describes Gates’s alleged party lifestyle in even more lurid detail

    ‘I never saw any of that. Certainly prior to their marriage, yeah. Bill liked to party. But I never saw any of that after the marriage,’ he said.

    ‘In fact, I had dinner with him one night. He said he was very proud of the fact that he hadn’t done any of that since he got married.’

    The 70-year-old, who has known Gates for decades and was one of Microsoft’s earliest employees, said that the software guru and his wife may have grown apart in recent years, and ‘didn’t always share the same interests’ in their multi-billion-dollar charity the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    He added that the couple are ‘good people’, saying: ‘I truly hope Bill and Melinda end up being happy. I went through a divorce myself maybe 12 years ago. Anybody who tells you they have a good divorce, they’re lying through their teeth.’

    Amid the super-rich couple’s split announced this week, rumors have begun to fly that Gates has reverted to his old bad behavior.

    TMZ reported Thursday that Melinda rented Calivigny Island in Grenada for $132,000 a night for the whole family – except Bill.

    The site claimed his wife and family are ‘furious’ at him for some unspecified alleged incident, and that the couple had been trying to hash out a divorce agreement for months.

    Friends of Gates revealed he wasn’t faithful to Melinda (pictured in 1995) – who later began working at Microsoft – but was ‘very proud of the fact he hadn’t done any of that’ since the couple wed

    Melinda Gates, whose maiden name is French, is seen in her work ID from when she was an employee at Microsoft in the 90s

    Though their divorce documents do not specify a prenuptial agreement and instead reference a current private divorce contract, Wallace told that the couple did in fact get a prenup in the 1990s.

    In his book, the author wrote Gates shied away from asking Melinda’s signature himself, instead getting his close friend and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to persuade her.

    ‘According to knowledgeable sources, however, Gates did, in fact, sign a prenuptial agreement with French [Melinda’s maiden name],’ Wallace wrote.

    ‘Gates could not ask French himself, so he talked his pal Ballmer into convincing her to sign. Ballmer, according to those sources, explained to French that the agreement was for the good of the company.’

    Speculation around his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ann Winblad was immediate following the announcement of the Gates’ split.

    Gates’s longtime friend and former Microsoft executive Vern Raburn (pictured in 2012) corroborated the book’s claims in an interview with

    Despite breaking up in 1987, Gates and Winblad still vacationed together alone for a weekend every year throughout his marriage to Melinda.

    The billionaire philanthropist even reportedly had the agreement formalized ahead of his 1994 marriage.

    Reports have always described the Microsoft founder’s current relationship with his ex as purely platonic.

    On Tuesday another bizarre and unsubstantiated theory emerged on Chinese social media: that he had been having an affair with a 36-year-old interpreter who works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    The claims linked Gates to Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang, a Seattle-based translator and former air hostess who started working for the charity in 2015, among other gigs in her freelance translation business.

    On Weibo, a Chinese social media site, Wang reportedly dismissed the claims.

    ‘I thought that the rumors would go away by themselves, but I did not expect the rumors to become more and more crazily spread,’ Wang reportedly wrote.

    ‘How many books can I read, so why spend time on the unfounded rumors? I would like to thank everyone for their concern and help in dispelling the rumors through private messages in the past 24 hours.’

    Another sticking point in Gates’ marriage could have been his renowned intensity and single-minded focus on his work, as Wallace told his interviews with the billionaire’s exes revealed he could be a taxing partner to be with.

    Bill Gates dated venture capitalist Ann Winblad (left), now 70, in the 1980s, but the pair called it quits in 1987, the same year he met Melinda. After announcing his split from his wife this week, rumors emerged that Gates had been having an affair with Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang (right) a 36-year-old interpreter who works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Bill and Melinda tied the knot in 1994 after dating for about seven years

    Wallace told that even as a multi-millionaire following Microsoft’s early success, his ex-girlfriends described him as frugal to a fault.

    ‘[Gates and his then-girlfriend] were supposed to be at a software conference in Seattle and they were running late,’ said Wallace. ‘But Gates is driving around all over these blocks near the conference because he doesn’t want to pay for valet parking, he wanted to find a meter that he can put a few quarters into.

    ‘This is a guy who’s already a multi-millionaire, his company is already public, and he’s driving around looking for a parking meter that he can put quarters into because he says ‘I don’t want to pay for valet parking, it costs too much.’

    Other girlfriends described the software guru as aloof to Wallace.

    ‘He could be doing two or three things at once. They’d be driving along, he’d be talking at her, and his mind would be processing software,’ the author told

    Winblad told Wallace in an interview for his 1997 book that early relationships with Gates were more of a ‘test’ than a romance.

    The couple are pictured with their three kids in a 2019 family photo. The kids – Jennifer (center), Rory (right) and Phoebe (left) are now aged 25, 21 and 18. The kids were ‘very angry’ with their father, according to the sources

    ‘This is not just a serendipitous choice,’ she told the author about Gates’ proposal to Melinda. ‘A relationship with Bill early on is a test. Are you smart enough? Do you have enough common sense? Can you make the grade? Are you athletic enough?

    ‘Melinda is Bill’s pick. He could have chosen any woman as a wife for life. He has chosen her, and that means she is an exceptional woman.’

    Wallace said he doubted Gates would return to his naked pool-partying days. But even age 54 the Microsoft boss still enjoyed a bash.

    In 2010 he was photographed ‘dancing Paris Hilton-style’ on a banquette with a group of young women at a Sundance Film Festival party sponsored by Microsoft.

    Page Six reported the billionaire ‘gyrated in a VIP booth until 2am’ and that ‘everybody was snapping photos of him until his security rushed him out the back door after he tipped a waitress $500.’

    The tech founder reportedly pulled dance moves including air guitar, fist pumping, the Swim and the Jackhammer.

  3. This is all distraction for damage control. They just need a new “Face of the Company” to push the needle in arm agenda…Bill was just too damn creepy for the women.

    My money is on a female figure arising to forward the stalled agenda…Who could that be ? I don’t know…He’s just about made every fertile young woman anti vax..This will set them back.

    Look for a rise in per-petroleum based Rockefeller medicine..i.e. plants as a preventative as opposed to pills as a therapy

  4. Could the Maxwell crew be behind all this pressure? Ghislaine is supposedly still in jail being refused bail, with pressure mounting before some kind of possible show trial. Her dad had a full Israeli state funeral with multiple dignitaries attending and saluting him after ripping off the Daily Mirror pension fund and ‘falling off his yacht’.
    Assuming the Wexner funded Epstein/Maxwell operation was on the surface a classic honey pot entrapment and blackmail fix up, they must have plenty of juice on Gates. Spring Ghislaine or go down…the deeper layers appear to have satanist undertones, with the mysteriously male looking Melinda wearing upside down crosses while telling humanity how to behave…

  5. Verbally beating up on Trey (William Gates III) has been a passion of mine for decades now. Although I did not like him by the end of the 1980s, when Microsoft made a pathetic foray into hardware; I was furious by the mid to end of the 1990s for what that Bozo did to Netscape. He should have been jailed decades ago, and not just for “reckless endangerment”.

    Yet this past year, my perspective changed and my anger subsided. Completely fixed and feeling great. Why did this occur? Well I will gladly tell you. It was because friends here at WW kept telling me to read the works of Mr. Miles Mathis, and I came across this little gem:

    When I read it (and I know an awful lot about Jobs and Woz), it all made sense. It was as if the fog had been lifted and I now understood that the stage (as all the world is a stage) was right before my eyes. Then I realized that Trey was also a player and his time under the lights was coming to an end as the curtain is beginning to fall.

  6. Kudos to Torchy (I am assuming it was Torchy) for finding the graphic of old Bill under the bus. Well done and very funny! Also, thanks for the thread Mr. Mueller.


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