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Jerome Powell and His Transient Inflation Scam

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‘Fed policies absolutely don’t add to inequality.’ — Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank

Fed chief mucky muck Jerome Powell is looking more and more like Pinocchio every passing week. His pitch is that serious signs of inflation are only “transient” and that the Fed is not a partner in plutocratic looting operations and wealth transfers. We beg to differ.

First quarter earnings season is a week old, but the biggest theme management teams are talking about is clear — higher costs.

Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson writes, “Early in earnings season, cost pressures have emerged as a prominent topic of conversation,” and “this development is corroborated by a number of macro data points which suggest that a range of expenses are on the rise.”

On Monday morning, Coca-Cola (KO) served as the week’s first Blue Chip company to report its quarterly results. The impact higher costs could have on the business were a notable part of the conference call conversation.

“Coke is grappling with the commodity inflation pressures,” CFO John Murphy said.

Trucker wages are rising sharply: It’s “the tightest driver market we have seen in our nearly three decades of being involved in the trucking sector,” one report states. “Industry executives say enhanced unemployment benefits and stimulus checks have curbed driver availability.”

April University of Michigan Sentiment one-year inflation expectation up to 3.7% versus 3.1% prior (highest since 2012). This is understated but, by itself, suggests that $120 billion a month in Fed balance sheet expansion and zero interest rates is excessively and negligently accommodative and in total la-la land.

Lumber prices are in a massive parabolic move and product is in short supply. Grain prices are surging and now there is intensifying volcanic activity that threatens to amplify Grand Solar Minimum cold in the approaching growing season.

Global Warming Industry is Hiding Developing ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase

Commodity prices over last year: lumber +265%; WTI crude +210%; gasoline +182%; Brent crude +163%; heating oil +107%; corn: +84%; copper +83%; soybeans +72%; silver +65%; sugar +59%; cotton +54%; platinum +52%; natural gas +43%; palladium +32%; wheat +19%; coffee +13%; gold +3%.

Meanwhile, another Fed mucky muck suggests that “some tapering” of the $120 billion monthly Fed largesse and zero interest rates can occur when the U.S. population is 75% vaccinated. Half of the U.S. is vaccinated now, reports claim. So sadly, that’s not far away, perhaps mid-June as the foils continue to line up in droves.

Incidentally my formerly quite healthy and robust younger brother, 67, had what appears to be a stroke or mini-stroke days after his second Pfizer vaccine. How many unreported incidents like this are there? And what are the delayed impacts? Excerpt from my other “Bro Bean’s” e mail- who tried his best to talk him out of the jabs:

He and (wife) were all ready to get “my vaccine” as he called it. I told him the straight facts about mRNA experimental vaccines and the dangers but he felt the need for whatever reason to risk taking it. I told him to look at the VAERS data before jumping overboard. Also told him he was being used as a test subject in big pharma’s grand schemes. Of course they didn’t listen. 

Received text from him that he has been under going countless tests for possible stroke he had at work after his second vaccine. Totally blanked out any meaning of words or concepts he was reading while doing software programming. He said he submitted a short summary to VAERS and the doctors are at a loss to figure out what happened to him but tests ongoing

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Evidence of Pathogenic Priming in Older Adults

Projections for hitting the 75% level are for early June, less than two months away. However, I suggest that the Crime Syndicate’s final solution for the 40% of the population who will likely refuse the “vaccine” will be to mandate that people take it or severely curtail freedoms beyond what they do now in the Scamdemic.

Another claim of Zimbabwe Jerome is that excessive money printing does not contribute to massive wealth disparity or favor plutocrats. Here is the reality of where the rubber meets the road.

At the global level, the planet’s 2,365 billionaires have seen their wealth increase $4 trillion, or 54 percent, during the pandemic year. Their combined wealth rose from $8.04 trillion to $12.39 trillion between March 18, 2020 and March 18, 2021. All while smaller business is shuttered and closing for good. If it smells like a loot, walks like a loot, looks like a loot, it probably is a loot. 

While the economy collapsed in 2020, CEO pay surged

Massive debt expansion was supposed to be a temporary buffer — more than $1 trillion of debt was taken on by U.S. companies last year to ride out the economic devastation caused by Covid-1984.

But with interest rates still near all-time lows, it’s becoming increasingly tempting for corporations, including Home Depot and Verizon Communications, to spend those cash cushions on acquisitions, stock buybacks and dividend hikes. Much of this, according to the WSJ, is flowing into junk and zombie corporations and governments.

It’s never been cheaper for the most financially fragile companies to borrow money. Yields on triple-C bonds have fallen to a record low 8%, with investors mostly shrugging off the risk of default.

22 Comments on Jerome Powell and His Transient Inflation Scam

  1. It’s a very tough environment to invest savings. You get 0.5% in a “high yield” savings account that is rapidly losing purchasing power. Stocks feel like a trap door than can open at any time. Gold and silver feel crowded and tend to move with stocks in a liquidity trap. Crypto is a scam. Real estate at 3% cap rate is a joke and good luck if a tenant stops paying rent. Could take years to evict. I see nothing of good value in the current environment except maybe inverse bond and stock etf’s.

    • >It’s a very tough environment to invest savings.You get 0.5% …

      ZIRP and negative rates have been around for a long time now — the ECB started charging member banks for depositing cash; some of these banks tried to pass this on to consumers via fees for large cash balances — I think part of the goal is to increase the ‘velocity’ of money, to reduce money/currency to nothing more than a medium of exchange, i.e. it has no intrinsic value as an incoming producing asset — this suits the oligarchs because they have plenty of cash and want to keep the hamsters turning their wheels.

      >Stocks feel like a trap door than can open at any time.


      “When the music stops . . . things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.”

      • >to reduce money/currency to nothing more than a medium of exchange

        Also if it comes to UBI they will likely claw back anything left in your allotment money that you haven’t spent by the end of the month — they will require you to spend it all — you will not be able to save anything — this will increase dependence on government, which is what UBI is about.

  2. Another fine pick by Trump. There is no way he could have made so many bad personnel picks by accident. The guy was either 1) grossly incompetent, 2) totally uninterested/uninvolved in making selections 3) deliberately picked lousy people so he could say things to keep his followers believing but never have the policies effectively implemented.

    Has even one Trump appointed judge halted anything Biden has done?

    I already boycott Coke, P&G etc. But I’m sure the inflation will get me in other ways.

    I see a rerun of Jimmy Carter, circa 1979-80.

    • >Another fine pick by Trump.

      Given fiscal reality, and the type of ‘systema’ person who would be picked for the job in any case, I’m not sure monetary policy would be different with someone else in charge — one of the more buffoonish things about Trump (among many) was his constant pumping of/crowing about the markets, as well as petulantly demanding loose money to keep asset prices up — I notice the Trumptards who gave Trump full credit for the markets when he was president are silent with the markets performing similarly under Biden.

    • Gosh, you both nailed it on the post and response.

      Now the Orange Potato is out shilling for Big Pharma and looking really run down, while promising to campaign in 2022 and threatening to return in 2024 (which I doubt). Also he is back to wanting to run the older daughter for the Senate (i had thought they abandoned that idea and were going to have both of the older sons run) in Florida.

      s16, you give us a list of his qualities, but did not give us the: 4) ALL OF THE ABOVE

      I think you nailed it, but would (humbly) submit it is # 4.

      The Carter fiscal reference was priceless and I would say very on point. Also, we might all wish to acknowledge the passing of Vice President Mondale on Monday, since we are speaking of President Carter; I was not a fan of the gentleman, but he was a moderate…an idea that has gone the way of the dinosaur.

      eah, this was priceless as well:

      “…I notice the Trumptards who gave Trump full credit for the markets when he was president are silent with the markets performing similarly under Biden.”

      No additional comment than you are really, really right. Okay one comment, too bad none of these followers had ever owned Orange Potato casino bonds. Then they would have known what a sharp financial mind they were dealing with. Hey, in the end it was all PT Barnum type of smoke and illusion.

      Best to the both of you,

  3. Well, I start from the premise that market crashes don’t just happen on macro economic news or some exogenous event, they are orchestrated. Given that, JP may be correct in this transitory theme.
    We may be witnessing one last pump before the dump. Coffee up 13% Gold up 3% might be the tell; Both are energy and labor dependent

    An increase in poor people or a decrease in population wont be good for copper or timber. and think we will get both. Powell may be correct, just give it a few more months for ACT II

  4. I’m sorry to hear that your brother has taken the jabs and become ill, Russ. At least you and brother bean tried to warn him. That’s all one can do. I tried to warn my mother but was also unsuccessful. She was so proactive in obtaining the jabs for her and my father, thinking it was some healthy thing to do, believing those disgusting bitches on good morning America and their local affiliate, who constantly lied about the “short supply” of the poison- talk about a QVC like marketing ploy- “supplies are limited!” Certainly JFK was spot on when he described the crime syndicate as operating mainly through covet means… Now I am simply in a wait and see mode, while hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. What’s worse is that my normie siblings have all been jabbed as well, working in the medical field. When I asked my brother why, he replied that he wanted things to go back to normal, saying he “wanted to walk down the street and be able to see a pretty girl’s face again”. Obviously that isn’t working out for him… But his desire got me thinking. About my own complicity in this psyop. I’m referencing my personal acquiescence to masking while in public. I’ve done that to avoid confrontation with the scared covidians and law enforcement, and I venture out very rarely to minimize my having to do so. When at work I stay out of the office to avoid mask police and I’m blessed to be able to work outside in the sun. I also wear a neck gaiter instead of a real mask but my face is still covered, which is the real point of this slave obedience training exercise, as pointed out on this site. My point is that I failed the exercise also. I’ve been no different than my brother, every time I have masked up for groceries. I have to do better from now on with that aspect. I’ve always understood that this is all about control, but for some reason allowed them the “inch” of masking while ignoring the fact that they would take the “mile” all the way to the jabs. Make no mistake, mandatory jabs for me and mine are my red line. I won’t allow it and scare myself thinking about what I would do to prevent it from happening. But I should have been more resistant to the whole of it, specifically the masks, because they were the first step in their incremental approach to where we are today.

    • Yeah, I meant to tell you yesterday how much I liked the honesty and insight of this post. It is TOP NOTCH!

      I just did a lot of writing (yesterday) and needed to take a break for family time (I find myself a lot more focused on family time these days). Yet, you have an excellent post here.

      What I have been trying to maintain is more of a mom-and-pop purchase pattern. In doing so, I mask much of the time, but justify it in my head that I am dealing with a private business and my choice is either to continue working with them or figure something else out, which could cause them to fail if other patrons followed a similar pattern. So out of respect for the owners, I mask when they need me to (some places have let it slide if I am in and out).

      Outside, none of us are wearing masks very much if we can simply distance and I have seen all sorts of non-mask activities in crowds such as folks with dogs, unrelated, who simply meet up and hang out (sans-a-mask). The issue becomes anything near the deeper downtown of the Capitol, where folks have collectively decided to comply to everything; however, I have thankfully not needed to head down there and mainly listen to other people’s stories.

      On the jab, we find ourselves in much the same position being the only group out of one side of our family who has not gone for the shot. We are encouraged to do so regularly, and yet “the nothing has gone back to the way it was” retort becomes my easy (low hanging fruit) counter (rather than me pulling out the science and also re-citing the whole BSL4 / UN Security Council argument). Thank fully most of my family believes in orthomolecular health / medicine, so the reverse becomes the case and there is only one individual that I know of who had the jab.

      Please hang in there, and you / yours be well. Always good to read what you have to say.

  5. Well, I was going to stay on the sidelines for this one; however, I only just read about the other Mr. Winter and his experiences after vaccination. I will definitely be keeping a good thought and prayer for him going forward, and I am truly sorry to hear that this event even took place in his life.

    Now if you read down the line (after me), you are going to see some really, I mean really smart friends all make excellent points. As I have nothing too much to add to any of their posts, except to say it was a pleasure to read them all, I am going to spin off in a slightly different direction. BGNZ, please do not bite my head off if you disagree on this one.

    If we look at the end of this thread, we see am image from the very famous (psyop) television show, The Twilight Zone. What I am about to say should fit right in with that mood. Now I will need to ask that people who are interested in what I am about to write, please look up some of what I am saying, as I am short on time and will not be listing links at the moment.

    So I firmly believe the YIELDS will be rising slowly for now and then will pick up tremendous speed going into 2023 (which is a reasonable lead time).

    The fighters (Central Banks, Goldman, JP Morgan, et. al) are already choreographing their moves in press statements around the globe. If you pay attention to say Bloomberg Asia on the weekend, read Barons, and / or look at a “financial norm for news” that seems to just be filling space when the markets are closed (and many folks are not looking), you will notice that many of the “experts” are projecting rising YIELDS into 2024. Now I do not follow these experts, but I would say that at the fundamental level (not on technicals — please do not quote me the Nasdaq release on the bonds not selling at auction this week), we see the making of a perfect storm ahead. Much of America, as well as mom and pop investors in “established markets” will not be ready for the change.

    On the most minor level, let’s consider students and the student loan bubble. Who is not the largest lender (thank you Barry)of student loans (not guarantor, but actual loan shark)? Now what happens if yields rise and interest rises along side it? None of those loans are fixed rate. And unlike the housing bubble, their is not a clear way to actually short the burst since the banks are not the lenders. Historical loans could be shorted if you wished to go after (Sallie Mae / Navient); however, the big pot of gold is all U.S. Treasury. The student cannot seek protections under the bankruptcy code (thanks Gipper; I guess it is good Bonzo did not have student loans), so we are beginning to talk true PRISON PLANET here.

    With rising yields, do we think there will be a robust job market for their services after they receive their piece of paper (or digital tattoo diploma — makes you wonder why since the late 1980s the famous have been pushing all that ink on the youth)?

    This is a small, domestic, situation that could get real fun, real fast if I am even vaguely correct. We could go into all of the crazy that will occur globally, but that would form a dissertation and not a post. Well, lets consider two other points:

    1, Who are the largest owners of Treasuries?

    Yep, you are right China and Japan.

    Do you think they are tired of the levels they have been receiving since the 1990s?

    Yeah, me too.

    Do you think with higher yields they might role the expiring Treasuries into new ones for a better yield?

    Yeah, me too.

    Do you think it will keep the controlled situation with China even more controllable no matter how much the media beats the drums of war?

    Yeah, I am with you on that one (we created them, and now we will keep them fat and happy — by the way, we should all keep an eye on both obesity rates and pig disease in China — seems like a storm is a brewing).

    Okay, so I think you get the picture.

    2. Now we move on to RACISM!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry it always seems people need to yell this word these days, and I did not wish to seem like I was not “hip” with the youth)

    And the Great Reset…

    Well, if you want to teach those rich white nations to eat that cheaper, synthetic, meat, you could make the price of beef skyrocket with the interest rates and by driving out some of the remaining smaller to medium farm concerns, because these “WHITE” wealthy nations need to learn to shut the f*ck up (sorry you guys know I do not like to curse much when I write) and eat the bugs, as well as the plastics.

    Then you allow the “emerging markets” to invest heavier into places like the United States of America with their profits from keeping prices lower (by contrast during inflation) and through the use of real SLAVE LABOR, not what they call a Starbuck’s employee making $ 15.00 per hour with full benefits.

    Basically, you use the model we once had with China. Get them to invest a lot into our dying economy, while ensuring that their markets prosper through trade, by selling the comforts that all cupcake eating Americans just need to survive. Make sure that the trade is skewed so that the exporting nation is offering the product for next to nothing in the parity, but is still a lot of puka shells it their world. Then offer subsidies that may be directly reinvested in U.S. Treasuries at the tax payer’s expense. Viva Las Vegas baby!

    As America continues its unraveling, you offer play at home lottery, social credit scores for subsidies (and to cover the never ending student loan for that degree in “Marketing”), plastic foods, and a mortgage market that is all but untouchable except if you play a very tough game or are willing to live either urban / tiny (ever wonder why “TINY” homes are all over the television and magazine stands in the local CVS?). Basically, this is a great reminder to a time, many folks will not even know since they were not around when it happened (Who you gonna call?):

    Well, I went on and on…yes, I do apologize; however, if you look at what is here, you will see that it supports the thread on a longer time horizon.

    Oh, and not advice per se, but if Mr. Winter is right about the massive buyback before this all occurs at a quicker pace, then I would recommend that any of you holding equities begin to become aware of preferred shares, which are rarely even mentioned these days. Do not worry about the voting rights, seek the yields and the position if the organization goes under (many will).


    • For anyone who has family and / or friends who take the jab and experience issues, please consider:

      And yes I know this one is redundant as I have posted it before, but after all it does explain the American Dream and may even make one laugh a little at the insanity of the entire system:

      Everyone who shows up here is in my prayers and good thoughts!


      P.S. Also, if I am even vaguely right, you may wish to keep an eye on the balance of trade with many South American (Peru comes to mind after this election) nations and some of the lesser spoken about Asian nations (e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia, and the like).

      • Many of you probably already know this, but just in case there is someone who has not come across the idea: SEEDS!

        You can develop that “green thumb” or you could use them for trade / barter if the case should merit such a move. Now normally I would suggest a vault, but they have sold out for months:

        Yet you could make your own vault quite easily and fill it with:

        There are references all over the internet for buckets, air / temperature control and even easy resealable containers (think pet kibble) for staring small, then growing your vault.

        Last thing; This is more of a “moon shot”. I have had the idea for a while that one could construct a swimming pool (salt water preferable), connected to a green house and stick an atmospheric water machine or two in that green house (with the plants). Then you could produce food, stay healthy and even create water. Another idea was to add a tilapia farm to the structure, but that is more involved.

        There are books on all of these resources, but not one that combines the resources with atmospheric water production. So now we have an extra possibility.

          • Many thanks my friend; I will look at the video later today. Mainly I have a few books on the topic, but often it is hard to wrap my head around some of the aspects, so a video will be very helpful.

            It would be really cool if a person could combine a pool, greenhouse, water production and a tilapia farm into one structure that is separate from the home, but maybe connected by a corridor. Cost wise, cement blocks could offer a more reasonable option for this type of project; however, I do think it could still be a pricey idea.

            At one point, we (the family) purchased a water machine (USA made of all stainless parts – I was very happy to find it) that used atmospheric technology for production. It was fine in DC during the summer (in fact it was excellent during many weeks), but in the winter it was not that helpful and we had to return to the filter, then distillation, of tap water (drive out the fluoride, which is extremely heavy in the nation’s Capitol).

            We ended up selling the machine to a couple who had a place up here and a place in Florida. They took it south.

            Again, thanks for the resource. Hope all is well with you.


    • Hey Simple, You know I aint like that…But……..And here it comes…For you to own nothing and be happy I would have to agree, yields must rise.

      Yes yields up. But being “happy” in this case is not a state of being, it is a deal. A homeowner bailout.

      Now as far as yields equating to price increases, this is more of an art than a science. Whether the rest of the global central banks follow these increases may not reflect in the exchange rates. The USD could gain massive strength and in that case imported beef could become very inexpensive “if allowed in”- This is the art part of it, its all a moving target.


      The government spins the narrative in ACT II that the “variant” have mutated into a super strain and it jumps species, in which case all livestock is through the roof leading to famine, which I do believe to be the end game here.

      This chart may shed some light on depopulation and deflation of “non food items” to be more precise

      which brings me back to this guy

      • My friend, I was really teasing you, because I know you are not like that; however, I am often in awe (quite literally) of your acumen. So I was being a goof; I look forward to our conversations.

        On this:

        “Now as far as yields equating to price increases, this is more of an art than a science. Whether the rest of the global central banks follow these increases may not reflect in the exchange rates. The USD could gain massive strength and in that case imported beef could become very inexpensive “if allowed in”- This is the art part of it, its all a moving target.”

        120% (yeah folks I normally say 110) in agreement

        “The government spins the narrative in ACT II that the “variant” have mutated into a super strain and it jumps species, in which case all livestock is through the roof leading to famine, which I do believe to be the end game here. ”

        Agreed and this is why I am wondering about the obesity rate and pork issues in Chinese men…I think there is gamesmanship going on here, but I am still unclear on the total objective.

        Either way, I am actually surprised pork is not even higher right now (they are literally digging trenches in Vietnam and dumping pigs into them, imported from Africa, which is causing concerns with regard to run off water).

        Being called to dinner as it is about that time in the nation’s Capitol if you have a family and try to keep it together. I will come back to the charts either afterward or by tomorrow AM at the latest.

        Please be well and many (many) thanks for the excellent response.


        • Regarding obesity in China I believe this is the result of a more western diet with sugar and glutton and not protein. Our digestive tracks at youth are more like 50 grade sand paper and highly processed flour and junk food smooth it down to 800 grade by the time you hit 40, the flour does not process as well. As for sugar, just add 8 hours of video games and viola …Fat person

          I encourage anyone reading this to break from glutton for 3 days and see how you feel…

      • Two excellent links; thank you. I will be retaining the statista one for use later (already bookmarked). As for Mr. Jordan, I had heard the name before, but never read up on him. Again, thanks.

        It is always interesting to me when affirmed eugenics believers decide to have more than one child. If there conviction is so strong, then why not keep it to one or none? Yet, then I slap myself back into the reality that they could have 20 children with many wives, in the end they are still under the misconception that their “seed” is so much better and more valuable to humanity than the offspring of other individuals. If they would simply re-watch Trading Places, then they would understand that it is not an inherent birth right that makes for a good citizen, but rather the choices they make in their lives. Certainly, Valentine proves this in the end of the film.

        With regard to western dietary influences in China, I do agree; however, I do think that the opportunities and cost is relegated to the larger urban areas of China. Also, you and I have had great discussions on fasting in the past and I know we concur on the gluten that you are mentioning here. If one can break from the gluten, fast once in a while

        (I do 1 day each week and 4 -5 days during the end of a quarter, which really works for me; yet even a day every now and again can really be great on your system),

        possibly intermittent fast daily

        (another thing I actively do – I use an 8 hour window, but take one day off per week),

        get a little exercise, also lay off the simple sugars that can easily be converted in the body and get some really good sleep, then that individual should feel pretty darn good overall.

        (AN ASIDE: I split the sentence [above] up so we could all see it better; I will do the same below, since my paragraphs above look really clunky this morning)

        The reason that I bring up the pork specifically is because you and I sometimes discuss tradable commodities (for those who do not know, one can trade futures contracts based on pork production; it is one of the older tradable commodities in the United States).

        Quite honestly, with all of the issues that pork seems to have recently encountered (especially in Africa, where many Asian nations import from), I am surprised the price is not even higher (again, as many of you read in this thread, pretty much all tradable commodities have been hitting new highs since 2020).

        To your point about gluten, we often are the end of the food chain. If an animal is fed lots and lots of gluten, then we may be avoiding gluten products in our lives, but still consuming gluten through our choice in protein.

        Many African nations are either provided Monsanto feed for free or provided subsidies to purchase the product with a little left over for the recipient. These products often contain GMO synthesized grains, which are high on gluten. This fattens the pig up much quicker than if you let them clear a field or even a forest full of grass and other plant life.

        Much of Asia’s middle to lower classes have always been able to afford poultry and pork a lot easier than beef. In China, Japan and Siam, beef was considered a “royal” commodity. Now I am not implying that is the case now; however, I do think there is a legacy of poultry and pork consumption that is “ingrained” (pun intended – considering the conversation) in the general population.

        Assuming, African exporters are cutting corners in the raising of pork to replace export values due to animal deaths, I would suggest that the main imports to China are laced with GMO gluten and these items are causing a spike in obesity, especially amongst males. So western agricultural products in conjunction with western lifestyle products (especially in the urban markets).

        Sorry to go so long with that explanation, but I could not easily think of a way to explain my idea in a more succinct manner. Now I need to get back to some work.

        Great speaking with you BGNZ; I hope all is well on your end!


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