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There Is No Such Thing as ‘White’ Math

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I naively believed that STEM would be spared from the ideological takeover. I was wrong, says Princeton professor Sergiu Klainerman.

By Sergiu Klainerman | 1 March 2021

COMMON SENSE WITH BARI WEISS — In my position as a professor of mathematics at Princeton, I have witnessed the decline of universities and cultural institutions as they have embraced political ideology at the expense of rigorous scholarship. Until recently — this past summer, really — I had naively thought that the STEM disciplines would be spared from this ideological takeover.

I was wrong. Attempts to “deconstruct” mathematics, deny its objectivity, accuse it of racial bias, and infuse it with political ideology have become more and more common — perhaps, even, at your child’s elementary school.

This phenomenon is part of what has been dubbed “The Great Awokening.” As others have explained powerfully, the ideology incubated in academia, where it indoctrinated plenty of bright minds. It then migrated, through those true believers, into our important cultural, religious and political institutions. Now it is affecting some of the country’s most prominent businesses.

Unlike the traditional totalitarianism practiced by former communist countries, like the Romania I grew up in, this version is soft. It enforces its ideology not by jailing dissenters or physically eliminating them, but by social shaming, mob punishment, guilt by association, and coerced speech.

When it comes to education, I believe the woke ideology is even more harmful than old-fashioned communism. […]

2 Comments on There Is No Such Thing as ‘White’ Math

  1. Thank you all at Winter Watch for allowing me to Vent, for understanding my Passion for US. Please bear with me, as I have much to say.

    Wow, it now appears that anything difficult to learn and/or has any normal challenge to at all, it is deemed systematic white racism by “The Great Awokening”. Supposing waking up for the Awoke every morning is sometimes hard, too; so maybe the Awoke should just permanently sleep-in, and we Patriotic Americans will take care of the rest of US.

    Complaining, Executive-level Public Corruption, and it’s easy way out (Crime) have now Cocktailed unclean hands on a large enough scale to have created its own Economy, separate from US/Ours. It was all clearly staged and put into play by the Democrat Party Leadership’s Clandestine Political Arena – Their Deep State. Though, none of US wanted or want to see any violence, “The Great Awokening and Democrat Party Leadership” are, without question, intentionally inciting violence, trying desperately to make it happen, just like a False-Flag Op to gain the necessary public support to maintain Absolute Power for Communist-China’s next move, via JOETUS.

    Never mind US, Right! It’s just Common Sense 101 (God’s Gravity), and the S is about to HTF. Sad, but true. Never thought I’d see these days, but they are clearly upon US All.

    My 31-year career as a private contractor was filled with Great Respect for FBI and our US Intelligence Community, and there is absolutely no shortage of evidence to prove it. As for now, our Country needs the FBI and our Intelligence Community more than ever before. So they had better Cocktail-Up for US American Citizens, and once and for All, stop this living-breathing-metastasizing Democrat Party Leadership Deep-State Coup deTat’ of our US Government, of our Country, of US All. Our FBI and Intelligence Community swore to defend our Constitutional Rights against Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic. And so far, None of US are giving up our Constitutional Rights as US Citizens to JOETUS, the Democrat Party Leadership, or to their Deep-State.

    I have seen and survived much in my over 60 years of life, and have always worked the right side of the fence, never the Dark-Side; I will go to my grave in knowing so. And, FBI and some in the Intelligence Community know it. I started losing trust in FBI when in 2009, they admonished me, and now I know why (for getting far too close to exposing the Clintons-Obama-Joe Biden). None of US Patriotic Americans want any violence at all, as we entrusted in our FBI and Intelligence Community to protect US from it. Nor did any of US True Trump Supporters, paying close attention to his end message of Transparency, Truth and Justice, want any violence. Nor do I – in any way – have any intent to incite any violence, never have, and never will.

    On another note, with the exception of a few Heroic FBI Agents still on the job, most of the FBI I knew of years ago have retired, many because they served their time well and saw what was coming in 2008 – those Agents were and still are Good Men and Women. They honored their Service Commitments and Protected US Well. As for the rest of you newer Agents, please remember what you stand for. This should make some sense to you; As my Father, the Colonel once told me at the young age of 10 (just after a 4-year old Muslim boy was sacrificed and another Good, Decent Moderate-Muslim Friend was Murdered in front of US 12 Americans being held hostage in the Middle-East for 4 hours that day), “Son, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, know we love you, and you’re going to be alright, as long as you get up and move forward with me again. Walk with me, Son. We’re here for a reason – these people need our help.” We 12 Americans physically fought off terrorists that day and the US Navy Sixth Fleet and US Marines aboard that 1969 Med-Flotilla backed up the 4 Israeli-Trained Commandos who saved US.

    What say you FBI, our Intelligence Community? Who do you Serve & Protect? As long as you do what it Right and Just, we will always support you. Keeping you All in Prayer, as well, and let God’s Gravity handle the rest.

  2. The Evergreen State College -BLM problem like.( BLM members were pissed off when Soros didn’t pay them as he said he would , for them to make a huge mess…)
    Here the aim is to make stupid average people easy to tell what to do and what to think, plus making people watch this while they buy guillotines or do anything else that they do not want us to notice.

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