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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Las Vegas Harvest Deception

Patrick “Dino” Ryan and Russ in this show focused almost entirely on the Las Vegas Harvest deception event of 2017 in which 60 concert goers were allegedly shot to death and 411 were wounded during a 10-minute spree.

It is claimed that one Stephen Poddack, a 64-year-old man, inexplicably holed up on the distant 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel armed with 24 firearms, a large quantity of ammunition and numerous high-capacity magazines capable of holding up to 100 rounds apiece.

Next, the inexplicable tale of Jesus Campos, the alleged security guard shot in the Mandalay, was examined. The citation material, photos and “Ellen Show” interview referenced can be viewed in “‘Missing’ Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Shows Up for ‘Ellen’ Show Interview, Digs Himself Into a Deep Hole.”

The duo examined rare footage of two overhead cameras taken of the scene. These are embedded in the following post where you can follow along the conversation and see it with your own eyes: “The Mandalay Rooftop Footage of the Route 91 Massacre.”

A link to the post “Highly Revealing Synchronized Videos Emerge of Las Vegas Shooting (Note Important Shooter Audio Analysis Update!” provides rare footage of the scene on the ground for extra scrutiny.

“The Mystery of the Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend” was also discussed.

Shanksville on 9/11 was mentioned by Dino: “The “Boeing 757” That Magically Vaporized in Shanksville on 9/11”

Russ’ one-hour segment of Dino’s March 9 episode is here.

The full four-hour Patrick “Dino” Ryan Show is here.

8 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Las Vegas Harvest Deception

  1. Gents,

    Very good show. It did wind down a little somber, and it is probably the only thing I (respectfully) disagreed with since it is in the future and there is plenty of time for things to get better for all of us.

    Plus part of the beauty of WW is that we do help each other out with what we know, what we learn and ways to make our lives better, no matter what the circumstances in the current events. Dino is an extension of our family and has already made some very positive suggestions; I will just keep a prayer for optimism and improvement sent his way.

    These are tough times, but we can be positive in our own lives, no matter what the circumstances are. Plus “NEVER LET THE B-STARDS GET YOU DOWN.”

    Now there is a lot I could comment on regarding:

    1. RW’s move,

    2. the Las Vegas shooting and the wonderful threads WW has been giving us,

    3. I could reference the Soprano’s episode (Fleshy Part of the Thigh) linking it to the alleged security guard ( with the body double,

    4. the fact that the Orange Potato pardoned the senior Kushner,

    5. where I think the secret underground base is located that produces walking human thumbs (Jared and Mark for instance),

    6. we could talk about SHARP (Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice) skin heads I knew over at CBGBs and in Manhattan generally in the 1980s (one’s father had been a Black Panther),


    I could make more of a statement about the “Q-asshat” that was bothering RW on YouTube.

    Yet that would be a really, really long post and I am already running long.

    So instead, I am going to shoot a question or three over to Dino, that all are welcome to participate in. Here we go:

    1. Ever heard the rumor that the real Donald Trump (not the Orange Potato) died with his executives in that 1989 helicopter crash in New Jersey?

    2. Now Dick Gregory (RIP) used to say there were two Trumps. Red tie Trump who was supposedly the real one and blue tie Trump who was supposedly a body double.

    Are you familiar with what I am mentioning here?


    3. So do you think that the real Trump was possibly replaced in 1989, or that there may be two of the guy (one real and one fake) being used for all these shenanigans?

    Many thanks.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen


    So I did meet a Mr. Trump in 1998, but at the time I had already dismissed the 1989 rumor as not real (today, I openly question my youthful self and do wonder if it could have happened).

    Also, I was more concerned about the whole handshake thing because I had heard he was a germ-o-phobe (by this woman in the early 1990s: and did not shake hands.Yet he stuck his hand out to me and a group of my colleagues and we all shook his hand.

    Met Ivana and Ivanka at in event in 1997. Ivana was not an easy lady to speak with. Ivanka was quiet and had her original nose at the time.

    Although I do not have much of an opinion on “the Donald”, I will say that I always liked the snowflake he allowed to be attached to the Tower at Christmas time (big one that hung over the intersection; I have a photograph of it from 1987 and I still like that image a whole lot).

    Yet, when Torchy sent RW his birthday greeting, I started looking at old Donald footage and realized that the guy in 1988 did not look like the guy in 1990, 1992, 1994, and so on and so forth,

    In fact I sent RW a video link and joked how the guy in 1992 looked like a taller David Ferrie (fake hair and eyebrows; JWR if you pass through, please give this video a look):

    So I do not have the answers to my own questions at all, but I would love to hear what other people think and I know Dino does love a good mystery.

    Wishing everyone at WW very well on this fine Wednesday.

    shh – glad to hear about the grand kids / thanks for the response regarding the young lady’s video

    Ed – thank you very much for the response; I agree, and I am appreciative

    • See I think the 1988 Donald Trump, who is being groomed by Oprah Winfrey (gosh I miss fat Oprah, she was so much more fun than thin Oprah) looks different to me:–Q


      this Donald Trump on Letterman:

      Now I totally get there is a four year spread and people change over time, but I really feel something is off and I missed it in all those prior years until recently when I saw Torchy’s dancing Trump and began reexamining his evolution in video media.

      Certainly, I could be wrong; however, I do wonder. There are a lot of videos of Donald Trump, so I realize that I am only putting a very narrow selection up here as links; however, I do encourage all of us to just give ti a look and tell me if it is at all possible.

      Many thanks.

      Oh yeah, one more that makes me wonder if the guy was replaced in 1989:

      The guy on the sofa really does not look like the guy from 1988.

      • You may be on to something. Most high profile Celebs and Politicians have a double or look alike. As people age the nose and ears change and skin sags.

        The Trump in the videos above show him shaking hands, and of course as President he didn’t have a problem shaking hands. Keep in mind many of these famous people we see in the media are paid actors and actresses, whose real names and backgrounds have been distorted.

        Once their useful time is up, some have their death staged, then reassigned to another role or relocated to another location on the planet.

  2. I listened to part of this and heard Ryan say there wasn’t any blood to be seen during the Sandy Hook coverage — this is also true of the ‘evidence’ released by the CT state attorney and the FBI after the investigation: PDFs allegedly containing crime scene (e.g. classroom) fotos were in some cases entirely redacted, supposedly out of concern for the families — but maybe they could have shown the blood-smeared floor of a classroom after removing the bodies? — after all, if it all happened as alleged there must have been a LOT of blood smeared and splattered everywhere, so much that taking a foto of the scene that did not show any blood at all may have been difficult — but you can search in vain for a single crime scene foto with blood in it — in fact the only fotos that look remotely like a crime scene are the ones showing spent cartridges with evidence markers beside them — for obvious reasons that’s not very convincing.

    But re SH, there is a very strong ’emperor’s new clothes’ aspect — despite the anomalies, people are extremely reluctant to consider the possibility that SH was a ‘false flag’ (to push gun control, among other agendas) — you rarely find someone who hasn’t done it yet/before who’s at all open to look at/consider these anomalies — they just don’t want to ‘go there’.

    • Intellihub did alot of great investigation into Vegas. Now their site is down for the last week. Is Shep being erased from the web? BIG loss if true.

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