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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss MK Ultra and the Question about Conspiracy, Somebody Would Talk

Patrick “Dino” Ryan and Winter Watch’s own Russ Winter in their weekly hour-long segment on Tuesday focused on MK Ultra and the conspiracy question of “someone would talk.” The answer to the second: They do. The cases of Jack Ruby and E. Howard Hunt stand out.

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Video game violence and gore.

Russ’ Winter Watch on the Radio, one-hour segment for March 30 episode is here. Where else are you getting this?!

Patrick Ryan Show with Dino site is here.


12 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss MK Ultra and the Question about Conspiracy, Somebody Would Talk

  1. So now a pResident is the ultimate say so..NOT! Word is the hitmen said “the jews are paying” If the cabal didn’t sanction it it wouldn’t be. The Federal Reserve, CIA(enforcers for the cabal) Dimona … LBJ just another useful idiot. Doesn’t ((Roger Stone)) blame LBJ? Didn’t Dildo ORielly write one of his kosher fairy tale books “Killing Kennedy” not sure who this tool blamed but surely it wasn’t his pay masters.

      Brian Lamb:
      Leslie Cockburn, what was the most interesting part of writing this book?

      Leslie Cockburn:
      There are a number of things. For example, one particular part which I found most interesting was we talk about Israeli operations in Colombia and some of the Israeli commandos who trained the hit squads of the Medellin cartel. It turns out that they had trained us in Israel as well when they were between trips to Colombia. These were the same people who also trained most of the top commanders in the Guatemalan military and also trained the Contras. They had a firm that was under license to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and then they’d turn up in the jungles of Puerto Boyac in Colombia. So, we had a lot of adventures, I must say.


  2. In your JFK scenario, I’d like your take on the incident at Parkland Hospital when the FBI agents took a bucket of soapy water and a mop and began washing the limousine, the scene of the crime.


    Someone said to us,
    “Do you know what the function of the Jerusalem Post is?”
    We said, “What?”
    He said, “It’s to give the American ambassador a happy breakfast.”
    So they’re very conscious of, “Hebrew is for us and English is for everyone else.” We also found with books and also some diaries and documents there was a treasure trove. The Israelis, of course, are good at keeping secrets. It’s not like they spill everything out and they have to have a freedom of information. But there is still a wealth of detail and information and color and a lot of what you need to know to understand the connection we’re talking about in Hebrew.

    Brian Lamb:
    How did you get it translated? Was it expensive?

    Andrew Cockburn
    Yes, but we thought it was worth the investment.

    Brian Lamb:
    Can you give us an example of something that you learned that was in Hebrew that we never saw in English?

    Andrew Cockburn
    Sure. The ’67 war, for example. The people’s general view of the 1967 war was all the Arabs sort of ganged up on Israel and may have even attacked Israel and the Israelis fought them off and won the great victory which got them the West Bank that people are arguing about today.
    In fact, let me give you a quick background. Let me put it this way:
    We found a book of memoirs written by a guy who was the military aide to the then-prime minister of Israel. It was a guy called Israel Lior. He gives an account in this book which has never been translated into English. It’s available only in Hebrew; in fact, wasn’t even a bestseller there. He gives an account how on June 3, 1967 — two days before the war broke out — he was at the home of the prime minister and they were waiting for the head of Mossad to come back from Washington. The head of Mossad had been sent to Washington to get permission, to get the green light, to launch the war. He explains, “We knew we could win” — he’s explained already in the book –
    “The generals were hot to go. They weren’t really scared of the Egyptians or anyone else, but they wanted to go ahead with this and the prime minister had been saying, ‘No, we can’t do it. We can’t attack until we have American permission.'”

    Andrew Cockburn:
    He gives this very vivid description of how Meir Amit, the head of Mossad, comes back into the room at midnight. The high command is sitting around, and this being an Israeli meeting the air is thick with cigarette smoke. Amit walks back in and they say,
    “Well, what is it? Is it war or no war? Will they let us go?”
    Amit says,
    “Well, I’ve been given to understand, the Americans have told me that they will bless us if we crush Nassar, and that’s it.”
    They started the war on Monday morning. He’d been to Washington and he’d seen Richard Helms, the head of the CIA, and a very few other very senior officials, also including, certainly, James Jesus Angleton, and they got permission to do it. So that was something that had never been in English. Once you’ve read that, you understand that things are a bit different from the kind of histories you read in English.

    • The histories in English of which I am aware do not conceal the fact that the Israelis launched preemptive strikes in 1967. Question is why.

      • Perhaps a preemptive “greater Israel project” strike toward the “re-building of the temple”. We might all concur that this is an underlying idea for greater expansion, which is merely symbolic to the Rothschild state.

        A humble guess.

        • I was merely alluding to the fact that, at the time, it was widely acknowledged that the Israeli preemptive strikes were most certainly not unprovoked – Egypt was clearly marshaling forces – some gov figure announcing that passenger ships would be available to deport Jewish citizens after the invasion (“if there are any left”). As so often the case in warfare, the Egyptians were over-confident, had incorrectly judged the capacities of their adversary and lost.

          Military preemption, by the way, is recognized under applicable international law as entirely legitimate under certain conditions such as the above.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Good show.

    Dino, I am not a Jets fan by a long shot, but I thought the cap was excellent. Also you are looking well.

    RW, that was a very good show and I was surprised how much ground you were able to cover in the time. Honestly, I felt the show flew by and yet so much material was discussed. Excellent.

    A quick list of miscellaneous points and ideas pertaining to the show (if anyone wants details, just let me know — but for the most part, I am just going to be brief in each idea):

    1. Volunteers – yes I would agree with soldiers and prisoners, but would also add the idea of paid volunteers for various government programs. In fact there used to be folks who made their living being paid volunteers for government medical experiments. Also, military enlistment bonuses could often be awarded for participation in dangerous programs.

    2. Mr. Lennon was allegedly murdered by Mr. Mark David Chapman and yes he was considered a mind control subject.

    Mr. Reagan was allegedly shot by Mr. Jonathan (John) Hinkley, Jr., whose family was close personal friends with the Bush family in Texas. This even happened 40 years ago as of yesterday.

    3. Ruby and cancer, some resources (all book titles)

    A. Dr. Mary’s Monkey
    B. Me and Lee
    C. The Rockefeller Files
    D. David Ferrie (book by Ms. Baker who also authored Me and Lee)
    E. Many of the videos on YouTube, and even Crossfire the book by Mr. Jim Marrs; Mr. Marrs actually knew Mr. Ruby and hung out (occasionally) in the Carousel Club — I think he was an excellent author and researcher

    4. The alleged murder of Lee Harvey Oswald was the first televised killing (in either a nonfiction or fiction program) in the history of the nation. Most television programs that might have dealt with a murder (e.g. Perry Mason or any cop drama) at the time, would have never actually shown a graphic murder scene. The idea would have been handled in dialogue, but not shown graphically. Mr. Dino, my friend, a loss of innocence indeed.

    5. Lest we all forget that Mr. Hunt blackmailed President Nixon and was given everything he asked for (money and freedom from jail), as the President was worried about opening up that “whole Bay of Pigs thing”.

    6. Mr. Cord Meyer was a well known globalist, which is (evidently) why President Kennedy liked him quite a bit in those early days (the parties in Georgetown, prior to becoming President). Now I am going to leave Mrs. May Meyers out of this one, since I am really beginning to wonder if President Kennedy was in fact a homosexual based on the work of Mr. Miles Mathis:

    7. Always amazing to me that Mr. Hunt’s deathbed confession had little to no real details on Mr. Frank Wisner, who I do believe could have been a “Hand of Death” associate. If nothing else, he was more of a trained killer than most CIA agents of his era.

    8. To my knowledge, President Kennedy was the mobs second choice in the 1960s race. They actually wanted President Nixon and gave money to both campaigns. The final sell was two fold:

    A. Mr. Joseph Kennedy Sr. solicited the mob, many of whom (especially Meyer Lansky and a very young Frank Costello) were former associates of his.

    B. The mob worried that President Nixon had too deep a fascination with communism due to his desire to build bridges with both the Soviet Union and China.

    9. When I think assassination, the use of insane assailants, muddled details and a mess of a case, I am often reminded of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s murder.

    10. Dino, there are some decent family games for the Nintendo Switch including multiplayer versions of older game shows such as Family Feud. Plus, the Switch is less likely to spy on you and your family while you play (both Xbox and Playstation are in the data collection business).

    11. RW, some links pertaining to video games

    (violence, drugs and crime galore — all ripe MK Ultra type programing and I am not even going into the illicit code that the player is not seeing, but is flashing before their eyes…please remember folks that it is all in the EULA and they can put whatever they want into their games…caveat emptor applies):,141514/

    Plus the games are often sold with celebrity names attached to them (or even washed up celebrity names).

    12. Purge the military? Good. Let’s have Red Dawn become not just cinema, but the real thing. Wolverines!!! (I AM JUST KIDDING HERE)

    13. We might want to mention Mr. Mueller’s fine thread on linking Attorney General Robert (bob) Barr’s father to the Dalton School as well.

    14. Dino, we should be shouting, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” when it comes to Saint George the porn star. Where are the counterfeit bills that were used in the shop and can be tied to both Mr. George, as well as Officer Chauvin?

    Answer: They supposedly went missing form the evidence lock-up…I kid you not.

    15. Ms. Maxwell has been dark holed and is probably relocated abroad. If and when we get new movement on the case, I do believe that whoever is labelled Ms. Maxwell will in fact not be the original Ms. Maxwell. I guess we shall see.

    16. Mr. Icke is someone to be careful of as he has been shown to be a Freemason in the past. Plus he is now very cozy with Mr. Alex Jones who has a very odd background indeed.

    17. Hitler and Stalin might have both been Tavistock products during each of their “lost years” in Great Britain.

    18. As I have said on here before, we built both the Soviet Union and Communist China, including the military resource of both entities through the Lend Lease plan. Plus FDR loved Uncle Joe, which is more than likely one of the many reasons he was assassinated (no one wanted Franklin speaking poorly of the Cold War).

    19. We helped to create the sanctions against Germany, which brings us back to the Dulles brothers and Mendel House…cozy world.

    20. And we wonder why James Jesus and Cicely Angleton decided to hide their children amongst the Hare Krishnas…these parent understood the violence and trouble that lay ahead for the United States of America.

    21. The effort to de-masculate black men has been going on for decades now, as part of a larger eugenics program…also the push for satanism within the black community is yet another plan that has been underway for quite sometime and is a “hand-in-glove” to the push for homosexuality in that group. We could also speak on the “Beige” push, but that would be way off topic in this case.


    22. The sneaker was more than likely made by slave labor (quite literally) in China if it is a Nike product.

    This post is really long and I do (sincerely) apologize for its length, but I liked the show and wanted to be supportive.


    P.S. Oh yeah, Steve Jobs:

    So I guess maybe he and Woz were not quite the rebel pirates that everyone thought at the time.

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