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Mind Control Technology Hard at Work


As difficult as it is to believe, a generation and a half ago some of the major media networks actually did some real reporting. Such was the case with CNN, which in 1985 pursued the story of LIDA technology for mind control purposes. This CNN report gives some of the particulars. LIDA devices use directed microwave energies and electronic impulses to cause the “patient” to hallucinate or visualize what the controller wants.

A variation of this is called Voice of God (VoG). We believe this has passed into private plutocrat Crime Syndicate (CS) hands and may involve “the government” less and less. Captured or compromised government administrators, such as Trump (and Obama/Hillary Clinton), accelerated the transference of this technology into crony CS hands at a rapid pace. Without a doubt, this technology has advanced during the last 35 years, and we suggest (combined with “pharma”) that it’s one of the factors in the degeneration of the population’s cognitive abilities.

Crime Syndicate cointelpro-type operations utilize INSCOM microwave weapons and enfold them with a myriad of illegal government operations into one program as a force multiplier. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for “soft kill” elimination using electromagnetic weapons.

The targets of nonlethal microwave weapons fit a common profile similar to the targets of previous illegal government programs (called Phoenix). People with a history of political activism or whistle-blowers are targeted in terminal experiments that are designed to force suicide or mental breakdowns that lead to incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of non-ionizing radiation. There is ideal deniability in the hands of the Crime Syndicate as the methods often leave no obvious injuries.

The Boston Globe ran a story on the Boston Marathon Tsarnaev brothers patsies. It was mostly misdirection and a back story, but one aspect of the story is of interest: The older brother, Tamerlan, had heard voices. In fact, he used the term “majestic mind control” to describe it. This has been described separately as the “Voice of God,” voice to skull or V2k. This is microwave audio technology that can project sound to the inner ear to give messages to a targeted individual (TI). In a mind-controlled individual, the voice can be used to triggered an alter persona, which is how Tsarnaev described himself.

Once again, there is excellent Crime Syndicate nothing-to-see-here, move-along deniability as the culprits can claim, “Hey, people just go crazy all the time.” There are numerous examples of people reporting “mind control experiences” (MCEs) on self-published Web pages and videos. These claims have generally been dismissed or gas lighted by the usual suspects as delusional disorders.

The tinfoil-hat neuro-lingustic programming (NLP) smear has also been concocted to run gas-lighting interference. Unfortunately, and hardly surprisingly, tinfoil offers no protection. So, if somebody pulls this NLP one-trick pony, you can chortle back and inform them to “get educated”- tin foil doesn’t work.

This Goes Way Back: The Case of Sirhan Sirhan

When this targeting weapon is combined with drugs, such as scopolamine or a whole cocktail of God knows what administered mind-control drugs, some individuals come under total control. This goes back a half century to the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy.

In his 2016 parole hearing, Sirhan repeatedly claimed to have no memory of the shooting of Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. In his testimony before the parole board, Sirhan recalled events before the shooting in some detail, such as going to a shooting range the day before (June 4, 1968), visiting the hotel on June 5 in search of a party and returning to the lobby after realizing he had drunk too many Tom Collins cocktails to drive.

He next claimed to have drunk coffee in a backstage area near the hotel pantry with a polka dot dress woman to whom he was attracted and who may have been involved with the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. He stated that the unknown woman then took him into the pantry, which Sirhan described in his prison memory sessions as a dark room at the hotel, and that while in the pantry the woman gave Sirhan a post-hypnotic cue to fire a gun in the direction of Robert Kennedy minutes later. Sirhan was immediately subdued by several men in the pantry as Kennedy fell to the pantry floor fatally wounded.

Sirhan has claimed that after having coffee with the woman, the next thing his conscious memory can recall is being choked and unable to breathe moments after the Kennedy shooting. He said, “It’s all vague now. I’m sure you all have it in your records. I can’t deny it or confirm it. I just wish this whole thing had never taken place.”

Excerpts from the taping of Sirhan’s memory session interview can be heard below. The second video is background on the girl-handler in the polka-dot dress seen with Sirhan.

Also, to understand the activities of the operators, see “William Joseph Bryan: Crime Syndicate Patsy, Set-Up Miastro Extraordinaire.”

Fast forward to Aurora and the Batman-inspired alleged perp James Holmes. The subject of mind control is all over that case. In sum, Holmes sounds a lot like Sirhan Sirhan reflecting on the shooting of Bobby Kennedy. They’re confused, think they’re under surveillance and have a sketchy memory of what happened. They describe a dark place. Holmes ended up in an empty theater, and then was later found drooling out in his car.

I spent several hours two years ago listening to Holmes’ extraordinary psychiatric interview. This one lends new meaning to the term “rabbit hole.” My notes are here. Incidentally, James Holmes is deep-sixed and completely out of sight and unheard from within the star chamber “justice” system.

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  1. Juxtapose this with the nano particles released in geo engineering and you might just be able to conjure up a believable sci fi story of how populations are being hearded like cattle with mind altering sentiment changes brought about by the CS. No need to go so far as V2K But how do you explain the outliers such as your reader base? I bring this up because on my 4 month road trip visit to the US from a 10 year hiatus I am inclined to believe that the people are much more docile than I remember…Sure the occasional Home Depot Parking Lot Brawl was witnessed but I left after 4 months truly wondering if there was something in the water. Or maybe the blood

    • ‘Docile’ ain’t the word for it. ‘Zombified’ more aptly describes the behavior of young people today. My generation spent their youth outdoors- motorcycle racing, fireworks, football, occasional fisticuffs if it was loud and dangerous, we liked it. Now, well, when do you even see a kid who rises to the level of dweb? It must be the phones.

    • Fascinating. Yet, I think this paragraph was one of the most important:

      “This bevy of psychotronic weapons includes: ground based ELF and EMF (some handheld or stationed in neighboring homes and apartments run by Intel operatives); Wi-Fi systems in home, schools and businesses; cell phone and cell tower systems; remote home phone systems; chemtrails and ingested smart dust which migrates into the CNS which can be flashed; Doppler Radar; and satellite based scalar transmissions and various unmentionable Psi-chotronic weapons, which are actually inter-dimensional quantum based Psi-power weapons.”

      Now I will not do one of my real long responses here; however, I am aware of some neutralizing actions one can take for mitigation. One example would be the use of Zeolites and benonite clay for heavy metal detoxification; however, the list could be on the long side. If anyone wants it, then please let me know.

      Thanks for pointing out the article!


      JWR – I had tried to reach you on the Dino thread, because I wanted to show you a very brief clip. Now the clip has President Orange Potato and Mr. Epstein (who did not kill himself = ) in one of their earliest meetings, but that is not why I wanted to show you it.

      What I wanted to point out is how much Orange Potato looks like a taller David Ferrie (in terms of hair and eyebrows paste ons) in the clip. Now I do not believe he is Ferrie for a moment, but I have begun to think about whether the old rumor of Mr. Donald Trump dying in that plane accident, over New Jersey, in 1989 may actually have “legs”. Then perhaps the replacements are rolled in and there is a settling time to “get the look right”.

      I will save some time and just post the one clip here:

      There were other clips I put up on the Dino thread; however, this was the one I really wanted to show you since the guy either Mr. Trump or Orange Potato seems really / really off.

      You might recall that Torchy sent RW a birthday message with a “dancing Trump” on a thread. At first I just noticed his suave moves and had a chuckle like everyone else, but then it hit me that the dancing guy really looked a bit off, and down the rabbit hole I fell.

      I hope all is well with you; great to see you here today.


      • Yes, those eye brows and hair look very fishy. Good observations my friend. At this stage of the game I say everything we have been told is a lie and anything is possible.
        Cheers SC

        • Thanks my friend. As I was looking at these odd videos, I thought about the great clips you have provided me with. Not quite the same thing, but just oddities that I thought you might find interesting.

          Plus did you notice how scrawny Epstein was in that clip? He sure did not look very threatening in that segment.

          Well, I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for getting back to me.


  2. I was writing something totally different than this initially. But, I gotta say the world is no longer “Anno Dommini,” but “Anno Covini.”

    I am an existentially irascible Celt, my first retort was – “fucking prove it motherfucker.” As of yet, these motherfuckers have not proven Covid exists to any level of reasonable scrutiny.

    Mind control exists, because I see the vast majority of humanity acting against their own self preservation instinct. Yet, the paradoxical irony is that mass control was achieved by using the kneejerk instinctive self-preservation response. Billions of gutless cowards petrified by the mere threat of the sniffles and a omnipresent mass-media control grid. Liberty traded for security guarantees neither.

    Some people have the mental resiliency equivalent to the scene in Akira where a tank round is shot at their head and they stop it mid-flight.

    But some most people piss their pants and resign themselves to death without even taking a swing at their opponent.

    The masses are incomprehensibly malleable. I damn near side with the Archons at this point with my general level of disgust. John John was a pawn, Bobby was a pawn, Sirhan was a pawn, Manson, Berkowitz, FDR, Hitler, Napoleon, all of ’em!

    Perhaps I have just stared into the Void too long.

    • Okay my friend, I would ask that you not stare into the abyss of humanity and find a darkness surrounding you. Perhaps I could suggest a day by some beautiful seaside, watching the gulls frolic with one another, in the hope that you will find life’s innocence once more.

      Wha? Wait. You mean I can’t recommend that! Why? What’s this:

      All kidding aside, you have a great post here. Yet, I am inclined to ask if the following folks were pawns:




      The first three gentlemen are from the 1% of the 1% and died under very unusual circumstances, assuming they died at all in the way portrayed,

      The last gentleman may have survived into old age, and just might have changed the world (with Bormann) in terms of international business forever. Please consider that IG Farben was a very modern idea for a conglomerate (even surpassing the Rothschild, Morgan, and Rockefeller concepts in terms of international, corporate, fluidity).

      Still I enjoy any friend who can have an excellent post, and tie Akira into the work.


      • Again, SC, just when I thought I’d heard everything you throw this insane bird story at me. Those rabbit holes never end, they just get deeper.

    • The great H.L.MENCKEN on the human emotion of fear

      “The earliest and most profound of human emotions is fear. Man comes into the world weak and naked, and almost as devoid of intelligence as an oyster, but he brings with him a highly complex and sensitive susceptibility to fear. He can tremble and cry out in the first hours of his life – nay, in the first minute. Make a loud noise behind an infant just born, and it will shake like a Sunday school superintendent taken in adultery. Take away its support – that is, make it believe that it is falling – and it will send up such a whoop as comes from yokels when the travelling tooth-puller has at them.

      These fears, by their character, suggest that they have a phylogenic origin that is, that they represent inherited race experience, out of the deep darkness and abysm of time. Dr, John B. Watson, the head of the behaviourist school, relates them to the daily hazards of arboreal man – the dangers presented by breaking tree branches. The ape-man learned to fear the sudden, calamitous plunge, and he learned to fear, too, the warning crack. One need not follow Dr. Watson so far; there is no proof, indeed, that man was ever arboreal. But it
      must be obvious that this emotion of fear is immensely deep-seated – that it is instinctive if
      anything is instinctive. And all the evidence indicates that every other emotion is subordinate to it. None other shows itself so soon, and none other enters so powerfully into the first functioning of the infant mind. And to the primeval and yet profoundly rational fears that it brings into the world it quickly adds others that depart farther and farther from rationality. It begins to fear ideas as well as things, strange men as well as hostile nature. It picks up dreads and trepidations from its mother, from its nurse, from other children. At the age of three years, as Dr. Watson shows, its mental baggage is often little more than a vast
      mass of such things. It has anxieties, horrors, even superstitions. And as it increases in years it adds constantly to the stock.”

      • Very nice post.

        Yeah, that bird website is advertised (flyers) at a local coffee shop and I always get a kick out of it. My hope was to make Lycrgus laugh at that one.

        As for your post:

        “But it must be obvious that this emotion of fear is immensely deep-seated – that it is instinctive if anything is instinctive.”

        Very interesting sentence that I do think sums up the 1% of the 1% quite well. Although their members talk a good game, if you are ever in a room with one, watch one closely on television and / or read their books (snooze city) what comes through is the absolute fear that they reside in on a constant basis.

        All those monetary and tangible accomplishments amount to squat if all you do is spend time worrying about what will happen to you if you lose everything or you cannot be part of every single event in this world in order to “protect your end”.

        If you ever look at William Gates III (or rather Trey as his friends call him), you can fell the fear and discontent radiating from his persona. He is a paid actor who never feels comfortable in the roll that has been fostered upon him by his own family and all of it is evident to any outsider who just spends time watching the guy in the various stages of his life. Steve Jobs was a slightly better actor, but you can see the crack in an old Lou Rukeyser around the time of NeXT Step and the Pixar deal. The actor seems extremely unprepared from not having occupied the roll for a period of years and his physicality has changed a great deal, which can affect performance if the player is no longer comfortable i their skin.

        So I think you nailed a very deep concept that many folks in society do not comprehend when it comes to an elite class. Most of the time, their key motivation is fear.


  3. I believe the events with James Holmes and Sirhan were staged and nobody died. However I do know the technology for making people twitch and putting voices in peoples heads does exist, as I witnessed it during my working corporate years.

  4. The mind control is so ubiquitous now! Every day I come home with a foul feeling of bilious nausea from my daily encounters with Nietzsche’s ‘last men!’ My soul seems to only be soothed by the sight of young children playing and your occasional dog with its owner. The evolving insanity of the world that is becoming more and more apparent barely affects me now, however it is growing, and it is just a matter of time before the dam breaks and every day is like WInston Smith!

    There will be a steady diet of frivolous falsity and narrative lies that will eventually intrude and require an enormous amount of endurance to find a way through. Just look at how poisoned the world is becoming! A high school announcer shows the world how he feels about things and massive punitive and corrective measures are rapidly implemented!

    • Ed,

      As usual, an excellent post and link. High blood sugar is a drop in the bucket of toxins, in a well that includes so many other facets of control.

      So now I shall raise you one high blood sugar with two scenes from the film “Network” (just trying to be mildly humorous before we speak on the subject, directly):

      From the 1% of the 1%:

      Where we have been headed for quite some time (sorry about the advertisements):

      Now of course you are quite right and the control level rises, then recedes like the tides, to create a lulling effect. Your commitment to health and your ability to go into the mountains is a huge plus in forming a health defense. My guess is that you may be careful on food, which is also a significant factor (most folks who lift are careful on consumption, and I would bet you are similar).

      Additional Ideas

      On the practicality side, one might consider heavy metal detoxification through certain health protocols (nothing expensive or silly, but just a few logical steps).

      Then one could consider (literal) Faraday based textiles or garments, especially hats (baseball caps are always a bit useful) and t-shirts (keep the heart and liver slightly protected — you will not get 100% protection at this point, but you can minimize some of the damage).

      Next you may wish to filter water and then move to distill it (changes heavy metal content, and drop electrical charge — again does not need to be expensive).

      Grounding is cheap, fun and smart…simply head to the mountains and give yourself time without shoes in a safe place (no thorns, no bears, no ivy, etc.), or do it in the backyard, park or some simple place amongst grass that is not treated with chemicals.

      Shut all electrical power off for a day or a weekend at the fuse box. Plan well, and be just fine.

      Fast — both BullionGrowerNZ and I do this, and it is a huge help. If you would like more details, then just let me know.

      Increase oxygen content…a huge subject, but it can help.

      Buy land abroad and leave the U.S. (a much more drastic move, yet it has merits).

      Look at whole nutrition and consider offal (which you might already enjoy; I do not know), as the specific nutrients from these parts, can help immunity.

      Apple cider vinegar and a good baking soda twice a day can help with alkalinity (1 tbsp and 1/4 tsp is all that is required, use distilled water only!).

      Raw eggs and cream (preferably form a local farm, but the supermarket can work if one is careful) then OMAD (one meal a day — dinner — again less heavy metals — if mind control uses
      magnetism, which it does, then make yourself less magnetic).

      We could consider a few other options, but this is a sound way to simply lessen the potential. The problem is multifaceted and is not simply related to wave theory, due to the complexity of the human body.

      One could opine that mind control is quite simply over charging of a system and they would be somewhat accurate. And yes, we are (in essence) giant batteries; however, we are some of the most complex batteries ever created and therefore, remedies for over charging do exist.

      Your post is very accurate and quite prescient in terms of both: where we are today, and what lies ahead. Yet, my response is designed to support what you are saying, while offering ideas for some form of protection.

      In the end, it is a friend speaking with a friend, and I do not even pretend to have specific solutions, but just some ideas that we all might find helpful.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

    • I hear you Ed. Oh how often I’ve wished I could fly like super man..(a little humor for these dreary days) Cheers

    • One final in this line:

      What I did not state very well is that I do believe mind altering technology needs to be layered in the body in order to be effective. So a wave may be sent and the more alkaline individual may not notice it very much’ however, an individual who is more acidic (perhaps due to diet) and has amassed larger deposits of heavy metals might be an easy target. Hence the partial list I put up in this thread is really focused on alkalinity as a means to weaken one’s chances of being caught up too much in detrimental waves and dirty EMF.

      Now one of the most important things I forgot to mention is dental amalgams, and in fact I have not dealt with my own yet (mainly due to time and cost); however, I plan to soon. Getting metal out of our mouths seems to be extremely important and relevant to helping with signals.

      So I hope this last post ties it all together in a decent and helpful way. There are a lot of texts and pretty decent websites on the subject. If anyone would like more information, please just let me know and I will do my best to help out.


  5. We have reached utter absurdity now and the thoughts about the next 4 years of utter pretension and posturing! Uuggg!!! Countless shallow Biden gaffs, omissions, and glib amnesia bloopers, another 200 shallow, empty, and unthinking Jen Psaki press conferences, or even more and more of the doltish ninny and primeval Nancy Pelosi,… soon to be 81!… Barfff!!!

    Just listen to this pubescent tone here:

    For those of you who haven’t listened to a Legalman 20 min. podcast- they’re pretty good! Cathartic! His latest here:

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