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Europe Divided Over Covid Passports

  • Tourism-dependent countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain, are urging other EU states to adopt Covid passports, which would be modeled on the “green passport” system implemented by Israel.
  • “We know that in Israel they’ve made statements about anybody who tries to forge [a certificate] will face criminal proceedings and possibly be imprisoned. So, they really think that this is a risk that could happen.” — Professor Carsten Maple, cyber security expert, Alan Turing Institute.
  • “In consultation with other EU member states, we are in favor of a digital green passport, similar to the one in #Israel. This should offer the possibility to prove on the mobile phone that one has been tested, vaccinated or recovered. Our goal: to avoid a permanent lockdown & finally to enable freedom to travel within the EU as well as to visit events or restaurants.” — Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.
  • Greece is pressing the EU to move quickly…. But would these certificates only be required for international travel or could they be needed for getting a job, attending a football match, or buying some milk? — Professor Melinda Mills, lead author of the Royal Society report on Covid passports.
  • “Yet making freedom conditional on facing the needle… takes us perilously close to the concept of compulsory vaccination… hardly likely to reassure anyone whose fear of the vaccine is bound up with a fear of an authoritarian state.” — Gaby Hinsliff, columnist, Guardian.

By Soeren Kern | 3 March 2021

GATESTONE INSTITUTE — European leaders are considering a proposal to introduce a common EU-wide Coronavirus vaccination passport. The so-called Covid passports would permit those who have been vaccinated to travel freely within the European Union without the need for quarantining and testing.

Tourism-dependent countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain, are urging other EU states to adopt Covid passports, which would be modeled on the “green passport” system implemented by Israel (pictured). IMAGE: Gatestone Institute

The leaders of several European countries heavily dependent on tourism are pushing for Covid passports to be implemented with immediate effect. Others say that it is far too early to consider such a move, especially because the EU’s Coronavirus vaccine rollout has been dogged by delays and questions about the efficacy of certain vaccines, particularly in light of the virus’s new mutant strains.

The idea of Covid passports has also sparked a heated debate over government overreach and the constitutionality and ethics of vaccine-related discrimination. At the same time, some EU member countries have threatened to act unilaterally and issue their own Covid passports if the EU fails to produce bloc-wide certification.

In short, the Covid pandemic continues to expose fault lines within 27-member EU, which remains more divided than ever. […]

4 Comments on Europe Divided Over Covid Passports

  1. the plan to create 2nd class citizens…”the unvaccinated” we should all wear a yellow armband…that should piss the jews off.

  2. So-called Covid passports are being rushed through before too much of the world wakes up to the Vaccine scam,

  3. OT

    Migration also divides Europe, with Poland and Hungary among the EU nations most strongly resisting demands to accept their fair share (so to say) of refugees.

    Also Denmark (a country with a small population) is now clearly steering a harder course:
    [Dänemark macht klar, Asyl ist nicht dauerhafte Zuwanderung: “Wir haben den syrischen Flüchtlingen immer deutlich gesagt, dass ihre Aufenthaltserlaubnis zeitlich begrenzt ist.” 94 Syrern wurde Aufenthaltserlaubnis entzogen, es gebe sichere Gebiete in Syrien]

    DK is now openly saying that asylum cannot be equivalent to immigration — the Syrians who were given asylum there were told from the beginning that they would not be allowed to stay permanently (in other EU countries they very often do stay permanently, even the ones whose applications are officially denied) — so far DK has revoked the residence permits of 94 Syrians, saying it is now safe for them to return to Syria.

    Search for the graph showing the UN population projection for Africa (sometimes called ‘the most important graph in the world’) — unless all of Europe does the same, the old ‘Iron Curtain’ will be the future border between Europe and Eurafrica.

    • Twitter/Einzelfallinfos
      [Abstimmung der Schweizer Bürger: Polizeistellen im Kanton #Zürich werden nun verpflichtet, in Medienmitteilungen die Herkunft von mutmasslichen Tätern zu nennen, die Stadtpolizei Zürich hat bisher die Herkunft aus politisch linken Motiven verschwiegen]

      Swiss voters approved a measure requiring police to name the nation of origin (‘Herkunft’) of criminals — of course this info is widely and routinely omitted from crime/police reports, which gives rise to internet sarcasm/memes, e.g. ‘ein Mann’ in Germany (‘a man’) — the name of the Einzelfallinfos (isolated incidents) Twitter account is sarcastic/a meme — German authorities and media justify not reporting nationally crimes committed by migrants by saying it’s an ‘isolated incident’ (ein Einzelfall), or only of local interest (nur von regionale Bedeutung) — even a heinous crime like the murder of Maria Ladenburger, which gained international attention, was not initially reported on the main national German TV news show (die Tagesschau, a 15m news program which airs at 8pm on ARD, the main German public broadcaster).

      In Germany the annual crime stats published by the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) distinguish between criminals with/without German citizenship, but not whether a criminal has an immigrant background (‘Migrationshintergrund’) — this results in significantly overstating the crimes committed by Germans (‘Biodeutsch’), and significantly under-stating/-reporting the criminality of migrants.

      Switzerland did not sign the ‘Global Pact for Migration’, which requires a nation to ensure that only a positive view of migration and migrants is presented officially and in the media.

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