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The Fed Sets Stage for Weimar-Style Inflationary Wipe Out

DEALING WITH TOO MUCH LIQUIDITY: In 1923 Germany, worthless banknotes were collected to be burned. IMAGE: Ullstein Bild/Getty

Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell and his junk pseudo-economics posse used the cover of Covid-1984 to facilitate — via massive money printing — the transfer of trillions of dollars into the hands of Crime Syndicate plutocrats. At the same time, he has allowed the buildup of an enormous financial bubble that’s totally dependent on malfeasant dovish activity from the posse.

Another Powell trick of the trade is to pretend to be blind to increasingly intense inflationary signs. Inflation too “soft”? The only thing soft about inflation is the way the BLS calculates it and what Powell does about it.

“You have faulty price measurements and policy makers linking their decisions to faulty price measurements,” says Joseph Carson, a former Alliance Bernstein and Commerce Dept. economist. The evidence of higher than BLS reported inflation is overwhelming.

This is all before the impact of a $1.9 trillion stimulus orgy. Thus, the population will learn what the Great Reset is really all about — namely, impoverishment in the form of a Weimar or Venezuelan inflationary inferno.

Inquiring minds would like to know: Where are the credit rating agencies in all this? It’s criminal to maintain a AAA rating on U.S – typically post-truth world behavior as government debt heads for the $30 trillion mark (125% GDP).

Meanwhile: Domestic steel prices have risen more than 160% since last August, lumber prices more than doubled, house prices are up 14% Y/Y, oil is at $64 a barrel, gasoline prices are up over 70% since November, and shipping costs are “skyrocketing.”

Food prices up by double digits, industrial inputs are up over 30%, tin is at a 10-year high, copper at a 9-year high (nearing a record), iron ore is up over 65%, rubber is up 40+%, Walmart is raising wages (again), there are $15 federal minimum wage proposals with multiple states implementing their own $15 level, and M2 +26%.

Propane costs are up 30%, and the worst semiconductor shortages ever are leading to across-the-board price hikes.

The S&P GSCI spot index, which tracks price movements for 24 raw materials, is up 17% this year.

According to a report from Bloomberg, hog, cattle and poultry raisers are struggling amidst the highest prices of corn and soybean that they have seen in seven years. The prices have driven up the costs of feeding animals by at least 30%.

Last June, the United Nations warned that the world is on the brink of a food crisis worse than any seen over the past 50 years. This is before accounting for the impacts of the developing Grand Solar Minimum cold sun.

Brazil, the top chicken exporter in the world, saw the cost of raising chickens go up by 39% last year due to pricier feed. Last month, costs rose again by 6%.

Consequently, meat producers have had little choice but to raise their prices in order to stay profitable.

Dr. Michael Burry himself — of “The Big Short” fame — went on an inflation Tweetstorm the other day. Dino and I discuss him in a recent show.

Children play with worthless German marks in 1923 Weimar Republic. PHOTO: Getty

Burry compared the current situation here in the United States to 1920’s German hyperinflation, quoting several passages from the great 1974 Ronald Marcks/Jens Parsson book “Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations.”

And the similarities are striking, particularly in the period just prior to the highly destructive hyperinflationary episode.

Prosperity, much like ours now, belied a great divergence of economic outcomes for different socioeconomic classes.

“Side by side with the wealth were the pockets of poverty. Greater numbers of people remained on the outside of the easy money, looking in but not able to enter. The crime rate soared.

“Accounts of the time tell of a progressive demoralization which crept over the common people, compounded of their weariness with the breakneck pace, to no visible purpose, and their fears from watching their own precarious positions slip while others grew so conspicuously rich.

“Speculation alone, while adding nothing to Germany’s wealth, became one of its largest activities. The fever to join in turning a quick mark infected nearly all classes. Everyone from the elevator operator up was playing the market.”

Dr. Burry then added the reminder that this book was “written in 1974 re: 1914-1923.”

And for the coup de grace, he implied that the proper analog to the current market is that our future inflation has been gestating for an 11-year period from 2010 through 2021.

“We are in a blow-off top in all things,” Burry continued, referring to a chart pattern that shows a steep increase in asset prices and trading volume, followed by a rapid price decline.

“Markets have now bubbled over in a dangerous way,” he said in an earlier tweet. Burry hinted in yet another tweet that he expects a market crash.

Perhaps in a response to the standard kill the messenger psychotics Burry has since removed all of his tweets.

32 Comments on The Fed Sets Stage for Weimar-Style Inflationary Wipe Out

  1. Yep. I trust you on this one, Russ.

    So sad peepers aren’t preppers, or outright looters of Babylonian booty like me. I went all the way to America last year and tried to buy 5 aces in the ozarks with a well and a barn. I called my dad and said, put me up the money, I want to get the potatoes in the ground and get the place set up. He was amenable and put me onto my brother, the ambitious credit manager who just bought his own bank in 2019. Yep. 3 branches in Pinellas County and when bro finally called, he SCREAMED at me. “I control dads money. Admit it’s for you and not anyone else and you can have it. I know you’re living in your van.” I told him to duck off, I’m not thinking for myself here, and he doesn’t know anything about touring the planet and #vanlife. I said,”I want to create an alternative lifestyle option for your kids.” Then I said usury is a mortal sin and that shut him up. He rented for years and saved to buy his stupid worthless house because he can do the maths so duck him. I told his gorgeous new Moroccan wife, “using debt finance to pave over Florida is kind of like the road to hell and you should know that habibi.” I never heard back from her. You know, I was quite disgusted by how many Americans treated me like a piece of dirt for traveling round in my van. I was sadly surprised. They all thought I was a meth head and complete loser but I saw 8 states while everyone else sat at home locked down in a stupor.

    My family is so sad and I guess it’s like like for a lot of readers here, tho I think I hit a nerve with my mother the other day when I told her straight, it’s pathetic how y’all just roll up your sleeves for the Jewish billionaires. She didn’t like that and I think she’s seriously hoarding now because she’s Scottish and I get own my hoarder gene from her.

    Can you hazard a timeframe / scenario after the 19 hundred billions lands?

  2. Most Americans think that paying a mortgage is a sign of “grown-up” responsibility. It isn’t. It’s actually quite childish and irresponsible to finance purchases you can’t afford. All the while millions of people think so highly of themselves for paying interest on houses or other purchases that they will actually own decades into the future, if they’re lucky. It’s not my bag to try to burst their normie pajama person bubble of cognitive dissonance, I’m wary of these types already because I know that when the bubble bursts and their loans are called in, they’ll be going bat shit crazy. The philosophy of not buying something without being able to buy it outright has been lost a few generations back, right along with the value of the currency, and this devaluing effect is by design and not coincidence.

    • Absolutely correct, Black Sparrow…we built our own house and bought our own property (partially using wedding gift money, and that I got a decent paying job while hubby, a beekeeper, built the house), and never buy with credit cards if we can’t afford to pay the bill. Or take out a vehicle loan that we know we can’t pay back. Because we follow the old school financial rules, we are fine financially…for now that is.

    • BTS,

      Good point…and technically no one actually own their house in the United States of America. There is no such thing as allodial title in our nation. The only case that was ever successfully won based on this type of ownership was Dartmouth College v. Woodward. Other than this one success, if anyone has ever attended a tax lien sale (which are not nearly as fun as they sound — DC used to have one every June) you really understand who actually owns a home in just about every state and municipality in the nation.

      So your point is excellent on mortgages, but if we then add in the fact that once the house is paid for, the owner actually still does not own it and we have a pretty sad situation.

      Now, I agree with somethingshappeninghere (good response that I believe is very helpful) on building a place one will be happy in. A while back we were all on a thread that I posted a whole bunch of links to American manufacturing (for a similar reason to what Mr. Winter is stating in this thread — if the nations manufacturing base fails even further, the game will be over a might quick) and included this link for a mortgage free home:

      No I concede that certain climates would not work for this idea; however, others might and I was hoping it might help someone out. At one time me and Mrs. Simple were considering purchasing a literal Christmas tree farm in NH. The farm itself was very affordable, without a loan; however, we would have needed to replace the house and I found these guys. Now we decided against the idea quite a while ago, but I always thought this was a neat website (And for any of you who also enjoy marital arts — the founder, now deceased — trained in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do with Mr. Bruce Lee).


      • SS- you wrote that there’s no such thing as allodial title in this nation. I am not so sure about that. It is my understanding Nevada has it.
        I do not know if Bill Gates pays taxes on his huge amount of owned farmlands but I doubt it. Don’t forget there’s dual sets of “rules for me and rules for thee” that these criminals benefit from. I recall Nelson Rockefeller testifying he payed no income taxes. I reckon these types would have the same attitude about property taxes, so I find it hard to believe that they pay taxes for the vast tracts of land they own. The great reset also faces a problem of what to do with those who do NOT have debt and own things- if the republic falls, who or what structure will then assume the power to tax these individuals? The bankrupt and equally defunct states? The UN? My sentiments are that it should be the objective of everyone to be one of these people who have no debt. Make sacrifices, live by modest means while using “old school financial rules” SHH so aptly called them. Take offense to the idea of financing things and see it for what it is- large monied conglomerates owned by disgusting shady people who are playing the covet means strings in an effort to steal from you. If even 10% of Americans employed this attitude for 5 years, and stopped playing with monopoly money for stuff they can’t afford, the effects would change the world. The ever-decreasing value of the currency is due to the ever-increasing amount of it. It is ever increasing in amount because too many people are financing stuff they cannot afford. The war on people is being waged economically mainly, and people should figure this out, get in the fight, and spend accordingly. Thanks for the log home building site, it looks right up my alley.

        • BTS,

          Great to hear form you; I hope you are well.

          On the lhba, you are very welcome. They are impressive and their students really seem to create some wonderful homes; I am always impressed with what they have accomplished. Also, I am very happy you found value in the site.

          Now if you wanted to come east, then I could recommend some land; however, I will not push my luck here (I am not selling a darn thing, I am just being funny or attempting to be funny = ).

          On Nevada — you are very correct my friend, and I am sorry I overlooked this point.

          Not an excuse, but what actually happened in this case:

          When I was studying to be a paralegal, I studied the Dartmouth case. It was in one of my 2003, McGraw Hill, textbooks and I found the notion of allodial really odd (it was the first time I had ever heard of the phrase). My thought: “You mean that you purchase a home, but never own it under Common Law in the good old US of A?”

          Sacrilege! = )

          It was never a test question, but I do recall asking my professor how this idea applied to Native American reservations. He said he would get back to me. His response never came, and I was happy to be done with the program (long story)

          When I was responding to you, I wanted to add allodial title to your excellent post, but I was going from memory and not any new research. To help with my post, I found a Wiki and just added it without even looking at the whole post. My textbook never even mentioned the Nevada law.

          Either way, you are very correct about the Nevada law of 1997, and I am thankful you brought it up here. I was not even aware of it until you sent it back to me; many thanks!

          (For clarity: Para-legalism is not my core work; it was an adjunct that a client needed and paid for in terms of added education; I simply agreed to study and enjoyed some of it.

          In the base education, paralegals do not study a specific area of law, but receive a general education, with an emphasis on form filing. Paralegals begin to become specific in their working environments and then may take ABA classes for support; I did not as I had ZERO time for additional coursework [we were very busy in those days].

          Although I did a great deal of reading and additional study, I did not become a very deep Paralegal.)

          Now I know you and I have a tendency to go really long when we are in the thick of topic, so I will try to be a little limited in my thoughts here (I shall do my best).

          With regard to taxes (specifically RE taxes) and the wealthy. My friend, I could fill so many pages on WW, delving into the topic, that Mr. Winter and Torchy would probably kick you and I off the site.

          You are very accurate and on the right path with so many of your thoughts, but I would like add the following (sorry about the list, but it is a way for me not to ramble):

          1. Trust law and taxation is a different world when we speak of property taxes.

          2. Corporate and LLC laws (common in real estate) is also a different world in the real estate world.

          (Think President Orange Potato and depreciation, which can be shifted to so many other properties, if structured correctly. The Taj in Atlantic City fails, but because you need a break in NYC, you shift the losses north.)

          3. Trey (William Gates III as affectionately called by his family / friends) uses so many structures that it all becomes blinding to tax authorities.

          And then there are the shell companies.

          Please recall that I mentioned one should consider a tax lien sale in the U.S. a rather depressing activity, well I was being honest.

          For the sake of an idea, one could have a property go up for sale in a tax lien auction and then create another company to bid on the property for “pennies on the dollar”.

          As the two companies are separate entities, there could be all sorts of interesting paths taken for depreciating the asset. Now this is a sexy way to defraud the public — I am kidding, but it can happen.

          As for the un-sexy ways (not even close to comprehensive):

          1. An offer in compromise on back taxes (OIC).

          2. Paying for rezoning.

          3. Wiping out any assets and having the land declared as valueless.


          4. Purchase valuable farmland and a “black site” that is next to it (say a mine or even a gas station) — then declare the whole property as a back site.

          These are some ways in which one could accomplish ZERO taxes and hold a lot of land. There is a lot more we could discuss, but I promised to keep this response somewhat reasonable and will wind it down here.

          As I have mentioned in other threads (but you were not present), the goal of a “RESET” is to own nothing, but control everything. This can be done quite easily in our current world if you simply work on structuring.

          Please be well, and I am really sorry that this response still got very long.

          All my best,

  3. The Shabbos Goy undoubtedly deserve some of the credit for the current global financial situation. But, as always, the Jewish race in general is the overall cause. Just as Rothschilds and Kuhn & Loeb were responsible for the Weimar Era financial gutting of Germany. Goldman Sachs and the rest of the “Federal Reserve” are responsible for the gutting of America.

    As far as the “Grand Conspiracy” goes Jews appear to be the clerks and accountants. They learned how to subvert and pervert civilization through finance and mercantilism. As a race, they are as close to a cause as a symptom can possibly be. Yet there is something darker, it is global religion, all of them.

    Religion is the: Egregores/Archons/Synthetics/Demons/Interdimensionals.

    These beings are the Great Enemy, some people can see them, most can’t. There are plenty of human collaborators who work with them to learn their magic. From my research, the Judaic religion is just a systematic collection of techniques to contact these beings. Same deal with Catholicism, which uses the Sworn Book of Honorious. Same deal with Buddhism with the different mandalas and mantras.

    Banking is something that isn’t a natural 1:1 based system anymore. It is both alchemical and sacrificial in nature. The contracts involved have a Faustian bargain of life-force energy involed. High Finance is trying to literally squeeze every last drop of blood from every single stone in the realm. Be glad that you don’t have the liabilities to “Them” that the Steinbergblatts have.

    • Fascinating post; thanks for the information and the images. Yet I do think the orange potato would need a mule to pull him along, so I do disagree a little with that one image of Caesar Trump. = )

  4. OT but a historical item worthy of Winter Watch –

    The Donald Trump scenario, all happened in almost exactly the same way, 132 years ago in France – even right down to the Capitol siege situation

    “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

    The Donald Trump of France, was populist Général Georges Ernest Boulanger (1837-1891), beloved by conservatives, hated by largely secular modernists:

    – There was exactly the same talk of ‘crossing the Rubicon’ like Julius Caesar did to take control of Rome

    – One evening in January 1889 after the French election, General Boulanger dined at the Café Durand, and tens of thousands of supporters gathered ready to storm the National Assembly, as on Capitol siege day 6 January 2021; the General hesitated, the chance for revolution faded, just as no Trump ‘Storm’ arrived

    – There was exactly the same regret, that a beloved populist leader, with a mass of people in the streets ready to act, seemed to lose his nerve at the crucial moment

    – There were exactly similar stories re the female partner of the leader, Melania for Trump (as Patrick Byrne related) and mistress Marguerite Brouzet (1855-91) for Boulanger, both reported as playing a key role in begging their partners not to risk their lives in an ultimate gamble for national power

    – And there was exactly the same reaction by the establishment, of fury and revenge at a populist leader, who technically did not make a coup attempt … Boulanger was forced into exile in Brussels, where in 1891 his mistress died of disease and he committed suicide over her grave.

    Three images – Boulanger & Trump; Marguerite & Melania; Boulanger and the Paris crowd in January 1889 who almost took over France

    Related – Louis Condé’s American Sun article on ‘Clay Caesarism: The Failure of Trumpism and Boulangisme’

  5. Hey Russ,
    I am going to write an article for yall next weekend as I’ll have a boat load of free time. I Just finished Hugh S Johnson’s book on the history of the NRA (blue eagle, not rifles). It is pertinent to this article and to the great reset.

        • Sammy,

          Thanks! Who doesn’t enjoy a good Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel clip? The coordination between the “thespians” and the CGI is pretty funny in this one.

          Please be well.


          P.S. Your other post (below) was quite funny with the description of your conversation between you and your brother (sorry for the clunky sentence — still waking up). Best…

          • It’s the finest Grand Tragedy. If my narcissistic scapegoating mother hadn’t turned them (I have another brother) against me, the fam would have a setup now in A class decor barn fronting one of those lovely springfed creeks full of dem crawdaddies. My other brother lives in Brooklyn and works/ed for Industrial Space, physical office rental, and is on the line for his chic apartment in something called the Knockerbocker he’s futilely trying to sell for $800000. Poor kid got caught up with a Jewish dentist with her posh offices uptown but she wasn’t allowed to marry him so he knows all about that. Even did a stint at Goldman’s when he finished at the Naval Academy but he hated that so ran off to be brainwarshed at Georgetown. First generation Americans who worked their butts off for their success, about to hit the wall. I had no idea they both despised and scorned me for telling the old bat to find another perch to hang her shit but grown men luvving their mummy too much and look where that got them. My dad courted Illinois senators for years to get the banker one into West Point and he ran off and did payroll in Nebraska for 2 years. Beast, as an initiation system for officers, has a lot to be desired. I really am the loser of the family and even I think this is all kind of unfair, but so be it.

            • Sammy,

              Certainly, I do not know if you are fiction or a reality.

              You are a very accomplished writer, but a few established paragraphs would be appreciated when one is reading your posts. To be clear, I am not trying to be insulting; I just wish to read you clearly.

              You are not a loser of any kind! Banish the thought, if you please.

              What I (simply) see is a writer who took a chance on a different path.

              Please be kind to yourself, and take time out to realize your deeper good,

              All my best,
              Simple Citizen

              • Yes, Russ has also complained of this matter. It’s no doubt because of this tiny phone. Who knows, maybe I’ll break out the “new” MacPro one of these weeks and I’m sure things will improve. Thanks for the compliment Simple, otherwise me being a loser is irony. My motto in life is: when you win you lose and when you lose you win. I don’t know my worth, I’m just worried about my family. Tho you are right, words have power and even writing it felt creepy. But i give up what God asks of me and well I’m going to water the new rows of spinach now. The chickens just love it!

                • Ducking Iduckingphone. DO. I Do know my worth. WTF. And yes that’s a true story. Even better… the family silver is here in ZA not to mention my mothers Christery (*ewellery) and my bothers are not going to see hide or hair of it. Sterling only around 20kg but I think that will be enough for me to get a sailboat to the Caribbean in a few years right. It’s awful stuff … magnificent 17th century French mostly and on table in Dublin during the famine. I thought I’d have it melted down into coins with the seal of Solomon on them. Take care Simple. You remind me of my favorite song, hanging out there at the boat ramp in my van

                  • Sammy,

                    First, thank you very much for the audio link; it was kind and thoughtful. I am appreciative.

                    Second, you have two excellent responses here that I really enjoyed reading. Your experience as an editor might have been exciting; however, I do believe you are an original author at heart.

                    Third, MANY MANY THANKS for explaining about the cellular phone. I was having such a hard time understanding why such a talented writer was not using paragraph breaks. Now I am clear and certainly understand it all better.

                    Fourth, Sammy you are an adventurer and your life it truly fascinating. You could be sitting in the Carolinas or some other place here in the U.S., but instead you headed out into a different world and I am extremely impressed with your bravery and sense of adventure.

                    Please trust me when I say that our little family unit is planning to head abroad in the near future (in the same spirit of adventure), and I am encouraged when I speak with you about your life abroad.

                    Sure, you may live in a sleepy spot in SA, but your experiences and the fact that you did it at all is inspiring.

                    Fifth, I think the sail boat is an excellent idea for someone with your sense of adventure, plus I imagine that the writing will also be excellent with new adventures to discuss.

                    Finally, I told RW I would be off of WW after today for about a week. The reason I am mentioning this point is that if I do not see you until next weekend or the week following, I wanted to wish you very well and a great week ahead.

                    All my best,
                    Simple Citizen

    • TT,

      Sorry, I misunderstood you. You just finished reading:

      I thought you were working on a re-issue or a cover update and was willing to be supportive by purchasing a copy if you put your creative labor into this type of project. I had ZERO idea you were referencing having read an older text, and would be willing to author a piece over here at WW on the topic (I do recall they were asking you to write a piece, but I thought the topic was going to be IT related — maybe I mixed that up too).

      Really sorry about the confusion, and yes I do think you recommended this text to me in a previous discussion.

      Now if we could just get NRA professionals (Blue Eagles), who were carrying rifles and were in fact members of the NRA in one text, then we would be really cooking with gas! = )

      Sorry for my confusion.


  6. A good and very timely thread.

    Although I have not been actively trading (as Mr. Winter is aware, I am trying to come up with a synthetic regarding Vietnam and having a real hard time of it, plus it is just a busy time around here), I have been watching agriculture and softs as I always do. Corn is off the charts and when Biden hit the office it reached new parts of the stratosphere since China stated it would begin regular importation again now that the orange potato was gone.

    Now I do not like too many “finance talking heads” (Dr. Mobius, Dr. Black and Sir Templeton are a few I can handle…maybe Mr. Jimmy Rogers and / or Mr. Ed Seykota if you catch me on a certain day) however, I deeply respect Dr. Burry. He is extremely in tune with the markets and has an impressive track record. If he is indicating a “KABOOM MOMENT” then it would be worth staying aware and keeping an eye on things.

    Unfortunately, the market noise and an abandonment of following normal business cycles has lead this nation (my humble opinion) down a very dark road. As we at WW all know, there is not a republic on the entire planet that has made it to 300 years and certainly we are not going to break the trend.

    What this thread goes very well with was the thread and subsequent discussions we had regarding Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts. She is on to something with Mr. Global not being able, even with a “reset” to keep the game from ending. Further, I would opine that she was also correct about communities needing to be ready (commodities, local currencies, preparation, local industries) for when the game ends. Heck, if we watch the video on ebonics and the ATM (upper right corner of this page and the opening page), we see that a good portion of our society is not thinking long term and / or going to be prepared to survive a collapse of Mr. Global.

    Prayer is good and I am an advocate; however, that discussion and the videos of Ms. Fitts definitely had me thinking what I may be able to do to help folks out in the future. I have a few ideas and I do feel they are positive; I just hope more people will also consider “heeding the call”.

    Thanks for the thread.


  7. Anyone else hear that the ADRs are taking it on the nose today?

    I used to hold Lever and a few others, but I am not in any of them right now, but I heard Bloomberg on the radio in the car and just found the news a bit odd.

    Oh well…just wondering.

  8. Hey, has anyone on WW donated to the Amazon Relief Fund?

    No. Me either. I did not even know it had existed until this evening (7ish EST).

    Basically, I was looking at a link that Mr. Winter provided on another thread, and I fell down a rabbit hole of sorts when I came across this little bit of fun:

    which I found here:

    play time 11:41 (no foul language or any stuff that needs to be kept away from little ones nearby).

    So in the context of the “Great Reset”, the world’s wealthiest will be asking us to donate to keep them wealthy. Nice! I would rather send a contribution to Dino so that he keeps on plugging away.


  9. Counterpoint view to the Weimar hypothesis –

    From the brilliant Jeffrey Snider with his long, astonishingly accurate track record

    It is not easy to quite get into understanding the Snider framework, but the effort is well worth it

    Essentially, there is too much global dollar short because of the international ‘eurodollar’ (dollars and other hard currencies outside their home countries) credit system, for there to be Weimar at the levels most people think

    Huge levels of ‘money printing’ are offset by the credit black holes … yes there is a point of no return, but we may well be way way off

    These Treasury yield etc cycles happen frequently … and soon the dollar is rising again … every single time

    From Snider’s latest on Real Clear Markets:

    « This “bond rout” isn’t very different when compared with other times especially in the recent past. In less than two months between October 21 and December 15, 2016, for example, the rate for the benchmark 10-year UST surged by nearly a full point; rising from 1.74% all the way to 2.60% seemingly in the blink of an eye.

    In early May 2013, the 10-year rate again surged from 1.66%, very near its record low at the time, to 2.73% just over two months later. It would go on to reach 3.04% on the final day of the year – and then begin falling all over again

    Even safe assets exhibit serious price volatility. By itself, that’s also just how things go.

    any rise in yields may not be the necessary signal of the looming inflationary escape let alone excessiveness beyond; it is, bluntly, the market adjusting to a brief period where conditions just aren’t as bad as they had been

    Lurking all the while are those monetary anomalies which, when occurring during non-reflation, are all-too-consistent with the flight to safety easily described. These same show up in erstwhile reflationary conditions only to be ignored; assuming they are recognized at all.

    Yet, it is the accumulation of “anomalies” in monetary conditions that so frightens Dealer Groundhog. Eventually, one of them becomes just too much for its fragile constitution to handle such that, eurodollar first, reflation suddenly becomes anti-reflation all over again. The (next) false economic dawn not long thereafter. »

  10. Market crash fear mongering. There are pullbacks and corrections happening however most everything is bouncing off support levels. There will be more stimulus to prop up the markets coming soon. Inflation will happen and prices will be higher for a time period. Any lockdowns and travel restrictions still in place will be lifted, which may create a Market Boom…not a crash.

  11. It’s contradictory to call for hyperinflation and a market crash at the same time. Never has happened before. During hyperinflation stocks skyrocket like everything else. See Weimar and Venezuela. The more the asset bubble inflates the more deflationary pressure it will exert when it bursts. This is why long bonds are sub 2%. The bond market is smarter than the monkeys playing the stock market. They see through the dancing on the Titanic and know the crash is straight ahead.

  12. Weimar Germany to Weimar Britain.

    ‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII
    They despise what has become of the Britain they once fought to save. It’s not our country any more, they say, in sorrow and anger. Sarah harks back to the days when ‘people kept the laws and were polite and courteous. We didn’t have much money, but we were contented and happy. ‘People whistled and sang. There was still the United Kingdom, our country, which we had fought for, our freedom, democracy. But where is it now?!’

    ‘I sing no song for the once-proud country that spawned me,’ wrote a sailor who fought the Japanese in the Far East, ‘and I wonder why I ever tried.’

    ‘My patriotism has gone out of the window,’ said another ex-serviceman.

    Those comrades of mine who never made it back would be appalled if they could see the world as it is today.

    ‘They would wonder what happened to the Brave New World they fought so damned hard for.’

    Some WWII soldiers, and families of those lost in the war, have complained society today shows no sign of the effort they made to help ‘This Land of Hope and Glory is just a land of yobs and drunks’

    Some WWII soldiers, and families of those lost in the war, have complained society today shows no sign of the effort they made to help

    ‘People come here, get everything they ask, for free, laughing at our expense,’ was a typical observation.

    ‘We old people struggle on pensions, not knowing how to make ends meet. If I had my time again, would we fight as before? Need you ask?’

    Many writers are bewildered and overwhelmed by a multicultural Britain that, they say bitterly, they were never consulted about nor feel comfortable with.

    ‘Our country has been given away to foreigners while we, the generation who fought for freedom, are having to sell our homes for care and are being refused medical services because incomers come first.’

    Antal E. Fekete
    San Francisco School of Economics

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away
    from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will
    create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away that power, and all the great
    fortunes like mine will disappear — as they ought to in order to make this a happier and better
    world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own
    slavery, then let them continue to create deposits.”
    Sir Joshua Stamp (1880-1941), one time governor of the Bank of England, in his
    Commencement Address at the University of Texas in 1927. Reportedly he was the
    second wealthiest individual in Britain.


    The devastating effects of the Federal Reserve Act, and the
    methods used by the International Bankers to destroy the American Republic, are succinctly summed up by Sheldon Emry in
    Billions For The Bankers—Debts For The People.
    Showing that all the financial panics and recessions our
    nation has experienced over the years were brought about by the
    manipulation of our money supply by the International Bankers
    (contracting the money supply to create a ‘crisis’ and expanding
    it to solve the ‘crisis’),

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