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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Clown World Beliefs, Bruce Jenner, Texas’ Cold Wave and the Fate of Jimi Hendrix

The duo discuss Stevie Wonder’s racism charge, Dino’s epic first hour skewering of this (link below) – and hit the related details of Russ’ post on “The Clown World Views of Liberals on Race and Policing.


They then wrap up and update the Bruce Jenner transgender psyop.

The duo dispense with what happened in Texas’ deep freeze.

Final topic down the stretch was the real fate of Jimi Hendrix and other star whackings.

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14 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Clown World Beliefs, Bruce Jenner, Texas’ Cold Wave and the Fate of Jimi Hendrix

  1. When are you guys going to understand that there are personas in this world. Several people, or biotech entities, play the role. ‘Bruce Jenner’ has been gone a long time, identity theft en toto. We are on the 9th Bob Dylan, last I checked. Entertainment, esp. Hoolyweirdd have personas. They never existed, or the original is long gone. Now with CG digital editing, the PJ folks, maybe even Russ and Dino, too are taken in.

    Why was Stevie playing the guitar?, maybe not all that unusual, possibly this Wonder can’t play the piano.

    Are you sure Hendrix is dead? How? Have you his official death certificate in your hand? Possibly, Russ, you do. My point is we take so much on its face.

    The character of Elton John? Lady Gaga ?, etc. Gotta be 19 of each, as there was 19 Beatles, as the George character admitted on the Mike Douglas Show (that guy couldn’t sing). American Idol shows are a recruitment program for these ops.

    Politicos, so many, too, use the same program. Hilary 1, 2, 3, 4. Red Tie Trump Blue Tie Trump. NanoJoe/Real Joe…

    I love the show. I’m looking for Cockwomble No. 2 and 3.

  2. As far as Stevie “Wonder” surely his whole existence isn’t a Tavistock cabal fantasy…he says what he is told because although paid much better, he is a slave to the same group that created the slave market in America the elite Jews ..slave then slave now. P.S isn’t affirmative action RACIST??? Me thinks it is

  3. Obviously, there is plenty of hoaxing going on attributable to “intelligence” and “secret societies” and funded by Jewish money.

    And it could be that Bruce Jenner and Stevie Wonder are outrageous examples of this.

    But why would the two subject idiots go along with this when neither one of them needs the money?

    • Ralph – Brucie and Steve didn’t go along with anything. They were whacked and replaced. The money goes the Bruce Jenner, Inc and the players milk it for all its worth using their Gossip Media/Kardasian/Evil buddies. There is a whole industry of movie production workers out of work. Actors. Make up. Sick Actors titillating you.

      I forgot to say, Best Wishes to Eric . BE a Cockwombler!

  4. Nothing should surprise us anymore. Gramsci’s ‘march through the institutions’ is all but complete now. Take a look at this thread on Twitter involving an ‘antiracism curriculum’ that is being forced within the Buffalo Public School System. The gaudy and ostentatious nature of its implementation manifests their complete confidence in how they have achieved systemic control!

    Parents, teachers, and other staff are either on board with this Marxist brainwashing or they are completely paralyzed by fear and terror to speak out against this deliberate, anti-white, tyrannical hatred.

  5. Gentlemen and WW friends,

    Although I mentioned Mr. Jenner’s infamous connection to The Village People in the original topic thread and discussed a life in prison for manslaughter, I now (humbly / respectfully) submit to you these links:

    The company Mr. Jenner kept and still surrounds himself with is one GIANT PSYOP that is extremely dangerous, as well as often covered on WW.

    Please be well.


  6. My hunch is that Prince didn’t really die. My only evidence for this is that his “sister” Tyka Nelson seems very odd, making me think that Tyka is actually Prince in disguise. Tyka recorded at least one song before Prince died, and it sounded like Prince trying to sound female. I haven’t really delved into this, since I was never a big fan of Prince, especially after I became consciously pro-white. I stumbled across this theory on YouTube, back when it didn’t censor conspiracy videos. There are plenty of bogus theories out there, but this one rings true to me, somehow.

  7. I believe Wesley was being sarcastic trying to make a point. Even the things that we assume are real could also be fake. For example, it’s not crazy to think that there are 2 hillaries, that Eminem was killed and replaced by a joke, or that some people never really died. The current “space program“ could give a hint about it. Anything can be 100% fakes nowadays.

    Regarding chemtrails, Russ from what I’ve read and watched this thing is bigger than we’d ever thought. They’ve been used at least to dumb us down, like with fluoride and food, but also to spread nanoparticles for many years now. They are also cooling down the planet deliberately, and fkng the clouds. Thunders do not sound like they did 30 years ago.

    Finally, about transgenderism, it’s part of the agenda of dehumanization. Some people think that it has the satanic element of normalizing androgenism since baphomet is androgenous. Also, it’s part of the agenda to control reproduction and population growth.

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