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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Market Bubbles and the r/WallStreetBets Grift

The duos’ show No. 21 focused on the skullduggery and gaming surrounding r/WallStreetBets and their plays. Russ’ warning about this situation was made early last Friday, before the Monday-Tuesday collapse.

Read “r/WallStreetBets on GameStop: Beavis and Butthead Are About to Learn a Life Lesson”

The innards of the market mania itself were considered as put forth in Russ’ post “What’s in Store for the ‘Markets’.” Russ realize some of this may be over the heads of listeners, and frankly is not something he wishes to discuss anymore, but this is a rare — or rather, rarified — moment.

They also discussed the John Wayne Gacy case briefly.

Read “Was John Wayne Gacy Connected to a Ring of Homosexual Sadists, Murderers?”

The recommended video that Russ was trying to recall is “The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime — The Global Banking Syndicate.”

All past shows with Dino Ryan are archived under the Recent Podcasts tab (just click through). Dino’s news aggregation and show access is at his site here. 

You can listen to show No. 21 here.


13 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Market Bubbles and the r/WallStreetBets Grift

  1. Great show. I always look forward to it. Looks like Yellen got an ethics waiver in regard to the Gamestop investigation. Nice.

  2. Gentlemen, well done!

    Dino — for a layman who understands some of the dynamics, but does not live the financial markets; YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB! No, I am extremely serious. There are absolute turkeys who RW could have lost on CNBC or Bloomberg, but man you held your own quite well.

    My hat tips in your direction. Well done sir.

    RW — superb…really well done. Also, your explanations did not strike me as too hard for the general public to follow. You circled around to explain a few terms and of course the Nasdaq ownership — very nicely done. You may have lost Dino a little on the call story involving your son; however, Dino if you have any questions, any of us here would be happy to clarify jargon in support (humbly and honestly).

    For those of you who are interested:

    Dino — I would suggest that the Wall Street film supplied a “layman’s” explanation for both what happened on Black Monday in October 1987 (the film came out in December of that year), and what was to follow in the 1990s, including the dotcom bubble, and LTCM.

    I concur with Stano…great show!

    Two last points:

    On the killer clown, interesting; I was not very aware of these details.

    On the flag at the embassies, they did put some rainbow flags up in the U.S. gov. / mil buildings and South Korea, last year, during “gay pride week” (June).


    Excellent film! The best is the scene in the restaurant (fiction or not) with Mr. Mark Baum where the other gentleman states the whole market is one giant fake and “so what?”.

    Dino — Dr. Burry was looking at mortgage payments being satisfied, versus the packaging / resale of bundled loans and the credit ratings that third party companies were providing to make the securities more attractive to the buyers. It was good old fashioned elbow work.

    If you want to also be clear on the future, Mr. Micheal Rickert is a fascinating fellow (played by Brad Pitt). He was way ahead of Mr. James Beeland Rogers (Soros’s old partner in Quantum) in leaving the markets and buying a house in the hills where he began his own farm. The guy was miles ahead of his time.

    Dino — if you like a great book, please consider:

    Ms. Lynn had an excellent grasp of the market, and what it was like for a woman in the pits (she is brutally honest and the story is fascinating) in the 1980s.

    RW — Front Line did a doc on:

    I have it in storage (DVD), but I cannot find a copy anywhere right now. If we can find a link to a YouTube version, then it could be worth putting up on WW. It shows how smug those bastards from LTCM really were and what a dwarf (I stood next to him in a deli once; he is a wee, tiny, little man) punk Greenspan was.

    As all of you may know, I am a huge fan of Fisher Black, PhD., as a result, I am convinced he would never have joined these a-sholes for this sh-t show, even if he was 100% well at inception. My guess is they approached him for name value, and he told them to “F-CK OFF”.


  4. Okay one last (not an endorsement to buy anything, just me floating an idea since we were discussing commodities):

    So in a situation down (yes, further down than we are now), one might consider all types of commodities that could be required and / or tradable. Physical gold, silver, platinum and “junk silver (old U.S. coins) could be useful. Yet, it could also be cumbersome and cause security issues. Certainly, any U.S. town can (in theory) create its own “script”, so long as its federal and state taxes are paid in U.S. script or its equivalent.

    Now as anyone knows from the great toilet paper nightmare of last year, essentials are generally more important for barter in a bad situation. The idea is to buy a little extra as you go, for a “rainy day”, and if you can trade a little or donate a little great (now I have to state always keep records of even of your bartering for tax purposes; I do not like to say it, but I have to if I am being on the level with you).

    Okay, but all of you know this and that is very good, so what I would like to offer is something a little different: SEED VAULTS AND SEEDS IN GENERAL


    With a few variations of these, you can happily plant for you and yours. Also, you can trade as well.

    Now if you really wish to sweeten the deal, add in a book (either written on your own or one from a seller) about pot gardening and / or 3ft gardening (food gardening). Trade it as a kit.

    It is just a simple idea. Trust me being a prepper is good; being a prepper who thinks like a trader is a step beyond.


    P.S. If I wanted something better than gold in a situation down, then I would stock up on washable feminine products:

    Not only will you be keeping someone healthy, but you would also have an item that is literally in demand if everything goes upside down and shortages occur. This is no joke on my part.

    • Great advice that one is buying feminine products. I’m adding to my “things to get” list. Thanks.

      And yes, having seeds is actually vital nowadays.

      • Many thanks.

        If you are seeking a slightly less expensive product (but not inferior in any quality) then search “Amish feminine products”. It should yield a very similar product, I was just “crunched” on time.

        Sincere best…

        • J Daedalus,

          Got an email from a friend on this one (we were talking about the markets and seeds over mail):

          I do not know anything about them, but they look pretty good. The ones that I recommended I have made purchases from.


  5. Russ, I recommend you to listen CAF and John Titus on their 20202 Wrap Up – Going Direct video.

    Here’s the preview:

    You’ll need a subscription to the Solari Report ( to watch it in its entirety, but I think it’s worth subscribing because they put really interesting material (not only financial) that I’d assume, based on what you do here in this website, you will enjoy. I recently (finally) subscribed and I don’t regret it.

    In that particular video they show, with evidence, how the greatest wealth transfer from Main Street (small business owners) to the Fed was done in 2020, backing it up with graphs and documents. Really good material.

    • I asked RW and Torchy if they wanted to take this one down. I guess it was fine to keep it up. Good.

      Then I tried to show Mrs. Simple Citizen how childish I had been for some form of absolution. She told me that I was all wrong. She said that the gentleman’s name was actually pronounced:

      “Pete Booty Judge”

      and that based on the name, he was probably the perfect politician to give career advice to some real men.

  6. One last thing:

    So we had to drive into Virginia today for a thing. As I was not doing the driving, I was working the jukebox. We had on some beautiful classical music, but the station had to take a news brake. Now in our area, all of the stations take a news brake at the exact same time.

    As I did not feel like listening to the normal news, I switched over to Bloomberg Radio. Now I have no, active trades on at the moment; I just did not want to shut the radio off and wait for the news to be over.


    So this young lady was reading off the market report and then the strangest thing happened (not verbatim):

    “…and the Nasdaq is opening down 10pts, and at Churches Chicken you can get a a two piece basket, with a biscuit for only $ 4.99…”

    So the ad was embedded in the market report and the young lady did not even change her tone, take a breath, or anything. I thought I was losing my mind and began to laugh uncontrollably.

    Seems Mike will take money from all sponsors, and then will just slot it in any old place.

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