Axios: How To Deprogram America’s Extremists


By Hunter Wallace | 9 February 2021

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT — Why not launch drone strikes on Trump supporters?

Why not require a political litmus test to serve in Congress?

Why not require a political litmus test to serve in the military?

Why shouldn’t employers require a political and cultural orthodoxy to hold a job?

Why not censor the internet to suppress the opinions of every American who disagrees with the “mainstream” legacy media in the name of fighting something called “extremism”?

Why shouldn’t progressive technocrats have the authority to bypass elected officials like sheriffs to “deprogram” other Americans who disagree with their political and cultural views?


“It will take an all-out national effort to dismantle the radicalization pipeline that has planted conspiracy theories in the heads of millions of Americans and inspired last month’s attack on the Capitol, experts tell Axios.

Two key measures that could make a difference:

Keeping extremists out of the institutions where they could do the greatest damage — like the military, police departments and legislatures. […]

2 Comments on Axios: How To Deprogram America’s Extremists

  1. Seems like Axios is pissed that perhaps Medium beat ’em to it. I once asked Medium if “non-narrative” posts could be written for them and of course they never answered my question. Of did Axios come before Medium? Who’s on first? Bwahahahahahahahahah! I just love how white (or other) upper middle class idiots actually believe the world gives a crap about what they think and say. And here’s the rub…they are only maybe 5 percent of the population, and that percentage will only get lower, even if they didn’t cancel culture!

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