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Were the Jesuits Crypto-Jews? Did They Stem from the Kabbalist Alumbrados?

An Ignatian approach. SOURCE:

Ignatius of Loyola, a Spaniard from the Basque city of Loyola, and six others, mostly of Castilian origin, founded the Jesuit Order, or Society of Jesus, on Aug. 15, 1534. Ignatius was a Captain in the Spanish army, and the order demanded military discipline, blind obedience and strict secrecy. The society was committed to accepting orders anywhere and to endure any conditions. Without a doubt, the Jesuits were hyper-active secret-society plotters and schemers. Colloquially, they’re referred to as God’s soldiers, God’s marines and The Company. To be fair, the stories of Jesuit missionaries in far away lands are epic. No slackers among this group.

The society participated in the counter-Reformation and, later, in the implementation of the liberalized Second Vatican Council. In 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, taking the name Pope Francis.

In 1540, the Jesuits were approved by the corrupt Pope Paul III (1468-1549). The fit was perfect as this pope, known as Cardinal Fregnese (translated as Cardinal Cunt). He used nepotism to advance the power and fortunes of his black-nobility Caetani-Farnese family. He worked closely with Jewish userers and bankers.

Francis Borgia of top ranking Spanish nobility was co-founder of the Jesuit Order. He became Jesuit General (Black Pope) with substantial powers in the realm of assassinations and conspiracies and could now engage in commerce and banking. The overarching goal was universal power.

Our objective here is not to peel back all of the onion, as that would take volumes. Rather, we wish to give readers a sense of what the order was about. In the U.S., you will find Jesuit-educated operatives inserted throughout deep-state intelligence and in high political ranks.

Many are Georgetown graduates, and many are strange lizards indeed. It’s more common to find a Jesuit-trained operative than traitorous evangelical Zio-Baptist types. They have been particularly influential in the Catholic Church since Vatican II. One of the most brainwashed friends I have ever had was educated by Jesuits, and he thought they were great. They are not slackers in the education arena either, but educated in what is the question.

From the beginning, the Jesuits garnered such a bad reputation that by 1773 Pope Clement XIV, in the Bull Dominus ac Redemptor Noster, abolished the order “forever.” Even prior to the ban, Jesuits were tossed out of Portugal, France, the Two Sicilys, Parma and the Spanish Empire.

Charges against the Jesuits were in large part brought by bishops or priests of high character. The Pope enumerated at length all the charges against them and fully endorsed them. He recalled that 13 previous Popes condemned their practices and their doctrines after a full inquiry, but he said the remedies had “neither efficacy nor strength to put an end to the trouble.”

By 1814, the expulsion was reversed.

Modus Operandi of the Jesuits

If one were to define Jesuit behavior, it’s that of a chameleon: deceptive and two-faced. They put forth the appearance of chastity and take vows of poverty but proceed like a Mafia. Their motto is that the ends justify the means. They were money grabbers and, in particular, targeted rich childless widows, who they would literally own and control. Naturally in such a system, the order would end up with the property and wealth of their targets. If others tried to intervene or oppose them, they were some of the best ever at gang stalking.

The order’s tactics and methods were starkly revealed in a book called the “The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits.” The book was released by a former Jesuit in 1717. Naturally, the rebuttal is that this is a fraud and forgery. But just like other works of this type, the path to veritas may lie in whether the book described well the proclivities and practices of the order. Indeed, the chapters illustrate many of the problems with their conduct and that were largely a part of the papal expulsion of 1773.




Chapter 16 is illustrative in that it shows that the Jesuits were not interested in the appearance of fleecing the poor, but instead dead rich people. Sepulture: the rites of burial, interment.

We must refuse sepulture to persons of the lowest class in our churches, though they may have been very attached to our Society; for we do not believe that we must seek riches by the number of interments, and we must hold firmly the gains that we have made with the dead.

Chapter 2 and 3 is an advisory on golddigging and sucking up to people of influence and wealth. It could have just as easily been written for the disciples of Jacob Frank — a topic to which Winter Watch has devoted much attention.

See”Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World” and “The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World.” If you are new to this topic or site, it is highly recommended going through this material to develop an interpretative framework.

Chapter 3 goes more into classic infestation and infiltration into the corridors of power.



The JO developed an effective technique of cult brainwashing. One of the main tools the Jesuits have used is the Ignatian retreat, called the Spiritual Exercises. During a four-week period of silence, individuals undergo a series of directed meditations on the purpose of life and contemplation on the life of Christ. They meet regularly with a spiritual director who guides their choice of exercises.

“Choice” and discernment are the centerpiece of the exercises, and they are directed to choosing God’s choice, i.e. ultimately to a self-abandonment to God. The exercises “have as their purpose the conquest of self and the regulation of one’s life in such a way that no decision is made under the influence of any inordinate attachment.” In other words, the Jesuits rule, and your will is submitted to a high degree of mysticism to boot.

Discernment can be considered a movement toward a mystical union with God, and it emphasizes the mystical experience of the believer. If you see this as Kabbalistic, influenced by say Frankism, we suggest you are right. This mystical union with God mindset leads to a sense of chosenite superiority, a system of belief that infects and is threatening to the world. It is also a great mask for Crime Syndicate-inclined people to wear.

The Debate: Were the Jesuits Little More Than a Crypto-Jew/Marrano Crime Syndicate?

The facts and evidence point to yes, especially in the beginning. But the order took on a life of its own. It evolved into a different entity, but with fellow-traveler strands to the Frankists and Freemasons. I suspect when the Jesuits  went underground between 1773 and 1814 and they began melding and cooperating with the much-underappreciated Sabbateean-Frankist sect. Many historians believe Jesuits developed Freemasonry.

One of the classic debates on the Internet is whether it’s the Jews or the Jesuits, such as between Michael Collins Piper and Eric Jon Phelps. This dichotomy is informative, but I would suggest the roots are the same and that they are fellow travelers with the same traits and characteristics. Again, the impact of the Frankist sect can’t be underestimated. Too many observers, including Piper and Phelps, don’t even mention it.

Indeed, many of the Frankist-Jesuit mystical Kabbalistic belief underpinnings are the same. The Alumbrados (Spanish pronunciation: alumˈbɾaðosilluminated) was a term used to loosely describe practitioners of a mystical form of Christianity in Spain during the 15th and 16th centuries. This may have had roots via the Templars. This was also occurring in the Sabbeatian-Jewish communities of eastern and southeastern Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Los Alumbrados sects and mentality sprang up all over Europe and the Middle East, and in non-Jewish communities as well particularly in Rhineland Germany.

The Alumbrados held that the human soul can reach such a degree of perfection that it can even in the present life contemplate the essence of God and comprehend the mystery of the Trinity. All external worship, they declared, is superfluous, the reception of the sacraments useless and sin impossible in this state of complete union with God. Persons in this state of impeccability could indulge their sexual desires and commit other sinful acts freely without staining their souls. This Doctrine of Evolution and reaching a higher level of conscience is very similar — if not identical — to the New Age Movement´s Theosophist beliefs in a human’s ability to achieve “Christ Consciousness” and become a “Super-Man.”

Gnosticism and Eastern Mysticism (including the Mystery Babylonian religion) teaches that its members are “Gods in the making,” and that Lucifer is the one that makes us realize the “God within us” and evolve this into our full potential (without the need to repent for our sins) as his name means “Morning Star” and “The Illuminated One.” This doctrine is nearly identical in all Secret Societies called the Illuminati. Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma connected the dots back to Kabbalah, which is the underlying driver of all these movements and societies.

Yes, Martha. Where have we heard this mixing of the holy with the profane Luciferian Doctrine before? Sabbeatian-Frankism I dare say? Birds of the same feather.

Jesuit Order founder Ignatius, while studying at Salamanca, was brought before an ecclesiastical commission on a charge of sympathy with the Alumbrados but escaped with an admonition.

There is a distinction to be made. The Alumbrados emerged before the Sabbeatians (1666). It was the forced conversion of the Jews to Christianity that brought this Kabbalist belief out of the shadows and into a false Christianity. Its genesis, or fonte, was Jewish and Templar. As the Inquisition continued and the Jews (Marranos) began to clear out of Spain and Portugal, many transited to the Ottoman Empire, where Sabbeati Levi later launched his inverted sect. And why did the sect take off so successfully? Out of the blue? No, there was already an ingrained Kabbalistic belief system via the Marrano influx. As the Jewish Virtual Library points out:

In the 16th century, numerous cities in the Ottoman Empire had Jewish settlements, among them Cairo, Jerusalem, Safed, Damascus, Constantinople with some 50,000 Jews, and Salonika where the population of the Marranos exceeded that of the other Jews and the non-Jews as well.

Salonika was the hot bed of Kabbalistic Sabbeatians.

Distilled down to Occam’s Razor, whether it’s Templars, Jesuits or Frankists, this is a do-as-thy-wilt belief system that gives predators and evil people an excuse to feel entitled and chosen, and thus not subject to good ethics. It allows the mindset of the ends justifies the means, and the structure of operating in secret in-groups to run herd over others and to accumulate wealth and power.

Some — and even me for a while — have a hard time wrapping their head around the term “secret societies.” But when one cuts to the chase, what we are talking about is organized gangsterism, human harvesting and dominance operating at a high level. And the concept of organized criminal gangs at varying degrees of sophistication is as old as mankind. And what better way for a gangster to hide but in the garb of a priest, rabbi, Zio-minister or guru.

The lineage of this gangsterism is shown in the following chart, although I believe the papered-over Sabbeatian-Frankist line needs much more emphasis and insertion as a offshoot of Kabbalism. Then it was rejoined with natural ally Freemasonry when the Frankist Rothschilds entered the scene. As we have discussed, the Sabbeatian-Frankists are a particular nasty strain of this belief system.

Were the Jesuits Kabbalistic Crypto-Jews?

Professor Aleksander Maryks is the associate director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at the Jesuit Boston College. In an interview with The Boston Globe, Maryks peels back the hidden onion.

On page 86 of Professor Maryks’ book, “A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola”:

But while the conversos professed Christ with their tongues, their hearts professed something else: their Jewish identity and a desire for revenge.

That being said, “converso” DOES equal “Marrano/Crypto-Jew,” because only a minority of Jews would ever embrace a bastardized/Romanized version of their religion forced upon them by the enemies of their people. Most conversions were done for practical purposes, not out of a real realignment of faith.

It is standard Jewish operating procedure to infiltrate all factions within an institution for the purpose of monitoring their activities and taking control, if possible. They didn’t need to take over the Jesuit Order though. It was theirs from the very beginning. It was their hand within the church.

The Jesuits were able to control where the investigations and crackdowns took place. They shielded their core operatives while staging controlled sacrifices (such as in a faraway place like Goa, India) to make it look like were making progress. “Yes, Goa, that’s the ticket — take it there.”


50 Comments on Were the Jesuits Crypto-Jews? Did They Stem from the Kabbalist Alumbrados?

  1. Regarding the scheming to get the inheritances of widows, that has long been understood as an across-the-board operation of Christian church ‘pastors’ … who have a short job on Sunday, then spend the week ‘visiting the sick’ – mostly the dying elderly, who then gratefully name the ‘kind visiting pastor’ in their will

    Maybe the most famous Marrano (crypto-Jew-in-Spain heritage person) of our time is Cuba’s Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

    A recent book, ‘The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews’, review by Andrew Joyce on Unz, covered how the 1500s battle of crypto-Jews versus ethnic Europeans within the Jesuits, ended with the Jesuits actually banning descendants of Jews and Muslims from joining the Jesuit order, a ban which remained in effect for 338 years, from 1608 until 1946, during which time Jesuits investigated applicant genealogy for 5 generations previous. It is said that, the ethnic Europeans within the Jesuits, defeated the crypto-Jews by mirroring crypto-Jewish tactics, acting as a semi-hidden ethnic mafia, which eventually won the Pope’s ear.

    As suggested above, Jesuits and Jewish mafias seem NWO partners … were they always partners despite the 1500s rivalry? Or does that date from 1700s Jesuit-educated ‘illuminati founder’ Adam Weishaupt?

    The US Supreme Court, effectively controlling the USA for the oligarchy, is now 5 Roman Catholics, 3 Jews, and one Protestant named by Donald Trump. The Jesuitical and Talmudic mentalities are two cultures seen as engaged in a constant disingenuous twisting of the ‘law’ to meet objectives, we even have the English adjective ‘jesuitical’.

      • Hi, no I do read a bunch of places, but a lot of them don’t use Disqus. For example, I have posted with the same handle on Unz, on Aangirfan on her site, on Henry Makow on his site, and on VeteransToday, but each one has a different system for posting from the others … but I do find TNN a bit unique, started reading Russ Winter on his financial site TNN’s predecessor

  2. This article makes the same glaring, often purposeful omission as all
    who adopt this position once they see that the Jesuits are the real
    power players: these men need to have the Jesuits be Jewish to maintain
    their narrative of a Jew World Order.

    The facts are that Jesuits expelled the Jews from their Order in 1593
    and from that time, until 1946, Jews were then banned from joining the
    Jesuits. Any Jewish ancestry going back five generations was considered
    an impediment to join the Order.

    Later in the nineteenth century, the Jesuits literally created the
    Jewish question in their La Civilita Catolica journal to consolidate
    political power and maintain in Europe the old papal rule after the
    revolutions of 1848 which reached Rome and caused the temporary exile of
    Pius IX to Gaeta.

    Not only is it not proven that Loyola was a member of the
    Alumberados, but the mysticism of the Alumbrados was not based on
    Judaism, but upon the neoplatonism of the Christian monastic Eckhart and
    his disciples:

    “Like German Anabaptists, the Alumbrados were strongly influenced by
    the Rhineland mysticism of Eckhart, Tauler, and Ruysbroeck, whose works
    had been translated into Spanish a generation before.”

    – Christian Spirituality: God’s Presence Through the Ages, Richard J. Woods, leading Ekhart scholar

    Finally, the charge that Loyola was a Jew is anthropologically refuted:

    “The founders of Jesuitism, Loyola Xavier and others, were Basques,
    and Basques are still among the best and most fervent missionaries of
    the Roman Catholic Church. Loyola, even in physiognomy and physique, was
    a typical Basque, and preserved his Basque habits until his death.”

    – The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 5, page 18

    Loyola is also absent from Fordham University’s list of converso Jesuits.

    Needless to say, I have refuted this ignorant history into oblivion. See my detailed coverage of these matters:

    Jesuits anti-Jewish; banned Jewish converts from their Order; Hitler influenced
    by Catholic and Jesuit antisemitism; Roman Papacy and Jesuits gave rise
    to modern antisemitism:

    Vatican & Jesuits gave rise to modern anti-Semitism including “Jews rule the world” meme [Part 2]:

    A call to action RE: “Jesuits are Jews” and the like:

    Common source for “Loyola was a converso” refuted:

    • Veritas points out the Jews were banned from the JO in 1593. The Jesuits were given great power by Pope Paul III in 1540, This gave cryptos three generations of free reign and ample opportunity to gain a foothold..

      The post does not claim that all Jesuits were secret Jews for the next 400 years.That is a straw man argument. The article says they morphed into another form of gangsterism.

      I cited Professor Aleksander Maryks the Associate Director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at the Jesuit Boston College on the early JO crypto-Jews influence.

      The idea that the alumbrados primary influence was German Rhineland Mysticism is absurd. They were plenty of Kabbalistic Jews and influential marranos right there in Spain.From the same Woods book Veritas cited it says the alumbrados started in Toledo in 1510 and spread from throughout Spain into France, Germany and Netherlands, not the otherway around,

      If not from a Jewish background himself- Loyola was fanboy and very open or pro- Jews in the JO. He was suspected of being an alumbrado and was hauled in for Inquistion.

      • I had heard the AlHambrados were the original Illuminatti and yes, highly Jewish. . By the way, the Jesuit who revived the Illuminatti was a crypto Jew
        Russ, here’s a tough interview between Littl and NBC. Patrick held up well

      • “This gave cryptos three generations of free reign and ample opportunity to gain a foothold..”

        >>>Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

        “The post does not claim that all Jesuits were secret Jews for the next
        400 years.That is a straw man argument. The article says they morphed
        into another form of gangsterism.”

        >>>Oh, but these are the same arguments you men use to say the Jesuits are Jews.

        “I cited Professor Aleksander Maryks the Associate Director of the
        Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at the Jesuit Boston College on
        the early JO crypto-Jews influence.”

        >>>The doctrines of the Jesuits were not influenced by Jews. The Spiritual Exercises are neoplatonic, with its introspective goal of dissolution into the monad huperusia. Same as all monasticism, which is not Jewish. The most influence conversos had in the early Jesuits was at, I believe, the second general congregation, where they introduced and changed some rules of the society, after which time their influence was cut off as they were expelled and banned.

        “The idea that the alumbrados primary influence was German Rhineland Mysticism is absurd.”

        1. That blatantly ignores the citation from Dr. Woods.

        2. It is an appeal to the stone fallacy.

        3. Your premise of Jewish influence on Jesuit doctrines hinges on an Alumbrados connection to the Jesuits, when Loyola himself was acquitted of being a member of theirs. And, given the scholarship of Woods, if Loyola was a member of the Alumbrados, it is of no consequence as the Alumbrados’ beliefs were just more of the same neoplatonic monkery championed largely by Ekhart.

        4. The statement that “They were plenty of Kabbalistic Jews and influential marranos right there in Spain” is not evidence that the Alumbrados’ beliefs and practices were Jewish.

        “From the same Woods book Veritas cited it says the alumbrados started in
        Toledo in 1510 and spread from throughout Spain into France, Germany
        and Netherlands, not the otherway around”

        >>>The Alumbrados were based on Ekhartian neoplatonism which is in agreement with Dr. Woods’ scholarship. On Reddit you were having such a pedantic meltdown over Woods’ citation that you ignorantly stated Rhineland mystics were influenced by the Alumbrados, when Ekhart existed centuries before the Alumbrados. This is what you are trying to say here too.

        “If not from a Jewish background himself- Loyola was fanboy and very open
        or pro- Jews in the JO. He was suspected of being an alumbrado and was
        hauled in for Inquistion.”

        >>>And that is irrelevant in every respect to the developments of the Jesuit Order over the past 400 years.

        EDIT: Lastly, Kabbalah is based on neoplatonism which is a pagan, not Jewish conception. The christian mystics and the kabbalists have the same underlying philosophy and metaphysical understandings.

        See wikipedia:

        “Both were students of Jewish mystical Kabbalah, which was heavily influenced by Neoplatonism”

        • Your boy Dominican priest Richard J Woods is a New Age fanboy for starters. The book you cited is increduous on its face as it proceeds as if the considerable Jewish influence and population in Spain during this period was effectively a gentle breeze and fragrance whifting through rather than a disruptive force.

          Woods strikes me as a typical Jewish paid and sponsored hack brought in to promote the “Fiddler on the Roof.” narrative and point the naive elsewhere – such as your laughable “Rhineland Mysticism in Spain” farce. I’d be curious if he is foundation paid. Curious about your paymaster too, but you post anonymously. If not, a common problem is self censorship to an absurd level around Jewish issues. I don’t think you will get anybody on these pages to buy into that one, But there is sucker born every day at Reddit- so better hunting there.

          At Reddit Veritas claimed: The Frankists got all of their theological arguments to use against the Talmudists from Jesuit priests! They then converted en mass to Roman Catholicism with the King of Poland serving as their sponsor. The Frankist Sabateans were thus crypto Catholic.

          I countered: Frankists sham converted to Catholicism in 1759. But only a year later, Frank and his crew was accused of heresy. Frank was thrown into the Citadel of Czenstokova where he was held for twelve years. During this brief one year stunt Catholicism had zero influence on the Frankists. Sabbatean Kabbalism had plenty for a century.

          Just in reading the Wikipedia you linked to it is apparent that Neoplatonism didn’t gain that much traction in Christianity and was more a cult or flirtation..Diluted is probably a better term for it. So there again you are misdirecting away from the “poor harmless” Jews and their Kabbalah.

          Wikipedia ; “When writing his treatise ‘On True Religion’ several years after his 387 baptism, Augustine’s Christianity was still tempered by Neoplatonism, but he eventually decided to abandon Neoplatonism altogether in favor of a Christianity based on his own reading of Scripture.”

      • Why do you not talk about the reality of history with Jesuits in America. They were the reason for James Monroe writing the Monroe Doctrine to keep them out of the western hemisphere. Lincoln broke off diplomatic relations with the Vatican over this. They had developed into being hated and had to reset. They hid the Lincoln assasination conspirator SURATT in the Swiss guard for years until he left for Morocco where he was captured and returned to America. The Jesuits hid him in Canada until they could get him ship passage to Italy. BOOTH the assasain was Jesuit trained and supported by the Jesuits leading up to the murder. The Jesuits schools at Georgetown, Fordham and the Loyola schools in America were and still are feeder schools for the CIA. Email me if you want more info.

      • Here’s a quote in support of Mr. Winter’s assertion:

        “The presence and influence of conversos in the Society of Jesus was strong from the beginning. Of the seven founding members, Maryks provides categorical evidence that four were of Jewish ancestry — Salmeron, Laínez, Bobadilla, and Rodrigues. In addition, Loyola himself has long been noted for his strong philo-Semitism, and one recent PhD thesis[1] has even advanced a convincing argument that Loyola’s maternal grandparents, (his grandfather, Dr. Martín García de Licona, was a merchant and financial advisor at court), were full-blooded conversos — thus rendering the ‘Basque nobleman’ halachically Jewish. Jewish scholar of the Inquisition, Henry Kamen, who had earlier argued that the Inquisition was “a weapon of social welfare” used mainly to obliterate the conversos as a distinct class capable of offering social and economic competition to ‘Old Christians,’ once voiced his own personal view that Loyola was “a deep and sincere spiritual Semite.”

    • It’s not the Jesuits who raped Russia. And it’s not the Jesuits who hold the world CAPTIVE by the fable of the HolyHoax.
      “If you don’t name the Jew, your message isn’t true.”
      You’d be better off spewing your propaganda over at InfoWars. They will love you there. Or better yet………………….AMREN. They love the Jew.

  3. Hello everybody. I love these type of articles! I suspect it is neither ‘the jews,’ nor ‘the jesuits,’ but rather the Empire, corrupting, re-defining and then using religion for their design. The Empire today is the biggest, baddest one in history, controlling the Vatican, Washington DC and the Rothschild-Windsor families…! Mosaic ‘judaism’ revealed the principle of Imago Dei in Genesis…the Babylonian Captivity rewrote and edited the scriptures, but failed to eliminate the principle of Imago Dei, probably because of the oral transmission tradition…Jesus reasserted the principle in full force and glory with his Ministry. In true Babylonian tradition, Constantine tried to re-corrupt religion. I agree with Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin: At the end of the day, you don’t really need ‘religion,’ especially all the rituals and dogma, to recognize the principle of Imago Dei, which is the fundamental law of the universe. Tesla, Planck, some of the New Thought people, and even some of the ‘counter culture’ types recognize this as well (look at Alan Watts discussions about the Gospel of John)- the fundamental Quantum of Action is CREATIVE CONSCIOUS LOVE. The problem, is when the Empire coopts legitimate opposition to ‘establishment religion’ in to their controlled opposition (kabala, illuminati, theosophy, atheism, paganism, etc.)

    • I suspect it is neither ‘the jews,’ nor ‘the jesuits,’ but rather the Empire,
      What a relief……………….I was getting tired of being called ‘anti-semitic’ all the time. Now I can relax on the Jews since it is the “Empire” to blame.
      Let’s arrest the Empire!

      • Hi Roy. We can be glib and posture online, or we can have a discussion about what actions to take. You can find caustic comments vs Jews AND Jesuits by some of the Founding Fathers. But they picked up guns and ARRESTED THE EMPIRE! Today, we can 1- Nationalize the Fed. 2- Shut down AIPAC, or at least fuck them up pretty bad. 3- Give more publicity to Kevin Annett and his work in exposing the Jesuit-run satanic Ninth Circle sacrifice cult- he has regular posts on Veterans Today. 4- Finally (for now), we should discuss how to massively revive INDUSTRIAL HEMP…that would give the Empire a kick in the balls, since their oil, pharmaceutical, lumber cartels would be devastated. We need to use these forums to network, pull in different constituencies, in to a NATIONAL FRONT. Jews vs Jesuits just sounds like another Hegelian dialectic. Let’s discuss solutions and actions, please.

        • All not bad points. But…the founding fathers were freemasons themselves and stem from British and other European aristocracy. The “revolution” seems more like a controlled experiment to make people believe in “democracy”, “freedom” etc and launch the New Atlantis project. E.g. Benjamin Franklin was a British spy amd a homosexual aristocrat – e.g. check Miles Mathis paper on this. The US flag resembled the one of the British East India company. Etc.

        • Wrong. It is very simple. If we don’t bring the Jewish Question back into public discussion, as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh; then we will forever be slaves to their Empire.
          “If you don’t name the Jew, your message isn’t true.”
          Just stick with the Jews. If we can get to a place where we can instil Byzantine Laws upon the Jews…………..we can gain our Sovereignty back once again. Not until then.
          Bob from DC says, “Don’t play the conspiracy shell game”. Stick with Tower 7. Tower 7 is the smoking gun of 9-11.
          Jews were all over 9-11.
          Jews lie about the Holofraud on a daily basis. Expose the Jew…………..expose 9-11………expose the fraud of the holyhoax.
          This is our only way out. PERIOD.

          • “Holofraud” Don’t you recognise such talk as bound to antagonise many ordinary Jews and yet let Jewry off the Bolshevik Holodomor etc hook?
            So long as the dispute is over how many Jews died no-one can talk of Jewish crimes that Holocaust denial feeds.

          • Roy Hobs,

            Regarding Byzantine Laws..

            Well, it ultimately did not work did it ? It was a temporary “fix”. Or we wouldn’t be in this mess now. \

            I suggest we must think about an approach that we’ve never taken with the jews.

        • harold means the yiddish empire (great brittain was broke after ww2, centuries of jeiwsh exploitation, they moved on to the jewsa)

  4. For those who care, It was crypto Jews who perpetrated the Armenian genocide, pretending to be Muslin leaders.

    • Actually Turkey’s leaders are donmeh, i.e. crypto jews, with a strong base / starting point in Thesaloniki. Saudi Arabia’s rulers are also alleged to be crypto jews.

    • The Jews are Turks, according to DNA that ties them to three or four Turkish towns of Pontus.

      I don’t buy the story of conversion to Judaism by the Khazars, because it wouldn’t have been necessary. The Ashkenazi are Turks… and apparently there is good reason to believe that the Sephardi are Basque-Turanian-speakers, aka Turks.

      The Bible was cobbled together from Nuzi, Sumeria, Ugarit, Egypt, and especially Greece… the people who compiled it slapped their name on it, added the “kill everything that breathes” parts… and have been given credit for it since time out of mind.

  5. This article makes a common but fundamental error in treating “the Jesuits” from their origins to the present as one and the same entity…’Ignatius of Loyola, a Spaniard from the Basque city of Loyola, and six others, mostly of Castilian origin, founded the Jesuit Order, or Society of Jesus, on Aug. 15, 1534…The society participated in the counter-Reformation and, later, in the implementation of the liberalized Second Vatican Council. In 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, taking the name Pope Francis’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The Society that ‘participated’ in the counter-Reformation and the Society that played a leading role in the liberal Second Vatican Council were substantially two different organizations. The Society that Ignatius birthed in 1534 was indeed zealous and single-minded in it’s dedication to preserve the Catholic faith from the scourge of the Protestant Revolt, and also in spreading the Faith to the New World that had been discovered only a few decades before.

    Jews had a vested interest in the spread of the Protestant Revolt, as it undermined the united Christian front against Jewish subversion and corruption of Christian society. [John Calvin (Cohen) was a Jew, just the most prominent of several examples of the Jewish promotion of Protestantism]

    The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) did more than just ‘participate’ in the counter-Reformation. They led it. And how! They saved France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bavaria from Protestantism, at the same time taking the Catholic Faith to all the corners of the known world. In the process they became the sworn enemy of all of Protestantism’s leading lights, and most especially, the Jews.

    It took the Jews two centuries to infiltrate the Jesuits, which played no small part in Pope Clement XIV’s decision to abolish the Order in 1773.

    The infiltrated Jesuit Order of the 18th century was a completely different organisation to Loyola’s Order that for nearly 200 years had given itself to Christ and His Church in unstinting selfless sacrifice and labour.

    The French Revolution of 1789 was made much easier by the compromised, infiltrated Society. The ingratiation to nobility and the corridors of power which have become synonymous with the Society are also Jewish traits, and bear witness to it’s infiltration.

    Less than 200 years later, the Jew-ridden Society was subverting the Catholic Faith at the Second Vatican Council. It has changed the Church into a creature it’s founders Loyola and Xavier would not recognise as being in any way connected to the Church they gave their lives defending. Pope Francis may be a ‘Jesuit’ in name, but when you talk about the Society of Ignatius Loyola, he may as well be one of the Chippendales.

    • Good analysis. My article wasn’t in error – to keep the post from turning into a large book I just didn’t look at the back side of the JO through to the modern era. If I did so it would be in Part II and encompass your observations.

      • Well said Russ! To me, a traditional Latin Mass observant Catholic, you come across as a man of reason and goodwill, committed to uncovering the truth.

    • I suggest reading Trail of The Serpent Russ and Shekel it sheds some light on this infiltration of societies. Here is a link to a free copy

      Also this link to the Basque is very interesting as I am currently doing the research and had already concluded there is an Atlantean priesthood still lurking around really running things and will write an article soon laying it all out. This is good teaser by anthropologist Robert Sepehr as far as the Basque is concerned. It will probably be some time before I write this article however because it will be a monster of an article covering many deep hidden history topics and only people really well “informed” with the information covered at my website will even be able to follow it really. I try to link to all my sources in my articles to help people follow along step by step but even still it takes years in some instances for people to get up to speed to where it doesn’t just sound like static to them because if I link to 5 videos an hour long or more in length they have to watch them all first to even be able to understand wtf I am talking about and follow along lol

    • Actually, they are the same people they’ve always been. For instance, if you take the Basque name Zulueta from the Slave Trade in Cuba to JFK, you find the same sort of thing happening, because of the money power.

      The real problem is the crypto idea regarding the Basques. They speak a Turanian language and some say they came from the Caucasus. Right below Georgia at the Pontus were Turkish towns tied to the Ashkenazi. The Zulueta name shows up in the Committee of 300, and as advisor in England, and tied to the Rothschilds. Zuleuta brought black slaves to Cuba which he forcibly Catholocized while claiming he was emancipating them… at a time it was illegal to own such slaves. That family also brought coolies from China to Cuba. The Cuban Revolution was doubtless tied to this family, because we find a lawyer of that family to the modern ETA… supposedly at its bitter end, but probably morphed into yet another acronym. These traits are the same we find in the Jews of the overlord class since the time of the Persian Empire. In fact, the Inquisition didn’t force them to become crypto, it gave them cover to do so.

      My question to you is this: Were the Borgas also Basques?

      I became interested in this because of the supposed Basque country planted atop that of Gascony which has always been Latin-speaking Ligurians… and is still Latin-speaking today. Saying that they are Basques just didn’t sit well with me, since we know that language change doesn’t happen the way we are told that it did in the case of “Romanization” of the land called Iberia (which used to be called Liguria according to Strabo). The handful of Roman soldiers didn’t go mudhut to mudhut forcing the learning of Latin at the point of a sword. The Romans weren’t even Latin speakers until they entered Italy… the Ligurians were, according to Ridgeway. It seems that the whole Romanization myth was invented to cover the obviously foreign presence of Basques, and avoid the sort of investigation which leads to conclusions similar to mine.

      Even if you don’t allow this post, may I suggest that you think about these things?

  6. Veritas Aequitas aka lying jew wants to blame the gerrmans AGAIN like the jew that he is with his ‘rhineland mysticism’ jew much? oy vey

    the borgias were jews and they were cofounders, de loyola has high jew score given his name (named after a city/place, rmember al bagdadhi? moscowitz? ) jews use city names for identification,

    funny bhow a lying jew uses a name like veritas

    • It’s not funny at all. It’s the Jewish MO – Mossad motto “By DECEPTION thou shalt do WAR”. Jews are the biggest name changers on the planet. They have been changing their names and deceiving the gullible goyim for centuries, pretending to be Anglos, or Gauls, or Germans, or Russians to blend into the all-too-trusting and insouciant goyim population and change institutions and eventually entire nations from within.

      No it’s not funny – within two to three decades most of Europe will neither be white nor Christian, anymore. It will be brown-skinned and Muslim majority, engineered that way by Christian-hating Jewish politicians with Christian-sounding names. The Spanish Inquisition had a point, hence all the vitriol that has been poured on it by the history books that “they” write. You always know you’re over the target when the flak is heaviest. The laws will be changed to favour Muslims, much like the laws in Israel favour Jews. Only the dumb Christians make laws that are blind to race and religion.

      So while they provoke our hatred towards Muslims in their own countries with false flags and fake news, they protect them here at home and actively promote the Muslim takeover of Europe. It’s a mindf*ck – it’s like we’re fighting Muslims abroad so that Muslims at home can take our home away from us. F******ck!!!!! Isn’t it incredible how they are not satisfied with just sticking the knife in – they want to twist it around and shove our faces in it, just like they weren’t happy with just killing Gaddafi, they had to have him sodomised with a knife.

      There is no better hater in the Universe than a Jew. He gives Satan himself a bloody good run for his money. He will pass “anti-hate” legislation against you, WITH YOUR STUPID BLOODY HELP, which allows him to exercise his hatred towards you even more.

      When Europe allowed Jews back into their countries after the Protestant Revolt, it was the beginning of the end. Buona Notte Europe! Hasta la vista.

  7. Religion: The greatest means of mind control yet devised by man.

    This is why I AVOID it. Though articles like this are valuable to see how the snakes operate.

    I also avoid discussions on whether the jews are the real jews.

  8. Dear Mr. Winter,

    I am writing in response to the article about the Jesuits. Please check out the following information that I have listed below.




    Also, please be sure to go the following links for more information.













    Ora et Labora,


  9. Calvinism, Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church, have the doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved, same kind of stuff. by the way Steven Anderson of IFB is a German Jew by blood.

  10. Mr. Winter, you have wheeled out the cannon yet again, giving a mighty broadside against the forces of darkness. I particularly liked this: “But when one cuts to the chase, what we are talking about is organized gangsterism, human harvesting and dominance operating at a high level. And the concept of organized criminal gangs at varying degrees of sophistication is as old as mankind. And what better way for a gangster to hide but in the garb of a priest, rabbi, Zio-minister or guru.”

    Now may I say something that will bring down the wrath of everyone upon my head: this same criminal gang has hidden the fact that God in His wisdom sent not one but two Redeemers. Jesus and John the Baptist were the twin sons of Elizabeth, from whom the Impostor Mary stole one and drove the other into a life of hardship as an orphan in the desert. This same criminal gang forced Catholics to worship the Impostor Mary instead of God, and the Protestants to worship Jesus instead of God, shoving his Co-Redeemer John the Baptist into the background. The Illuminati have known all this for 2000 years.

    • Protestant, how do we know that the Word of God came first to that pestilential strip of desert? Do we see modern man in early Palestine? Or did we find him first in southern France?

    • WinterWatch, you said “… Eastern Mysticism (including the Mystery Babylonian religion) teaches that its members are “Gods in the making,” and that Lucifer is the one that makes us realize the “God within us” and evolve this into our full potential (without the need to repent for our sins)…”


      But this is exactly what the self-proclaimed apostle to the nations preaches, right here:

      Colossians 1:27 “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
      Galatians 4:19 “until Christ be formed in you”
      1 Cor.2:16 “we have the mind of Christ.”
      Romans 10:9 “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (no need for repentence here)

      But the risen Christ told His every-day-walking-around Discipled-Apostles to teach the nations (yep, the same people Paul said were his) what He had taught the Apostles. Paul the Pharisee taught like the Talmud teaches: commentary on what God had said and done… teaching the traditions of “hirling shepherds” instead of the words straight from God which would save us.

      One of the people who caught the gist of Paul’s act called him a whirling-dervish. Jude says Paul uses great swelling words. James says show me your faith without works and I’ll show you my faith by my works. Jesus says He will make those who say they are Jews but do lie come and worship before your feet… implying that the other way around happens in the end times. Both of the two witnesses/candlesticks/churches are told about those who say they are Jews… meaning this is part of the witness, along with all of the parables that teach the same things against the same people.

  11. Loyola was a Basque noble… whatever that means, and so were a bunch of other Jesuits. The Basques were famous for their witches, and ran the Inquisition as though their own windows were sparkling clean. :: The Borjas were Basques… see where this is going? In fact, the Basques were running the slave trade to Cuba, of both Africans and Chinese. In later days, Basques have been infamous revolutionaries with semi-famous family names running through the centuries. Is this a shell-game?

    If the Basques came from Caucasian Iberia, right next door are found Ashkenazi-Turkish towns… and home of the Jewish Ashkenazi bloodline. Is there a Basque-Jewish Connection? Or aren’t we allowed to make that connection? The reason for the Inquisition seems to have been the excuse for cryptos and maranos and conversos to be le serpent rouge. Basques say they were Jews… are they pretending they mean it poetically? Language problem, you say? Remember Halevey and the Sumerian War of words, where he swore up and down that Sumerian was a secret language of their priests. What would have given him that idea in the first place? if it had never happened in reality specifically from them. One of the first things we see Joshua doing is spying out the land in order to overthrow it. The Hurrians became subject to their overlords who took Hurrian names and still get credit by the unknowing for Hurrian inventions and documents.

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