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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Stasi Shitstorm Being Ushered in by the Biden Administration

The duo discuss what the New Underworld Order’s (NUO) deprogramming and “reeducation” program of the populist/nationalist/traditionalist (PNT) population might entail. This is an examination of the Communist Pitești Experiment and Nesta Webster’s account of the French Revolution Terror.

Scribd text of Webster’s book “World Revolution, The Plot Against Civilization.”

Read Winter Watch:

The key clues from the Biden administration’s first shitstorm week in office are culled to connect the dots. We saw them roll out their primitive equity voter scheme.

Winter Watch posts referenced in this show:

This is Dino’s and Russ’ 20th show and can be heard here.

All the shows to date are in the Podcast section of Winter Watch, if you wish to catch up or access them. Hit “recent podcasts” and you will see them listed and described under the show’s green and gray logo.

17 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Stasi Shitstorm Being Ushered in by the Biden Administration

  1. Bidens pen fail clip.


    You can bet with this kind of hand eye coordination he is not able to dress up on his own, nor do any decisions. He is just there for the show, decisions and everything else is done by his “isreal first” zio-team.

    This clip should have been shown prior election, massmedia being silent about his mental state makes them complicit. Just a wonder Joe can still speak fluent most times and read the prompter, guess that will come soon and hes always heavily medicated.
    Harris tapping foot and waiting.

    incase YT deletes that clip:

    • Okay Ed, first — great to see you here! Hope you are well, and wish my best.

      Now as a friend, I would not remotely presume to issue anything other than a (friendly) suggestion:

      Please be very careful with CTH. Personally, I would opine (which I need to state for legal reasons) that they are not what they seem.

      If you need details on my opinion, then I will be happy to speak with you, directly, off of WW and will provide you with a means to contact me. Simply respond to this response and we will figure out a way to move forward.

      If not…

      Either way, I would (humbly) ask that you are quite careful in any dealings or information that you derive from this group. To be clear, I gain nothing if you are on the website or choose to create a distance. On the other hand, I would (again) opine that they gain a great deal by your engagement in their world.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

      • I have no ‘dealings’ with CTH! I never even visit their site! It was a link from a Twitter account I frequently peruse. I could have just as well used many other links that were available on this story, and there were many.

        The purpose of the link was about the Feds now finding any and every excuse under the sun to now arrest ‘Trump supporters,’ ‘insurgents,’ ‘domestic extremists,’ et al!

        As much time and effort that you put into commenting here SC, may I make a friendly suggestion that you should channel your energies into creating your own blog/website. Then again, maybe like me, you have valid reasons for not doing so.

        • Ed,

          You are super kind, and I am appreciative.

          WW is a good outlet for learning and expression; however, I do not think that my own talents lay in starting a blog. My feeling was that it is nice to speak with folks and learn from / with them. My nature is to be a bit wordy, so hence I wind up with some really unruly posts and replies. Mea culpa.

          Also, I have been beginning to take a break from WW, not because I do not like the website, but because I am becoming quite busy again. Since I had a lull for a bit (sort of a hurry up and wait period), I could spend time here and speak with friends, but my schedule is now changing.

          On the CTH link, I understand completely now. I just wanted to help a friend if I could; my own experience with them led me to do some research and I came to the opinion that they are far from what they seem. So if my experience could have helped you, then I would have been glad to have been supportive. The matter seems moot based on your response.

          Again, many thanks for your kind response. Please be well.

          All my best,

  2. Great show, guys, again.

    This is a test, of sorts, to see if I can even transpond.. For two days I’ve been trying to use my gmail account in vain. It takes forever for the page to resolve, I can’t call down a composition box to write a new message, and it won’t let me open older emails. We’re talking minutes to open anything. Not so with other sites. Five seconds to get into this page on WW. I think the enemies list is solid and the protocols are being rolled out. Censorship in the USSA.

    Anyone else with this problem?

    • horsegirl,

      Hello; I hope you and yours are very well.

      Please consider this a, humble, suggestion. Perhaps consider a Proton Mail (email) account, the use of Thunderbird (mail compiler), and maybe a T-Mobile, hotspot (internet connection), connection (but please consider avoiding the 5G)

      This might be helpful in your area as a combination. Certainly, a wired connection is always best. Yet, when there are inconsistencies in service, this may be a solution.

      Also, for your web browsers, you may wish to consider Firefox or Opera, while your search engines could be helpful with StartPage or Duck Duck Go.

      These are simple ideas; however, they may help you and yours out. To be honest, I am unclear about your connectivity; however, I was hoping to be helpful.

      Best wishes, good thoughts and prayers,
      Simple Citizen

      • Hi, in face I got a Proton account and have been unable to find my communications on it. Experiencing tremendous vision impairment on account of the filth in the air. Got a google techie o chat, and the problem was temporarily resolved. Told me only two things could cause the gmail problem: cache/cookie build-up or some interference with an IP provider. All the other web pages work pretty well, so it appears some pukespook has piggybacked onto my gmail account because it’s happening again.

        Wish I hadn’t given Proton the gmail account as a recovery email. Am stuck.

        Thanks for your reply. Nice to know you’re out there.

  3. Interesting show.

    The start was slow and a little discombobulated, but still worth consideration. What I would state is that the energy of the beginning waned in comparison to last week’s show or some of the prior shows I have listened to. This was not detrimental to the overall message, but could have sparked an exit in a new listener.

    As for the show’s contents, I may get back with a few thoughts; however, I could use sometime to process the whole range of the conversation.

    What I can easily state is that the show is a mix of where these two gentlemen have traveled over the, previous 20 dialogues, with current events and analysis added in.

    Is it worth a listen? Sure.

    Is it the best show these gentlemen have had? No.

    There is interesting information and analysis; however, the tone is a little different from past shows.


    • In the show’s proceeding hour before I came on, Dino addresses the whole spectrum of dark versus what he called “light and airy” topics. I think he hears from his fandom about exploring darkness non-stop and taking some breaks from it. I think the slow, but nostalgic first part of my segment is just for some peace of mind to get people in a better mood. I get it and have no objections and I got to show a different side of my personality or at least what it once was. It is also the experience and genius of Dino- I trust he knows what he is doing.

      • Good to know and agreed on Dino knowing what he is doing.

        Certainly, I was not trying to be a harsh critic; I just noticed a change in mood and wanted to acknowledge what I heard. Yet, it is still a good show and I obviously tuned in.

        The nostalgia was great; I just did not know the context coming into the show.

        Okay, now about that nostalgia:

        Pole vaulting and basketball, well that was news; yet, I thought you and Brother Bean were wrestlers?


        Now when is WW going to do a post about unicorns and rainbows so that we can have a break from the negative fears of the world? Heck even when we are speaking about clowns, they turn out to be “killer clowns”!

        Of course I am just kidding (not a real complaint), and will take breaks as needed.

        Please be well.


  4. Regarding the pajama people who refuse to address dark subjects… I reckon that the massive effort to induce people into using magical thinking has rendered the average person unable to contemplate such topics without extreme discomfort. The new age/law of attraction bollocks that has been popular for years, and continues raking in cash for the msm publishers, is certainly partially responsible for this. It goes without saying that the new age material is left hand path garbage.. I find it amazing that people who have lived into their middle age or older can so easily fall for that tripe. You’d think after having a certain amount of life experience that people would be wise enough to know that thinking positive thoughts won’t magically cure a bad situation, but you’d be wrong. Folks just lap the stuff up… Something to be said about the infantilism instilled into the average person’s mind through media/culture that makes such an occurrence possible, mainly through the constant repetition of obvious lies, my sentiments.. One statement that I have heard from pajama people is something to the effect “don’t worry about what you can’t control”… I reckon that this is the attitude of most folks nowadays, and the dire straits we face in this world is due to this “philosophy of indifference”. The irritating part of it is that most people are just plain hypocrites at this stage, talking out of both sides of their mouths, as they wax philosophical about the miraculous power of positive thinking, while warning not to worry about things one cannot control, these people are cognitively hamstrung to the point that they are unable to recognize that they are contradicting themselves. Logic and truth be damned, just tell people something that makes them feel good, so what if it’s meaningless, superficial or even an outright lie… This is why I have given up trying to wake up anybody. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch. Like the Twain quote “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”- these folks have made their bed and now they have to sleep in it, so it’s a good thing that they have their pajamas on.

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