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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Left’s Malicious Dispossession Campaigns

The duo discuss the New Underworld Order’s (NUO) latest calls for deprogramming and dispossessing wide swaths of the populist/nationalist/traditionalist (PNT) population.

The Crime Syndicate/New Stasi wing of the NUO is also running massive gaslighting, astroturfing and psyops against the PNT and so-called conspiracy theorists. The concept of glows and the role of QAnon was dissected.

Our message is consistent; if you turn up at counter-protest rallies you will be incessantly gamed and persecuted. Instead ratchet up your presence in local politics where Covid-1984 and dispossession tyrants and 5th Columnists often make their appearance.

Posts mentioned in this show:

QAnon as CoIntelPro and Psyops to Disparage Conspiracy Truthers, Dispossess True Patriots

More Revelations About the Nature of the ‘Capitol Coup’

Hope That Someday Huey Long Will Return

Pay close attention to the corporations backing the Stasi purge/tyranny and dispossession. Boycott with your wallets. Dino has developed an excellent open-source news aggregation list of who they are.

Show is here.

38 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Left’s Malicious Dispossession Campaigns

  1. There’s a good argument that Donald Trump was drugged and manipulatedin the latter part of his presidency, after being under extortionate blackmail in the early part after his surprise 2016 win

    By early 2020 Trump already appeared to be a sick, drugged-up man, slurring speech and not in control of himself – photos at above link

    Poisoning / drugging US Presidents seems common. FDR’s death in 1945 is widely thought a poisoning. Keeper of dark secrets Lyndon Johnson was told in 1968 he would be dead within 4 years, and he died Jan. 1973. Ronald Reagan was hit with Alzheimer’s soon after leaving office, and did not remember he was US President.

    Despite massive election fraud red flags in Nov. 2020, Trump made utterly foolish decisions, acting like a drugged-up weakling, whilst his lawyers conducted a feckless campaign that sabotaged his chances and credibility:

    – Millions of dollars to ‘Stop the Steal’, but no professional, media-friendly website marshalling evidence.

    – Never taking the key decision in early November, to fire Attorney General Bill Barr who was helping Biden; Barr’s DOJ refusing to even interview vote fraud witnesses. Trump needed to fire everyone down the line until he had an acting AG to issue indictments. Giuliani knew this, and a fighting, mentally alert Trump would have known this … but a mentally-undermined Trump did not.

    – The entire ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign ran like amateur hour, its shoddy court filings and presentations, pairing with ‘QAnon’ to create a demoralisation campaign against Trump, his supporters, and anti-globalists everywhere, Trump being led like a child to think Mike Pence would save America on 6 Jan. 2021.

    Yes, Trump had come from the swamp – just like JFK did – but Trump rose above it as did JFK.

    Trump himself feared drugging / poisoning, and often preferred quick take-outs of fast food as ‘safer’. The Trump who ran in 2016 knew the history, had hinted the truth of 9-11, and out loud spoke of the need to risk everything

    Trump’s core achievements are historic and inspiring:
    – Trump legitimised the idea that major media news is fake
    – Trump legitimised that it is ok to fight the globalists
    – Trump legitimised that it is ok to defend your own culture

    Andrew Anglin was right when he wrote, ‘Trump is a symbol, he was always a symbol … Trump is a tragic figure.”

    • brabantian,

      A good post, that I unfortunately have to disagree with for the most part. For instance, from my (humble) perspective, your list might look like this if I was writing it:

      Trump’s core achievements have had both positive and negative results:

      Positives (a short list based on brabantian’s core)

      – Through major media’s attacks and obvious slander toward Trump, the President made for a fine example of fake news, as well as bias in media thereby waking up a good portion of the population

      – Mr. Trump limited military engagements, attempted to recall troops stationed abroad and began no new major military campaigns

      – Mr. Trump halted the K Street legislation factory for a time

      – Trump legitimized that it is okay to fight the globalists — (we are good on this one)

      – Trump legitimized that it is okay to defend your own culture (yes and no on this one)

      Negatives (a short list)

      – Presided over the largest budgetary increases to the Department of Defense in the history of the United States of America

      – Failed to stop a true insurgence over the summer of 2020

      – Failed to tell the complete truth regarding Conjob-19, and squash the event at its inception

      – Failed to have the SEC investigate any form of fraud amongst big technology firms, major conglomerates and hedge funds

      – Failed to complete a sea change to the United States immigration party, when Republicans held both houses of the Legislative branch

      – Failed to appoint real Constitutionalists to the United States Supreme Court — insiders of a strong nexus Catholic clubs were promoted — and not they are re-enforcing the Chief Justice (they are all in the same clubs)

      Now, I really disliked my options in this last election cycle. My choice was between a serial plagiarizer and a game show host. Normally I would have considered Dr. Jo., but then I heard her speak and knew there was no option in that line of thought as well. So I abstained from all of it, but kept a hope that the game show host would win, because I felt he would be most likely to leave me and our family alone for the next 4 years.

      Oh well…


      • Whoops…

        “Failed to appoint real Constitutionalists to the United States Supreme Court — insiders of a strong nexus Catholic clubs were promoted — and not they are re-enforcing the Chief Justice (they are all in the same clubs)”

        Basically, he appointed insiders that belong to one or more, Catholic affiliated, clubs and they now support the Chief Justice who also is a member of at least one of these clubs that I am aware of.

        Sorry I botched that composition; I concede that “my head” has not totally been in the game for about one week now and I have been a bit cranky as well. Your nation’s Capitol city is a somber place at the current time.

        Even going to get a coffee at a local cafe can end up in listening to people’s fears of one side or the other in the Kubuki theater that is our national life. As I never speak about politics anymore with anyone other than our little family, I try not to engage a soul in any dialogue about current events, outside of the weather; however, I am finding it difficult to avoid others telling me about their concerns.

        Certainly, I try to be empathetic, listen a little bit, offer a little consolation, and forgive everyone (mentally / in silence) for releasing their fears my way.

        If my posts “go a little off the rails” lately, then I do apologize.

        It is times like these that I wonder how Mr. Putin is doing? Perhaps he is looking forward to dialogues with the new administration. Maybe he has a new “skip in his step”. Maybe he finds optimism while many of us cannot see the “forest through the trees”.

        On the other hand, perhaps he is training extra hard in Judo and Hockey for future meetings with the new administration. After all, Uncle President Joe did kind of threaten this very skilled black belt. Certainly all of us were made aware of what happened to Corn Pop during that fateful summer, and I am sure no one in this world wants a repeat of that event.

        One is left to wonder.

        Please be well.

    • brabantian,

      or …. he was a trojan horse the entire time. Which has overwhelming evidence behind it.

      Trump failed to even hint at jews being the ones behind these “core achievements are historic and inspiring”. One absolutely cannot assume if you throw these ideas out there listeners will get to the bottoms to the perps. It’s virtually a guarantee they will not and he obviously knows this.

      Time to let go and face the hard facts you’ve been had. Can you handle that ? And what are you going to now do with this new found acceptance ?

      Trump’s core achievements are historic and inspiring:
      – Trump legitimised the idea that major media news is fake
      – Trump legitimised that it is ok to fight the globalists
      – Trump legitimised that it is ok to defend your own culture

    • Republican/democrat ‘presidential candidates’ have been mediaized as symbol/perceptions long before Trump & we, the voters, vote according to the perception that is closest to our principles. And yes- a few of them (including local, state & federal lesser public servants) are moved to serve the people genuinely. But what was once ‘politicianism’ for the sake of personal aggrandizement has been commandeered by the talmudic organized crime clique which purposely fancies itself as the ‘messianic answer’ to the ‘problems’ it invents that enlarges its demands on the people for its own enrichment.

  2. The hopium pipe has long since grown cold. It’s contents anxiously inhaled by the believers in the latest man elevated to God status, who in fact turned out to be just another man . All that is left is a dark, sticky residue in the bottom of the well used pipe. We will call it our newest new America. God help us all! Once more I’ll give this Eagles tune a listen and try and figure out which way from here White man?

    • Good morning my friend!

      Good post; however, we might want to recall the sweet, sweet Yacht Rock of Mr. Christopher Cross (cannot recall his real name as I type) and “Ride Like the Wind” down to the border of Mexico. We can wave to the buses coming in and wish them well.


  3. Great show.

    What I would like to have found, but I could not this morning, is Bubba’s (William Jefferson Clinton) remarks about the Presidency being a “virtual” job or a “Virtual Presidency”. To my knowledge it was either stated in 98 or 99; however, it may have been in 01, after he was out.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Well, I do believe we are in for a whole new definition of what a “Virtual Presidency” is. Dino asks who is happy this morning with the serial plagiarizer, basement dweller, set to finally succeed in his 4th attempt? Respectfully and humbly, I would say it matters little who is happy or even who the man is that is supposedly going to take over the job. The powers that be utilized President Trump to degrade and destroy the credibility of the Executive Branch, and now the policy is President, not the man or woman with the title.

    Heck, if we really wanted to have some fun, we could link to a bunch of the videos that now try to prove Uncle Joe Biden is a hologram and that we could have just as easily elected President Tupac Shakur. I bring this up for giggles, and not because I see a lot of merit in the videos or their assertions.

    No one needs to be happy with the elected official, now they just need to get behind the policies or face re-education (and watch how this term’s definition grows and alters to include all sorts of thought crime — if an individual liberal or leftist thought they were safe, then they have another thing coming).


    • There are two carotid arteries and two jugular veins. The chance of a 45 cal hollowpoint impacting a woman’s neck and missing all four of these is nil. Couldn’t happen. The result? if you have never seen it, well- it’s pretty gruesome. Blood everywhere, instantly, copious quantities of blood. It wouldn’t stop spraying until either the heart stopped or blood volume decreased dramatically.

  4. And in other news…

    Now I have run into the young lady’s videos for about the last two years and they have become progressively interesting, as well as well constructed. This particular one is about William Gates III and his interest in farmland over the last 6 years or so:


    She may not last much longer on YouTube depending on how the purge continues to chug along.

    Now we might also wish to game this out a little. Does Mr. William Gates III actually have any of the land in his name? No. Does William Gates III own all this land by proxy? Yes. When the Great Reset is pushed out, will his land be stripped from him? No. If it were in his name, then he might run such a risk; however, we have already identified that he controls the land by proxy and we know that corporations (for profit and not-for-profit), trusts and endowments will (in essence) “get a pass” on the whole reset parameters.

    Now let’s extend this one further. Any of you ever heard of Al Sharpton? Do any of you recall that Al Sharpton owned nothing in 2000? Maybe consider looking at this little article:

    Okay, we all know Al Sharpton was an informant to the FBI and probably had a few “Get out of jail free” cards thrown his way over the years, but this is not my point.

    My very simple point is that there are a host of laws, which have been carefully created over a century or so (both at the state level — I am thinking Delaware as I type this, and at the Federal level), that are designed to permit an individual to own virtually nothing and yet control massive sums, investments and property by proxy.

    Under a fascist state, corporations (all kinds), trusts and endowments are fine as long as they do not challenge the power of the state. In fact, they are partners that are welcomed to the table. It is the John Galt type individual who is detested, as they choose not to work within the system and seek “private” ownership.


    • Don’t you mean a jewish communist, not fascist state?
      This is an international communist take over
      It is not “ the brown shirts” coming to get you. It is Jewish Bolshevik shock troops

      No they are not interchangeable.
      In fact both National Socialism and Fascism rose to oppose jewish communism.

      We fought on the wrong side -General Patton

      You still do not get this?

      • Sorry, were you speaking to me?

        If so, you state “You still do not get this” but then use a question mark. Are you asking me a question or telling me that I do not comprehend something?

        In reality it would be a little odd to think that National Socialism, a Jewish backed idea through a network of banks and / or Fascism, an idea backed very well by the same folks, rose up to do anything more than enslave peaceful folks who wanted no “ISM” in their lives.

        What General Patton was speaking of was the Soviets versus the Nazis. While I do not disagree with he general that the American backed Soviets were a greater threat in the long run, the fact remains that both systems were anti-American, anti-republic and anti-humanity. As an American who likes republic and humanity, I can feel at ease with lumping these systems together as being anti-American, anti-the Lord and the folly of power hungry individuals.

        Plain truth: “ISMS” are a great way to get enslaved and dead, real quick.

        And yes, they are interchangeable since the same money backs all sides of the issue. Consider reading the books of Anthony Sutton, PhD. It might help you understand how all of these governments are bought and paid for by a 1% of a 1% that may profess to follow a religion, but in the end have ZERO soul or love of God.

        Either way, I appreciate your response and wish you a good day. Thank you for the conversation.

        • Hello SC

          My real awakening was with Syria, which took me down many rabbit holes that I had no idea were connected. I would like to share some links with you starting with this one (others to be drip fed as I find time).


          “I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have levelled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes [of veterans] would do.”

          His denunciation of the politicisation of the Army was scathing: “All the general officers in the higher brackets receive each morning from the War Department a set of American [newspaper] headlines, and, with the sole exception of myself, they guide themselves during the ensuing day by what they have read in the papers.”

          Read on …

          General Patton’s Warning

        • #2 as promised …

          In ‘Killing America: A 100 Year Murder’ M. S. (Mike) King takes us through 40 key steps (or “Wounds”)

          some preamble …

          AMERICA 1900
          In this rapidly developing “land of opportunity” there are no Federal Income Taxes, no State Income Taxes, no Sales Taxes, no Social Security Taxes, no Capital Gains Taxes, no IRS, no Department of Homeland Security, no Department of Education, no welfare schemes, no Central Bank, very little debt, and a sound currency backed by Gold.

          In foreign commerce and relations, Americans are a peace-loving people who have no interest in embroiling their young country in Europe’s intrigues and squabbles.

          The idea of going overseas to fight foreign ‘bogeymen’ is unthinkable.
          America’s prosperity affords many of its people the luxury of increasing leisure time. From this free time grow Sports Leagues such as Baseball’s National League (1876), to be followed by the American League (1901). College Football has exploded in popularity, with the first professional teams to form in the early years of the new century. Millions of young men sharpen their bodies and mental toughness by competing in all varieties of Sports.

          As for the women folk, the ladies of America are exactly that, ladies. Women are family oriented, valued for their sweet demeanor, and respected for their virtue.

          America’s children are raised to respect their God, their parents, their elders, and their teachers.

          And then … some milestones

          • Wound #1: 1896 – Adolph Ochs buys the New York Times
          • Wound #4: 1913 – The 17th Amendment (Direct Election of US Senators)
          • Wound #6: 1913 – The Federal Reserve Act
          • Wound #9: 1926 – David Sarnoff Establishes NBC
          • Wound #10: 1928 – William Paley (Paloff) Buys CBS
          • Wound #11: 1933 – Eugene Meyer Buys The Washington Post
          • Wound #16: 1940-1960 – Marxists Consolidate Control Over Hollywood
          • Wound #18: 1947 – The CIA is Established
          • Wound #20: 1953 – Leonard Goldenson Takes Over ABC
          • Wound #32: 1979 – The Department of Education is Established
          • Wound #34: 1985 – Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein) Buys MTV

          Read on at your convenience … (PDF)

        • #3 – ISMS

          I agree ABSOLUTELY with your views regarding the definition of ISMS. I keep asking myself why one version of socialism [National Socialism] is branded ‘Nazi’ (a pejorative inventive by the Jew Konrad Heiden), another is branded ‘fascism’, another, ‘Social Democracy’, is neither Social nor Democratic and while China develops its own version of ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ which bears no relationship to the Jewish Bolshevism that genocided mainly Christian Russians following 1917.

          It is impossible to write down a definition. Nevertheless, I keep searching for the meaning of ‘ism’.

          To keep this short, I will split up my further thoughts into separate comments to follow.

          Please don’t feel obliged to peruse or respond – what I share is just for the collective dossier.

        • #3A

          I want to get on to ‘fascism’ but offer this interlude about the theses of Matthew Raphael Johnson who presents a very convincing case that there are really only two types of government – Monarchy and Oligarchy. The rest of the labels [republics. democracies, aristocracies, plutocracies, dictatorships, military dictatorships, theocracies etc] could well be subsumed under one or the other.

          • The Superiority of Monarchy – Matthew Raphael Johnson

          That video is No. 1 on a playlist if anyone is interested at their leisure.

          Johnson again:

          • The Soviet Experiment- interview with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson (J. MacLugash channel)

          Incidentally, here is what Putin said about Marxism-Leninism – a “pernicious fairy tale”

          [That video has been taken down but you may be able to find it on another platform in Russian – nevertheless I had downloaded it along with the full transcript ..]

          Putin: “I think that history is something that should be looked on as something that occurred in the past. We can’t erase our history. If you’re interested in how I regard this person [Ulyanov – who called himself Lenin] and the doctrine he represented, I would say that … there was a period in my life when I was interested in Marxism-Leninism, read a lot with keen interest, found that reading curious, often logical … as we all did. – Yes, as we all did. But for me I can say, as I grew older, the truth became more and more apparent that all of it was nothing but a beautiful, yet pernicious fairy tale. Pernicious because its … implementation; the efforts to achieve it in our country caused enormous harm.


          … the other [thing] is they destroyed what united people of the civilized world.


          The only thing they did to keep the country together within common borders was use barbed wire.“

          Putin’s response 11 years later: “I have practically nothing more to add. I am ready to repeat it word for word.“

          Here is Putin on a related topic …

          • Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Practice Has Shown That Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters!

          I almost forgot – back to Johnson

          “DEMOCRACY: it is controlled by capitalist ownership and control of the media, grants from tax-free foundations and favoured press coverage for favoured political candidates. Wide franchise to vote is given to the people to make them easier to control by making them think that “the people” are responsible for the inevitable distortions and negative consequences of the policies the super-rich mattoids impose in order to serve their selfish interests. Democracy separates authority from responsibility, this making it virtually impossible for the voters to reform the system. Those in authority (the mattoids) have no responsibility. Those responsible (the politicians) have no authority except that which is lent to them by their controllers.“


          W. A. Carto. May 20, 2003 in “Populism vs Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle” and cited in ”Publisher’s Note” in “The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy” by Matthew Raphael Johnson (first published 2003 – Third Edition 2010)

          But I digress …

        • #3B (I hope my html formatting works on this …)

          With regard to ’fascism’ – still trying to figure this out and have Dave McGowan’s book ‘Understanding the F-Word” on order for more insight.

          In the meantime, no better person to expound the meaning of ’Fascism’ than Oswald Mosley, the founder of the “British Union of Fascists” in 1932.

          For example … (the copy has been removed from – probably for advocating peace and restraint):

          “In the autumn of 1932 the British Union of Fascists took form, with Oswald Mosley as Leader.

          It was a challenge to all the most powerful forces of the established order in Britain. Mosley challenged the system of financial capitalism, by which the great banks and insurance companies had fastened their grip upon the whole economic life of Great Britain.

          He challenged the expert dogma-accepted by all the “Old Gang” parties whereby the fabric of international capitalism was considered of more importance than the individual and collective well-being of the workers of Britain.

          He challenged the corrupt working of the so-called democratic system, whereby party machines with colossal monetary resources were enabled to establish “caucus-regimes” utterly unrepresentative of any of the integral social elements in the country.

          He challenged the so-called “free press” dominated by millionaire company-promoters who were themselves subordinate to the great financial and advertising interests on whom their revenue depended. He even dared to challenge the covert but all pervading influence of the Jews on the life of the community.


          “we need peace and discipline, not foreign war.”


          “Oswald Mosley stands for those qualities of peace and discipline, of reason and restraint.”

          Mosley answers 100 questions:

          ‘1. What is the attitude of the B.U.F. towards the Crown?

          “Absolute loyalty to the Crown. We shall in every way maintain its dignity.”

          ‘2. Why did you leave the Socialist Party?

          “For the same reason that I left the Conservative Party, namely that it had broken every pledge it ever gave. … “

          ‘35. What is the difference between Fascism and Capitalism, since both admit the system of private enterprise?

          “In brief definition, Capitalism is the system by which capital uses the Nation for its own purposes. Fascism is the system by which the Nation uses capital for its own purposes. Private enterprise is permitted and encouraged so long as it coincides with the national interests. Private enterprise is not permitted when it conflicts with national interests. Under Fascism private enterprise may serve but not exploit. This is secured by the Corporative System, which lays down the limits within which industry may operate, and those limits are the welfare of the Nation.”

          Read on from the link provided above.

        • #3C continuing …

          By the way …

          “The bundle of sticks symbolises the strength of unity. Divided, they may be broken; united, they are invincible. The axe symbolises the supreme authority of the organised State, to which every section and faction owes allegiance.”

          What caught my interest is that in his speech

          “The People’s Wish for a Good Life Is Our Goal” – 15 November 2012

          President Xi Jinping talks about Trust, Expectations and Responsibility. He goes on …

          “Throughout 5,000 years of development, the Chinese nation has made a significant contribution to the progress of human civilization.“


          “The people are the creators of history. They are the real heroes and the source of our strength. We are fully aware that the capability of any individual is limited, but as long as we unite as one like a fortress, there is no difficulty we cannot overcome.“

          I wrote the F-word in the margin.

          Mind you, Xi Jinping emphasises Marxist ‘Thought’ as a founding principle (!!??) but that’s for another discussion.

          Thank you for your patience – one more ‘chapter’ tomorrow focussing on Putin.

          • JS,

            Just got here and will need to come back to all you have provided to me. First, thank you for your time and effort, I shall review it all and attempt to engage you in meaningful dialogue. Your effort is very appreciated.

            Second, Mrs. One is a TROLL that I have seen on other threads, in a complete mental disarray, before. My response was to be kind, just in case this is an individual who is suffering in some manner.

            Although I am not sure who liked her post, I also could careless. As I am here and anyone, at anytime could launch a public challenge, I am unconcerned.

            Will come back to your work shortly. Many thanks.

            All my best,

            • Thank you for letting me know about Mrs. One. I agree that all statements should be backed up with sources for discussion and debate.

              As I mentioned in one comment, please just consider my comments as contributions to the collective dossier. No need for any response but happy to exchange at your convenience.

              I still promised you a comment about Putin’s ‘ideology’ – pending 😊

              • Hmm!!!!

                Thanks, and I have been wondering / teasing about Mr. Putin recently and even curious as to what he might be thinking. Certainly I do respect his Judoka rank; however, I think my admiration may end there.

                Although I welcome a post on his ideology, I am not sure it will be very helpful on the current position of the United States. Please post it, as I will read it.

                Now where to begin?

                On the post of General Patton, a man I admire without hesitation, the isolation was brought about by financial powers that really have ZERO religious affiliation.

                Bankers love money and power. They can be Jewish, Presbyterian, Catholic, and / or anything in cover; however, they are not soulful at all. One of my issues on WW is that we tend to skew toward one tribe, yet a tribe does not matter. The label may say “Chicken Soup”, but in the end they are nothing but white rice (all the same and very clumped),

                The 1% of the 1% may be Satanists or just plain in a stupid belief of not caring about anything, but themselves. In the end, nothing matters to them but power. The Rothschild family worked with the Rockefeller family and no one had a religious objection.

                Your list in 2 is quite accurate. Yet, I would opine that one should remain objective on these data points and research all the events around these moments. It can get a bit complicated if you look at the times around these events.

                “‘35. What is the difference between Fascism and Capitalism, since both admit the system of private enterprise?

                “In brief definition, Capitalism is the system by which capital uses the Nation for its own purposes. Fascism is the system by which the Nation uses capital for its own purposes. Private enterprise is permitted and encouraged so long as it coincides with the national interests. Private enterprise is not permitted when it conflicts with national interests. Under Fascism private enterprise may serve but not exploit. This is secured by the Corporative System, which lays down the limits within which industry may operate, and those limits are the welfare of the Nation.”

                Yikes! Okay but where are the ideas regarding ethics?

                In capitalism there may be ethical ideas in small businesses, simply attempting to serve a community. What is so wrong with this basic premise? Why not let people dream and simply create good ideas?

                “I want to get on to ‘fascism’ but offer this interlude about the theses of Matthew Raphael Johnson who presents a very convincing case that there are really only two types of government – Monarchy and Oligarchy.”

                Are you sure on this premise? Please understand that I am not in agreement with you on these forms of government being the sole options, but I do respect your opinion.

                You sent me a lot of ideas, which I am appreciative of. You also stated that they are for a memory bank of sorts, which I also appreciate.

                Yet, you seem to hypothesize that at WW, we are under one mindset and I would (humbly / respectfully) offer that we are not.


                • Thank you SC

                  Yes, the history of everything is a huge topic and we each (I in particular) have barely ignited a few pixels in this vast landscape. Hence I do emphasise that I am really just sharing some of the things I have encountered and uncovered rather than intending to debate to a hopeless stalemate.

                  I must also emphasise, however, that my insights are diametrically opposite to what I understood a mere (say) five years ago when I foolishly believed that 911 was committed by 19 Arabs with boxcutters, that Saddam Hussein threatened the Western world with WMDs and that Bashar al-Assad (like Colonel Gaddafi) was persecuting his own people (using chemical weapons against civilians no less). I could go on, including that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, that Pearl Harbour was a surprise attack and even way back to the propaganda that in 1914 Germans were impaling Belgium “Babies on Bayonets” (*), used to help ignite an appetite and public endorsement for WWI. I could name at least ten other profoundly significant milestone events that have shaped the last century and have culminated in the Great COVID Hoax/Reset.

                  (*) See the Bryce Report: Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages (1914-15). A copy of the report can be downloaded here – don’t you just love these (100+ year) old gems?!


                  Today it is China metaphorically impaling Uyghur ‘Babies on Bayonets” – and so we must mobilise our hatred towards them, while not forgetting our ongoing commitment of hate towards Iraq, Iran … and Russia.

                  Once you realise that all the official narratives regarding such events are false, you start to look at who actually controls this narrative – especially all media channels including Hollywood – and then start to question THEIR agenda.

                  For the dossier:

                  • Debunking a Century of War Lies – Corbett Report

                  • Century of the Self

                  Or here in four parts (I hope this html formatting works for hyperlinks …)

                  Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

                  Part 2: “The Engineering of Consent”

                  Part 3: “There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed”

                  Part 4: “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering”

                  This comment is long enough so back to Putin in due course. 😊

        • Hi again SC – I have just come up for air and offer the following as promised. Tagging to your original comment so this doesn’t become too indented.

          I formed my own opinion of President Putin based on reading what he wrote and listening to what he said in various forums – from Valdai conferences to New Year’s greetings to talking impromptu to children and youths.

          I found that all my own perceptions were reinforced by the infinitely more studied and erudite Matthew Raphael Johnson in his book “Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin” (confirmation bias notwithstanding).

          I don’t believe there are any more widely and thoroughly read statesmen than Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping. Only Adolf Hitler was in their league. [Note to self – offer a separate post in Xi Jinping and clarify my last comment if you wish.]

          To illustrate how my impression of Putin was formed (I will dispense with titles and formalities for the purpose of brevity), here are a few quotes and links. The library is vast so I will try and be very selective.

          … Of course I could yet be completely wrong … .

          “Every one of us, on New Year’s Eve [2017], can be a little bit magical …

          For this, all you need to do is treat your parents with love and gratefulness, give your children and families the utmost love and care, respect your work colleagues and your friendships.

          Stand up for justice and the truth, be merciful to those who require your help – and that’s the secret to being magic.

          May all your dreams come true – pure thoughts and kind intentions.

          May every household be blessed with joy and love.”

          • Putin 2017 New Year’s Eve message

          “Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values. One must respect every minority’s right to be different, but the rights of the majority must not be put into question.”

          Extract from:
          • President Vladimir Putin at the 10th anniversary meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club in the Novgorod Region, September 19, 2013.

          Various interviews and impromptu chats with children and youths
          • “I work so that you could be happy” – Putin to a young couple in public Q&A

          • President Putin on the “dark time [under Bolshevism] in our country’s history”

          “You know, we have a really dark time in our country’s history, at the beginning of the Soviet era, where many believers were killed – not only Christian Orthodox, but also Muslims and representatives of other religions. The Soviet state, in its early stage, was very cruel to religious authorities. Many of our Churches were completely destroyed, our traditional religions denominations suffered massively.

          But the role of the State is to protect the people “

          • Putin: “With the absence of values, society begins to decay”

          “Conservatism is that which does not get in the way of moving forward and upward, but does prevent from sliding backwards and downwards.”

          • On Alaska? – this really highlights his sense of humour

          • Putin speaking with creative youth at the Tavrida National Youth Educational Forum, during his trip to Crimea on August 20, 2017. (excerpt)

          • Putin Speaking with Children at the opening of the Sirius Educational Centre in Sochi
          (a couple of insightful snippets from one of his four hour sessions)

          A longer two-part documentary for a rainy day
          • “Putin” – the Documentary Sure to Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia’s President

          Featured here

          • Part 1

          • Part 2

          At 1:43:57 of Part 2:

          Narrator: “The future of the planet is in their hands.“

          Andrei Kondrashev: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have talked to our young elite, 25 thousand children from 186 countries came here to Sochi. What do you think? Can we entrust the future to them?”

          VVP: “Do we have a choice? [smiling and chuckling] …

          “We can only change the world by inspiring young people through our own example. The world will be theirs. You saw by yourself how the audience reacted to all good things said here. Everything is developing on and on. The modern world is permeated with humanitarian ideas and of course young people feel it.

          It gives me the hope that the world will become better thanks to them.”

          With acknowledgement and thanks to WW for allowing me to dump share this material.

        • I promised a few remarks on Xi Jinping.

          Let me preface this comment with this quote:

          “By far the most interesting fact I hear about the Chinese is one on which we cannot arrive at clearness, but which excites endless curiosity even in the dim state: this namely, that they do attempt to make their Men of Letters their Governors! […] There does seem to be, all over China, a more or less active search everywhere to discover the men of talent that grow up in the young generation. […] The youths who distinguish themselves in the lower school are promoted into favorable stations in the higher, that they may still more distinguish themselves,–forward and forward: it appears to be out of these that the Official Persons, and incipient Governors, are taken.”


          “These are they whom they try first, whether they can govern or not. And surely with the best hope: for they are the men that have already shown intellect. Try them: they have not governed or administered as yet; perhaps they cannot; but there is no doubt they have some Understanding,–without which no man can! Neither is Understanding a tool, as we are too apt to figure; “it is a hand which can handle any tool.” Try these men: they are of all others the best worth trying.–Surely there is no kind of government, constitution, revolution, social apparatus or arrangement, that I know of in this world, so promising to one’s scientific curiosity as this. The man of intellect at the top of affairs: this is the aim of all constitutions and revolutions, if they have any aim. For the man of true intellect, as I assert and believe always, is the noble-hearted man withal, the true, just, humane and valiant man. Get him for governor, all is got; fail to get him, though you had Constitutions plentiful as blackberries, and a Parliament in every village, there is nothing yet got!—”

          That was written in 1840 (published in 1841) by Thomas Carlyle in “Heroes and Hero Worship – all 6 Lectures” – Chapter 5 “Hero as Man of Letters”

          Jumping ahead to 2018

          • Selection and election: How China chooses its leaders

          … “very much in line with the Confucian system of meritocracy”

          Who would have thought, then, that in 1840 Thomas Carlyle was virtually pre-empting the script of the rise to power of President Xi Jinping?

          • Xi Jinping: Scholar in a cave – CGTN

          I just finished reading Jeff J Brown’s “The Big Red Book on China”. I have never had a more love/hate relationship with a book but it has informed me and challenged me in many ways.

          He writes (agreeably):

          “Mao tried very hard to get the people to reject the Confucian Thought, as old and rigid, in order to create New China and infuse the masses with pure, revolutionary spirit. Now, with Xi Jinping, the CPC is not rejecting, but absorbing classical China into its lexicon.”

          Elsewhere Jeff writes that Stalin called the Chinese Communists ‘radishes’ – a very derogatory term used to infer “red on the outside but white on the inside”. I did fact check that.

          And a final quote from The Big Red Book which adds an element of humanity to the Chinese question:

          “Chinese citizens and their leaders are imbued with the ancient concept of the Heavenly Mandate. A local street version may go something like this:

          “OK, Baba Beijing, here is all we ask. We want you to make sure that we are kept safe, our society organised, to give us the opportunity to realize our livelihoods. Take care of our families, communities and self-dignity, and you have to make sure that no outsiders violate the integrity of the Chinese nation’s borders”

          Regards – with endless curiosity

          • JS,

            My friend, you have a great deal of work here and unfortunately, I do not think I will have the time to go through all of it this weekend. Certainly, I will try to read the vast majority of your work here as I think you have done a stellar job in presenting your perspective and even your evolution in these posts.

            Now let us both be very clear:


            At the present time, I do need to run; however, I will try and get back here to read through more of what you wrote.

            All my best,

            • YOU ARE MOST WELCOME (and any other readers)

              As I said – this was a rhetorical dump – in your own time and no need to respond.

              I meant to drop this into the China post

              “How do Chinese leaders get elected?”

              • Hello JS! I do hope you are quite well.

                Now, I have been reviewing your posts and I am glad to have done so. Your perspective is well supported and you do have some very valid points. Yet, we still differ.

                Now if you do not mind, I would like to inquire whether you are based in the United States or are a citizen of another nation?

                For my own part, I am willing to declare that I am a United States citizen, who was born in the nation.

                Please do not be insulted by my question, I am just attempting to understand the breadth of your knowledge (you may be a U.S. citizen with a deep, global, understanding or international in your presence and scope).

                Moving on…

                So this point was interesting:

                “I don’t believe there are any more widely and thoroughly read statesmen than Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping. Only Adolf Hitler was in their league. [Note to self – offer a separate post in Xi Jinping and clarify my last comment if you wish.]”

                As you may have noticed, I have provided a resource that ties China, Germany and Russia together as being financed by singular group. Further, if you would like more than one source for this premise, than I would be happy to give you other resources.

                Yet, I am curious about whether you have read the works of Anthony C. Sutton, PhD.?



                In the end, one might opine that the United States created modern China and Russia. Further, the Anglo-American establishment may have also created Mr. Hitler.

                Mr. Hitler may have truly believed what he was stating and may have been honest, yet he was not necessarily the wisest man in any room he entered. It is not implausible that he was an incredibly flawed individual. Should we speak on Dunkirk? Or Barbarossa and the reasons why it was not needed? He may have been well read, but it does not mean he was smarter than a Corporal who spent a few years in prison.

                One might opine that the sock puppets in China and Russia are nothing more than proxies. They sound great in an Oliver Stone documentary, but never seem to match their own rhetoric.


                • Thank you SC,

                  Firstly, Australia, brought up on and in the ocean, endlessly curious and a recent inquisitor, with a scientific/analytical background. Far to ‘busy’ to question things until five or six years ago.

                  No, I have not perused Sutton but have browsed sections (PDF copy), mainly prompted by many references to various passages.

                  I appreciate the discussion.

                  My logos:

                  There is a premise on the table – the ’official narrative’ … let’s say “President Assad used chemical weapons against his own civilians in Syria”.

                  I either believe it or I do not. If I believe it, then I have to shout it from the rooftops and condemn Assad and hope for regime change in Syria. Then I look around at the other people on that rooftop and start observing their body language, looking into their glazed, lifeless eyes and listening to what else they profess to be axiomatic.

                  I also listen to Assad first hand (as well as his wife, First Lady Asma).

                  I then listen to other points of view (eg Eva K Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Senator Richard Black, Bashar Jaafari, Permanent Rep of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN, Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Rev Andrew Ashdown, Madelyn Hoffman and the US Peace Council, Lizzie Phelan) – all first hand witnesses with no agenda other than the truth.

                  I soon arrive at my own conclusion that the ‘official narrative’ is a lie, and being a very poor actor and intensely self-conscious, I can no longer join in this rooftop charade. In fact I feel silly and embarrassed at first, and then I feel rage for being lied to and manipulated. And then I ask myself – what else have they been lying to me about?

                  After some time and research, I arrive at the conclusion: EVERYTHING (of geopolitical significance).

                  So I then ask – who is controlling this narrative – the media outlets, including and especially the brain-numbing Hollywood … mmmMMM?

                  I used to go to bed with one or another ’news’ channels playing through my earphones. Now I can’t bring myself to turn the radio (or TV) on, except for a few minutes of morning headlines to see what is being spewed over us today. Apparently they want us to were oxygen-depriving masks and jab us with some genetically modifying (at best) toxins.

                  Caitlin Johnson is one of the most insightful and poetic writers around – kudos to her. She illustrated the logos I am trying to expound very well in this article:

                  • I Don’t Always Believe CIA Narratives. But When I Do, I Believe Them About China.


                  Back to Sutton and several others in due course.

        • As promised …

          • Was Hitler financed?

          What a fascinating question! Financed to do what, exactly? By whom?

          I am yet to read Sutton [Exhibit A] but it would not surprise me to learn of certain money trails from certain sources to Hitler’s National Socialist Party. I am sure Sutton answers the latter part of the question very well from what I have browsed.

          This famous quote comes to mind:

          “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”
          – attributed to Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

          Because remember, Hitler had been democratically elected in 1933 and he was about to be the primary ‘lawmaker’, nothing more and nothing less. No problem with issuing and controlling the money via the Rothschild central Reichsbank.

          The Jewish banking cartel had no reason not to finance whatever political party was in government. And when I say ‘financed’, I mean ‘loaned for profit’.

          [Think of the ‘Clinton Cash’ money trails or the money trails behind 911! – and what does the IMF World Bank do throughout the world to this day?]

          So I repeat [rhetorically], exactly what were these (mainly Jewish) bankers financing Hitler for? [Soap and Lampshade factories? – I think not!]

          But then it all went wrong – Hitler had the audacity to take full control of the issuance of the money of a nation. That was his one and only ‘crime’.

          With this brief preamble in mind I submit Exhibit B

          • On the Accusation That Hitler Was Financed By Jews

          and Exhibit C

          • How The World Was Fooled (four-minute summary)

  5. I thought the shooting capitol police officer was identified as David Bailey. Apparently he’s scrubbed his social media profile as of about a week ago, which I reckon is a tell that he indeed was the shooter. He’s your average diversity hire, BLM supporter, born in Brazil. He let Scalise get shot also, then received a medal from Trump for his faux heroism. The capitol police likely couldn’t defend a used car parking lot.

  6. One can already see the odium and derision there is out there for this phony Biden Administration. Look at the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ votes for these 3 videos in less than 24hrs that were posted on the White House YT channel just yesterday alone:

    Jen Psaki press conference:

    https: //

    Biden Swears in Day One Presidential Appointees:

    President Biden Signs Exec. Orders:

  7. Great call on Norm Eisen. I had heard that. Russ, I think that event on the stairwell happened at a different time. Jayden X aka John Sullivan was also in the rotunda with the plant from CNN.
    How is he in both places at once?

    That event on the stairwell was shot and recorded at a different time.

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