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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Implications of the Capitol Psyop and What’s Next

The duo discuss the “open the gates” ambush at the Capitol. We look at the operatives behind the Trumpian and Dem psyop. We both recommend distancing from the Trump and Dem-Stasi traps. Stay away from Trump con-job rallies. Cointelpro, agent provocateurs and “fed posters” are dispensed with and warned against.

We consider the oppression that lies ahead and the new Domestic Terror legislation being put in place for Harris’ new Stasi regime. What are the best strategies and tactics for our listeners? How can you stay safe and smart while still resisting?

Pay close attention to the corporations backing the Stasi purge/tyranny. Boycott with your wallets. Dino has developed an excellent open-source news aggregation list of who they are:

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40 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Implications of the Capitol Psyop and What’s Next

  1. Great conversation, as ever. My theory, among others that might be floating around out there, is that Congress is more than happy to lock the public out of the Capitol and other so called “public spaces”. The unruly demonstration gave them the pretext to do just that. Now that elections can be openly manipulated or outright stolen, the citizenry is becoming a nuisance to them.

    • You are right, although I would say (humbly) that to many of them always thought we were a nuisance. You see it in the District quite a bit, some government official turns up somewhere and people go for the old “meet and greet”, only to be scowled at (or turned away by security a might quick).


    • It comes down to “cui bono” – the snakes running the world have no better friends than farcical election process.

      It fuels the mass delusion of functional democratic process in an era when it has entirely perished.

      Remember those weeks following the 2000 nail-biter between Gore/Bush, when the pubic ran around with the the same puzzlement forming on all lips: “what is the electoral college?” At that time a lot of spectacularly-credentialed persons began publishing about the thorough impossibility of fair election process once voting is digitized. Some very qualified techies were saying that it was impossible to thwart fraud.

      That likely meant that right down to the municipal level, there have been no elections that have not been fixed.

      But think about what the facade allows: it keeps the public engaged, like little children arguing with cartoon characters on a tv set, with phantom powers who actually have no voice in affairs such as control of the currency. For those interested, please read up on what “international reserve currency” means. The worthless dollar is stockpiled in the world’s foreign central banks as a hedge against back runs. This forces all nations to conform to US policy to protect the value of their pseudo-gold, the US dollar. Most c-notes immediately go abroad for such purposes. All wars in recent times have been about thwarting any government (e.g. Iran, Iraq…) from doing oil deals in any currency other than the dollar.

      But how much of that ever has been voiced on the graveyard of publishing, Facebook? People are all shadow-boxing phony powers. This is why they staged a supposed election fraud. It further deludes the public into believing that the electoral process works when in fact it is non-functional.

      All the public thought, energy and outrage is siphoned into a boondoggle. It further is of limitless value towards the divide and conquer strategem.

      Elections are the Rothchilds’ and Rockefellers’ best friends. Oh that this were understood, and the people would look elsewhere for answers than Washington.

      • HG,

        You nailed it in this post.

        Unfortunately, I am really short on time right now, but if I can, I will catch up with some text ideas that support what you are saying. Yet, I also think everyone who passes through here will agree with your point.

        As an aside, the first obvious play on the elections that I would suggest was with Wilson for three reasons:

        1. Both Wilson and Roosevelt were progressives (so you get the same flavor of ice cream in either vote)

        2. All three candidates were deep insiders


        3. The delay of the votes (by train) coming in from California for an “official” count.

        Great post. Please be well.


      • The Soviet Union and communism won WWII. Both FDR and Eisenhower sold us down the river. The plan for world communism was enacted immediately following the conflict.

        Mom was an army nurse who went ashore on D-Day + 4. Dad as a sonar man in a sub of the Philippines coast. Mom still alive and almost blind herself. Dad long gone. Both raised in the bean fields of northern NM. Dad rolling in his grave and mom beside herself about what has happened to America. I sure can’t blame her. Best of luck to you and yours horsegirl..

        • JWR,

          Hello; I hope all is well.

          Respectfully and humbly, I would like to suggest that neither the Soviet Union or China won anything without their lend / lease support from the socialists in our government and the bankers, munition companies and industrial conglomerates in the United States. Without the aid, both of these nations could not have prevailed.

          Now I am respectful for the lives lost on all sides, so I am in no way discounting the individual struggles and then the familial struggles after the loss of life.

          Yet I am still in the group who upholds General Butler’s belief that war is indeed a racquet. Just some simple thoughts.

          The stories of your parents are appreciated deeply.


          • Absolutely, my sentence should have read “The Soviet Union and communism won WWII, only with massive aid from the US and its communist allies in the FDR administration”.
            Thanks for your kind words.

      • “Elections are the Rothchilds’ and Rockefellers’ best friends. Oh that this were understood, and the people would look elsewhere for answers than Washington.”

        Exactly, and there can be no better example than the shite show that is being carried out in the vipers den in DC, so inappropriately known as “the people’s house” at this very hour. I sit and wonder how many will be suckered into the second act of the “DC down” stage show come inauguration day and will pay dearly for it.

  2. Hi Russ. Great show and thanks for giving us the link to it. However, although you came in loud and clear, ‘Dino’ sometimes did not. Closed captions would be a great help. Still don’t know what to make of Jan 6 and Trump’s role in it. I think there was a plan and it was to create another Charlottesville type situation but if that is the case then it failed which is why the MSM continues to hype it up.

  3. Hello, Russ, Dino, and the commentariat:

    We are starting to look forward to the Dino/Russ show like children on Christmas Eve. Great show.

    Much more to say, but first a slightly-related tidbit for everyone here who is as shaken and distraught over the collapse of freedom of speech as the guys were on the show last night: Just got a customer service number for that cesspool of publishing, Facebook: 650 853 1300. Go get’em while it works…

    • Yeah, I was not going to be here today; then I recalled what day it is.

      My business partner is going to strangle me for being on here so long. Yet, I am with you and look forward to the show.

    • The late Al Martin – author of ‘The Conspirators- regarding Martin’s whistleblowing about Iran Contra, where he was an accountant for the cartel – wrote a weekly column until he was passed on in 2017 (Ahem, said a black vehicle was parked outside his residence for the rest of his life). Martin claimed that the text of the Patriot Act was translated to English from Russian, and that it came straight form the Soviet suppression legacy. Anyone want to bet that the current “insurrection act” had its genesis in Russian as well? Anyone know?

    • It’s my guess that the 1776AD Group had legitimate intentions behind the notion of ‘free speech’. However the enemies of ‘freedom of speech’ used it to their complete advantage by justifying their criticisms & actions against the American Way to ‘fair minded, soft hearted’ religionists, professors, militarists, economists, culturalists, & , of course, the news media since the War Between the States and earlier. So now the enemy is in power, however illegally, & is silencing any & all opposition. Not to be glib but why is anyone surprised?

  4. Finest program these two have done to date! Hit all the right notes and was provided enough time, but not too much to cover topics really well.

    Praying that God bless both of these men for working to provide some truth in this current state of chaos.

    One the quick:

    1. Mouse House got idea from Czech Republic – priceless.

    2. A dentist is like a bad auto mechanic, they will always find something to fix – while waiting to repair, please consider coconut oil as a way to keep things clean and stable.

    3. Border speech at the 450 ft – Ha, ha, ha! He should have added a second Taj at the border.

    4. The “news” is dead in a year with Trump gone, so they will need him as a face for another media “empire”, otherwise no one will really pay much attention to Biden / Harris as time goes on and I would suggest that the actual powers that be would like the cover of the new administration.

    I have been saying: watch OANN if Trump is his usual lazy or something new if he is sold a new Trump University idea.

    5. Break a part the USA — although the Soviets gamed that one for decades — I agree, it is the only way to get back to peace; however, those who cannot create will not wish to let go of those who can — most engineers and road repair crews (to name a few professionals) are not interested in gender discussions, so if they leave one side could collapse and the robots are just not ready to do these jobs quite yet.

    6. Start getting your data from used bookstores — stay off of Amazon for anything that is not vanilla — pay cash — yet also realize that the individual who just burned down the local deli may work in that store (Dino — it is cafes, bookstores, and such that provide work a day job for folks who might have this type of night job).

    7. Twitter — Please leave them Mr. Winter / please do not wait for Mr. Makow for your own peace of mind.

    8. CTH is the prime organizer to an extent and I would opine that they are very, very corrupt neocons — then I would look at InfoWars and GP.

    9. The liberal voice of America (Portland), the real common sense people, are 65+ years old and concerned about their SS checks and the vax.; they will not rise up. Further, many of them, “THE ME GENERATION” who got wealthy as Yuppies sold out to the big corporations and even hedge funds decades ago — they will not rise up either.

    Also many of them farmed out the raising of their kids and therefore their children were raised by schools, TV, video games, socialist nannies, and the like; not going to rise up either.

    10. If you drill down the folks and salaries of the PBS crowd in DC, you will realize they were bought a long time ago. Their satellite system of local channels and grants have produced some decent stuff, but this is different than the nonprofit corporation that guides them all. Look for them to consolidate the local stations and guide the narrative in the future.

    The attorney mentioned in the tip of the iceberg.

    11. No the powers that be love the U.S.S.R. and always have because they could visit with impunity and then leave whenever they wish, just like the Politburo. Mr. David Rockefeller used to fly in and out of the Soviet Union all the time in the 1970s and 1980s. Clinton visited, Bernie visited and Soros was a regular. No, this class loves repressive government.

    12. Consider making WW folks (lightly) register for participation in comments to cut down on clowns (not my first choice, but it may stop some of the more violent folks from stopping in).

    13. Want to know where the U.S. is heading – watch the Hunger Games. Consider leaving soon or be prepared. BTW — I do not think the author really wrote this work.

    14. Why did no one from Congress or their extremely large staffs try to come out and speak with the “mob”? What little Rand Paul (I am perturbed with him right now) or even AOC or a both of them could not join hands and meet the mob to ask for a rendition of Kumbaya?

    Where we the “adults” that were elected to run an orderly government? If you are a leader, then go meet the crowd, listen and try to settle things down. Nope, Congress was “all in” for the charade.

    15. Dino brought up the Third Temple and it is no joke.

    Please consider a little research on this, even if you are an atheist or agnostic, because if other folks believe in this symbolism then it can spill over into your peaceful existence. So please make yourself aware of what he is speaking of.

    Even if you do not believe in God, then try to have faith in yourself and those you love. Consider some research as it will just help you, help them, if all of it comes to fruition.

    Lastly, to deal with stress, please keep yourselves healthy. Good food, exercise (even just a walk or add light dumbbells to the walk), some sport, reading classics, watching old movies (pre-1960) and prayer / meditation should help out a lot.

    My best to all of you,
    Simple Citizen

    • Oh yeah, I still encourage (from the Trad / Knight thread) making that news on Mr. Knight’s show into a thread that we can have at.

      Mr. Knight has been a libertarian author and I believe had a little radio show in TX for quite a while. One might opine that Mr. Jones scooped him up for a larger part of the psyop to lure more traditional conservatives and libertarians in, ahead of 2020 – 2021.

      Now I will fess up, I liked when Mr. Jones used to have Mr. Dick Gregory on with someone such as Mr. Marrs; however, in the end, Mr. Jones abandoned these men and barely made a mention of their passing. heck I even liked Mr. Tarpley and Mr. Madsen having polite disagreements; however, I would contend that all of these people were used.

      Mr. Rogan has escaped such treatment due to his ascending star (bet Trump goes on Rogan’s show in 2021), and Mr. Dice called BS on Mr. Jones, was brought in briefly and then was jettisoned peacefully — promoted / paid / all of the above (I call foul, but we will never know the inside baseball).

      • Great point about DT being in Rogan’s podcast in 2021!
        It feels like us in this forum can predict the PTB’s entire 2021 script with reasonable assurance.

        • I would concur, but they also choreograph their movements in a way that makes a prediction a little easier.

          Thanks for your reply!

    • While I usually love your comments, Simple Citizen, I totally disagree with your statement about us Boomers. Not all of us over 65’s will refuse to rise up (referring to your point number 9)…I have been doing so since the 90s, got put in jail for it while I was nursing my daughter–twice, BTW–and so did my hubby, for standing up for the Bill of Rights against tyranny out here in far west Texas…oh, and I home schooled my two kids and we didn’t even have TV until they were nearly teens, so they weren’t raised by TV…and, oh yeah, for the most part until hubby got a decent paying job we were nearly dirt poor, but we dealt with it just fine (mostly because no one would hire hubby since we were ‘rebels’ so to speak. Yes many Boomers can be described the way you described Boomers, but not all. Those of us outside the box, true non-conformists, never fit into any stereotype. As to why we haven’t been in jail for a while, I’d say that just perhaps God won’t allow it. For now that is. But I will have no problem being incarcerated again defending the Bill of Rights.

      • Sincere apologies shh; I certainly did not mean to offend and I must admit (in rereading what I wrote) that I was rather jaded by my own experiences with some folks in your generation.

        Although I have traveled most of this country and met a lot of good people, my main experience is in urban environments on the east coast, where some of what I described is prevalent. Certainly, from my own (humble) experience, your family is similar to seeing a group of unicorns, rare and really great.

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention; I will endeavor to be a bit more open minded when I am on the threads.

        God bless you and yours; please be well.

        All my best,

        • Oh yeah…don’t know Mr. Winter’s age (not my business and / or interest), but if he is also in that age range, then I would say he is a unicorn as well.


        • Ouch!

          Gosh, I did apologize and accept responsibility.

          If I felt like pressing my point, I could have easily; however, I realized the error in my logic and perspective, and tried to make amends with the explicit goal of being less closed minded in the future.

          If it is a pile on, then I am out.

          Good luck and may God bless everyone at WW.

          Simple Citizen

  5. Thanks for your reply.

    i have a condition of amblyopia which can entirely disable my eyesight in certain conditions. Where we live, if one retreats about 50 miles, the entire region appears to be nearly or entirely invisible due to a dense fog. People were saying it was smoke form California but that situation is long gone. It is artificial and pertains to weather manipulation. I am going through an excruciating time. I can’t read at all in this village. If I go down the road 50 miles I can read OK. So I don’t comment much, because in order to interact I have to borrow my husband’s eyesight (typing is a skill that does not require vision). I appreciate your reply. Sometimes I am just too depressed to interact. Fighting for eyesight is hard. We would get out of here if only we had the resources. The weather manipulation plus whatever else has killed off every insect we saw only two years go. The birds are nearly all gone. No spiders, ants, crickets, grasshoppers, mice etc. etc. – all of which were here two years ago, even a year ago. Dogs giving birth to dead puppies, dogs dying for no evident reason, hens no longer produce chicks, and even the raptors have left the region for lack of anything to hunt despite a lush river valley right behind the house. No worms in the soil. So believe me, being able to interact with people who love truth is all the more precious as we watch life being devoured in northern Mexico. Feeling terribly isolated. Thanks for your reply.

      • I will certainly keep you and your husband in my good thoughts and prayers.


        P.S. Weather manipulation is serious business, and our nation, regrettably, began experimentation as far back as the 1950s, with both Korea and Vietnam becoming very serious testing sites. Very sorry to hear about the situation.

    • Very much agreed!

      It is hard. because all the clowns are in the circus right now and they are trying to make sure that no one looks at the elephants in the room.

      As for the Trump card, unfortunately it will just get reshuffled and we will see it again.


  6. Premise # 1 The Bond Market broke in late 2019.
    Premise # 2 Geopolitically a scramble is ensuing pitting Eurasia’s ascent against the Anglosphere West, Specifically the USD Reserve Currency Status.
    Premise # 3 A Financial Reset “solution” would have to occur starting with the US.
    Premise # 4 Trump is not a White Hat, He’s in on the reset

    A virus is released during the election year to hasten an economic destruction and to ensure no remnant of salvage-ability exists. The election fiasco ensues with the end result being that both Biden and Trump do not get inaugurated , but rather the military takes over under the guise of Martial Law. After all, from a legal perspective It may not be possible to prove Trump won, only that Election Compromised…

    The Left becomes irate that Trump brought about a Military Dictatorship,
    The Right welcomes the Military to resolve an obvious stolen election.
    Civil war is created as a massive distraction while the “ financial reset” via the Military ensues under the guise of a Green New Deal or Green Belt and Road, or Green Wash solution de jour.

    The Left and Right, distracted as they, both welcome the change, and need a change..but the end result is a command economy under the guise of Building Back Better, or Re-imagining Capitalism, or Just Get It Doneism…

    Credit is dead, the Virus is dead, and everyone is too stressed and preoccupied with waiting in lines for supplies to care about anything other than themselves and their next meal

    Time for a Solution

    A new leader emerges eventually.

    History then gets rewritten by the winner.

    • Simple solution (not a true recommendation, for any action, of any kind):

      Short USD; long CHF or short USD against a basket for a serious feeding frenzy

      Buy calls on insurance firms that deal in life insurance, sell their puts at least 20% out of the money.

      (FYI: Actually Conjob- 19 is being driven by both the insurance markets and government insurance obligations: SS and Medicare, but explaining this information clearly could require writing a small text; I recommend just looking at it around the web and you will probably see what I mean. Heck the insurance companies even have a reason to drive mask compliance as well.)

      Buy calls on Ratheon and others in the sector, sell puts 20% – 30% (there may be an initial correction in 2021) out of the money.

      Stay away from most of rest of the stock market as it is rigged (the only thing is that the sectors above should still move upward, even with the rigging). The bond market is DOA. Learn about the commodities sectors – futures and options; realize they are less rigged, but still rigged none the less (think Monsanto and weather manipulation).

      For the sake of your soul, please consider staying away the life settlements markets. Remember you only profit if a another person dies. Yet, if you wish to make a “killing” (pun intended) in the next decade, then this may be your ticket. Personally, it is not for me.

      Move to another nation (and not Australia or New Zealand; as Admiral Ackbar said in Return of the Jedi — “It’s a Trap!”) and live in peace. My reasons here would take too much time to explain, but I have mentioned them to NZBG on other threads that I am sure you could find if interested.

      Follow Mr. James Beeland Rogers Junior’s advice (or watch the Big Short and realize that Mr. Pitt’s character is a real guy and yes, he is that smart.), and buy a farm. Grow your own food. Live the good life abroad somewhere. Leave the U.S. problems to the U.S., the largest debtor empire in the history of the planet.

      Realize that our government sold us all short, before any of us here were even born (unless you are over 100 years old, in which case I first salute you, and then apologize).

      Fixing it would either require a complete overhaul with honest folks (not just one or to people) steering the ship (unlikely), the collapse / replacement of the entire system as it is (more likely), and / or an in-house separation (best idea — not likely).


      An aside:

      Live the best life you possibly can, and enjoy it. Anyone / everyone has the ability to turn any situation that they encounter around, with a little creativity (one of the Lord’s best gifts) and a lot of love / passion.

      After 9/11, I lost everything I had built over the previous decade, and having come from not too much, I was devastated. Yet, I had some real blessings in my life, a good lady that I had met in spring 2001 and the creative gift that the Lord has provided all of us with.

      Rebuilding took a move, new adventures, a lot of hard work and a new dream; however, it all came and I am a better man as a result of this journey. Nothing is ever lost…change is just a constant, and how you handle this constant relates to your end result.

      Lastly, (as above, so below) many of you know we are sitting in Mr. Winter’s dream right here when we read, listen, learn and communicate. As so many of you are aware, Mr. Winter began in a different field and enjoyed as much of it as he could, before it was simply time to move on.

      Although I had come upon some of Mr. Winter’s work years ago, I did not immediately make the connection when I came to WW. Once I had done some additional diligence, before being willing to commit to hanging around WW, I then had that, “of it was that guy on Seeking Alpha discussing gold six or so years ago; yeah, I recognize him” slap my own forehead moment. It was at that point when it dawned on me that he had come up with another creative dream and pursued it.

      Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can use the same process to realize their dreams. Now Mr. Winter is great at what he does, and I am not saying that your dream should be to copy him, but I am saying you can use the same process he utilized to find what you are great at.

      Be clear, I do not care how this part of my post reads or sounds in your head, so don’t write me with complaints and / or comparisons, you will be missing the only point that matters. Live your best life now. It is God’s gift, it is very American, and you deserve it for taking part in the experiment that is this lifetime.

      May God bless and take good care of you all.

      Time to go…

      All my best,

  7. The guy whos “saved” Steve Scalise, “David Bailey” did not shoot Ashli Babbit. The guy who supposedly shot Babbit is white, not black.

  8. Russ,

    The documentary “Guns, Drugs and the CIA” that you mentioned can be found in YT, perhaps in another channel:

    It seems that this channel (Cradle of Anal) posted all Frontline documentaries 2 months ago. They all look very interesting.


  9. About your conversation near the end about how the left will live in this new tyranny, I think the answer is in the famous interview of Yuri Bezmenov the ex-soviet spy.

    He says very clearly that many of the people in the left that supported and advocated for all this to come, will be eliminated (killed) because once they realize what has come they will wake up. Exactly what Stalin did after WW2.

    Here’s the full interview. I cannot stress enough how valuable it is:

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