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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Black Serial Killers and the Pall of Foreboding Over the Capital

The duo cover the hidden history of black serial killers and the 2020 crime wave.

Attention shifts to the Stop the Steal shitstorm and both men are on the same page about warning against involvement in these possible false-flag Color Revolution set-up rallies.

Read “The Tell-Tale Patterns Seen in Color Revolutions”

Dino plays a recording allegedly put forth by the Lugenpresse at CBS about “Iranians threatening revenge” for the hit on Qasem Soleimani with a vague attack reference on the Capitol. If you haven’t heard this so-called Iranian-threat recording, go to minute 41:10 of the podcast.

In the breakdown of this monstrosity, a noticeable sense of stark realization, foreboding, dread and actual sadness descends on the duo. This gloom stays for the duration of the show and overcame their usual attempts at some levity on the backside of the show. Dino talked about moving to Iceland. Russ, upon awaking this morning, said he felt like a soldier in the trenches about to go over the top.

Democrats win both Georgia senate seats, taking control of U.S. Senate with veep Kabalah Harris as tie breaker.

Russ’ comment on the Lin Wood allegations and claims illustrated by the video clip.

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12 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss Black Serial Killers and the Pall of Foreboding Over the Capital

  1. Well you can think I’m a Bot if you like but I simply offer different perspectives, which I have gained, these are my theories alone, because I study the Kabbalah. There is no doubt that Africans are the most violent race by far. One only has to live in Africa to know this. Personally I have taken the correct measures, IMO, and I live out in the dry highlands in the west of South Africa, no mans land, because there are no blacks here and I don’t have to worry when I forget to lock my door. It’s heaven! That said, I like to visit Joburg and go to trendy black bars in the middle of town and drink beer with the black students. I recently spent a month there. Madness. So much life and DESIRE for life, nothing like it anywhere else. One of the worst stories I ever heard was from a white cop out on his bike in this area off-roading and star-solacing. A black guy in the slums cut up his daughter and hung her in the washing line for his wife when she got home. To really understand the distress of this cop you have to watch the Omo washing powder adverts and understand the remarkable ability of blacks who live in shacks with no water or electricity to turn out in town after a 2 hour dusty greasy trip in a minibus taxi, in gleaming starched and ironed white linen. We can’t understand it. Anyway. Here, we need to look at the esoteric meaning of the Queen of the South (I haven’t seen the show but I should watch it for clues myself since so doubt it’s a mocking psyop), contemplate the legends and words of Jesus (and study of the bethsheba story of David Andy Solomon in Hebrew…) I think it’s obvious that Africans are closer to nature so the future success of the race ultimately harmonizes humanity with nature; here’s it is understood in the esoteric tradition that the 7 races of earth have each played a leading role on the stage of life over thousands of years and each have brought through different energies to express and manifest. The Europeans have clearly been the stars of show since JC and I love it, with the German mind best epitomizing the purpose. In the age to come yes blacks take center stage and here is the the power of the feminine energy, the deepest well of the power of the dark mother, that comes into play. Something even more powerful than the serpent that caused the fall so no more oxytocin hijacking. Blacks come last on IQ tests because imagine how dangerous the men would be if they were any smarter. Then again, this fact makes them furious and that may account for much of the violence. We know that EGO sits on the mental plane hohum and the brainiest guys have the biggest egos. Then again, info on the machinations of the usuals is like wildfire here now and if the Germans couldn’t defeat the Jews, African violence and their raw desire for life can. All of this explains why a black woman has been “nurtured” by the church of satan in CA to unleash their force in America. None of this invalidates your perspective here, yes they do hide black violence and drum up white violence, it’s just a question of being able to hold various angles of the Tree/mind at once, which is the gift of Kabbalah. They want you spitting mad over it because they understand the hermetic axiom, “you become what you oppose”. And no I’m hardly “on drugs” or a “mental case”. Except in moderation. The lesson is still to protect yourself and your genes but without judging so much. God’s will be done. Relax

    • Sammy,

      Well, I do pray for you; however, I have to (respectfully) submit that you are often way off topic as of late and are becoming problematic when you show up.

      You seem assume that WW is a sounding board for whatever ideas, issues, problems and / or quandaries you have in your own life (which seems rather grim and lonely — sorry to say). Further, your lack of paragraphs makes some of your posts simply too hard to even comprehend (and trust me, I am no light weight).

      Maybe it would be best if you took a brake from Winter Watch. Based on where you state you are located, this may seem a bit isolating; however, I would (respectfully) suggest that the world wide web is a big place and you will definitely find another home with which to share your ideas along with like minded individuals. This may be a better fit than WW at this time in your life.

      As Mr. Winter does not seem to wish to retire this blog anytime soon, you could always come back after you have taken some time away and see if the threads have something new to offer you. If not, then I would (again, humbly) suggest that you move on. Your current stage of ranting is just too much for any of us to really be supportive of, and your direct insults to Mr. Winter do not endear yourself to those of us who come here to take the subject matter (s) seriously.

      At best, you are a distraction.

      At worst… (well I am too much of a gentleman to get harsh on your situation, but I do think WW may just not be the best fit for you at the current time).

      Simple Citizen

        • Absolutely glad to try and help out.

          I enjoy coming to WW, and I do not wish for either it to be harmed by the hosting service and / or the three you to pack it in because folks have just become unreasonable in their posts.

          Although we are not large in numbers, there is a cadre of us who really appreciate this website and all of you who do the heavy lifting of trying to keep us all aware / knowledgeable / moving forward.

          So I will close with my own thanks to you for all of your hard work.


  2. Dino, for 14 months, you guys are doing a fine job. Please go easier on yourself and your team.

    Man, I have zero fascination with serial killers. Dino you may be my age or younger than me, but I have memories of fearing the Son of Sam in the 1970s NYC. You had that with the blackouts, the riots, the severe crime and just the complete sadness of watching one of the greatest cities in the world suffer so much at the time (Lest we forget that PDJT’s father was best friends with Mayor Beame — they burned NYC and then scooped up properties awfully cheap, beginning in 1980; we might also remember that PDJT’s first family project was not even in NY, during the 1970s.).

    Yes, I would concur. American cities are in decline yet again. The video by Ms. Catherine A. Fitts had some interesting data on a possible “why”, which matches very closely with the decline of NYC in the 1970s. Coming to this correlation took me a week, so “hats off” to her and Mr. Winter for prompting me to lake a look at her (was not interested in her, historically).

    One might consider reviewing the narcotics operations in the areas in which serial killers from twentieth century operated. Then, we might also wish to consider operations by Langley (narcotics or otherwise) in these same areas. I still endorse the text, “The CIA as Organized Crime” for some of this information:

    You might very well see patterns of drug operations, mass slayings and the destruction of specific urban areas all converging during targeted periods.

    Well with the Son of Sam, we all might concur that he had a lot of logistical support and certainly Manson used his “team” to do his dirty work (although with Manson, I wold suggest looking at Army intelligence as well). Perhaps consider this text; it is quite worth the price of education:

    I agree with Mr. Winter…Mr. Lin Wood does not seem as he should, and there is nothing being brought forward; I call cutout! He is using delay tactics similar to Mr. Barr, and I would even (humbly) suggest Mr. Pieczenik. There is a fear. The same fear we see in SCOTUS with the Chief, but even amongst the (ultra – modernist / Catholic – new) judges that supposedly needed 100% conservative support, without any questions. Great more Opus Dei / Knights of Malta / John Carroll Society members seeking to keep a finger in the power pot. Just what America needed right now.

    The fear is that if the clock does not run out, and the 2nd Amendment is not (slowly) destroyed, then there might be a French Revolution (not a U.S. succession from Britain, which was comparatively civil). Modern America has been weened on Jerry Springer, increased pornography, ultra violent television / movies, mind controlling / numbing video games and loads of drugs. Any revolt will not be nearly as civil as 1775 / 1776.

    I am not down there (heart of D,C,) either gentlemen. There is a great deal more to say on this choice, but I am going really long now, so I will stop here on this topic.

    The people are for optics, while a psyop is being utilized to gain more data on the individuals who show up. Couple that with the last year being a Census window, which no one seems to be paying too much attention to; however, I do guarantee that it will matter in the next 2 years ahead. The Phoenix Program is headed our way, and we have been seeing the results since September 11, 2001. Last year was the “big push” from my (humble) perspective.

    Gotta run.

    Please be well. Thanks for the great show!

      • Yes, sir I concur.

        It would be one thing if we were up against a political party (pick any one you wish) and it was a simple matter of resolving a dispute between this party and:

        1. The People

        And / or

        2. Another party or three (think any nation with multiple options)

        Yet, what we are really up against is the complete take over of the nation by the Federal Reserve Bank, our own government, the military industrial complex / intelligence superstructure, privately held corporations, hedge funds, academia, organized mobs that are trained by our “alleged enemies” (although I would suggest we support them — think Hamas / Mus. B. in Brooklyn) and a United States that has a diminished ability to hold a thought for longer than a few seconds.

        Heck, I am no fan of Mr. Gore Vidal, but I always supported his idea that America has amnesia after 2 minutes (paraphrased). When he stated this idea, there were not nearly as many additional distractions (e.g. the drug options, the electronic distractions, and the like) as there are at this moment in time.

        We have reached a truly mindless and violent time that the 1% of the 1% will use the “brave new world” model to justify a means to an end. As Mr. Huxley wrote (paraphrasing) “people will learn to love their prison”.

        Well I have to run again. Great to hear from you. It was another good show by you two gentlemen and I do appreciate both of your efforts / work. As I said to you before, I come to WW because it is a very bright street lamp in the dismal, dark ghetto that is the world wide web. Thank you.


        Postscript: Just catching glimpses of news, interviews (especially Ret. General Flynn) and noise, as I do other things; what I can affirm is that you will have your hands full with all of the information and actions that will be headed our way in just the next 6 months alone.

        Although I know you also remind all of us on how we arrived where we are (keeping many items from the “memory hole”), I think current events will also provide a great amount of interesting topics to explore.

        Mr. Mueller mentioned General Scowcroft in a recent thread (WW is truly a unique place to visit and participate in), and I began to dwell on the correlation between Iran / Contra, the Tower Commission and all of the ground “we the people” were losing as this farcical event (the core events falling between 1988 – 1991) was setting us up for 9/11, 2008, last year, and the years ahead. God help us all!


  3. When you say most people think most serial killers are white isn’t that incorrect Aren’t most serial killers Jews?

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