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FBI Vault on Pelosi’s Politician Father Thomas D’ Alesandro

Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. was being appointed to the Federal Renegoation Board, by President John F. Kennedy. Nancy is partially visible behind John F. Kennedy. Her mother, also named Nancy, is center. PHOTO: The Baltimore Sun/Family photo

The FBI just released documents from a file titled “The Vault” that covers investigations into Thomas “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro, Jr. (1903-1987), the father of Democrat U.S. House Speaker from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi (b. 1940). The Vault is a 284 page report on D’ Alesandro’s activities while he served as U.S. Congressman from 1939 to 1947, and the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, from 1947 to 1955.

Par for the course, the mainstream Lugenpresse isn’t reporting on the content of the FBI files, leaving a vacuum to be filled by sites like Winter Watch.

Prior to being implicated in receiving “undeclared money” from Dominic Piracci — a parking garage owner convicted of fraud, conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct justice — D’Alesandro was considered a strong contender for the position of governor of Maryland in 1954.

After a period of successful political stints, in 1958, he ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate and for mayor of Baltimore, and this ended his electoral political career.

While in Congress, D’Alesandro was a Zionist who strongly supported the Bergson Group, a “political action committee set up to challenge the Roosevelt Administration’s policies on the Jewish refugee issue during the 1930s, and later lobbied against British control of Palestine,” despite his equally strong support for Roosevelt’s other policies.

He was involved with pro-war and pro-Soviet Union organizations during World War II.

The Vault has a few positive letters to and from J. Edgar Hoover. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, he had a good relationship with Hoover.  It’s now well known that Hoover looked the other way when it came to the Crime Syndicates and politicians he had in his pocket ( aka kompromat).

Did protection from Hoover and Zionists keep D’Alesandro safe from criminal and corruption charges and enable him to live a double life and maintain a political career?

The FBI’s files also reveal that D’Alesandro was in thick with mob rule in Baltimore. Here are some key documents.

Background checks from people who knew D’Alesandro were positive in the file. Lots of rags-to-riches comments made. He was give a lower-level political-spoils appointment by the Kennedy administration in 1961.

Going back to the 1940s, D’Alesandro was a regular guest of the Arlington Hotel, a popular Mob hangout, according to The Mob Museum.

Read “Hot Springs is Soaked in Mob Lore: The Spa City’s Reputation as a Haven for Outlaws Attracted the Nation’s Top Underworld Figures”

His son was involved in a pedophile gang rape case and some how was the only participant who skirted free.

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  1. Seems to be the only way to get things done around here. Loot, kill, murder, bribe. You get caught stealing a little money you are kicked out of office or go to jail. You steal a lot of money they rename the Rayburn building after you.

    • Very funny!

      BTW: TT and Lycurgus — the BNDD was also interested in Mrs. Pelosi’s father for quite a while.


  2. Interesting stuff about Big Tommy. I never realized how big of a player Pelosi was until I saw this video on BitChute, I think someone from here may have linked it at some point:


    In my travels around the web someone claimed that Pelosi is a Crypto, but I haven’t found any genealogy to substantiate the claim. Considering what Sabbatean/Frankist doctrine is, making an accusation of crypsis isn’t one I indiscriminately or ignorantly level.

    Regardless of that, Nancy Pelosi appears to be quite reprehensible pro se.

  3. Never mind the satanic pedophilia in her restaurant in San Francisco. Nevermind. Commies no more run the show than England. Dialectics101 and isn’t my timing good? The No1 name associated with jimmy comets vile insta (original hack) offers himself up as ceo of AngloPacific: the mining royalties company. Perhaps that has a ring that will interest you. His company BlackStar bought the Sunday newspaper I worked for and I almost got myself killed going down his children’s charity rabbit hole. They really have a thing for that gold In the ground. Probably plan to blow down to the core from there.
    “Brabantian – Zionists Pass the Baton to Communists“ HM

  4. The image Mr. Mueller selected is priceless:

    “First Mr. Presdeinte I am a goin to tell you de secret of a good KAL ZONAY! You begin with de doh…”


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