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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Post-Truth World, Nashville and Adam Lanza

After Tuesday’s show, we were finally given a sneak peak of the much-anticipated neuro-linguistic programming and gaslighting narrative that the Crime Syndicate will be running on authoritarian followers and pajama people. Naturally, they are tying this in to “fears and paranoia about 5G” as one and the same. So predictable. There may still be a manifesto out there somewhere.

Authorities are looking into evidence that Nashville RV bomber Anthony Quinn Warner spent time hunting for aliens and was interested in “lizard people,” ABC News reported. Law enforcement sources told the outlet that investigators found some of Warner’s writings containing ramblings about various conspiracy theories.

Some of the notes were reportedly about the lizard or reptilian conspiracy — the idea that shape-shifting lizard creatures take on human form in an attempt at world domination. Authorities believe the 63-year-old loner also spent time hunting for alien life forms in a nearby state park, the outlet reported.

Investigators are also reportedly probing whether Warner, a local IT expert, was motivated to target an AT&T building over fears of 5G cellular technology and his paranoid suspicions that it is killing people and being used to spy on Americans.

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Posts referenced in this episode:

Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook rehearses his lines:

The aforementioned Winter Watch radio and swag theme music: Vienna Philharmonic – composer Anton Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 ‘From the New World,’ Movement IV. Allegro con fuoco.

20 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Post-Truth World, Nashville and Adam Lanza

  1. Excellent show!

    Excellent theme / introductory music!

    The only thing I would have liked to hear about (in addition to the core topics) was the thread on Agent Gunderson. Yet, you both covered a lot of information in a short time, so I am not even sure how that thread could have been covered in the time you shared.

    Dino, if you swing by this way, I would encourage you to read this one:


    The thread is well researched and well written, but also it is good to cover other people in this world who are actually trying (were trying in the case of Agent Gunderson) to get truth out and help those who needed some justice, as Agent Gunderson did with Ms. Taylor (mind you, once you start down the rabbit hole of Ms. Brice Taylor, you may never be able to watch another Hope / Crosby film again).

  2. Okay, so I have had doubts about Ms. Fitts for quite some time (long story, but I just did not trust her from what little I understood about her past).

    Yet, Mr. Winter made a good case for looking into her background and work with “fresh eyes”. This website offered information that I had not, previously, been aware of:


    The bit about Federal Judge Stanley Sporkin, his background, and the suppression of the qui tam for 4 years is fascinating.

    • Yes! – I have become a big CA Fitts fan (ugly term, but you know what I mean) – originally from a link here last spring. The link above looks extremely interesting; fills in nicely the sketchy account she has herself given of her career. Quickly – three hooray CA Fitts – bullet points:

      She is entirely comfortable saying “I do not know”

      She stresses the fluidity of the OP and the rulers – in short: they do not entirely know what they are doing – fluidity can point to possibilities of resistance

      Finally – she has for months stressed the role that sheriffs can play in that resistance (how many suburban dwellers even know who their sheriff is?) And now – prescient! – look around for accounts of sheriffs point blank refusing to enforce mandates – last week, a sheriff in CA refused to comply with a judge’s order to release (dangerous) prison inmates.

      OT: – at this season, I am pleased to note that the aesthetic judgments of myself and our hosts have come nicely into alignment: The late 19C polish painter’s works were gorgeous – had not heard of him; impressionism and – in this case – post-impressionism were the best things that ever happened to visual art (well, maybe the discovery of perspective); I revel (unlike our host) in Rothko’s colors but I live for Monet. Dvorak? – best 19 C symphonies! Brahms can be narrow in his over-wroughtness but Dvorak is vast! Thanks –

      • Sammy,

        Just seeing this response right now. Sorry for my late reply (I saw your post first and nearly missed this one). The long story would dominate this thread, so I am going to respectfully decline the full saga; however, I am okay with speaking on some of the basic points.

        In my own travels, I have encountered a man (notice I normally use the word “gentleman”, and yet now I use “man”) who originally worked in the Reagan White House under Attorney General Edwin Meese III. At this time he worked with and was on a friendly basis with Chief Justice John Glover Roberts Jr. Basically he was and perhaps still is a very proud DC insider; I am not and have never been. Although we have quite a few people that we know in common, we do not share perspectives.

        The man went on to work with HUD prior to and then during the S&L meltdown. Therefore this man worked with Ms. Fitts, who on her own has a CV that does indicate quite a few connections to insiders / the 1% of the 1%, and he seemed to get along with her quite well. Now, it is good to have work colleagues; however, when one sees a pattern of DC insiders, which are one big happy family, then one might opine that perhaps some of these associations do not square with his own moral / spiritual code. Also HUD had a role in the S&L failures.

        Then we can speak a little about Dillon, Read & Company. Now I do respect any woman who has gotten as far as Ms. Fitts did in the period of time we are speaking of on her CV. To say she had an “up hill battle” in an “all boys club” would be an enormous understatement. Although I was not active (too young) in any of the financial markets at that time, I do know my financial history pretty well and I did know brokers / traders in the 1980s. None of them were women. So I do admire her achievements in working for this organization when it was quite uncommon throughout the entire industry / sector.

        Yet, we are speaking of Dillon Read & Company, a brokerage house that Ms. Fitts seemed to speak fondly of working for in media / press, which had a very interesting history. Here is the vanilla version:


        Now skip to the end and you will see Barings Bank (which will get you to Leeson and the death knell in the Japanese economy) and then the Warburgs. These types of associations does set off alarm bells with regard to the financial machinations correlated to the 1% of the 1%. These are not small players by a long shot and their, global, financial dealings have broken economies, as well as financed wars.

        Now Ms. Fitts might have enjoyed technical analysis (seems as though she does), investment advisement (“Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel” and so forth = ) and plain old trading; however, she still spent a several years glorifying her days working for this insider firm.

        Any of us, who have worked in the financial markets, has more than likely worked for a firm worth asking the question, “Why do it?”. Yet, most of us who move on from those days, do not decide to relish every aspect of our time in future descriptions of our lives. She just struck me as relishing and praising an interesting choice of topic for years after she had walked away from it.

        Now I am already too long, and I have barely scratched the surface of what we could discuss; however, I think I have provided some ideas on my historical perspective.

        Putting all of this history aside, I took Mr. Winter’s perspective into consideration and thought I should see where she is today and what she is speaking of. So I began doing a little old fashioned research with “fresh eyes and ears” yesterday.

        Basically, I was very pleasantly surprised with what she had to say, and could see why Mr. Winter had found her interesting and was suggesting listening to what she is now discussing. She reflects experience, intelligence, maturity and a great deal of inner peace at this time in her life. Now, I have never questioned her abilities as a technical analyst or trader, yet she also reflected a fundamental analysis, in the documentary clip that I posted of her, while she was discussing “Mr. Global” . This was a different lady than the one I had listened to and read about quite a while back.

        Overall, I had a lot of agreement with what she was stating in the links that I posted, and I was thankful to Mr. Winter for reintroducing her perspective and work to me. She has changed in time, I would like to think that I am changing in time as well. Right now I find commonality in our perspectives, so it was a pleasure to rediscover her as a result of coming to WW.

        Hope this response gives you some answers to what you were asking me.

        Simple Citizen

  3. Thanks for the referral on the book, however, and perhaps I’m wrong, but the “tone” of your message would seem to indicate that my thoughts on Columbine are flawed? Before I read said book, would you kindly provide me with your own preface on this subject? Thank you.

  4. Theres something very interesting about that Fitts woman. That video was fascinating in that her male video interviewer carries a feminine energy so true to form it’s startling because you rarely and I mean never see it carried off in such perfection unless you’re married to a one on a million Japanese, setting off Fitts masculinity perfectly. The name of her company is huge obviously and I found it interesting that she name dropped a certain institute the moment after explaining that she may actually know who’s really behind things. Suffice it to say that grand mountains are the natural ruling places for rulers. She outlines a year of jet setting activity on her site, 2017, and fits in a special visit to Uluru where she meets with aboriginals to parley over the ancient aliens line spouted on history channel, totally discredited by tribal elders. So she gave the opportunity zone info (describing herself as almost mystically intuitive) and an almost spellbinding analogy to slavery, and she encouraged people to get off corporate (and invest in the local savings and loan, but presumably those inspired by her would want to give their funds to her instead). But what baffles me about you Russian is that people write the way they speak and you’re such a great writer.

    • Sammy,

      Again, an interesting post that I do not totally agree with, but I do respect.

      What I fail to understand is why you keep referring to Mr. Winter as “Russian”? Is their a reason for such a reference?

      From my perspective, Mr. Winter does write in the same manner as he speaks. There is not a whole lot of difference if you listen to the podcasts that he participates in.

      Anyhow, if you circle around here, I would be interested in understanding the use of “Russian”.



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