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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Plutocrat Zuckerberg and the Insidious Mind Control of the Covid Scamdemic

For “Dino” and Russ’ weekly broadcast Tuesday, the duo wrapped up some of the New Underworld Order (NUO) schemes — specifically Zuckerberg’s $400 million election skullduggery. We called for a boycott of Facebook.

Can the states’ attorney generals save the republic before SCOTUS, or does the abyss loom ahead?

Next, a deep dive into the Biderman Report, and how it reveals the Underworld Order’s communist/discordian mind kontrol methods.

Could the NUO hoodwink at least a portion of the pajama people with Project Blue Beam psyops?

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Posts covered in this podcast:

7 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Plutocrat Zuckerberg and the Insidious Mind Control of the Covid Scamdemic

    • Supposedly Greenberg is Zuckerbergs real last name but look at that Greenberg character doesn’t he resemble a Rockefeller??? Rothchild??? Same demon spawn and all related they just “shape shift” change their names, they have done this thru history. According to room mates Zuckerberg is gay so maybe his marriage to what is probably some connected Chinese family was just another merger and will produce more demon spawn to elevate to control positions

  1. I reckon Dino and Russ are essentially saying the same thing re: counterrevolution. The only difference in their sentiments is Dino doesn’t think the people have the stones to act. He’s partially right. I reckon the pushback comes from a much smaller, determined group of resistance that forms after people start noticing their family members and friends are no longer around. Perhaps the vaccine administration and the concomitant illnesses it causes will hasten this event. One thing is for sure, there’ll be less people around when the real pushback comes. Apparently humanity has been disconnected from a good portion of their common sense survival instincts and literally has to see the carnage of tyranny up close before they get it through their heads that they need to act. Nice show guys.

  2. The COVID script is the same as the 911 script basically..fear, fake heroes, turn in your friends, family etc aka see something say something, bullshit patriotism “wearing a mask is patriotic” Zuckerberg is either a Rothchild or a Rockefeller I forget which but it’s the same kosher out of Egypt demon seeds…Wasn’t chaos to destroy everything even government their plan all along? Zioturds like Dershowitz “I left my underwear on” saying the (((((gov))))) has the right to force vaccinate, aiming those things at people’s heads to take their temp, shoving that giant QTip up people’s noses, making them eat outside restaurants, standing in line outside stores 6feet apart (depth at which you are buried) Is ALL TALMUDIC..remember the satanic cabal the controls the world sees the population as cattle, it’s in all their kosher supremacist racist writings.

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