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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Plutocrat Kakistocracy, Name Names

The duo discuss the creed of the postmodern cargo-cult plutocrats, who hold society in sway and who operate with impunity. Their twisted vision is a socially engineered “utopia” of anti-meritocracy, tyranny of the minority and Orwellian double-think and Newspeak.

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17 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Plutocrat Kakistocracy, Name Names

  1. Well, my friend (Mr. Winter) I am going to have to (very respectfully / humbly) disagree with you to some extent.

    PDJT is not exactly a “Trojan Horse”, but rather an egotistical fool. It would seem that some guys from DIA and the Pentagon launched their own candidate, and Langley said “fine, but we do not promise that we will hold back after four of our own boys.” So the U.S. Military got a television and book personality, with some history, to try and represent their perspective. To some extent this idea worked for them, and then Langley set the “dogs of war” upon the whole idea.

    One might opine that the nation is receiving a “strong cup of coffee”, and the realization of who took over the country back when President Eisenhower was playing golf.

    Although I think the Church Committee was weak, I am still thankful that they tried to find some truth,

    Back to the show…

  2. Okay,Boston has been a “punch line” for (literally) decades.

    When I wore a NYY cap in the early 90s a few stepped up and asked me to remove my dome, which I did not. Yet, these days, all of that opposition is long gone; they either moved or became, pitiful, subservients.

    That town is dead and, seriously, bankrupt. Just look at the city ledger and you will be more informed than 99% or remaining Bostonians.

  3. Okay, a little bit of thinking:

    1. Mr. Winter, please create and open forum, on your blog. for all of us to communicate and encourage one another in “real time” or “semi-real time”. Thank you.

    Now I do not recall Word Press so well as to create this dialogue, but if you really need the help, then I shall try to make it happen (so long as I am not the sole person trying to work on the idea);

    2. With all of my WW friends, please listen and support this weekly show. There is a sound dialogue between these gentlemen that is worth your time. Please give it your support,


    3. We might all wish to give Mr. Ryan our support, outside of WW. He seems like a smart and very decent fellow (no, I do not actually know Mr. Winter or Mr. Ryan at all — I am truly just a visitor to WW).


    • I like our current system as is as allows for quality control and some handling against the site being overwhelmed with trolls and shills or worse. I had hard experience with that at r/conspiracy and that would ruin WW. Most readers don’t even comment at all or do so sparingly, so don’t think there is the interest.

      • Mr. Winter,

        Understood and respected.

        As I have never run a website and simply know a little about programming, I would not have the benefit of experience that you do. So I can completely understand and respect your perspective.

        I was simply trying to think of creative ways we might be able to encourage one another both with the general topics (let’s be honest WW sometimes covers some seriously depressing truths about our world and history, so being kind and supportive of one another can be helpful) and shows like Mr. Ryan’s.

        Yet, because I do not have a website and would never “troll” anyone (I have much better things to do), I really did not think of that type of response when I was writing the idea. I appreciate learning from your experience.

        There are a few of us TT, BTS, Ed, JWR, and me who do speak on the site and even speak with one another from time-to-time, but I would agree that this type of thing is not very often or very common at WW. So again, I do appreciate and respect what you are saying. Certainly, I would never wish for WW to be ruined.

        Thank you for the response; hope all is well on your end.


      • Mr. Winter,

        DO NOT start an open forum on here. Talk about asking for a s**t show. It will dilute and distract from your excellent blog and programs such as you show with the equally excellent Dino.

        Would you consider contacting Dennis Fetcho at ? I’ve mentioned to him through his direct contact you would make an excellent guest, but have no way to connect the two of you.

        Thanks for considering.

    • You are extremely good at your work as well; I think it just is a good pairing and it works. Now I just would be happy if more of WW comes over each week to listen. Perhaps they do and simply do not comment, I don’t know; however, I think it is a great show to look forward to each week. It causes the listener to review what they know on their own, and what they have never heard before from two very smart gentlemen.


  4. I finished the show last night, but headed off to bed afterward. This does not mean that I did not like the show. To the contrary, I thought it was excellent, and probably should have said as much last night; however, I was simply tired.

    You gentlemen have an excellent program that just simply works and is informative. Both of you are very talented, and I think each of you supports the other quite well. It certainly is my favorite WW show (I do like the other ones, but this is simply my favorite — just a personal preference to the format, pace and content).

    So again, I shall simply thank you both.


  5. Already evidence of fake injections! Look how effortlessly the (retractable)needle penetrates the skin. And for those who say, “What about the liquid contents in the syringe?’ The liquid can easily bypass the piston of the plunger without even being noticed by the viewer. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is happening in almost all of the televised and ‘staged’ vaccinations!

    • My friend, I am with you on this one. The minister of magic or some such title in Oz got caught taking a shot with the cap on. Our own military, which will test just about anything on our airman, sailors and soldiers, stated the vax is not mandatory. Very interesting indeed.

      Glad you posted on this topic.


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