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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Broken Social Contracts of the New Underworld Order and the Kennedy Assassination

For “Dino” and Russ’ weekly broadcast Tuesday, the dynamic duo wrapped up some of the New Underworld Order broken social contract issues — namely, election fraud and the fraudulent pandemic.

Dino pushed the envelope of Russ’ instant recall by proposing a last-minute, unprepared dive into the topic of the Kennedy assassination. While learning some hidden history, we also get to discover that although Russ’ radio delivery and style is arguably enhanced by Dino’s free-flowing and spontaneous broadcasting format, Russ doesn’t have full instant recall for names and full details without some notes. So here are a few corrections:

CORRECTIONS: Dorothy’s last name is Kilgallen, not Thompson. The name of Oswald’s landlady was Ruth Paine. For details on the Zapruder film chain of custody, please see the relevant post we link to below.

Key point of the Zapruder account: During the interview at Brugioni’s home on April 28, 2011, he was shown a good image of frame 313 from the extant Zapruder film — the so-called “head explosion” — obtained from the National Archives. Mr. Brugioni was quite startled to find out that this was the only frame graphically depicting the “head explosion” in the extant film, which the National Archives has characterized as “the original film.” He insisted that the head explosion he viewed multiple times on Nov. 23, 1963, was of such a great size and duration (in terms of time) that there should be many more frames depicting that explosion than “just the one frame” (frame 313), as shown in the Zapruder film today. 

Furthermore, he said the “head explosion” depicted in the Zapruder film today is too small in size and too low in the frame to be the same graphic depiction he recalls witnessing in the Zapruder film. Brugioni also stated that the head explosion he viewed was a large “white cloud” that surrounded President Kennedy’s head and was not pink or red, as shown in the extant Zapruder film.

Click here for the Boxcast of “THE WORLD WIDE PATRICK RYAN SHOW”-Winter Segment in Highlight Section

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6 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter Discuss the Broken Social Contracts of the New Underworld Order and the Kennedy Assassination

  1. Anyone still on the Trump Train need only look at the Wikipedia page for the Taj Mahal Atlantic City casino to dispel any notions that this guy is a white hat.

    Vote with your wallet is a concept which could be applied to investing as well. US gold and silver coin has outperformed the S&P 500 on a twenty year time frame by a wide margin. Why would anyone keep a portfolio with some Wall St. scumbags when their savings could fit inside a shoe box under the bed?

  2. I’m a long time JFK assassination buff and I’m not convinced by the James Files story.

    Dorothy Kilgallen was not a credible source of anything. She was a drunk, a pill-head and a slut who gave public BJs to the queer singer Johnny Ray and she was married to a queer. Worse, she condemned Dr Sam Sheppard to a long prison term by not revealing that she knew the judge in his trial was biased. She wrote gossip columns for the Hearst papers and was all about hyperbole. When she said that she was going to blow the JFK case wide open she was selling papers.

    Ruth Paine was not Oswald’s landlady on the day of the assassination. I think Lee and Marina stayed with her when they first arrived in Dallas but Lee moved out. On Nov 22 he was staying with a completely different woman. However, the Paines are a suspicious duo.

    The Chicago Plot and the Joseph Milteer recordings in Florida are interesting but not conclusive evidence that a hit was going to be attempted in several places that fall.

    The late actor Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) was a close friend of Bobby Kennedy’s. He told me in a private conversation that RFK never bought the Warren Commission and he was investigating his brother’s assassination up to the day of his own.

  3. Thanks Russ and Dino – enjoying the podcasts.

    One subject we’d like to see in discussion is the ramifications of these shutdowns outside the US, but especially outside the NATO nations and northern Europe.

    What’s happened according to our sources SOTB as well as elsewhere is seeing that the lockdowns function as a vast fundraiser for every kind of two-bit paramilitary/cop agency. Suddenly they have carte blanche to fine locals for such preposterous activities as fishing, which can be described as an illegal gathering. They can demand huge fines (we’ve heard of some youth being fined $500 USD in Mexico for simply gathering in the Zocalo on a national holiday) for just about anything. And none of those monies find their way into any municipality or other legitimate authority. They go straight into the pockets of any rogue entity with a badge. Not only does this help to starve people (in the case of fishing), but weakens them to imminent demands for taking vaccines. At a glance, it looks like the plan is to enrage people everywhere against their own governments
    – which will make countries a pushover for the great malevolent world gov authority.

    It is stunning to observe the solipsistic mentality of the US, not ever realizing they sit on the financial tide that lifts and sinks all ships. Nice report by Corbett to this effect – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/what-no-one-saying-about-lockdowns?utm_campaign=&utm_content=Zerohedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter

  4. The video below is the best synopsis of our situation I’ve heard in quite some time! There’s an old saying by Idres Shah that states, “A pessimist is an optimist who has been around!”

    You Won’t Like This Blackpill

  5. Again, the Kennedy assassination is never looked into the way it should be. For tons of original news footage form the event itself and the days and weeks following, and into the Zapruder film which was first viewed by the American public in 1975, when a youthful Geraldo Rivera debuted the footage on ABC’s Good Night America I suggest this video series by Owen Harris.

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