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Transhuman Artificial Intelligence Coming to a Hive Mind Near You


Transhumanist dystopia may not be that far away. In the future, humans are going to be artificially intelligent (AI).

“We’ll also be able to fully back up our brains,” Google Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil said. “We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves. Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking.”

After tens of thousands of years of natural evolution, this wizard, Kurzweil, predicts that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s. That means our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where there will be thousands of computers, and those computers will “augment” our existing intelligence. He said the brain will connect via nanobots — tiny robots made from DNA strands.

Through the use of “smart drugs,” and what transhumanists call “mind uploading,” man will be able to merge with the internet, envisioned as the endpoint of occult Kabbalistic evolution, the formation of a collective consciousness, or Global Brain. That awaited moment is what Kurzweil refers to as The Singularity. The fact that this man is the key player running Google (now Alphabet) research couldn’t be more damning.

Elon Musk, another technology guru, has an issue with AI. He told an audience at MIT “we should be very careful about artificial intelligence, warning it may be “our biggest existential threat” and that “with artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.”

Musk goes on to say that “we could be living in a matrix.” Since he comes across as an obtuse speaker, he can often be dismissed; but I believe what he meant is that there is enough already being simulated and holographed, that it starts to supersede base reality. It is mixed or “augmented” faux reality and that’s an important distinction — although to the person experiencing it, the difference may seem subtle or not even noticeable.

I point this “synthetic reality” out all the time on Winter Watch and am convinced it is being heavily used by the New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate and their media in stagecraft and skulduggery.

Read ‘Shoes in Staged Deceptions as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik’

There are many disbelievers (or even worse, those who just don’t care) to this view. But if you have enough people using digital heroin who are addicted to holdable, wearable and implantable electronics, then they will be infected and live their lives in simulated, “augmented,” unnatural hive mind environments, hardly able to distinguish between truth and illusion.

AI is synonymous with total control, and we can only imagine who will play God and exercise this control on the transhumans on the plantation. The prospects should horrify any thinking person.

Layered on top of this is DARPAs Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program. This works to take advantage of the brain’s synaptic plasticity, its ability to continually rearrange its structures and functions in response to experiences, such as learning skills and “cognitive skills.” The basic idea is to stimulate peripheral nerves so they can trigger the release of certain molecules in the brain that cause neurons to rearrange themselves. Let me spell it out: Brain “restructuring” (aka mental programming and control) is the end of natural free will and defines a transhuman.


Transhumanism technology incorporates nano-technology, genetic modifications, drugs, robotics, bionics and cybernetic enhancements. The game being played here is to claim AI and brain hijacking has some specific narrow “national defense” or “time saving” purpose. But we know better. This is straight out of satanist Aldous Huxley’s wildest hive minds vision of the future


Beyond-the-pale dystopic criminality, evil and totally counter to the natural order. Transhumanism threatens the death of humanity beyond what’s already occurred.

Illustrating our challenge, a Pew Research poll found 32 percent of people polled said they would want such implants if they could actually “improve their brain function.” How trusting. Only 41 percent of respondents said they were “somewhat” worried about the potential effects of such technology, while another 28 percent said they were “very” worried. Twenty-five percent said they were somewhat enthusiastic and 9 percent were “very” enthusiastic about the concept. Only 28 percent very worried about being turned into a transhuman hive mind: we are in deep trouble ladies and gentlemen!


17 Comments on Transhuman Artificial Intelligence Coming to a Hive Mind Near You

  1. I’m not too hopeful that we’ll be able to reverse this socially engineered trend, especially given that Pew poll you cited in the article and the evidence all around us of cell-phone zombies. And the smart phones are just the start.

    Whether the 9/11 magic plane trick consisted of holographic technology, or whether it was CGI post production, either way we were tricked big time. I tend towards the CGI argument simply because it shows just how complicit the media is in all of this. Without the elite-owned media, the controllers of this world would be powerless. Unfortunately, people trust the media as if God is speaking to them.

    FREE DOWNLOAD HERE (with complete audio):

  2. To create a hologram of a complex object, a laser beam is first split into two separate beams of light. One beam illuminates the object, which then scatters light onto the recording medium.

    • Thanks for replying. But air is not a medium that can reflect light. You’d need fog, smoke, or particulates to reflect the image.

      • It is well known Strontium and Barium, along with Aluminium are the key ingredients in chemtrails(a.k.a. stratospheric aerosol injections)and would be the “screen” needed for large FOV(field of view)holograms. The following video explains how this is done using the nano particles in the chemtrails. Start at the 39:00 minute mark for an explanation on the process.

  3. Whether you’re talking AI, trans-humanism or colonizing Mars, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to embark on any of it. It’s all complete low-IQ ‘moronism’ or absolute insanity.

    Humans cannot live and thrive on another planet. PERIOD.

    The only reason there is even talk about “going to Mars” is for resource extraction and automated military occupation. That’s it. PERIOD.

    And don’t even get me started on the whole trans-humanism thing. That’s as stupid and insane as it gets.

    And AI will NEVER be what the ‘experts’ claim. It’s being developed as an authoritarian control system that will dispatch killer-drone-robots to exterminate dissidents and enemies of the ‘state’. PERIOD.

  4. ‘We can only imagine who will play God and exercise this control…’. Yes, we can only imagine. There is no way to make this kind of control safe for humans, but if it is to be instituted, it should only be done after world wide elimination of psychopathy.

  5. The paradox here is that those in charge have no interest in making people more intelligent, dumbing down, lobotomies and chemical coshes are more their line. But controlling people, turning them into drone slaves, that is credible. But another issue is can the human mind process all the extra info the computer might provide? Overwhelming people leads to breakdowns/ madness. But if we end up wi-fi controlled puppets the hell will be in our own heads and no bother to anyone else. We can still dig potatoes or whatever.

    • First, always good to see you my friend, You and yours first, but then the state (as you asked) are in my prayers.

      To be sure, I did not get Bryan’s response to your area; however, I did appreciate his opinion. My feeling was that we were remaining positive on the whole; however, he seemed almost mad about your region. Maybe I misread him. It is hard to understand intention in a digital format.

      Now, I do know the 70’s quite well. Yacht Rock or “smooth” left an impression on me; however, I was a Gamble and Huff man myself (may be to demographics and such).

      As a man who is more in-tune with the 1980s, I would offer up these tunes for the thread (man, some of this stuff is awful, but I could not resist in the context = ) ):

      These days, I think I just want a small farm in Antarctica….Best!

      • JWR,

        Sorry, for my poorly crafted response; I should have just gone to bed earlier and waited for this morning to send my greetings.

        Please forgive the poor writing, but know that the core message is a “hello”, good thoughts and prayers being sent to you and yours (as well as the state of NM).


        This 1980s songs I referenced are really quite grim and utilize heavy synthesizers to craft the tunes (the mix of heavy computer sounds with people – similar in the basic sense to trans-humanism’s concepts); however, they are not what I listen to, but rather the songs that came to my mind in relation to this thread and after I had listened to that Eagles song that you referenced.

        These days I am purely a (rather boring, but happy) audiobook, classical music and jazz listener. As I referenced in my own post, and the response above, I did like rock music as well as R&B, but I don’t really listen to either of these two genre’s of music anymore.

        All my best,

    • Smart! Yet, please consider a low tech phone or even a satellite phone (better option) for emergencies.

      Please consider keeping it paid for and turned off (but charged), then stick it in a Faraday cage bag. Also, if you wish to have back-ups, consider a decent set of walkie talkies, and / or a CB (but this will take practice to use and establish connections, before a SHTF scenario).

      Why do I suggest some things, when I am in 110% agreement to your approach? Options make or break an outcome. You may never need to use the gear that I am suggesting; however, the options are present should you find a need.

      Always appreciate your posts and suggestions.


  6. Why is it the jew wise community do not fully understand their enemy ?

    There’s only ONE answer to the jewish problem and it’s self evident.

  7. First and foremost, I hate this thread (and yet I hate so few things in life — I might dislike them, but I do not hate them). This has ZERO to do with Winter Watch, Mr. Winter, Torchy, and / or Mr. Mueller. This whole line of thinking has been very clear to me for longer than I wish to recall. It is disgusting and ludicrous.

    Any of you who have read my older posts will know that I am 110% confident that anyone on WW could take out any individual in the 1% of the 1%, Mr. Kurzweil is no different. Although I am not a violent man by nature, and I detest many of the major, conservative, websites that have individuals speaking boldly of their various arms caches, as well as the time to fight the “last war” (they all sound exactly like Poland before WWII); I do believe that all of us need to be resilient in these times. What I would, quite humbly suggest, is that we need to be aware of our own power that each of us possess (no matter what your lot in life). You come to WW for a reason, and it is not because you are weak.

    Now to move onto the subject at hand, I need to ask a question of all my friends here. Please do not be self conscious if you are unsure of the answer, as it may not be widely known. Instead, let us all learn together. My skill set is very varied, but also extremely limited, so I am open to learning from everyone. This particular thread hits upon knowledge that I grew up around (by no choice of my own, as I was very young), but have basically tried to separate myself from for various reason that would take too long to explain here.

    Now, for the question:

    How many of our friends at Winter Watch understand binary?

    Now I do enjoy the song Digital, by Joy Division; however, this is purely coincidental. In reality, my early lessons in computer science were about ones and zeros. So in terms of binary:

    1 = ON

    0 = Off

    Wizard of Oz time, any piece of software that you utilize translates your input to on and off. If it is a word processing or spread sheet document, the ones and zeros dictate the letter, space and punctuation that you are indicating. In pixels, the ones and zeros make a red color light up and a black, negative, space. All computers, no matter how advanced, are simply one for on and zero for off. Although the sequences of ones and zeros can become extremely long chains of digits for the most minute commands, in the end it all breaks down to one and zero.

    Now I know, all my friends here, who are still with me, are (rightfully) asking “what is your point SC, and how does it even relate to the thread???”; I shall now make it very clear.

    Without getting into the logistics, mechanisms and /or politics of transhumanism, I will cut to the chase. What the whole prospect of this (super crazy) movement is about remains rooted in eugenics. This movement seeks, through various mechanisms, to turn much of the population into ZEROS and shut them off (as zero if “off”), and weed out the “ones”.

    Yes, I wrote far too much, but I am limited, in my own way, of explaining what I could relate from my base of understanding (a personal weakness of sorts); however, I did wish to contribute to the thread.



  8. It stands to basic reason that prior to establishing a hive mind, those who are aware of the truth must be exterminated, lest the truth percolate through the collective.

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