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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Dissect More Trump Appointment Skulduggery and What the Post-Trump Period Holds

The duo discuss the DoH cyber-security Trump appointments sabotaging the election fraud investigation and challenges. Cyber czar Krebs fired by Trump just before the show.

Trump-Appointed Parapolitical Swamp Creature Operatives Rubber Stamp Corrupted Election

Trump fires election security official who contradicted him

How does the post-election period play out?

What are the potentials and limits of Presidential executive power in the right hands? Can full blown 5th Columnists and discordians be countered?

Breaking story of Europol multi-country round up of so called hate speech offenders dissected.

European Police in Coordinated Raids Against Online Hate Speech

What is the Lugenpresse’s story of Trump planning a preemptive attack on Iran all about? Is this a final Trump gesture? True or fake news?  What is the importance of the one year anniversary of the cold blooded assassination of Qasem Soleimani?

Trump ‘asked for options on strike on Iran nuclear site’

What happens to the Trump movement under the Biden/Harris Soviet regime. Can it morph into a true populist resistance movement with new leadership?

Concept of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World technocracy caste system introduced- deltas and epsilons defined. More on this in Thursday’s post.

Radio show is located here.

3 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Dissect More Trump Appointment Skulduggery and What the Post-Trump Period Holds

  1. Wait does Conjob-19 come out a 9:00 PM in the Czech Republic?

    Hey, Baby Doc Cuomo states that it comes out in NY at 10:00 PM. How does Conjob-19 know about time zones and when to come out? Heck it is not like the flu starts at a specific time in the day, so how does Conjob-19 know these things? That is one smart Conjob!

    I thought Prague had a thriving night life. What are all those businesses doing at this point. Sorry to hear about the market. Put those owls in the masks! They might spread the Conjob!

    Well I am just going to say it. Merkel is fat, she has canckles and is more than likely one of Hitler’s two alleged daughters. Come and get me Bundeswehr! Hey have you guys finally stopped training with broomsticks?


    Iran is a signal to the military that he is willing to “play ball” in order to keep the office. Biden of course will be willing to both go to war if Iran does not buy our materials (nuclear comes to mind, but I am sure there are other things to sell). Yes, the self preservation motive seems quite right. Listen, President Pence will play ball and it will not be an issue either way. Also they (his own people) admitted to lying about pulling out of Syria (now admitted in the press and even bragged about). No matter which gentleman get the Executive Branch, the Greater Israel project will still keep moving forward; this is a long game and it does not matter who is the President for this project to keep going.

    He has not fired Jared and Ivanka. Yep, I am with you…the system is totally corrupted. Mr. Winter, if Biden is in then Schumer will push his “no one gets to return if they give up their American citizenship, even if they have family and wish to visit” legislation, which was part B to his exit tax that already passed.

    I am still betting on President Pence.Also I think ego will propel Trump to go after all the states in question / under examination.

    This was interesting:


    Yes, Mr Ryan, I would agree that the fraud will end the Biden run and his whole organization could go to jail. My guess is that a deal is struck in which Joe puts up no fight so long as he and Hunter do not go to jail in the aftermath. Yes the whole process and the time of the challenge is the psyop. Please consider reading Secret Agenda by this guy (it was written ages ago):


    Suggestion: Velvet Revolution and secession (doubt it will happen)

    Coulter is setting up President Pence, as I have spoken about before and the ire toward Fox is now priming the Trump media empire for the future.

    The stock market is a joke at this point. There has never been a SARS vaccine and the flu vaccine is only 50% effective in a minority of folks. Mr. Winter, you and I know the FDIC could never actually handle a massive banking crises, and I think the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation will never make it to the end of this decade.

    The whole Huxley family was corrupt and big time New World Order proponents.


    Trump is “Yuge”, America is “Yuge” and the delta / epsilon will be the first people on line for an RNA vax just so that they can get back to watch a BLM sponsored NFL game.

    No his media empire will start strong, then look like (OANN will sell to Trump and if he does not do his own thing, I would bet that this will become the target):

    1. Trump Air
    2. The XFL

    and / or

    3. The Taj

    Klobechar is CFR.

    The wall existed in spots since Carter, and Trump added a little (all Presidents since Carter have added a little) and modified a little. He did actually build a few sections, which Coulter was not quite right on; he did not deliver an entire wall, which Coulter was quite right on.

    Trump will leave us alone a little more than Biden, so we kinda need the guy for another term. The time allows many of us to plan and then leave in peace.

    Hey, Mr Ryan, at that event was he pushing Trump University? Seems like about the right time.

    Been following Wyoming with a eye toward a move, but the way that Governor has turned the state over to the Chief Medical Advisor (an unelected individual) has me thinking twice.

    Barry cheated in both elections and his advisories were purposely weak insiders.

    Mr. Carlson is a nice guy (met him a couple times), but I do not think he will ever, ever run. Right now, WV has some of the smartest liberal and conservatives, living in peace, in the entire nation.

    Cody sounds nice; Jackson Hole is changing and there are more liberals beginning to flood into the part of the state. Yet, I think that I too will go abroad (eventually). There are still places to go in the world where Americans can both be happy and still be welcomed.

    This was another great show, and I remain appreciative. Thank you!

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