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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Dissect the Election Shitstorm

The duo examines the optics, choreographing and magical appearance of extra Democratic votes in “usual suspect” battleground state precincts. They also consider the next phase: lawfare, disputes, hitting the streets and a color revolution. Oh, and by the way — surprise, surprise — terminally corrupt political polling is now in the ambulance and dead on arrival.

Winter Watch posts discussed during the show:

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12 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Dissect the Election Shitstorm

  1. Just began with the show…

    Wanted to bring up Virginia before I forget.

    All night, PDJT was in the lead in Virginia, but AP had called the state for VPJB around 7:50 PM EST and never backed off. As the night progressed, the President continued a comfortable lead in Virginia, with a projection that seemed to be a healthy win in the counties that had not reported totals.

    Then at about 12:00 AM EST, new ballots were provided from a source in Fairfax County, which was easily able to overcome the deficit VPJB was running, and completely validated the AP assertion of earlier in the evening for the declaration.

      • Nah, your wrong. Everyone knows math is racist and sexist, controlled by white patriarchs. Anyone who is smart knows that two plane will always knock down three buildings! When someone says “we had to pull it” they are discussing their personal lives and not the events of 9/11. That was taken all out of context by conspiracy theorists and an antisemitic press!

        Sunset — just a little humor and sarcasm here…to be honest, I was in NYC on the day and was a witness to some of the morning…it is good that I can finally add a little lightness to what was a horrific event in my life for many years.

        Please be well.


            • Gee, thanks Hammy!

              Well, I can state two things:

              1. I saw the first plane hit from lower Manhattan. My vantage point was the East Village, around Cooper Union. The sky was clear, and my view was unobstructed. To my knowledge, I am of sound mind now, and was of sound mind then.

              As I have mentioned on this blog before, I thought a Leer Jet out of Teterboro had gone off course and hit the Trade Center. As I was aware of my hometown history, I was clear that the Empire State Building had been struck by an Army Air Corp. plane in the 1940s and (obviously) survived.

              I said a prayer for all those involved and went to work. So there was one plane involved from my view of the incident.

              2. Although the link you have provided me with is quite good, and even a little funny; I have never doubted that some illusion was involved with the controlled demolitions. To the extent they were involved, I still remain unclear; however, friends and colleagues, who were also residents of Manhattan and were across from the Trade Center complex that day do believe that there was a second, external, strike to the buildings based on the noise made around the time. This was different than the noise of explosions that occurred during the controlled demolitions (one really deafening and the others a lot of boom-boom).

              So you may be right about a second plane, so might the video. I would not know as I was uptown during that time-frame.

              As for the video itself, I felt like I was watching Dana Carvey’s brother give a demonstration of Video Toaster back in the 80s. It was informative, but also a little funny, in a retro way.


  2. Good show; thank you.

    Since I am pressed on time, I will just throw in a (humble) list for consideration:

    1. As I have made my thoughts on what will occur in this election, on other threads in this blog, I will not re-tread old ground; however, I will emphasize that the purpose of this particular psyop is not in who the eventual selection for President

    (and yes, they are selected by round table organizations, the intelligence superstructure, the financial sector, the military industrial complex and several other organizations in collaboration with one another — the voting event is the “circus” of “bread and circus” or put another way the only Super Bowl the District of Columbia will ever host),

    but rather this limbo period of time in which no selection has been made. This type of event was originally gamed by Langley in the 1970s while President Nixon held the office and the Weather Underground was becoming more well known. For some references, you might wish to borrow these texts from the local library for a start:


    Time and chaos are the key objectives. Disarray and stalling provide the most time for mass emotional responses to form. The timing during the typical holiday season would seem key, and the coordination with it also being a census year, fits in with the data check system that was first utilized in the Phoenix Program (compare census with a drummed up election and find out all sorts of things about the population).

    Consider this text for more on this topic:

    Also, yes, I do know that Mr. Hougan was an insider at one time in his career; however, I am not even sure he is with us at this point in time. Further, his connection to the Rockefeller family was the whole reason he was able to gain access to deep research of that time and write about his findings. So I would opine there was a trade-off in this situation.

    2. So I do understand the game, and the outcome; however, where I am left scratching my head is on the optics in a couple of months. Please let me explain:

    If I am right, and we do inherit President Mumbles (VPMP) as our fearless leader, then how exciting will he actually be for the news cycle?

    Sure they can beat up on him over religion. Most likely Justices Alito and Thomas will retire, and he will elect new “moderates”, which will make the swamp happy and re-balance the SCOTUS in a way that will look like the late 90s / early 2000s. Yet, this is all rather “ho – hum” swamp stuff. They will lack the “pizazz” that a guy from the boroughs could provide them with.

    If I am wrong and we receive Uncle Joe, as well as Heels Up, how exciting will they be for the news cycle?

    Yes, they will pass a whole lot of legislation that was sitting around in the law offices of _____________ & _____________, or _____________, ______________ &, ______________ (please fill in the blanks with any firms you wish, there are many to choose from) waiting for Hillary to sign them, but even then…”ho – hum”. The “right” or conservatives or whatever will rise and take the House in the next election cycle. Gridlock will ensue. Nothing will get done either way. Perhaps they will pave the way for the Purple Ticket of Haley / Gabbard, again “ho – hum”.

    The business of America is business (President Coolidge, our last actual President that understood the role of the Executive Branch), and with either of these outcomes, business suffers. The Golden Goose (PDJT) will eventually leave. As in the past, the media could stalk him in his private life, and keep the story going for about a minute (until he comes back to work in / own a media outlet himself, but that is later); however, the interest will wane very quickly. So then what?

    Also, will Saudi Arabia buy a lot of jets from President Heels Up? Will Poland seek missile shield upgrades or advanced radar? The ability of Uncle Joe and Heels Up to push product may not look too promising (except, perhaps, for closing some new deals with India). Sure the powers that be could launch a war with China or continue by proxy with India, but as with most children who get board with their toys, I do not see these events as too interesting for the future.

    So how do you “drum up” domestic and international interest in these lackluster individuals?

    3. The major message / take away here is tell the citizens of the world that any Populist movement, even one in a technologically advanced nation, can be ceased anytime that the 1% of the 1% wishes.

    So you can support / hold onto whatever movement you like, talk about increasing domestic production, discuss sound immigration policies, float ideas about a sound currency, remove yourself from international agreements (temporarily) and so forth. Yet, at the end of the day, without a major global uprising or global compromise, the elite (the ones without borders) have made the point quite clear that all of their plans will move forward as described in all of their collateral and associated media.

    PDJT is a domino and clear warning to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Uruguay and the like. Float all the rhetoric you like, but in the end you will still answer to the global machine that has been built over centuries.


    4. Please do consider that elections began to indicate the obvious message of who controls power within the United States quite a long time ago. The first clear indication came about with the election of President Hayes. None of what we are experiencing is new.

    It is simply that in some years, the uni-party obfuscates the dynamics of who is actually making the decisions, and in other times they flaunt it. The four presidents before PDJT were a flaunting of power, while President Reagan was an attempt to obfuscate the truth. Please recall when, private citizen, Mr. Donald Regan told, candidate, Mr. Ronald Reagan to accept Mr. George (H.W.) Bush as his running mate, and would later even tell the President Elect to wrap up his speeches.

    None of what is happening is new. It is just re-packaged to appear new and different in order to seek a maximum emotional response. Never let the bastards get you down, and just try to live your own best life no matter what they throw at any of us.


  3. Sadly Dino keeps missing Russ’ main point, the US Presidential election is not about counting votes and even less is it about “the will of the people”. No, the election (and Presidency) is a plaything in the hands of dialectitians. In the language of the street that means two candidates both of whom are controlled by the unified power elite. One pair of hands, two puppets. The early Trump surge then mysteriously flipped to an absurd Biden lead. Well of course, that whole process, including Trump’s inflamatory early claims is deliberately calculated to maximise a sense of grievance on the part of Trump supporters. After a spring and summer of leftist insurrection, the moral majority in flyover territory has been remarkably restrained. The Lodge must have been wondering what it would take to trigger the counter reaction and start civil strife. Well not really, they can, and probably will succeed in pulling it off with the blatant election shenanigans, in which Trump is surely complicit. It doesn’t help that “independent” shills like Jim Stone are advocating targetting the you know who’s for reprisals. I feel sorry for you guys. Almost as sorry as for us over here in the pussified UK.

    • Please hang in there. Certainly, I am keeping good thoughts for your home and its people.

      The great citizens of England, Scotland, and Wales are severly being mistreated, while a nation is destroyed by both domestic and international globalists.

      Please understand that I purposely left out United Kingdom, as I do not enjoy or acknowledge monarchs. Also, I felt Ireland would rollover for the EU no matter what (even if fully unified).

      Although I do not know how a nation of such fine gunsmiths would ever permit their government to completely (or almost completely) disarm them, it is not my place to judge the will of another’s fellow citizenry.


  4. Not like it ain’t never happened before. Like back in 2008, there could never have been enough blacks and ignorant whites to have put the fraud obama, who is not a natural born citizen of any where, in office,…. twice even.

    • Mr. Lankford,

      Respectfully and humbly, Barry is a citizen of the U.S.. Stanley (mom) was a citizen, and she more than likely gave birth to him with the help of a duma in Hawaii.

      What they continue to hide is who his real daddy was and who abused him in childhood.

      Simple Citizen

  5. Sorry, I am all over this thread today. The show jogged my minuscule noggin, and I thought there was a little more to offer up.

    Mr. Winter has discussed the possibility that PDJT is a Trojan Horse. Now having grown up in NYC for a time, he has been a known entity in my life for quite some a many years now. Met him once. Met the first wife and the daughter once (separate occasion). My father met Junior once. All stories for some other time, if at all. Although the gentleman is many things, I would never have thought about him as a trojan horse, until today. Therefore, I am not sure Mr. Winter is right, but I am much closer to seeing his point at this stage in my thinking. The issue that still sticks with me is that I am not sure he is totally aware of how he might in fact be a Trojan Horse, even with the alleged 5D chess ability.

    If we can possibly agree that the 4 Presidents, prior to PDJT, were all produced by the CIA, then one might wonder why they would give up providing us with yet another model for 2016 and 2020? If nothing else that agency is persistent. Yet, they seemingly stood aside and let a “populist” outsider win, why?

    If this was a plan all along, then why not let the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul win years ago ? Many of PDJT supporters go back to Mr. Ross Perot, and can be traced to Congressmen Paul and even Dennis Kucinich (heck maybe even a little Mr. Nader thrown in there for good measure). These independent voters, coupled with other groups (Tea Party members come to mind) made up the early support for PDJT. The rest grew from there. Yet, I would opine that they were not the only ones, or the most significant.

    What if the CIA and some of the round table groups permitted DIA and military intelligence to bring forward a candidate in order to accomplish specific goals such as Space Force (which in theory has been kicking around since the Eisenhower administration)? What if that candidate could rally, clearly identify / coalesce these smaller (independent) groups, and deal them a major win, followed by nonstop attack, ridicule, an emotional rollercoaster and a massive psyop that could bring these folks to a violent / emotional response, which could end in severe gun control, as well as mass arrests? (sorry not a great sentence)

    We are consistently told by both the FBI and DHS that the greatest terrorist threats are white patriots and militias of a similar ilk. They say it over and over again, working to craft a narrative that then becomes a manifestation. This is very similar to how WTOP in D.C. kept referring to VPJB as President Biden, while he was still working for Barry in the second term. No one could ever believe that the third or so time was the charm for a serial plagerizer. One could believe that the VP slot was a payoff for time served as a corrupt insider / pervert / lackey, but not the big chair.

    Then we consider all of the new military funding (largest budgets in history). Also there is the war footing with China to remind them who built their nation, who controls them, and that no debt ever needs repayment, regardless of how big it is (plus, do not even think of creating a system to compete with SWIFT, without explicit permission).

    Add in the privatization of public lands on a record scale. The massive and very fake dip in crude last year, with the “miraculous” recovery (alleged bullying of Russia and OPEC to “set them straight”) also comes to mind. A stock market inflated beyond any commmon sense of reality. The soaking of small farmers through the tariffs, without any plan for new markets or alternatives other then more subsidies that mainly went to large corporate farms. A picture becomes a little clearer.

    Although we could go on, we might wish to conclude by asking why PDJT has not called for direct inspections of BSL4 and BSL3 facilities in China, and any new, unified, safety protocol or simply closures to protect the world from the alleged China virus? Why has ther been no case brought to the Hague or even our own Congress to explore a violation of international or domestic (these laws nearly match becuase we originated them here) biological weapons violations on the part of the Chinese? Also, why hasn’t the Security Council been asked for any vote to hold China responsible, after the WHO inspection request was denied? PDJT could do a whole lot more if he wished for accountability, as he would in his business empire, or at least on the reality television show (he holds the contestants accountable, why not the Chinese government?).

    One could opine that a Noble Prize might be better earned through such actions, over signing peace accords between nations that were not at war in the first place.

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