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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Consider How a Scamdemic Resistance Would Manifest Itself

The duo discusses the aspects of scamdemic resistance and how the awoken can boycott, walk with their feet and wallets and fight back.

The New Underworld Order’s nasty proposal of immunity certificates and health-passes is discussed. Russ proposes choking them off from your emotions, attention and spending.

The concept of the gray man is introduced.

Russ defends Lin Woods and Sidney Powell and warns on reptilian Giuliani.

Moving past the poser Trump is also dispensed with and a clarion call for individual John Galt-like actions is made.

“This is John Galt speaking. I’m the man who’s taken away your victims and thus destroyed your world.”

If you’ve understood what I’ve said, stop supporting your destroyers. Don’t accept their philosophy. Your destroyers hold you by means of your endurance, your generosity, your innocence, and your love. Examine your values and understand that you must choose one side or the other. Any compromise between good and evil only hurts the good and helps the evil.

The Boxcast podcast is available here

Posts referenced in this podcast:

Faces of the anti-scamdemic brothers and sisters resistance in Berlin.

24 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan and Russ Winter Consider How a Scamdemic Resistance Would Manifest Itself

  1. Let me tell you how you know if a business doesn’t enforce the mask-hole “mandate” …Walk the fuck in without a mask and see what happens!!! No research needed!! All you compliant go along to get along weak dicks (male and female including all the dumb woman masking their poor children) are part of the problem! It’s like ordering shit from Amazon thinking somehow you are getting around the cabal system… DUMB as ROCKS. God help us cause most of humanity are already bots I don’t think a chip will make a difference except once they chip you and GMO these dim wits you will fall under their patents and they will own YOU.

    • Here is NJ, if you walk into almost any sized retail establishment without a mask (or even one “improperly worn”) you will be shouted at within 5 to 30 seconds; generally by employees.

      Who is shouting? The enemy? adversaries? or are they my neighbors who have been terrorized by our rulers? Both?

      I tend to think (and react) as if they are my terrorized neighbors and therefore tend to think that creating that scene serves no purpose.

      My language is tentative since I certainly understand your approach – and absolutely! – Ordering anything from the plandemic profiteer, Amazon, IS “dumb as rocks” .

      I think 2021 will provide us all with an abundance of opportunities to say NO! And those NOs may cost and express a position of more substance than just the passing hysterics of shouting matches. Will my “No!” to a test mandate cost me my job? It will be an interesting and probably terrifying year.

    • I always walk in without a mask.

      1. The idiots tell you you have to wear a mask, you ignore them.

      2. The idiots insist on the mask, you ignore them.

      3. You attempt to buy , the idiots refuse to sell.

      You can’t make a dent.

      • RS – this is where you “buy” only a few items at a time. Put the money down on
        the counter and walk out the door. I’ve done it – I’ve lived it. Doesn’t have to be
        exact change – get close. I’ll take the loss of coins for the pleasure. Of course
        I’m a man so that helps – they ain’t stopping me. Ralph is a man’s name. Do it.

  2. Good interview. Time to save yourself and forget about the sheeple.

    EVERYBODY where I live now wears masks and conforms to this idiocy.

    You can’t make a dent.

  3. This is about transhumanizing people in conformity with the satanic ‘singularity’ movement. It doesn’t have squat to do with health, rather mass control.

    Everyone needs to become acquainted with the head engineer of Google, Ray Kurzweil, who is openly pushing immortality via nano-technology:


    Notice how Kurzweil has been funded by the Gates of Hell Foundation from the get-go.

    For students of the proverbial book, this is the big satanic shot at immortality. That will be the selling point for sell-out of the soul.

    “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. Rev:6”

  4. I shove a cell phone in their faces and take a picture. Tell them I won’t be forgetting them.

    Put fear in them and they had better hope we decide not to focus on them too much.

    “just doing my job”. No mercy for these sheeple enforcers.

  5. I have not worn a mask. I do not own one. Yes, I live in a state with a governor-imposed mask mandate. I shop wherever I want. In all this time, I have only been denied service 3 times. Only once has a fellow shopper had the nerve to troll me. I am female. I am a mom. I am brave. If I can do it, so can you. I am also part of a medical freedom group. We go out almost every weekend to protests, rallies, and events where we educate the public on vaccines. We meet with our legislators. When session starts up, we will show up at our capitol. Do not think you can hide and ride this out! . Join us. We need you to show up and be brave. Or there won’t be anything left. Now is the only chance we have. If you think hiding will buy you time, until this blows over, think again. First you bend to the mask, then the vaccine, then you’re on a bus to a FEMA camp. Do not submit to tyranny thinking it will save you. Talking online is one thing, but you must join like-minded people and aid the resistance, If everyone who had doubts about Covid, refused to acquiesce, this thing would be over. Everyone wants other people to fight their fight for them. This is your fight.

    • Good post. You’re my kind of woman. i disdain all the cooperators and submission
      I see everywhere – “Oh, it’s just easier …” or “I just do it out of respect …” Heard that
      one a few too may times. What the hell are you respecting ?! A fraud, a hoax ? Oh,
      wait I know – you’re respecting stupidity and obedience ! What state might you be in ?
      If you’re in California, I have paperwork that makes it a bit easier and sets up a nice
      lawsuit. And it can likely be tailored to fit most states. Governors can’t mandate shit.

  6. Well, I am looking forward to the podcast tonight. I have read the comments, without tuning in and I am, somewhat, taken back.

    Mr. Seymour, we have spoken a couple of times and I do hope you and yours are quite well. As I am not sure where you are or what you are dealing with, I am left a little baffled by the post starting:

    “I always walk in without a mask…”

    Are you walking into a “big box location” or a “mom-and-pop”? Do you purchase from Amazon or look at their beaten-down competitors (of which there are many) who still have retail locations that are failing, and present opportunities to “stock up”?

    As for RegretLeft, in which county of New Jersey are you located? Please (humbly) consider that Northern NJ and Southern NJ are similar to completely different planets. Are you experiencing these issues in Ocean County? Or are you in Hudson County, maybe Middlesex County suffering through the issues you describe?

    If the former, then I would recommend one course of action; if the later, then I would recommend a drive to Ocean County, Also, you may wish to watch how your current Governor was dealt with at a recent dinner on GP or YT. Things seem to be simmering!

    Lastly, when you (not you personally, but the state — we are friends, and I do not mean you, specifically) vote one Goldman Sachs bastard into government (Mr. Corzine) and do not learn your lesson, then you are doomed to repeat the lesson with another Goldman Sachs bastard. Not too hard to figure out. Just ask the clients of MF Global.

    Emily — NO COMMENT. A, kind hearted, wish of good luck!

    horsegirl, good to see you here!

    Yes, Mr. Kurzweil is a very sick human being, with sick backers; I wrote a piece on another thread that illustrated how binary thinking was the underpinning of these folks. So, I simply concur with you on your thoughts.

    KOBK — Nice! Keep on, keeping on!

    Now on to the show!

    Best to all…

    • I live in Mexico. The government here has pressured shopkeepers into wearing masks or be shut down, so all shopkeepers wear masks. But most of them won’t say a word to you about a mask. It’s the larger stores and national chains that are totally captured. I don’t bother with them because they all insist on a mask.

      As an example, there is a large farmer’s market in town where “Covid sentries” are posted at the entrances. They gesture to you to put on a mask. I just ignore them and walk in.

      Many people here have bought into Covid. They believe the fairy tale. In the central part of town, everybody has on a mask— except me and a few old cowboys.

      • First, Mr. Seymour my respect for you continues to deepen (and I am sincere). So would it be reasonable for me to assume you are an expat? Even if you are not, the place you have chosen for your home definitely is impressive to me. Although I am aiming quite a bit farther south than where you currently reside, my respect remains deep.

        Second, your information on the shopkeepers and the market is greatly apppreciated (also insightul). My original post / response was from the idea that you were in the U.S., and I do hope that I was not disrespectful (not my original intention at all). My perspective was to both back up Mr. Winter in the concept of boycotts and “work-arounds”, while attempting to offer ideas.

        The new details that you have provided me make your, original, post much clearer to me. My guess would be that the amount of economic pressure on Mexico to support the narrative, must be immense. Where I become curious is in questioning why the Mexican government is not experimenting with Mr. Putin’s fake cure (a flu shot in essence) for Conjob-19? I would assume U.S. pressure might be a component in this instance.

        Lastly, I am sorry to hear about the situation in Mexico. Certainly, I shall keep good thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

        Thank you for the reply.


        • Thank you for your comment Simple Citizen.

          It is completely obvious to me that the local government officials here have been bribed. There is no other way to explain it. Just like politicians everywhere else that are imposing the ridiculous Covid sanctions.

          There are five or six banks here and they are the WORST about mask enforcement. Think about that. The fucking banks. I got thrown out of HSBC the other day after making a big scene!

          But it still isn’t as bad as the US. I was in the US last month and it was so stupid I couldn’t wait to leave.

          I haven’t been there, but my understanding is that all of Latin America is worse than Mexico with respect to Covid restrictions. Argentina is bad. Ecuador is bad.

          So if you are thinking about getting out of the US, a small town in Mexico might be as good as it gets.

          • Mr. Seymour,

            First my friend, many, many thanks…I am so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. Your experiences, insight and thoughts are greatly appreciated in a big way.

            Although I am shocked by the HSBC experience, and I am truly sorry it happened, Conjob-19 was a way to crack down on Hong Kong. With HSBC having their core in Hong Kong, I am less inclined to believe that the tide is changing overall. As a banking community, HK is dead. Yet, without your “heads-up”, I would not have understood the situation on the ground, and I am immensely grateful

            On aiming south…

            What you have outlined is very much appreciated; however, my aim is even more southern. Although I have friends from both Ecuador (one I helped out with repairs to a condo, after the earthquake) and Argentina (although I have not seen them in quite a few years), my road does not lead me to these nations.

            Now I will concede that if Ecuador relaxes a bit, then I would think of traveling there for a few, custom, made suits (great place to visit for such a wonderful service). As for Argentina, I really have no interest in the nation at the current time. Although, I do pray for people everywhere, I have no reason to visit the nation.

            My goal these days is to try and remain as nimble as possible, and I shall keep my focus accordingly. Now this does not mean that you and I will not meet some day in Mexico (in fact I would hope that we do…it would be a pleasure), yet “as the world turns” we might have to wait a few minutes before we enjoy a good tamale together (yet, I do look forward to the day).

            All my best,

  7. Mr. Ryan,

    You have an excellent “radio voice”. but the Jazz??? Really??? Yes, Malone and Stockton were excellent, but then what? Yes, Wyoming has professional rodeo teams (which I deeply respect), but no teams in the major leagues.

    Well, I should shut my trap. Certainly, I have backed enough silly teams, and I once got an award form a Senator that played on the Knicks in his better days.

    Just being funny here, no insult intended.

    Simple Citizen

  8. Patience is a virtue and Americans have forgotten both patience (McDonald’s culture) and loyalty.

    I would recommend that you gentlemen take a breath and wait until mid-December. We are not even at the last days that VP Gore was at in his own (feckless) challenge.

    Instinctively, PDJT will win. Yet, as I have stated, on WW for quite a while now, we will receive President Mumbles (Pence) after the dust settles.

    PDJT is not a poser, he is a cutout, which is slightly different; he is being told to be silent and following the advice (think DIA on his guidance and the pardoning of General Flynn). We had four CIA Presidents since President Ronald Reagan, and now DIA had an opportunity. It is all intelligence superstructure shifting. Maybe we will get an NSA President in the future. = )

    On Rudy — the son of a “leg breaker”, who went after the mob…no comment. On 9/11, I was there and lived through it all in Manhattan…still, no comment. Yes, I sorta liked Mayor Koch, not on everything, but in many instances. To be clear, Rudy would have never been successful, without the work of Mayor Koch. That period (late 70s to the later 80s) was brutal, and MAyour Koch worked very hard to turn a few things around.

    Guys, if Conjob-19 was a real threat, then all BSL-4 facilities would close immediately! Who is asking to close the labs?

    We are about to see the Hunger Games. The author was obviously “read in”, and the premise is playing (in the early stages) right now.

    Airlines are dead in their current form. Short them to prosperity (not professional advice of any kind, just an idea). Kill them, and be merciless.

    With multiple and various guidelines on shutdowns that will never actually end, without a very large, human, push all over the world, these companies are “dead men walking”. Governments may prop them up for a little while, but in the end, they will be crushed. Consider shorting them into the ground (as an idea, but not a professional recommendation).

    Actually, I like Ms. Ayn Rand. Yet, I still will listen to a speech by Senator Huey Long (even though he was all sorts of corrupt), so I am happy to be on WW.

    Will end now and just enjoy the rest of the podcast. No harm or insult meant. Simply listening and responding, but complete respect to both of you. It is a good show.


  9. 50/50 Russ…Are you kidding me?

    They put a lot of energy into the “Orchestrated Riots” a precondition for the “Naturally Occurring” Type to follow.-A Biden win assures it….

    Sadly, the Bullet Buyers will find that their efforts should have focused on zeroing down debt and small vegie gardens along with a few chucks and a canning pot..The zombies will be spending months if not years picking over the inner cities in desperation for a few calories along with free rent and a UBI

    • Gosh, I did not know Mr. Jim B. Rogers tuned in from Singapore.

      Normally, it is guns and butter, so many of the “bullet buyers” you refer to are pretty well rounded / well stocked.

      How is that Singapore navy contract working out where you are? Do you think Singapore could deploy a defense force, before the Chinese show up off the coast?

      I would inquire about more movies associated with Hobbits; however I think the source material is getting thin, and your government would not allow filming either way.

      Will pray for you and yours in any case.


  10. I think I speak for Russ as well, I am delighted that so many of you WW visitors both enjoy Russ’s unique format here, but that you’re also digging the weekly segments we partner on together. In my humble opinion, Russ has really brought it at a very high level the last several weeks and it will only get better. Thanks to all for the comments, both pro and con, your conjecture is well appreciated. Godspeed.

    • Dino,

      Been onto the jew agenda for about 25 years. Discovered Russ maybe a year ago doing great guest spots with a few hosts but had never been to his site until recently, which is where I discovered your interviews with him.

      Great work man, really digging the two of you together and turning others onto it. Now I’ll make a point of checking out your non-Russ shows, looking forward to it.

      I’m more of a firing squad for them all kinda guy but I too am digging Russ’s non-compliance ideas since I’m one of those non-mask wearing resistors as well.

      Thanks for your hard on target work gentlemen.

  11. Speaking with a friend last night he had a decent angle to harass the loud mouth empowered sheeple Karens who go at you for mask infractions or walking down an isle opposite the arrows.

    Karens HATE being ignored.

    So when one of these empowered sheeple starts at you for mask non-compliance completely ignore them. Let them go on and continue to ignore. them .. until they touch you. Eventually they will touch your arm to get your attention because they just can’t stop.

    Soon as they touch you throw a header, dive into a chip display or shelf… whatever is available. Then get up holding your kidney area and loudly say “my back, my back” !! (male equivalent of yelling rape).

    Then make a big scene because it’s on security footage. Get the manager involved. Call the cops if you like to have her charged with assault.

    Whatever you gotta do to cause a headache for these empowered brain dead idiot sheeple.

    Applies to anyone, not just the Karens.

    Have fun, don’t hurt yourself for real when you take a dive.

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